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James Madison University 
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 

What's Inside . . . 

1 Prologue 

12 Features 

112 Sports 

186 Classes 

278 Clubs 

346 Shoot Ott 

364 Closing 

382 Index 


e are students, yes, but even more, we are James Modison 
University students. And that in itself sets us apart. 

Like every college or university, v^e have on imoge, whch is 
projected shamelessly to our community, to our peers ot other 
schools — and to ourselves. 

And v^e're proud of it, JMU is o school thot's population has 
more thon doubled in the past 12 years. Just lost year, 10,275 
applications were submitted to JMU for freshman or tronsfer 
admission. Of those, only 2,256 became part of our student 
body. And os we've grown in size — to 9,048 enrol ted students 
— we've grown m style and spirit. 





Homecoming on "The Hill" (Czapiewski) 

But not without some conflict. Our image is often projected to 
ttie public with majestic photos of our orchitecturol 
figureheod, Wilson Hon. Come see us, however, and you will find 
our livelihood exists not in a building of business offices and 
records, but in the laid-back comfort of our compus center 

It IS here that we ore most ourselves. We study, we talk among 
friends, we sleep casually on sofos. Free to be as we like. 

It IS here that many indications of our interests are exhibited 
Mogozines at the information desk range from "Seventeen" to 
"Popular Computing," from "People" to "Sporting News." 
Newspapers scattered about ore also diverse in title: JMU's The 
Breeze , The Woshinaton Post , Richmond Times-Dispotch and USA 
Today are a few. 

The "Union" is also JMU's prime premises for in-house analysis 
Scoping the student body — and it's bodies — is o rampant 
sport along rows of earth-toned sofas and choirs. 

And let us not forget its purposes of necessity. A floor below the 
mom level is the post office, where students occosionolly receive 
greetings and goodies from home but more often get "air mail" 
deliveries. Students also check the ride board here, cosh checks 
from "accommodating" VNB, and purchase doughnuts and 
other assorted paraphernalia from clubs Traffic flow is often like 
a DC. interstate during peak hours: slow ond jammed with 
groups that find it essential to stop and chat in the heoviest lones 
of movement. 

On the top floor of the compus center is Dukes Grill. Fast food 
and an informol alternative to the dining holl moke this another 
leoding center for socializing. A jukebox keeps us in tune with the 
latest hits, while tables and booths, always packed during meo 
hours, give us room to squeeze o reloxed few minutes from our 





A Till, To Take a quick jaunT Through The compus cenTer only 
UhinTs oT whoT charocTehzes o JMU sTudent. One still 
wouldn'T know who we ore, where we come from, or whoT our 
purpose is qt This mid-sized Virginia universiTy, 

ForemosT, of course, we are here To learn the skills that will 
make us successful in life 

StoTisTics from The Office of Planning, Budgef and Analysis 
reveal ThaT of the 1,742 bachelor's degrees awarded lost year, 
173 were To majors in communicoTion arts, 144 in accounTing 
and 134 in monogement Those were JMU s mosT popular. The 
averoge median cumulaTive grade pomT average for under- 
groduoTe studenTs losT year was 276. TogeTThoT, we endured 
a ToTal of 132,012 crediT hours during The semesTer. 

Indeed, iT sounds impressive — especially knowing iT isn't 
even our forfe. The seofs in The library may sToy full, buT we fi 
Harrisonburg's social spoTs wiTh more ease. We coax fun fron^ 
this ciTy. STotisTics don'T exisT, buT it seems 132,012 is a mere 
storting poinT in reference To The hours we spend frolicking. 

Our spiriT exTends To pride when iT comes To our Dukes. 
Clouds of sfreoming whiTe explode onTo our boskeTball courr 
wiTh a first score. We orrive at sports events with purple and 
gold paw prints on our faces, not purple and gold ties around 
our collors. Our peers at some other university of Virginio may 
sip gin and tonics of all the right functions. We, showing no 
shome, just chug beer 

,^^^^^tf^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ . ^^^^^^^^^W^V^^^^W^W 

We're content, even proud of our style of living — but not 
obsessed v^ith it like some other areo schools. Many colleges 
and universities are compulsed v^/ith image. They become caught 
up in a race for sophistication, out-of-control social lives or superior 
academics. We even things out with a graceful balance of all three. 

We also might think of ourselves as a diverse and daring group of 
college kids, but let's be realistic. We're not as conservative as our 
friends up the road at Eastern Mennonite College, but comparisons 
to UCLA seem more unlikely. The JMU community remains generally 

Most pattern the typical JMU student as a vv'hite female from 
northern Virginia. While that does represent three majorities, it does 
not justify as a stereotype. 

Last year, there were 350 blacks enrolled, 39 orientals, 34 hispanics 
and seven Native Americans adding diversity to the campus. By 
sex, about 55 percent of the student population was female, about 
45 percent male. 

Seventy-nine percent of our students come from in-state, the 
greatest numbers from northern Virginia and Rockingham County. 
Of the 21 percent who arrive from out of state, most ore from 
Maryland, New Jersey and New York respectively. 



Once at JMU, however, we ore residents of Harrisonburg 
Most of us spend our weekends here. Much of the town 
oppreciates thot, catering to our needs and whims. But some- 
times, we are scorned by Harrisonburg residents 

The words, "college student" do, otter oil, hold certoin neg- 
otive connototions. 

It is theorized that college students are incapable of keep- 
ing o balanced checking account, hove tt^e couth of tribal 
aborigines, and in our cose, ore a menace to this otherwise 
peaceful city of close to 25,000 

But those some college students dump thousands of dollars 
of sales into the community, work unselfishly toward commu- 
nity enhancement with Logon's Run, Big Brothers and Sisters 
and many other service projects, and enjoy the area's beauty 
and history every bit as much as pernionent residents. 

Eventually though, we must leove our university, but not be- 
fore each of us has, in some way, scrotched o mark into JMU 's 
history. More importantly, however, is the indelible etching of 
grov\/th thot JMU ollows us. We arrive as lone freshmen, we 
grow to be one as a student body, then ogam we ore set out 
on our own. 

But this time, thanks to Jomes Madison University, we ore 
ready H 





Sleepy morning (Helms) 




Sunrise (Helms) 



Like o bugle blast 
breaking the sleep ot 
10,000 soldiers , , . like the 
midnight whir ot helicopters 
signaling Hawkeye and B J 
of incoming wounded 
another olarm clock, one ot 
several thousond, abruptly 
ends the comfortable snooz- 
ing of a JMU student. 

Depending on what went 
on the four, five or six hours 
since the students head hit 
the pillow, on olorm buzz con 
be a relatively mild reminder 
that It's time to get up and 
prepare for another day on 
the academic battleground 
Or, and this is probably the 
student norm, a buzzing 
alarm causes nothing less 
thon a rude awakening. It's 
on unpleosont reminder to 
tumble out of bed, prefero- 
bly lending on the "right" 

Regardless of which side of 
the bed a student lands, 

alarm clocks vary in their 
meons of disrupting sleep. 
Some aren't even as rude os 
the conventional ear- 
piercing zzring! Some stu- 
dents wake up to a 
monotone beep beep . . 
beep Others come alive 
with eorly morning rock 'n roll 
from WJSY, and one student I 
know wokes up to E.T.'s in- 
tergaloctic jingle. The music 
plays from her combination 
E.T. alarm clock/night light. 
(E.T.'s plostic finger glows in 
the dork] 

But, essentially alarm 
clocks all couse the same 
thing. Eyelids snap open, 
glazed eyebolls focus, the 
dream state ends, and con- 
sciousness begins to shape 
the reol world Hangover or 
no hangover that can be 

So what's the best way to 
start the day'^ Forget to set 
your alarm, of course' H 





Kev West 


'^^pnng breok hod to be 
^•o wonderful time The 
Key West sun probably never 
stopped shining, and I'm sure 
the boys were all handsome 
and deliciously golden Yes, I 
bet I had a great time; prob- 
ably even got a good tan 

Well, I can't really remem- 
ber the vacation itself too 
clearly, Komakazi's and wa- 
termelon shooters probably 
fuzzed up most of it. I can't 
even identify some of my 
snapshots i But, I do remem- 
ber the trip bock to JMU , . 
Hell trapped in a four-door 

Five sandy, sunburnt bod- 
ies with originol luggage plus 
souvenirs eagerly jumped 
into the cor ready to hit the 
road home. Eager, my foofi 

We couldn't hove been in 
the cor 15 minutes and sud- 
denly we were five, scratchy, 
irritable people eager only to 
fight for comfort. We didn't 
really fist-fight, but I budged 
and nudged my travel com- 
panions several times 

We were trapped in a 
claustrophobic moving mo- 
bile for 29 hours, except for a 
2 a.m. sleep break in South 
Carolina because nobody 
could stay awoke at the 

Open windows gave some 
relief. Heads hung out of 
them, and various limbs 
stretched out of them to get 
blood circulating 

But nothing brought 
greater relief than the "Wel- 
come to Harrisonburg" sign 

If I ever go bock to Key 
West, even for no other rea- 
son than to come home with 
crystol cleor memories, so I 
con identify my college 
spring-break snapshots, I will 
without o doubt, flyls 



Fever '83 








Leggy donee routines 
by flonnboyont soror- 
ities and fraternities, and 
sing-olong renditions of tine 
Inits from tinen and now were 
Inighligl-its from Greek Sing 

Eacl^ spring the JMU sooial 
fraternities and sororities put 
on o wild, funny song compe- 
tion among tinemselves. Even 
non-Greeks have been 
known to lougln Inystencally at 
tine performance. 

The fraternities and soror- 
ities piok themes ond songs, 
and combine the songs into 
a medley, along with hand 
motions and dance steps 
They olso dress in the spirit of 
the theme chosen, 

Theto Chi won first place 


for the fraternities with their 
theme of "At the Hop, "Sigma 
Koppo, a sorority, won first 
place with their "USO Show" 
— a medley of popular 
ormy/novy songs. 

Second place for the 
fraternities went to Pi Kappa 
Phi's "Partytime", Phi Mu took 
the sorority second place 
with "You've Come a Long 
Way, Baby," 

Sigma Nu took the fraterni- 
ty third place with "Sigma Nu 
Wove," and Zeto won third 
place for the sororities with 
"We'll be Back After These 
Messages," a medley of 

Trophies were awarded to 
the winning fraternities and 
sororities, s 


Nap time (Helms) 






The quod (Emefson) 






Anew academic year 
atJMU not only brings 
new students, new classes, 
ond new construction, it also 
brings o task — moving in. 

North American Von Lines 
would get a kick out of mov- 
ing-in-day at JMU, Maybe 
tine top executives would 
even consider filming the 
moss exodus into Eagle 
dorm. What a morale 
booster thot would be for 
wear/ company employees 
— they would all agree how 
lucky they ore not to have to 




take port in that moving job! 

When I "moved" to JMU as 
o freshman, it was the first 
time I knew exactly what I 
was worth : one mere, though 
tightly-pocked station wagon 
filled with 18 yeors of my life. 

Of course, I was one of the 
few who brought everything, 
simply becouse I feored that 
my brothers and sister would 
confiscate anything left be- 

So in the heat of August no 
less than 23 sweoters and 
vonous cold weather gar- 

ments hod to be carried up, 
up, up into the skyscraper 
that would become my new 

Moving boxes into o dorm 
room, though, is fairly easy. 
The hard port is getting rid of 
your parents so you con un- 
pack and rearrange things 
the way you wont them. 

So, kiss~~mom and dad 
goodbye, unpock one or two 
boxes, throw the clothes in 
the closet, shove some bills in 
your pocket, and head for 




Baton twirler (Emerson] 



to the 

Party on the hill And 
somewhere, for owoy 
ofootboil gome too 

For thousands of JMU stu- 
dents and alumni the spirit of 
Homeooming was coptured 
during Soturdoy's game. 
And much of thot spirit come 
in bottles, cans, coolers, ond 
jugs-on the hill beside the sta- 

Thot's where mony 
gathered to socialize ond 
support JMU's usuol reckless 
and spontoneous manner: 
^wo guys trooped down the 
hill ond through the crowd 
with a sofo. Alumni drought 
their infants ond a six-pack 
Others Prought chompogne 

and delicate wine glasses. 

If we haven't got couth, 
we've ot least got style, 

Meonwhile, our Dukes 
were doing it to the Wildcats 
of Davidson College, In our 
third confrontotion with the 
school, we triumphed a third 
time — but never hove we 
done It with o score like 50-0. 

As well, our Marching 
Dukes dazzled out eors and 
eyes as alwoys. And the sun 
even shone a little. 

But that's not all these peo- 
ple were here for. Shedding 
their business suits and out- 
side world responsibilities, 
graduates from within the 
past decade joined current 


fir 111 W'k^i:- 

sTudenTs, and escoped into a 
world of memories. With 
blonkets and beer, they 
whooped and giggled with 
the best. 

And they showed no 
shame. Just like the old days I 

Eorlier In the day JMU gove 
the city o parade. Floats, the 
Homecoming court, the 
Marching Royol Dukes and o 
variety of high school bonds 
and sundry organizations 
made their way down South 
Mom Street 

As I sot on the curb, I 
noticed how young the 
high school instrumentalists 
looked Has it been that long 
since I was in high school'^ 

I wondered if alumni return 
to JMU, look at us and soy, 
"Boy, they look young. Has it 
been that long since I was in 

At least most of us hove our 
braces off. Most of the ma- 
jorettes I saw hod shinier 
smiles than uniforms. 

There were also the re- 
unions Carolyn Jordan Green 

from the closs of 1963 
said things hod changed on 
campus "for the better. You 
have more facilities, more 
activities and o lot more go- 
ing on. It's beautiful." She 
seemed happy to be bock. 

Her family was wearing 
smiles too — especially 
daughter Robin. "She's a 
JMU sophomore," Mrs, Green 

That said something. 

Folks ore proud enough of 
thei r a I ma moter to send thei r 
own kids here. 

That's one way of holding 
onto college memories. So 
was coming bock to that hill 
during the football come 

Entirely respectful or not, 
much of the campus and 
many of its graduates were 
united there in purpose, in 
spirit and in fun. 

JMU knows how to hove o 
good time. And thot mokes it 
worth coming home any- 
time, s 

Charles Taylor 

Both Weottieily. 1983 Homecoming Queen (Emeison) 


• 4l.»«*3* 

« • t * « I 



hot has a compact 
muscular body, 
four legs, short hair, a stubby 
toil or^d the ugliest face on 

Our very own mascot, 
Duke I 

The English bulldog has 
been JMU's mascot for 11 
yeors Chosen in 1972, Duke 
was introduced at the Modi- 
son-George Mason basket- 
boll gome, Jon 16, 1973 

Since 1972 JMU has hod 
three other "Dukes", The 
sororities and fraternities 
bought our fourth bulldog 
which is kept by Drs- William 
R and Eileen Nelson, heod of 
the political science depart- 

ment and ossistont professor 
of psychology respectively. 

Duke IV IS not JMU's only 
mascot A human dressed OS 
o bulldog was introduced at 
the JMU-VMI basketball 
gome, Nov, 30, 1982 

This oversized, cuddly bull- 
dog IS a coptivofing crowd- 
pleoser Whether teasing the 
opponents moscot ot o foot- 
ball gome, or leading 
cheers, or patting children on 
the heod, "Dukedog" is a 
smashing success at JMU 

Duke IV and "Dukedog" 
ore o symbol of enthusiosim, 
hope, and spirit at JMU. Their 
presence brings a little luck to 
every gome ffi 




Charlottesville was noth- 
ing but a heart- 

We lost to UVA m basket- 
ball in lost year's "game ot 
the year," and we messed up 
what was perhaps this year's 
football "game of the year," 

It was o heortbreaker of a 
loss , , , a 21-14 disappoint- 
ment, Gary Clark's astonish- 
ing kick returns gave JMU the 
edge over UVA in the first half, 
and everyone, that is every- 
one decked in purple and 

gold, was going crazy! 

But, tides do turn, and UVA 
turned several of our "blun- 
ders" into scoring drives to 
clinchthelead , , the gome, 

1 suppose It was meant to 
be Maybe it's portly my fault 
we lost. I couldn't concen- 
trate on the gome — I was 
keeping myself preoccupied 
and amused with critical, dis- 
gusting thoughts about UVA 
students socializing through- 
out the bleachers. Whenever 
I think of that other school. 

and believe me that's not of- 
ten, one stubborn description 
comes to mind — PREP 

I dont know where this atti- 
tude problem comes from, 
but its there, Dukes just don't 
like Cavaliers; more specifi- 
colly Dukes don't like people 
who wear formal attire to 
football gomes. Is that the 
collegiate look at UVA'> 
Someone makes o fortune 
selling orange and blue ties! 
And I'd love to know how 
many tons of gold have been 

wasted and rolled into seven 
millimeter odd-o-beads , 

My how blood con boil! 
See what I mean though. 
Maybe I shouldn't think such 
negative thoughts obout our 
neighbors down in Charlot- 
tesville, Hell, they're just col- 
lege kids like you ond I, 

Wait! Hoo's kidding who'^ I 
hate them, you hate them. 
Gory Clark's got to hate 
them, and by golly we wilL 
beat them next yeor^ s 






W" och Saturday during 
* if^ii a strange phe- 
nonneno occurs. During win- 
ter, the strange phenomena 
reappears at least twice 
weekly. No one has deter- 
mined the cause, but the re- 
sults hove been processed 
The conclusions from each 
event orethesomeSCH OOL 

On Saturday afternoons 
when our football team takes 
the field, the student section 
of the stadium quickly fills. 
Chants are echoed, and 
shades of purple and gold 
dot the stands 

Down on the track the 
cheering squad picks up the 
rhythm from the students. Se- 
nior Glen Good, a cheer- 
leader, said, "There's the ex- 
citement of the game. You 


get a feel i ng of strength when 
the crowd starts yelling," 

Members of the cheering 
squad practice about four 
days o week Each workout 
lasts about two hours. The Pur- 
ple Squod, a new unit, was 
introduced in September, 
Their primary function is to 
cheer at women's bosketboll 
gomes. The more visible unit, 
which cheers at football and 
men's basketboll games, is 
the Gold Squad, 

Competing with the cheer- 
leaders for crowd control, the 
Royal Marching Dukes fill 
section SIX of the stadium 
Under their band jackets, the 
members wear yellow T- 
shirts, Eoch instrumental sec- 
tion personalizes the bocks of 
their shirts with nicknames, 
such OS the T "Tube" Team, 


Do it cheerleoders (Helms) 

Whenever the Dukes score, 
the mole cheerleaders and 
the T "Tubo" Teom hit the 
track for regulation army 
push-ups — one for each 
point JMU scores. 

Without the students and 
the tons, however, the efforts 
of JMU's various cheerlead- 
ers and the bond would be 
futile. The real spirit strength 
comes from the students. As 
Good said, "The fans con be 
very aggressive," 

"Madison probably has 
more spirit than other col- 
leges. Everyone's into oil 
sports," said Scott Rohm, 
drum major for the marching 
bond, "Even when the foot- 
boll teom wasn't doing too 
well, they (the fans] still come 
out. They were there every 
Soturdoy," s 





* t e F i a r s. . . 


i B t e F i 



/ I t e F i F s. . . 






, • • • 
• • • • 

•« • t 

9» •'• 

& • • • 



Faculty Honored at 
Founder's Day Celebration 

Five JMU faculty members were 
honored during Founder's Day 
Ceremonies held March 14. 

Dr, Raymond C. Dingledine Jr and 
John G, Stewart received the James 
Madison Distinguished Service 
A word 

Dr J Emmerf ll<enberry, former 
Vice President for Academic Affairs 
oresented the two service awards, 

Dingledine. head of the JMU His- 
tory Department and Professor of His- 
tory, will retire this summer after 36 
years on the faculty. The award cited 
"his most capable leadership as 
head of the Department of History" 
ond his influence in the develop- 
ment of the JMU Honor System, 

Stewart, associate professor of 
German. Latin and Education, re- 

tired in January after 27 years of ser- 
vice. His award cited him for 
possessing "the skills, wisdom, pa- 
tience, and good humor necessary 
to be regarded as a taje master 

Dr Frank A Gerome, Professor of 
Histor/, and Dr Elizabeth L. Ihle, Asso- 
ciate Professor of Educational Re- 
sources, were named Madison 
Scholars for the 1984-85 academic 

Dr. Rolph A, Cohen, Associate Pro- 
fessor of English, received the James 
Modison University Distinguished 
Teoching Award presented by the 
James Madison University Founda- 
tion, He was olso nominated for the 
college professor of the year S 






cont'd . 







■ 4- 


















Theatre ^^m^^ 


I ■* 


Arts and 

7 he theme for JMU'slOTh 
annual fall Arts ond Sci- 
ences Symposiunn 
struck on ominous chord with 
1984 looming towards us. 

The Symposium examined 
the costs and benefits of liv- 
ing in a free society, along 
with the chol lenges our basic 
freedoms' face in response 
to o rapidly changing soci- 

The Symposium featured 
five lecture-discussion ses- 
sions. The symposium con- 
cluded with on address by 
Irving Howe, author and his- 
torian, on "Freedom and 
Totalitarianism: Reflections 
on George Orwell's 1984 and 
20th Century History." 

A film festival com- 
plimented the symposium's 
theme of freedom with such 
films OS "Animal Form", 
"Time Machine", "Fahrenheit 
451", and "Dr. Strongelove". 
This is the first time films have 
been shown with the annual 


Sciences Sjnnposium 

What Price Freedom? 

'In the few decades since Orwell wrote, we have gone a long way 
toward domesticating the idea of the total state, indeed, to the point 
where it now seems just one among a number of options concerning the 
way men live/' 

Irving Howe, "1984 Revisited" 








Catch a 

you know those white 
end blue buses that 
njn through campus all day 
long'' The ambilicol cord to 
HoJo's: the sole means of 
transportotion to the mall for 
those without cars'r' Did you 
ever wonder how JMU stu- 
dents get to ride free, with a 
valid I.D^, while the citizens of 
Harrisonburg must pay'' This 
hos resulted from a changing 
and growing Harrisonburg 
Transit system. 

The town bus system was 
first created in 1977 for the pri- 
mary reason of covering the 

city's school busing system. 
But, as the community grew 
and Harrisonburg annexed 
even more lend, the schools' 
acquired their own vehicles, 
and the city changed its 
routes and times. In January 
of 1983, after trading in the 
smoll, 17 -passenger buses, 
they focused their business 
on JMU, as well as the com- 
munity Itself, 

To meet student needs, the 
l,D, system was worked out, 
providing transportation to 
off-campus people, os well 
as the Valley Ma 1 1 s 


A ride to campus (Helms; 



kfgLi • 

3tji! IK 

Second place "Used rubbers" (Helms) 

Third place: "Kampus Kops at work" (Helms) 


Things That Go 


/fs 9 p,m., Thursday, Oct. 
27. Peering out one's dorm 
window, at just the right 
moment, one might witness o 
giant pumpkin strolling down 
'ne sidewalk. Or, perhaps, the 
::iuick cracks of a block cape 
oeing whipped through the 
cool, autumn air seizes one's 
attention My mother always 
*old me to watch out for 
things that go 'bump' in the 

Even though Monday, Oct. 
31 is the official day, many 
students began their Hallo- 
ween partying the Thursday 
'"ight before. The campus 
was bumping through a five- 
day weekend. 

The giant pumpkin and 
olack coped figure cross to- 
wards the hospital and down 
South Main Street. Their jour- 
ney ends at the Lambda Chi 
house. Lambda Chi and Sig- 
ma Sigma Sigma are kicking 
off the weekend with their an- 
nua I Haunted House. Money 
raised by the goulish partici- 

pants will be donated to Unit- 
ed Way. 

The giant pumpkin and 
black coped figure parr at 
the Haunted House, bent on 
attending their own celebra- 
tions. Many costume parties 
and Halloween dances dot 
JMU the entire weekend. 

In addition to the giant 
pumpkin, other students en- 
joyed the festivities dressed 
OS a Heineken, a giant green 
M&M, and Boy George 
Perhaps the costumes were 
spumed by the croziness in 
each person, or, by a de- 
speration to create on ex- 
ceptionally wild costume 
Midway Downtown, Pizza 
Hut, J.M.'s, and even some of 
the dorm halls, offered prizes 
to those with the most out- 
standing costumes. 

One may begin to wonder 
about the effects these five- 
day holiday weekends hove 
on people. Where's the Great 
Pumpkin when you need 




UiL LvJ<f ■"0'J»%.'«,ft*->JO, 









rec mute 

Microprocessor Logic Control System 




'^' ff/cue 

1 k4HHK. 



f; ^^^^^^^^^H 











^^ ^^ 




M "''^^^^H 







With over 1000 stu- 
dents employed 
on campus, JMU could al- 
most be called a student-run 

Many of us need money to 
pay for our schooling and 
many of us find that the 
money vve mode this sum- 
mer or that Mom and Pop 
send us, runs out before 


The solution'^ An on- 

Financial Aid offers Wjo 
types of student employment 
— the College Work Study 
Program (CWSP] and the 10- 
Hour Employment Program, 
There are 623 students work- 
ing as laboratorv assistants, 
physical and health educa- 
tion building workers, ond in 
the post office and adminis- 

trative and academic of- 

Senior Kelly Kendall has 
worked in fhe Philosophy and 
Religion department for two 
years. She says about her job, 
"I've learned a lot about 
fighting office equipment!" 
She also said that her duties 
include xeroxing, dittoing, 
ond getting along with peo- 

Food Service is another pri- 
mory place of employment 
here at JMU. The 500 students 
empbyed work in D-Hali, 
Duke's Grill and for Catering 
ond Speciol Events. This is o 
favorite oltemative to some 
students. You're able to work 
with mony others and the 
hours go beyond normal 
school time hours. 

Campus Security is a 

smollerorea of employment. 
Approximately 45 students 
serve as police cadets, bet- 
ter known as "Campus 
Cops," The hours these stu- 
dents work are different from 
the other jobs becouse they 
work night-shift and speciol 
events such as concerts. 

Finally, the Intramural de- 
partment hires some students 
to serve as athletic officials. 

Referees, judges, timers, ond 
umpires ore needed to run 
JMU's large intramurol pro- 
gram. Junior Todd Niven who 
serves as o softball umpire 
says, "I passed a test to be 
certified so I could umpire 
three games a week" 

So if cash IS running low, 
campus employment can 
help pay off some of those 
accumulated bills. S 


; t 










Forever in 
Blue Jeans 



%k ^ 

"Let the Good Times Roll" 

^— or most JMU students 
JL There tias always been 
a quest to find the perfect 
hangout. Whether it be grab- 
bing a quick lunch, tolking, 
dancing, meeting some 
friends, or sipping some cool 
brews, students wont on ex- 
citing place they con rely on 
for fun. Sure there ore ploces 
all over Harrisonburg to go for 
fun, but some of these places 
get old, ore somewhot ex- 
pensive, or just do not meet 
the strict requirements stu- 
dents demand for o good 
time. Well, something hit big 
this school yeor — Cor's — 
the restouront/bar located 
on Mom Street in downtown 

Car's, formerly the Elbow 
Room, opened in December 
offer months of renovation. 
The new bor boasts of simple, 
but nice decor of classic cor 
lithogrophs, garoge-type 
lamps suspended from the 
ceiling, and one of the more 
unique additions is the front 
portion of on old pickup 
truck The D.J, spins records 
from inside the truck. Along 
with these renovations, Cor's 
has new booths and tables. 
Although lunch consists 

moinly of business people, 
the crowd quickly changes 
to students os night ap- 
prooches. As the students 
stort coming in, it is not on un- 
common occurrence to see 
o small line waiting to get in, 
especially on weekend 

One of the mom reosons 
for the lines is because there 
is usually no cover charge, 
ond the beer prices are 
much less than at other 
places. These qualities, cou- 
pled with the nice atmo- 
sphere seems to provide a 
good hangout for many stu- 
dents. Once o person walks 
through the door it is not un- 
common to see the gals 
scoping the guys ond vice 
verso, or to see o packed 
dance floor 

So, if you ore looking for o 
quiet place to folk, or o place 
to hangout regularly, for 
many students Car's is the 
place to go. It offers a 
change of pace, it is new, 
ond it is fun. Bars come and 
they go in Harrisonburg, but 
for right now, o lot of students 
ore soying goodbye to J M. s, 
Jo's, ond HoJo's, ond hello to 
Cor's. s 




I ^ene Kelly must be on 
^^^ drugs to think singing 
in the ram IS o glorious teeling. 

Any man dressed in a suit 
strolling down Main St., USA, 
pausing only to stomp in rain 
puddles and catch rain- 
drops on his tongue just hasn't 
got It all together. 

Ask any JMU student how 
he feels on a rainy day and 
the answer inevitably will be: 
miserable or nasty or terrible 
or tired. No one ever feels like 
dancing in the stuff, it's too 
wet. And who'd want to eat it 

— there's nothing about rain- 
drops that excite my taste- 
buds. And who knows what 
kind of cloud it may hove 
passed through. Raindrops 
may have been pure HjO in 
1950 but these are the acid 
ram '80s, 

Though I will "never stop 
the ram by complaining", se- 
cretly it's good to know that I 
can use a rainy day as on ex- 
cuse to skip class and stay 
safe and dry under the bed- 
covers , ,, I wouldn't wont to 

'*'■' ,.f >-•«> 1 •* 




lennifer Beals step aside. 
I Even/day from 6 to 7 p,m., 
J hundreds of girls, end a 
few guys head for the biggest 
exercise class in the area — 
Jane Fonda can't even boost 
of a class so large (excuse the 
pun] and energetic. 

Godwin Hall, the gymna- 
siunn where our basketball 
Dukes were bom, and went 
on to become Cinderello — 
stars in the NCAA Play-offs, 
perhaps now can boast of on 
even greoter show. The aero- 
bics class, which takes place 
each evening, is "Flash- 
dance", on stogei live' 

Every night, girls put on their 
tattered best, grab a fluffy, 
white towel, and race to 
Godwin, where wiggles, leg 
kicks, splits, ond bock spins 
make the most limber "dan- 
cer" sweat. 

The routines may not be as 
floshy — no buckets of water 
please — and the colorful 
costumes, though torn, hardly 
resemble lace teddies. 
However, the girls who work 
out at Godwin do so with 
fierce dedication. There are 
no "doubles" performing in 
Godwin's "Floshdance". 









1 ;i( 



Joe Student climbs the 
steps to the Warren Cam- 
pus Center for a brief stop- 
over before class to check his 
mail. As he steps inside, 
Haunting Holloween cookies 
are practically shoved into 
his mouth. Two students 
quickly hit him up for o dozen, 
and then send him on his 
merry v\/ay. 
This IS a typical scene in the 

student center and all over 

Student organizations raise 
money by selling raffle tick- 
ets, buttons, donuts, candy, 
college cups, and mums for 

Just yesterday, Sigma Nu 
seemed to be making o 
small fortune selling Uncle 
Ron buttons outside of D-Holl, 

Imagine, , , if they sell 2000 

buttons, they'll moke S1.500! 

By selling choice wares to 
passing students, organizo- 
tions have found on effective, 
eosy way to raise money. 

If you're in the mood to do 
o little shopping, but con'f 
get to Valley Moll, do some 
"shopping" around campus. 
I'm sure you'll find just the 
thing. S 













.:' V^ ../.^J'L'- . r ■ 








Track & 


Atlantic Coost Relays + 

Colonial Relays 


Dogwood Relays 


Virginia Intercollegiate 

League Champs. 6tti 



Penn Relays 


IC4 A Ctiampionships + 

+ No team score 

Art Baker 

Carl LaBoube 

Percy Bamett 

Danny Little 

John Bowser 

Arthur Lynch 

Brian Coe 

Mark Nichols 

William Collins 

Therron Phipps 

Greg Dyer 

William Pistner 

Mike Fomodel 

Jon Price 

Neil Freeman 

Bobby Ross 

Reggie Hayes 

Lenny Russell 

Greg Hershey 





Mike Thurman 




Brad Williams 






Donald Wright 


rhe men's track 
team finished last 
year's indoor ond 
outdoor seasons strong indi- 

Junior Steve Huffman be- 
came JMU's only state 
chompion v^hen he won the 
10.000 meter run at the Vir- 
ginio Intercollegiate League 
Championships lost spring. 

Sophomore Lenny Russel 
was chosen the Most Valu- 
able Runner at the conclu- 
sion of the outdoor season by 
figuring prominently in the 
400 meter individual and re- 
lay events. He also qualified 
and placed in the 200 meter 
run at the IC4 A Champion- 

Other top performers for 
JMU were senior Neil 



Freemon who finished con- 
sistently in the top 3 in the 
pole voult, Fornner state 
champion Jeff Wollin 
managed only a third place 
in the shot put at the VIL 
championships, but went on 
to break his school record by 
finishing 2nd in the shot at the 
Atlantic Coast Relays, 

Senior Reggie Hayes com- 
peted in both the long and 
high jumps, placing in both 
at the VIL Championships 
ond also qualified for the 
IC4A Championships by win- 
ning both events at the Penn 
State Relays. Reggie Hayes 
and Jeff Wallin were both 
chosen as Most Valuable 
Field Performers for their sea- 
son's efforfs. 

At that same meet, there 
were 2 other individual win- 
ners from JMU: junior Percy 
Bametr in the triple jump and 
Freeman again in the pole 
vault. H 




iw'^ lit. 




— M - 

John Bowser ond Art Baker (Emerson) 


Track & 



George Mason Lid Lifter 

Invitational + 

George Mason Holiday 

Inwational + 

Penn State Tri-Meet 

Penn State 75 

Rutgers 67 

JMU 9 

George Mason W 56-50 

Princeton Relays + 

VIL Indoor Ctiannpionstiips 2nd of 


Lady Vol Invitational + 

Eastern AIAW Indoor 

Championstiips 14ttiof36 


JMU Tri Meet 

JMU 77 

Cortland State 46 

Temple 38V2 

Brooks Invit, 3rd of 14 

Appalactiian State Tri-Meet 

JMU 70 

Appalachian State 56 

Liberty Baptist 28 

Penn Relays -t- 

VIL Champs. 1st of 15 

JMU "Last Chance" 

Qualifying Meet + 

Eastern AIAW Outdoor 

Championships 6th of 34 

-*■ No Team Score 



Nina Carter 
Amy Croyder 
Janice Davis 
Noel Deskins 
Lesa Diggs 
Susan Earles 
Julie George 
Carmen Gore 
Therese Hayes 

Tracy Hemdon 
Ellen Holmes 

Diane Kirchoff 

Denise Klugh 
Jennifer Koiner 
Beth Lippard 
Sylvia Mall 

Denise Marini 


Gina Progar 
Amy Riopel 
Angela Russell 


Cindy Slagle 
Carol Vogt 

lesa Diggs (Emerson) 

g^^ oth of JMU 's Top fe- 
V« mole owords went 
^^^ to members of the 
track ond field teom lost 
year, Suzi Shreckhise wos 
named the female scholor- 
ofhleteond Noel Deskins wos 
selected the JMU female 
athlete of the year. 

The Dukes were the Vir- 
ginia Interoollegiote League 
(VIL) champions lost winter, 
JMU placed individuols on 
both the stote and notional 
levels and the teom broke 
several school records lost 

Shreckhise blaced 10th in 
the indoor 600 yard dash and 
30th in the outdoor 400 meter 
hurdles at the NCAA No- 
tional Championships. She 
placed 18fh in The 400 meter 
hurdles of the TAC/U.S. A. Out- 

door Championships and 
was named the team's most 
outstanding athlete in the 
running events while setting 
three outdoor and two indoor 
school records in her senior 

Beth Lippord, JMU's most 
outstanding othlete in the 
field event, wos a state 
champion in the jovelin and 
set o JMU record in that 
event, Lesa Diggs won the 
stote long jump title ond set 
JMU records in two outdoor 
and four indoor events 
Rhonda Mason won state 
chompionships in both the in- 
door and outdoor meets 
when she won the indoor 55 
meter dosh ond outdoor 200 
meter dosh. Mason broke 
JMU records in both events as 
well OS two odditionol indoor 


Denise Monni wos first in 
the VIL indoor 3000 meter run 
ond set a JMU record in thot 
event and the two mile in- 
door run. Angela Russell won 
the stote 100 meter dosh and 
teamed with Mason, Diggs 
and Shreckhise to come in 
first ih the outdoor 4x100 me- 
ter reloy of the VIL tourno- 

Russell also set a JMU rec- 
ord in the 100 meter dosh. 

A tofol of 22 indoor records 
were set by JMU's frock ond 
field team lost year. 

In Eastern AIAW competi- 
tion, JMU finished 14th of 36 
teams of the Indoor Cham- 
pionships ond sixth of 34 
teams of the Outdoor Chom- 
pionships B 


Dona MartX3in (Emerson) 



Montreal Challenge FITA No 



1st of 3 


1st of 8 

Mid-Atlantic Indoor 


1st of 2 


1st of 4 


1st of 4 

U.W. indoor 


1st of 4 


1st of 5 


1st of 5 

Eastern Regional 


1st of 8 


1st of 12 


1st of 9 

Ptiiladelptiia Invitational 


1st of 6 


1st of 6 


1st of 6 

Mid-Atlantic Outdoor FITA 


1st of 3 


1st of 3 


1st of 3 

U.S. Intercollegiate Ctiomp 


2nd of 10 


2nd of 14 


2nd of 10 

Final Record 









Jane Boswell 


Dave Damall 


Mike Dovoii 



David Pepin 


Steve Sears 

Doug Fague 
Cindy Gilbert 



Jotin Grace 

Gerald Taylor 


Tom Wilson 



Monty Kerl 


Rob Kaufhoid 


Sue King 


Cindy Little 



fhe Archen/ team 
once ogoin proved 
to be one of the 
nnost successful athletic 
teoms ost JMU last spring. 

The women's team, ac- 
cording to coach Margaret 
Horn, lived up to their full po- 
tential with a second place 
finish at the National Intercol- 
legiate Chompionships 

Junior Cindy Gilbert's con- 
sistently outstanding place- 
ment odded much to the 
team effort, Gilbert will ploya 
key role in next season's 
standings for the team. 
The men's team, however 

ended the season on a dis- 
appointing note when they 
borely maintained a second 
ploce at Nationals, 

There was some consola- 
tion when a school record of 
SIX archers from JMU were 
named to the 1983 National 
Archen/ Association [NAA] 
All-Americon team. Seniors 
Rob Kaufhoid and Sue King 
and Gilbert were named to 
the NAA first team, while se- 
nior John Grace and sopho- 
mores Randy Edmondson 
and Tom Wilson were 
named to the NAA second 

The Dukes look forvv'ord to 
next season with the return of 
orchers Gilbert, Edmondson, 
Wilson, ond Dove Darnoll to 
lead the way H 





Spider Invitational 
Iron Duke Classic 
JMU Invitational 
Camp Lejeune 

William and Mary 

Virginia State Champ 
Old Dominion 





14th ot 24 

3rd of 16 

9th of 16 

Tie 2nd of 18 
5th of 21 

8th of 13 


8th of 18 

JMU Invitational 

7th of 26 

John Ryan Memorial 


23rd of 24 

Hargrove B. Davis 


Campbell U. Invit 12th of 18 

Guilford College 


13th of 15 


Bob Penn 


Jeff Prieskom 

David Bell 

Mike Reese 

Peter Hiskey 

Ed Ridgway 

Jimmy King 

Steve Rogers 

Tim Lyons 

Jeff Sanborn 

Matt Moyers 

Todd Savage 


Jeff Snyder 


Coach Tom 

David Nocar 



r-e mens golf 
teom's schedule 
lost spring was 
mode up of seven Toumo- 
ments locofed nnostly in Vir- 
ginio^ Their best finish of the 
spring was a 2nd place tie 
out of a field of 18 at the Wil- 
liam and Mary Invitational. 
Sophomore Pete Hiskey was 
JMU's lowest scorer in this 
tourney with rounds of 77-75. 
In addition, Hiskey led the 
teom with on overall over- 
oge of 76-72. Senior Bobby 
Penn followed with a 76-83 
overage Penn managed to 

make the JMU low in three 

This fall's team hod a 
tougher time with the loss of 
golfers Bobby Penn, Tim 
Lyons and Jimmy King 

Their schedule was made 
up of five tournaments. The 
Dukes' best finish of the sea- 
son come in the VMI- 
Woshington & Lee 

Invitational where they were 
8th of 18 teams. Fall low 
scorers included Pete Hiskey, 
Dove Nocor and Tracy New- 
man, s 




Troy State University 

Invitational 6ttiof11 

Kingsmill-William and 

Marylnvit. 3rd of 9 

Duke University 

Invit. 13ttiof15 


Lonawood Invitational 2nd of 8 

Michigan State Invit. 14th of 15 

ECAC Championships 2nd of 8 

North Carolina Invit. 16th of 19 
N.C. State Invitational 

Valerie Baker 
Ann Breedlove 
Jennifer Creps 
Wendy Currie 
Allison Groat 
Kerry Haggerty 
Laura Han/ell 

Laura Hoover 



Joann Snyder 
Susie Wilson 



5ophonnore Allison 
Groat was JMU's 
most outstanding 
golfer and freshmon Jennifer 
Creps made golf hisfon/ lost 

Groof ond Creps led the 
women's golf teom with 
strokes per round overages of 
81,6 and 81 9 respectively, 
and the Dukes placed sec- 
ond in the Virginia Intercol- 
legiote Championships 

Groot ploced first ond seta 
tournoment record while 
leading the Dukes to second 
place in the Longwood In- 
vitational. Creps and senior 


Wendy Currie tied for third 
ploce in the JMU Invitational 
to help the team post a first 
place finish in the five-teom, 
27-hole tournament. 

Creps recorded another 
top finish in 1983, At the Wolf- 
pact Invitational at N,C 
State, Creps and N.C, State 
freshman Leslye Johnson 
combined for a first in col- 
legiate golf history, Creps 
ond Johnson each scored a 
hole-in-one on the same hole 
in the tournament's second 
round while playing in the 
same threesome, Creps and 
the Dukes finished sixth in the 

13-team, 54-hole tourna- 

The Foil season sow the re- 
turn of most of the top golfers 
from the 1982 season. Their 
best finish came in the ECAC 
Championships where the 
Dukes finished in 2nd place. 

The final tourney of the sea- 
son was the N,C, State Invita- 
tional where JMU earned a 
10th place finish Top golfers 
from JMU were junior Allison 
Groat and sophomore Lauro 
Hoover who shot 245 and 
253, respectively B 



Navy Invit. 

3rd of 10 









Cleveland State 

1-2 L 

William and Mary 


1-2 L 


1-2 L 

NC State Invit. 

4th of 4 

Miami-Dade South 

1-3 L 

Soutti Carolina 

0-3 L 

East Tennessee 

2-3 L 

NC. State 

0-3 L 

Eastern Mennonite 


Towson State 


3rd of 15 



Towson State 

0-2 L 








1-2 L 


1-3 L 

JMU Invitational 

2nd of 6 

East Tennessee 






Wake Forest 

1-2 L 


0-2 L 

East Tennessee 



0-2 L 



George Mason 

0-2 L 

Delaware Invit. 

5th of 5 


0-2 L 


0-2 L 


0-2 L 


0-2 L 


1-2 L 


0-2 L 



Hofstra Invitational 


0-3 L 

Fairleigh Dickinson 

2-3 L 

Seton Hall 



1-3 L 


0-3 L 


1-2 L 

Liberty Baptist 


Slippery Rock Invit, 

Slippery Rock 


Youngston State 



1-2 L 


0-2 L 

VIL Championstiips 

4th of 5 




1-2 L 

George Mason 

0-2 L 

Virginia Techi 

0-2 L 

Kellie Heinbacti 

Ballantine Tracy Hemdon 

Cheryl Bubeck Vol Martel 

Sheila Kdth 

/ Mendel 

Chittams Ellen Murphy 

Pat Flynn Coach Deb 

Sandy Tyson 



983 was an interest- 
ing season for 
the JMU volleyball 
*eom With only four returning 
o oyers, the team added 
several nev\/ freshnnen plus 
Three upperciossmen; all 
hod never ployed collegiate 
volleyboll before 

Finishing \n\\Y\ a 20-30 rec- 
ord and o 4th ploce in 
the Virginia Inter-collegiote 
League (VIL] Champion- 
ships, 1st year coach Deb 
Tyson, nevertheless, was 
pleased with the teom. "We 
were champions behind the 
scenes Despite our record, 
we did the best with what we 
had, while working and pull- 

ing together as a team ' 

Key players included fresh- 
man setter Sandy Hembach 
who figured prominently in 
the Dukes 5-1 offense. She 
was named to the All- 
Tournament team of the Slip- 
pery Rock Invitotionol along 
with junior Sheila Chittoms 
Chittoms wos also named to 
the All-State team for the sec- 
ond yeor 

Other strong oloyers in- 
cluded sophomore Kathy 
Mendel, on explosive, though 
injury-plogued player. Senior 
Cheryl Bubeck, a first year 
player, olso ployed on impor- 
tant role in the Duke's lineup B 



Mary Baldwin 










Penn State 











Randolpti Macon 

Women's College 




Johns Hopkins 


Stevens Institute of 




Goucher College 




Va State Toum. 

2nd of 8 

Liz Breeding 

Janis Brooks 

Nancy Gibson 


Debbie Lung 

Diane Mllnes 

Sandy Mohler 
Barb Murphy 

Jackie Roller 

Lawana Shiftier 

Dawn Sundberg 

Coach Jean Dalton 



^^^ espite having only 
# M two fencers with 
%^r vorsity experience, 
the JMU fencing 
teom hod o good season. 

"Since we fenced notional 
CO liber teoms (Penn State 
wos last season's notional 
champion,) this year was ex- 
ceptional," coach Jean 
Dolton said of the 8-6 dual 
meet season 

The team lost four matches 

in o row near the middle of 
the season, but come on 
strong at the end, winning 
five of its lost six, 

JMU was strong enough at 
the end of the season to finish 
second in the state tourna- 
ment. Senior Borbora 
Murphy, one of the experi- 
enced fencers and the 
team's steadiest performer 
oil season, and junior Jockie 
Roller each posted 10-4 rec- 

ords in thetoumoment. Senior 
Debbie Lung, a varsity fencer 
last year, earned o 9-5 rec- 
ord in the tournament. 

The junior varsity teom was 
the best in the state, posting 
on 8-4 regular season record 
ond winning the state toumo- 
ment. s 

— Eddie Rogers 



Penn State 




George Washington 



3-6 L 

Mlllersville State 


Faimnont State 


Robert Morris 


West Virginia 

1-8 L 

EdintX)ro State 



0-9 L 



George Washington 
Washington and Lee 



C. Newport 


Towson State 





4-5 L 



Virginia Tech 

2-7 L 

George Mason 


William and Mary 





JMU Fall Invit. 

East Carolina 


East Tennessee 




JMU October Classic 





West Virginia 

4-5 L 

ECAC South Championships 4th 

of 6 

VIL Championships 

5th of 9 

Robert Bell Tom King 

Kent Boemer Mark Michel 

Keith Ciocco Bob Reby 
Rob Crocker Jorge Solas 

Billy Georges Gary Shendell 

Claude Rob Smith 

Mantling Mark Trinka 




inning wos the 

name of the game 

last spring for the 

iVlen's tennis teom. 

Facing a tough schedule, the 

Dukes overcame strong 

teams such os Penn State 

and West Virginio for a 17-5 

winning record. 

■'Some of the strong points 
of the '83 spring team were 
the doubles combinotions 
and team unity under the 
leadership of senior captain, 
Rob Crocker," according to 
Cooch Jack Arbogost. 

Using several combina- 
tions at different rankings was 
the key to JMU's success. The 
doubles teoms of sopho- 
mores Claude Mantling and 
Mark Tnnko occupied the 
number one spot (802] for 
most of the season 

Tnnko, much improved 
from his freshman year, cop- 
tured the #1 rank on the team 
while senior Mark Michel 
played #2 and Honflmg was 
#3 The remoining singles 
ronkings were held by 
equally strong and consistent 
performers who combined 
their efforts to make it a suc- 
cessful season 

Claude Honfling was se- 
lected MVP with an individ- 
ual record of 19-2, #4 player, 
sophomore Kent Boernerwos 
on equally consistent ployer 
with his 17-5 record. 

The Dukes come bock in 
the foil to finish with a 5-1 rec- 
ord. Their only loss come 
from West Virginia in 
JMU's own October 
Classic, This year 
also marked the 
inauguration of a 
new Fall tourna- 
ment for the Dukes, the 
ECAC South Championships. 
JMU finished 5th of 9 teams in 
this event which included 
such teams as East Carolina, 
George Mason, Navy, Rich- 
mond, and William ond 
Mary, a; 

— Leslie Piercy 




Wake Forest 1-8 L 

Central Florida W 9-0 

Hillsborough W 6-0 

Columbus W 7-2 

Cot Charleston 1-8 L 

Georgia Southern W 5-4 

Williann and Mar/ 2-7 L 

Virginia Tech 1-8 L 

Radford W 8-1 

Harvard W 5-4 

Maryland 2-7 L 

Old Dominion W 5-4 

Penn State 1-8 L 

Rutgers W6-3 


Mid-Atlantic Collegiate 

Champs. 3rd of 6 
Virginia Intercollegiate 

Champs. 3rd of 6 


Virginia 1-8 L 

JMU Quadrangular 

George Washington W 7-2 

Richmond W 8-1 

Radford W 7-2 

George Mason W 9-0 

West Virginia W8-1 


S. Unity Life 

Classic 9th of 14 
Eastern Collegiate 

Champs, 2nd of 26 

ECAC Championships 6th of 1 3 

Salisbur/ State Tourney 2nd of 1 7 

Lee Custer 
Laurel Dovey 
Terri Gaskill 
Kdthy Gemdt 
Ingrid Hetz 
Reg i no Ott 
Susie Peeling 

Sharon Sylvia 
Karen Walters 

Sandy Wiles 

Coach Maria 



Lee Custec (The Breeze; 

Aftero7-1 fall season. 
The JMU women's 
tennis team com- 
piled on 8-6 duo! match rec- 
ord last spring and placed 
third in both the mid-Atlontic 
Collegiate Championships 
and Virglnio Intercollegiate 
League (VIL] Champion- 

Junior Lee Custer wos the 
second flight singles cham- 
pion at the VIL and compiled 
o 10-4 singles record of the 
#2 position. Custer com- 
bined with freshman Ingrid 
Hetz to place second in the 
second flight of the Mid- 
Atlantic Collegiate Cham- 
pionships. Hetz hod o 9-3 
record at #3 singles and 

placed second m the third 
flight of the Mid-Atlantic 

Susie Peeling was 8-6 in #1 
singles for the Dukes in the 
spring ond Kothy Gemdt was 
7-7 of the #4 position. Peel- 
ing and Gemdt teamed to 
finish in second flight doubles 
of the VIL Championships. 

During the Fall '83 season 
the Dukes compiled a 5-1 
record in dual match ploy, 
losing only to UVA 

Team captain Gemdt was 
undefeated in singles ploy 
with a 5-0 record, while the 
fop doubles team of fresh- 
man Terri Goskill and senior 
Kothy Holleron was also un- 
beoten with a 5-0 record s 



Eastern Mennonite W 3-0 

Maryland Invitational 


U-1 L 


0-2 L 


0-1 L 







Old Dominion 




Towson State 

0-1 L 


1-2 L 

George Masor 

0-2 L 

Virginia Tech 



0-1 L 

William and Mary W1-0 

Eric Erdman 

Chris Einseien 

John Miller 

Mark Agee 

John Morrison 

Steve Shaw 

Tim Finkbiner 

Rob Nemzel< 


Dan Stewart 



Tony Dickson 


Matt McGrain 

Jeff Brown 

Ed Vandiver 

John Dodson 


Ted Stack 


Marc Weaver 

Coach Bob 

Paul Rider 





^^^he JMU soccer 
^^^ teom allowed only 

I 14 gools in 1983 
when the Dukes 
turned in their best year de- 
fensively since 1975 

No opponent scared more 
than two goals against the 
Dukes, who finished the sea- 
son With five shutouts and an 
87 goals-ogoinsf average 

JMU wos 6-7-2 on the year 
with one-third of the Dukes' 
gomes going into overtime. 
Some of JMU's losses come 
to, then 13th-ranked Virginia 
[1-2), 1982 NCAA quarter- 
finalist George Mason (0-2] 
and then 18th-ranked Loyola 
College (0-1] in overtime. 
Dukes' wins came against 
VMI (4-0], Virginia Common- 
wealth (3-1], Richmond (2-1] 
and Virginia Tech (3-2) in 
overtime. The team also fin- 
ished their season on a posi- 
tive note by upsetting 
regionally third-ranked Wil- 

Soccer Cont. 




liam and Mory 1-0 in the final 
game of the year. Despite 
the lossto JMU, the Indions re- 
ceived an at-lorge bid to the 
NCAA tournament but were 
defected in the first round by 
Virginia, The Covoliers ad- 
vanced to the semifinols be- 
fore losing to finalist Indiana, 
Sophomore Mork Agee 
led the Dukes in scoring with 
six goals and one assist. Se- 
nior "Scooter" McKenney 
handed out three assists to 
lead JMU in that category. 
Freshmen Tony Dickson and 

Mott McGroin, ond sopho- 
more Marc Weaver joined 
McKenney in scoring two 
goals each for the Dukes, Se- 
nior Jeff Brown and freshman 
Paul Rider each added one 
goo I and two assists. 

Brown, the JMU captain, 
has enjoyed on outstanding 
career of JMU, Despite ploy- 
ing much of the lost two yeors 
in the Dukes' defense. Brown 
graduates with nine goals 
and 12 assists for his career. 
His assist total ties him for 
fourth place on JMU's oll- 

time assist list. Brown is a 
three-time All-Virginia Inter- 
collegiote Leogue (VILj^se- 
lection and this year was on 
All-South selection. He was 
also nomed MVP both offen- 
sively and defensively. 

Goalkeeper Eric Erdman 
finished his junior season with 
on 0.91 gools-against over- 
age An All-VIL goolie in 1982 
and 1983, he compiled three 
solo shut-outs and shared two 
others this seoson in gool for 
the Dukes 

Other Dukes who sow con- 

siderable oction for JMU this 
season include senior Rob 
Nemzek, sophomores Steve 
Show and Ted Stack and 
freshmen Don Tribostone 
and Dan Stewart, 

A relatively young team, 
the Dukes will only lose four 
players to graduation: de- 
fender Rob Nemzek, reserve 
goal-keeper John Miller, 
Scooter McKenney (up front] 
and Jeff Brown (at sweeper- 
bock], s 

— Kristin Whitehurst 




W 5-20 


W 4-1 


W 13-1 


W 5-4 


W 1-0 


2-14 L 


W 4-3 


1-4 L 


5-17 L 


3-5 L 

George Washington W 7-6 

George Washington W 8-7 


W 16-0 


W 4-2 


W 3-0 


6-11 L 

Oneonta State 

W 14-0 

Oneonta State 

W 11-0 

William and Mary W 5-0 

New York Tech 

W 8-5 

New York Tech 

6-18 L 


W 6-4 

George Mason 

W 5-3 


W 6-3 


W 7-1 


W 20-7 

Virginia Tech 

W 4-1 


W 16-1 

Virginia Tech 


W 13-15 

W 12-2 


6-7 L 


W 2-1 


W 6-5 

George Mason 
NorfoTk State 

5-6 L 

W 11-2 

Norfolk State 

W 5-1 


W 9-0 


W 9-6 

Old Dominion 

2-15 L 

Old Dominion 

W 4-2 

Old Dominion 

W 7-0 

Rich Braliey 


Steve Cullers 


Tom Estepp 

Jack Munley 

Randy Foster 


Phil Fritz 


Justin Gannon 


Chris Garber 

Mike i^eeves 

Fred Heatwole 


Jeff Reid 


Mike Shealy 

Jeff Kidd 

Robert Trumbo 

Jim Knicely 

Jeff Urban 

Dennis Knight 

Todd Wittaker 

Bob Lamon 

Kip Yancey 

Tony Marant 

^f MU's1983 baseball 

^M team did what no 

%w other team in the 
state of Virginia has ever 
done when it won the Eastern 
Regional Tournament and 
advanced to the College 
World Series, 

The Dukes were one of 
eight teams to be o regional 
champion and participant in 

JMU had entered their sixth 
ECAC South Tournament with 
32-9 record. The Dukes won 
their first gome, defeating 
Williom and Mory 3-2, but 
lost Its next two 

After the tourney, the sea- 
son wos over, or so It seemed , 
and the JMU baseball team 
went home. Then, 3 days be- 
fore the start of the NCAA Re- 
gional Tournament, Coach 
Brad Babcock received o 
bid from the NCAA selection 
committee. The Dukes woulo 
be playing boseboll ogam 
Coach Bobcock recalled his 
players and offer o day and 
a half of practice, the Dukes 
left for North Carolina and 
JMU's Third regional oppeor- 
ance in the lost four years. 

As the number six seed out 
of SIX teams of the regionals, 
the dukes found themselves 
matched against the num- 
ber one seed South Carol mo 
in the first game. The result 
was JMU 9, Gamecocks 4, 

Gome two saw JMU 
motched ogoinsf Williom 
and Mon/, the team that was 
representing the ECAC South 


The result was JMU 13, Indians 

Gome 3 JMU vs. The CiTo- 
del. The result wos JMU 5, The 
Citadel 2 

The next ganne pitched 
JMU against the University of 
Delowore, a boseboll pow- 
erhouse. JMU was unde- 
feated so far. The Dukes hod 
to win only one of the next two 
gonnes, but Delaware hod to 
win two straight without o loss 
The Dukes took no chances, 
defeating the Blue Hens 6-5 
and winning the tournament 
with four straight upsets, 

James Madison Un- 
iversity's 1983 baseball 
team was on it's woy to 
Omaha, Nebraska, home of 
the College World Series, 
Only seven other teams in the 
United States were there JMU 

Dennis Knight (Emereon) 



hod hit the big time. 

In the College World Series, 
the winner of the Eostem Re- 
gional was slotted to play the 
University of Texas, a team 
making its 22nd appear- 
ance to the CWS, 

Once again JMU found it- 
self up against the number 
one seed , th i s ti me i n the form 
of eventual notional cham- 
pion Texas. The Longhoms 
downed the Dukes 12-0 and 
went on to sweep the series. 
In the consolation round, JMU 
wos eliminated by #2 
ronked Stanford 3-1. 

Several Dukes earned indi- 
vidual honors and set individ- 
ual records Senior Jeff Kidd 
set the record for most hits in 
a career with 233 and tied 
the record for most at bats in 
o gome with seven 

Senior Dennis Knight had a 
record 161 career bases on 
bolls and Junior Justin Gan- 
non set the record for most in- 
nings pitched in a season 

with 92 2/3. 

Senior Jim Knicely was 
named Eastern Regional Co- 
Most Voluoble Ployer one 
was Most Voluoble Ployer of 
the Stetson Invitotionol Tour- 
nament. Knicely was also 
named to the All-ECAC 
South Team, Eastern Re- 
gional All-Tournament Team 
and to the Stetson Invitational 
All-Tournament Team, 

Kidd was named to the 
Eastern Regional and Stetson 
Invitational Tournaments 
Munley was on All-ECAC 
South and All-Eastern Region 
selection. Steve Cullers and 
Jeff Urban were also selec- 
ted to the Eastern Regionol 
All-Tournament Team, and 
Bob Lomon and Dove Pleas- 
ants were members of the 
Stetson Invitational All- 
Tou moment Team. 

Coach Bobcock was 
named Eastern Region 
Cooch of the Year for the 
second time m three seasons s 

Baseball Cont. 





Appalachian St 

W 24-20 


14-21 L 

Liberty Baptist 

W 44-35 



Delaware State 

28-38 L 

William & Ma(Y 

21-24 L 


14-31 L 

U. of Delaware 

23-26 L 


0-32 L 


9-29 L 

Towson State 

3-10 L 

Mike Arrington 


Harry Atwood 



Neal Mohler 


Steve Mondile 

Percy Bamett 


Scott Baxter 



Billy Mullins 



Larry Bland 



Benjie Paige 


Andre Parker 

Tom Bowles 





Doug Pugh 
Jeff Rhodes 

Bill Brightwell 

Timothy Brown 

Rick Rice 

Adam Burket 

Mark Ricketts 

David Calleo 


Mike Ccitino 


Gary Clark 


Brian Coe 





Kenny Dalton 

Chris Robinson 

Timothy Doss 

Jon Roddy 


Sean Rogers 



Scott Driskill 


Greg Dyer 

Mike Setser 

Billy Sheehan 

Anthony Evans 

Brad Smith 

Brian Fink 

Greg Smith 

Mike Fomadel 

Pete Smith 

Bobby Fralin 

Tom Smith 

Steve Glymph 


Robert Green 


Tom Gribben 

John Strong 


Troy Strong 



Charles Haley 


Phil Hall 

Chuck Taylor 

Jeff Hamilton 

Tony Thomas 

Joe Henry 

Terry Tiemey 

Steve Hershey 


: Victor Job 

Kevin Trevillian 

I Mike Jones 

Robert Turner 

I Aubrey Kelly 


Bill Lindner 






Jim McHugh 



Lincoln Wood 


Jerry Wright 


Ron Ziolkowski 


Prior to The beg I nn I ng 
of This season. 
Football News 
magazine roteo 
the JMU football team eighth 
in the notion in l-AA schools 
The "Sporting News" listed se- 
nior wide receiver Gory Clark 
and sophomore linebacker 
Charles Holey as pre-seoson 
All-Amencans In addition, 
the 1983 Dukes returned 55 
leTtermen ond 15 starters from 
lost year's team that finished 
the season 8-3 

W/e Amngton (Emefson) 

On offense the Dukes 
looked strong ot the quarter- 
back position, returning junior 
Jon Roddy to the storting line- 
up with senior Tom Bowles 
certainly on experienced 

Senior Brian Coe ond 
sophomore Warren Marshall 
were veterans of the njnning 
bock position, with sopho- 
more Victor McPherson in re- 

JMU's front line was full of 
skilled ond knowledgeable 
big men. 

JMU's defense looked 
equolly as formidable 

Mickey Stinnett, the Dukes' 


junior punter and place 
kicker was conning off a fine 
seoson in 1982, This was the 
yeor that was to be There 
was talk of playoffs even be- 
fore the season began. 

The first game saw JMU 
come out on top. The Dukes 
traveled to Boone, N,C., to 
defeat the Appolochian 
State 24-20. The Dukes 
looked impressive. 

The second game sow 
JMU lose a heartbreaking 21- 
14 decision to Virginia in 
Chariortesville. Injuries were 
beginning to take their toll on 
the Dukes. 

ButJMU rallied bock to de- 



feot Liberty Baptist 44-35 and 
to trounce Davidson 50-0 in 
front of 14,000 Homecoming 
tons in IVIadison Stadium. Tine 
Dui<es were 3-1, Could it 

But then tine nightmore. In- 
juries struck. The Dukes lost 
Roddy ond Bowles to injuries, 
Marshall hod been injured 
before the season even be- 
gan and was red-shirted, Br- 

ian Coe was injured, Gary 
Clark, Pocky Turner, Andre 
Parker, Tony Thomas, Lorry 
Blond ond Charles Holey all 
were injured. At one point in 
the season, sixteen members 
of the JMU teom were either 
not ploying due to injuries or 
were ploying despite the in- 

The Dukes lost They lost 38- 
28 at Delaware State, They 


were norrowiy defeated 24- 
21 oT William and Mory. La- 
FayetTe beot them 31-14 
Delowore squeaked by the 
Dukes 26-23 despite o gal- 
lant fourth quarter in which 
JMU refused to give up. 

Then the team suffered 
their worst defeat at the 
hands of Richmond The 
score was 32-0, On the road 
for the second straight week, 
the Dukes hardly fored better 
at Shippensburg, They lost 
29-9. At home for the season 
finale, JMU once ogoin held 
on and fought but couldn't 
scrap together a needed 
touchdown The Dukes lost 
their seventh straight when 
they were defeated 10-3 by 
Towson State. 

The Dukes hod gone from 
3-1 to 3-8 and were left with a 
teom that was a skeleton of 
the team that had started the 
year against Appalachian 
State Much of the team was 

on the sioeiines. The rest of it 
limped there and bock. 

But despite it all, the 1983 
JMU Dukes broke or tied 68 
school records. Single gome 
individual records were bro- 
ken by Tom Bowles, Gary 
Clarl<, Brian Coe, Mickey Stin- 
nett, and "Pocky" Turner. Indi- 
vidual season records were 
broken by Tom Bowles, Gary 
Clark, Mickey Stinnet and 
"Pocky" Turner. Individual 
career records were broken 
by Tom Bowles, Gory Clark, 
Brian Coe, Mickey Stinnett 
and "Pocky" Turner Nine sin- 
gle game team records and 
10 seoson team records were 
broken or tied by the Dukes 

Despite their record ond 
their disappointing second 
holt of the seoson, the Dukes 
never laid down ond died, 

Gary Clork finished the 
season tied for 12th in the na- 
tion in l-AA schools with a 10.4 
yards punt return overage 

Clark was 19th in the country 
in all-purpose running, 
overoging 1359 yards per 
gome and was tied for 19th 
with 5.2 receptions per 
game. He established an 
NCAA Division l-AA record 
with o single gome high 183 
yards in punt returns in the 
game against Virginia, Clark 
broke or tied 12 seoson and 
eight career records at JMU, 

Mickey Stinnett averaged 
40.9 yords per punt in 1983, 
tying him in eighth place in 
the notion in Division l-AA in 
that cotegory, 

Charles Haley took port in 
143 tackles in 1983 and wos 
credited with 35 unassisted 
tackles, 50 first hits and 58 as- 
sists. He also hod four quarter- 
back socks and caused two 

The JMU Dukes ore very 
much alive, s 

— Kristin Whitehurst 



Towson State 

W 9-4 

Old Dominion 


Penn State 

4-16 L 


W 6-5 



Williom and Mary 6-9 L 

Mary Washington W 22-2 


7-17 L 


4-8 L 


4-18 L 










10-15 L 

William and Mary 9-13 L 

Old Dominion 

W 5-4 


W 16-13 



Joyce Metcalf 

Brigid Baroody 

Kim Moron 

Chris Bauer 

Sue Peacock 

Alenia Brool<s 


Sue Cox 


Robyn Dunn 


Lisa Girod 


Sarah Heilman 


Tracy Hemdon 


Linda Irwin 

Sharon Upton 

Laura Jones 


Megan Joyce 


Gina Kuta 

Lynne Verity 

Lisa Lindhoe 

Coach Dee 

Maria Longley 


Mary Kate 

rne JMU lacrosse 
teom lost to state 
champion William 
ond Mary but defeoted Old 
Dominion for a third place 
finish in the Virginia Intercolle- 
giate League and the Dukes 
finished the seoson with a 10- 
7 overall record lost spring, 

JMU's season wos 
highlighted by wins over de- 
fending notionol chompion 
Massachusetts, in-state rivol 
Virginia and two ogoinst Old 
Dominion, Four of JMU's 
losses were on the rood to 
Penn State, Delaware, Mary- 
land and Temple; oil teoms 
thot were notionolly ranked 
Junior Sue Peacock led the 

Dukes in scoring with 36 goals 
and 16 assists, and set career 
records with 105 goals, 53 as- 
sists and 263 career points. 
Senior Soroh Heilmon, voted 
JMU's most voluoble offen- 
sive ployer, was second in 
scoring with 34 goals and 11 
assists. Sue Cox and Robyn 
Dunn each hod 15 ossists and 
hod 30 ond 27 goals respec- 

Goo t keeper Chris Bauer 
wos the teom's most volu- 
oble defensive player and 

was named to the Virginia III 
selection teom 

Also on defense, third man 
Dorothy Vaughon wos 
named on Honorable Men- 
tion All-American and was 
chosen for the All-South Re- 
gion team and South II and 
Virginia I selection teams, 
Stephanie Allen, o cover 
point for the Dukes, wos se- 
lected to the All-South Re- 
gion team and to both the 
South IV and Virginia II selec- 
tion teams, S 





Richmond W1-0 

North Carolina 0-3 L 

Bridgewoter W 6-0 

OldDominion 0-5 L 

Rutgers 1-2 L 

Penn Slate 0-2 L 

Virginia W 3-2 
JMU iNvitotional i 

Lock Haven 0-1 L 

Ohio State W 1-0 

Ithaca W1-0 
JMU Invitational II 

E. Mennonite W 2-0 

E. Kentucky W 3-0 

Appalachian St. W 3-0 

Davis &Elkins 0-1 L 

William & Mary T1-1 

Maryland W 2-0 

St. Louis W2-0 
So. Illinois Invit. 

So. Illinois W1-0 

SW Missouri St. 0-2 L 

VCU 0-1 L 
VIL Championships 

William & Mary 2-1 

Virginia W1-0 

OldDominion 0-3 L 

Brigid Baroody 


Chris Bauer 


Lee Ann 

Sue Reichle 


Amy Roos 

Julie Conrad 

Carlo Sola 

Robyn Dunn 


Elo Goodman 


Joie Hersey 

Susie Sindle 


Kendall Tata 


Julie Thomas 

Laura Jones 

Terry Trader 

Sandy Kay 

Andy Vance 

Cheryl Kenyon 


Gina Kuta 


Joyce Metcalf 

Sandy Wilson 


Amy Zonger 


Coach Dee 

Felice Moody 


^^^ nding the season 
^1^ with an 18th place 
9^ NCAA ranking, the 
JMU Field Hockey team 
finished 2nd in the Virginia 
Intercollegiate League 
Channpionships to the de- 
fending notional chonnpions 
Old Donninion University. 

Coach Dee McDonough 
sold, "We storted out slow but 
come on strong towards the 
end of the season" which is 
reflected in the record 13-9-1. 

Some of their important 
wins come over in-state rivals 
UVA and W&M with scores of 
3-2 and 2-1, respectively in 
the VIL Championships plus 
regulorseoson wins over UVA 
and o 1-1 tie with W&M, 

Offensively, Chris Bauer 
was oworded the team MVP 
while Dorothy Voughon re- 
ceived the defensive MVP 
award. Bauer olso named to 
the All-State team ofter the 
VIL Championships. 

Leading scorer for the sea- 
son was Chris Bauer who hod 
9 goals and 2 assists. For the 
second yeor in a row. Junior 
Joyce Metcolf was the sec- 
ond leading scorer with 5 
goals and 6 assists Goal 
Keeper Gino Kuto defended 
JMU with 73 goals o gome 
overage and nine shut outS:!B 

— Leslie Piercy 

Tata. Vaughan. Kenyon. Kuta (Ebeft) 








Men's Cross 

Essex Invitational 
Indiana (Pa.) Invit. 



VIL Championships 
Penn State Invit. 
ECAC South Champs. 

1st of 12 
2nd of 18 

W 18-40 
27-28 L 
27-30 L 

6th of 8 
9th of 15 

5th of 6 

William Collins 
George Fitch 
Greg Hershey 
Steve Huffman 
Steve Mort 

Mark Nichols 
Jon Price 
Martin Sachs 

Pete Suloman 
Coach Ed Witt 


Running along Newman Lake (Helms) 


rhe men's cross 
country team was 
off to a good start 
for the Fall season with o 1st 
and 2nd ploce finish in the Es- 
sex Invitational and the In- 
diana [Pa.] Invitational 
However, in the middle of the 
seoson, the flubug struck and 
Coach Ed Win said, "At one 
point, all but four runners 
were offected by the bug." 

This hod on effect on the 
remainder of the season with 

some of the runners never re- 
gaining top form. Neverfhe- 
less, for the 3rd year Mark 
Nichols proved to be the 
most consistent runner. Junior 
Greg Hershey, senior Steve 
Huffman and freshman Jeff 
Mort also had good seasons. 
The Dukes finished the season 
with a 6th place at the Vir- 
ginia Intercollegiate League 
(VIL) Championship, and a 
5th place at the ECAC's s 

— Leslie Piercy 


Cross ■ 

UVA Quadrangular 4th of 4 

Indiana (Pa) invlt. 2nd of 1 8 

George Mason Invit. 1 st of 1 5 
Mary Washington W 15-50 

Clemson Invitational 5th of 7 
VIL Championships 2nd of 6 
ECAC Championships 1st of 4 
NCAA District III Champs. 
TAC National Champs. 

Teren Block 
Nina Carter 
Amy Croyder 
Susan Eorles 
Julie George 
Carmen Gore 

Tracy Hayes 

Beth Kitchin 
Denise Marini 
Tina Nagumy 
Beth Pringle 

Cindy Slagle 
Coach Lynn 


-*'> . J^> 

V .-J 

i ^ 

^- ■' 




1 A^\ 



i 1 


1 - J 


I '^ 


^^^^ ne women's cross 
^^^ country team has 
I consistently been o 
strong contender In 
East Coast competition. The 
fall was no different as the 
Duchesses won the ECAC 
Championships and the 
George Mason Invitational 
Senior Denise Marini recorded 
the top JMU places In these 
two events with a 1st and 4th, 

Senior Cindy Slagle, lost 
season's MVP, led the Dukes at 
the NCAA District III Cham- 
pionships with a 33rd place. 
Other JMU place v^inners were 
Morini, 43rd, and senior Susan 
Eorles, 50th, In helping the 
Dukes to a 10th place finish. 

At the conclusion of the sea- 
son, Marini and Eorles were 
voted co-MVP's for their con- 
sistent ajnning. g 




Swii 1 11 1 ling 

jMU Relays 

No score 




W 57-56 

Clarion State 

38-57 L 


39-66 L 

VIL Champs. 

1st of 4 


W 61-52 


49-64 L 

George Washington W 58-55 


43-70 L 


45-68 L 

Towson State 

W 73-37 


45-68 L 


W 61-47 


W 69-56 

Seahawk Invitational 

6th of 11 

ECAC Champs. 










Stuart Burdette 


Michael Burt 


Leif Carson 



John Neikirk 


James Powers 


Chad Quinn 


John Sadler 


John Sheally 







Thomas Gittins 




^^ ompilinga6-7 dual 
^r meet record, JMU's 
^^^ men's swimming 
and diving team 
couldn't follow up on last 
year's 9-4 record However, 
this season sow some out- 
standing performances. 

Early in the season, the 
Dukes narrowly defeated 
long-time rival William and 
Mary by one point 

At the state cham- 
pionships in December, se- 
nior co-coptain Ken Browne 
was named Outstanding 
Swimmer in leading JMU to 
their second straight state 

Throughout the season. 
Coach Charles Arnold relied 
on the consistent efforts of ju- 
nior Bill Cosozzo, and sopho- 
mores Scott Martinson and 
Matt McShane 

Casazza led the Dukes' 
ECAC Championships qual- 
ifying contingent with three 

individual and two reiay 
swims, Morfinson qualified in 
the 500 freestyle and 400 IM 
while McShane swam theiOO 
and 200 butterfly. 

The 1983-84 season saw 
the emergence of several 
promising freshman also 
Chris Keoughan, who broke 
the school record in the 100 
backstroke, qualified for the 
ECAC's in both 100 and 200 
backstroke, Erik Smitherman 
in the 100 breoststroke, and 

iviike Dreisch in a relay. 

After a diverless fall semes- 
ter which hurf the Dukes in 
scoring, sophomore Terry 
Anthony returned second se- 
mester to lead in diving. 

With most of the swimmers 
returning next year, the Dukes 
will lose co-coptain Stuarf 
Burdette who was hampered 
by illness this season, bock- 
stroker Tom Gittins, and Ken 
Browne to graduotion B 





Penn State Diving Invit. 


W 80-60 


55-82 L 


51-90 L 

U. of Tampa 

56-77 L 

U. of South Fiorida W 72-68 


57-83 L 


62-77 L 

U. of Rictimond 

W 76-37 

East Carolina 

51-61 L 

U.S. Senior Meet 

No score 


W 74-66 


47-66 L 


W 75-38 

Seahavi^k Invitational 4th of 7 

Jan Braclcman 






Sue Gervinsl<i 


Karen Harper 


Chris Ann 


Chris Ondrick 

Lynn Hobson 

Leslie Pike 

Beth Holsman 

Donna Smith 

Lisa Laiti 





Marjie Webb 


Coach Rose 


Ann Benson 



osting o 5-7 dual 
meet record, the 
women's swim teem 
nevertheless hod 
some bright spots in their 
seoson. One of those bright 
spots was freshmon Leslie 
Pike who broke school rec- 
ords in both the 200 and 400 
IM's. She swam o 4:47,3 
agoinst VCU, breaking a six- 
year-old JMU record. 

Another record wos broken 
by senior co-coptain Lisa Loiti 
in the 1,000 freestyle, closing 
out her college career. 

The Duke's Most Valuable 
Swimmer was freshman Lynn 


Coach Rose Ann Benson, 
in her fifth year of JMU, relied 
mostly on underclassmen for 
points. In addition to Pike and 
Hobson, other top swimmers 
were freshman breaststroker 
Sue Gervinski and sopho- 
mores Chris Ann Hartwig and 

At the season-ending 
Seohowk Invitational, an- 
other sophomore. Colleen 
"Bird" Loughlin, claimed the 
Dukes' only first place finish in 
the 100 backstroke. 

In diving, junior co-captain 
Stephanie Smith, a former 

national qualifier, won points 
for JMU, along with freshman 
Donna Smith, s 





W 67-40 

Rider College 

68-76 L 

MD-tastem Shore 

W 71-49 


50-53 L 


W 53-45 

JMU Invitational 


W 63-61 

Fairleigh-Dickinson W 50-48 


W 59-58 

Rebel Roundup Tournament 

So. Illinois 

56-74 L 


53-56 L 


49-72 L 


58-61 L 


W 65-59 

American Univ. 

W 63-48 

George Mason 

58-62 L 


55-57 L 


W 71-54 


W 68-67 


44-46 L 


46-58 L 


73-79 L 


W 53-39 

George Mason 

W 80-75 


60-62 L 




47-56 L 


ECAC South 


Todd Banks 

Jimmy Masloff 

Keith Bradley 

Greg Mosten 

Eric Brent 

John Newman 

Eric Esch 

Derek Steele 

Bill Hughes 

Kevin Sutton 

Anthony Inge 

Tracy Williams 


Coach Lou 

George Kingland 


M^ or JMU's men's bos- 
w ketboll team, the 

1983-84 season certainly hod 
its ups and downs. The Dukes 
finished with a 15-14 record 
that showed these inconsis- 
tencies, but after graduating 
four starters from last year's 
ECAC South champion 
team, the Dukes knew they 
were in for a different kind of 

JMU hod ten players who 
played in at least 19 of 29 
games, and nine of them 
averaged at least 16 minutes 
of ploying time There were 11 
different storting lineups with 
no player starting every 

There was no one star for 
the Dukes this season, but 
there were a lot of players 
who mode their presence 


Senior captain Derek 
Steele was often the most visi- 
ble player with his brilliant 
passes and his dribbling 
through the legs of the Dukes' 
opponents. He tallied 133 as- 
sists this season for a career 
total of 338, second only to 
David Dupont's 349, Steele 
also led JMU in scoring, with 
on11,9averoge, and in steals 


with 53 for the yeor. He saw 
the most ploying time of any 
player, averoging nearly 35 
minutes per gome. 

JMU's second guard, fresh- 
man Eric "Boo Boo" Brent, 
started 27 gomes for the 
Dukes, more than anyone 
else. Playing in every game, 
he was second on the team 
in scoring overage (9 
points], steals (35] and min- 
utes played overoge (32.3] 
Brent also finished third in re- 
bounds with 106 in his rookie 

Sophomore center Eric 
Esch led the Dukes in re- 
bounds with 149 and wos 
third in scoring with 7.7 points 
per gome Freshman guard/ 
forward George Kinglond 
averaged 7.3 points and se- 
nior forward/center Keith 
Bradley led the team in field 
gool percentage, making 55 
of 85 attempts from the floor 
for o 6.5 points per game ov- 
erage on 64.7% shooting. 

Also making significant 
contributions this seoson 
were junior forwards Greg 
Mosten and Dorrell Jackson 
with 1 32 ond 102 rebounds re- 
spectively, junior guard/ 
forward Jimmy Mosloff and 
freshman forward John New- 
mon. Sophomore forN/vord 
Todd Banks and freshman 
guard Anthony Inge, as well 
as sophomore guard/ 
forward Bill Hughes and 
freshman point guard Kevin 
Sutton, olso ployed key roles 
OS reserves for the Dukes. 

At times this season, JMU 
played phenomenally well, 
especially considering the 
overall youth and inexperi- 
ence of this 1983-84 squad 
Early in the year, the Dukes 
nearly upset Virginia in 
Charlottesville, losing only 53- 
50. They defeoted Foirleigh- 
Dickinson to win the 
championship of the JMU In- 
vitofionol, but the Dukes lost 
to SMU in the consolations of 
the Rebel Roundup in Los Ve- 
gos right before Chnstmos 

JMU definitely played bet- 
ter in the Convocation Center 
thon on the rood, winning 12 
of 16 home gomes this sea- 


Enc "Boo" Brent (Emerson) 

son. At the "Electric Zoo," the 
Dukes ovenged the losses 
they suffered at Old Domir^- 
ion, at George Mason and at 
Richmond, JMU split games 
with Navy and defeated East 
Carolina twice, but the team 
suffered defeat twice at the 
hands of William ond Mary, 
resulting in a number five 
seed in the EC AC South Con- 
ference Tournament played 
in the Convocation Center. 

Once again the Dukes 
shone as they "upset" num- 
ber four seeded George Ma- 
son in the tournament's first 
round. In the semifinals, how- 
ever, the Dukes fell victim to 
top-seeded and eventual 
conference Champion Rich- 

JMU loses two seniors to 
groduation, Derek Steele 
and Keith Bradley, who will 
surely be missed. The rest of 
the Dukes, however, hove 
had a season to learn from 
these veterans ond have 
been able to gam the experi- 
ence that they lacked com- 
ing into this year. Rest 
assured, the Dukes WILL be 
back, s 

— Kristin Whitehurst 

Basketball cont 



Loyola College 

W 88-48 

George Mason 

W 68-53 

George Washington Invit. _ 


65-66 L 

George Mason 

57-60 L 

American Univ. 

W 82-52 


47-57 L 

Davis & Elkins 

W 78-47 

Pabst Holiday Classic 



Rhode Island 

55-64 L 

Central Florida 

W 64-55 


W 68-52 


52-57 L 


57-64 L 

West Virginia 

43-47 L 


W 65-51 


W 71-54 

East Tennessee 

56-64 L 


65-68 L 


67-75 L 


58-60 L 

George Mason 

69-84 L 


W 63-58 


W 60-57 


W 72-59 


54-75 L 


53-55 L 

ECAC South Tournament 


W 73-53 


56-67 L 

Betsy Blose 





Erin Mahony 


Sue Manelski 



Susan Flynn 


Julie Franken 

Betsy Witman 


Coach Sheila 

Julie Hopkins 


Flo Jackson 

^^ MU's women's bas- 

^^ ketball team may 

^J not hove reached 

Its goo I of a .500 

seoson but, with o record of 

13-15 ond o 55-53 loss in the 

final regulor-seoson gome, 

the Dukes couldn't hove 

come much closer, 

JMU's 13 wins more than 

doubled the six wins of eoch 
of the post three seasons 
when the teom finished 6-18 
each yeor. The Dukes also 
advanced to the second 
round of the first-ever ECAC 
South Women's Basketball 
Tournament by avenging 
their two-point loss to William 
and Mary, 




In the first round of The 
ECAC's, the Dukes elimina- 
ted the Indians with a 73-43 
stomping. JMU then lost in the 
second round to top-seeded 

The Dukes lose three play- 
ers to groduotion: Betsy Blose 
and Mary Gilligon groduote 
in May, and Deona 
Meadows finished her eligi- 
bility as a graduate student in 
JMU's psychology depart- 

Blose, o JMU co-captoin, 
was a starter her first two years 
at the guard position and has 
been o reserve the post two 
years. Gilligon transferred to 
JMU prior to the 1982-83 sea- 
son and has been a part- 
time starter at the point 
guard position where she 
averaged 4.1 points per 
game this season. Meadows, 
a center, injured her foot in 
the second gome of lost sea- 
son and wos sidelined for the 
remainder of that yeor. After 
electing to return as o gradu- 
ate student in order to ploy 
one more year of basketball. 
Meadows was re-injured 
eorly in the season and did 
rot ploy the rest of the year as 

All five starters from the 
1983-84 team will return for 
JMU. Juniors Sue Monelski 
and Michele James will be 
bock for their final season. 
Monelski, a co-captain who 
was named to this year's all- 
conference teom, has led 
the Dukes in scoring the post 
three years and scored her 
1,000 coreer point Feb. 6. This 
seoson, she overoged 13.1 
points per game and was 
consistently ranked in the top 
10 in the NCAA Division I sta- 
tistics in free throw shooting 
percentage. Monelski fin- 
ished the season ranked fifth 
in the nation shooting 85.7% 
from the foul line (84-98]. 

James was JMU's only 
other scorer in double figures 
this yeor, averaging 10.5 
points per gome. She has 
been the team's second 
leoding scorer for three sea- 
sons and is fourth on JMU's 
coreer scoring list with 856 


career points, James hos 
been the Dukes' leading re- 
bounder for the post three 
years as well, averaging 8.7 
rebounds per ganne this sea- 
son to rank fourth on JMU's all- 
time rebounding list. 

Freshman starters for the 
Dukes included Julie Frank- 
en, Flo Jackson and Betsy 
Witmon, each of whom 
were named EC AC South 
Rookie of the Week this sea- 
son. Witmon received the 
honor twice arxl Fronken and 
Jackson once each. Of the 
five times in 1983-84 that a 
Rookie of the Week selection 
was made, JMU freshmen re- 
ceived the award four times 

Franken, ploying at center 
for the injured Meadows, led 
the team in blocked shots 
with 11 and was second in re- 

Jackson led JMU with 73 
assists and 41 steals despite 
starting only half of the Dukes' 
28 games at the point guard 

Women's Basketball Cont. 


Witman was third in iDoth 
scoring (99 average] and re- 
bounding (56 average] 
while starting every game 
but the tirst. In her first regular- 
season collegiate outing, the 
forward set a JMU record 
when she hit 7-7 shots from 
the floor. 

Also returning for the Dukes 
will be sophomore forwards 
Georgia Deren and Susan 

JMU's three remaining 
freshmen include center Erin 
Mohony, guard Rhonda 
Cooper and forward Julie 

The Dukes set two season 
records this year under sec- 
ond year coaches Shelia 
Moorman and Andy Morri- 
son. JMU scored 1,761 points 
for the season, breaking the 
old record of 1,708 points, 
and the Dukes shot 44.4% 
from the floor to break the 
record of 42 9% S 

— Kristin Whitehurst 

^ / 



Gyr nnastics 

Metro Open 

+ no score 

Keystone 2 + 2 Invil 


Eogle Classic 


W 206.6-178.65 


W 206.6-163.5 


W 206.6-163.5 

NC State 


Shenandoati Invit. 

8th of 9 


234.05-256.15 L 

Towson Open 

3rd of 3 

Slippery Rock 

233.15-243.50 L 

Jacksonville State 221.20-245.30 L | 



VA State Ctiamps 

2nd of 5 




Vinnie Bauer 


Bob Cootney 


John Dancy 


Jim Foaarty 
Dave Wnnick 

Tim Rcitliff 

Marc Rinaldi 

Tom Mannick 

Mark Smith 


Coach Scott 






rne 1983-84 season 
was the year of the 
record for the JMU 
men's gymnastics 
team. New records were set 
in four of the six individual 
events as well as in the all- 
around competition this sea- 
son, JMU's team scoring 
record was broken four times 
and hit on all-time high when 
the Dukes scored 236,20 
points to ploce second of the 
Virginia state champion- 

Another first occurred in the 
stote meet when sophomore 
Tim Rotliff became the first 
men's gymnast of JMU to win 
two events in a state meet. 
Rati iff tied state meet records 
with scores of 9,1 in both the 
parallel bars and the hori- 
zontal bar in winning both 

Also at the state meet, se- 
nior Jon Perry, who has one 
year of eligibility remaining, 
tied for second in the floor ex- 
ercise with 9 2 points and m 

the horizontal bar with 8,55 

Junior transfer Tom Manik 
tied for second place in 
the vault with o 9,2, Sopho- 
more captain Dave Kinnick 
placed fifth in the parallel 
bars and the pommel horse. 

In the all-around competi- 
tion at the state meet, Rotliff 
and Kinnick placed third and 
fourth respectively. 

Eorlier in the season, Mon- 
nik broke the JMU pommel 
horse record of 7.95 points 
when he scored 8.65 points 
at the Towson Open. At the 
dual meet at William and 
Mary, Rotliff scored 9.4 points 
in the horizontal bar to break 
his own JMU record and then 
scored a school-record 50.5 
points in the all-around com- 

The Dukes roised their reg- 
ular-season dual meet rec- 
ord to 4-5 this year under 
second-year coach Scott 
Gauthier. g 

— Kristin Whitehurst 


Keystone 2 + 2 Invif. 3rd 

V\'VU 161.00-167.60 

Radford W 159.6-157.55 

Towson W 159.6-148.7 

NC Stale 3rd of 3 

Shenandoati Invit. 4th of 5 

W & M 155.55-160.90 L 

Slippery Rock W 167.20-166.90 
Air Force W 167,20-164.55 

Duke 163.20-168.25 L 

VA State Champs. 1 st of 4 

Pittsburgh 154.75-179.25 L 

Kelly Conroy 


Tracy Hash 


Kim Nordberg 

jtk^C;: "■''-■■ ■-■^ 


Laura Peterson 
Karen Polls 
Sandy Sawyer 

Nancy Wirth 
Coach Hayes 




4fter an up and 
down dual meet 
season, the JMU 
wonnen's gymnas- 
tics team put together an out- 
standing performance to 
capture t|-ie state champion- 

The Dukes defeated Wil- 
liam and Mary by one point 
in the state meet after having 
lost to the Indians during the 
dual meet season. 

Freshman Laura Peterson 
won the all-around title by 
winning two events, the un- 
even parallel bars and the 
floor exercise. In the bars, 
Peterson's routine earned her 
a Godwin Hall record with a 
score of 9.2. 

JMU sophomores Tracy 
Hash and Charlotte Demp- 
sey took second and third 
places, respectively, in the 
same meet. 

Senior Stephanie Mann, an 
all-around contender, was 
forced out of competition 
when she injured her foot dur- 
ing on event. 

The up and down 5-4 dual 
meet record was partially 
due to injuries. Karen Polis, the 
team's top all-around of the 
beginning of the season, 
went down in December, 
and sophomore Michelle 
Goston missed the entire 

Other top performers for 
the team this season in- 
cluded Marcella Van Pep- 
pen, who won the balance 
beom in the state meet, and 
Mann, who earlier broke her 
own school record in the 
vault with a 91 B 

— Eddie Rogers 



JMU Takedown Invit. + 

Great Lakes Open + 

Turkey Bowl Invit. 
Lehigh Invit. 

2nd of 8 

8th of 8 

George Mason 


Salisbur/ State 

W 39-10 


W 36-10 

Maryland Open 

6th of 22 


W by forfeit 


W by forfeit 


W 28-20 


W 36-12 


17-22 L 


15-20 L 

Georgia Tech 


VIL Champs. 

4th of 7 


17-18 L 


W 22-21 


13-24 L 

American U, 


George Washington w 48-6 
NCAA Eastern Regional 2nd of 19 

+ No team score 

John Arceri 

Scott Graby 

Art Bait 

Andy Gunning 

Jeff Bowyer 

John Hubert 

John Cheecks 

Jeff Messeroll 

David Clayton 

Dave Monize 


John Morgans 


Brett Morrow 


Scott Palmer 


Rob Potash 

Brett Davis 

Phil Rice 


Grant Ruggles 


Pat Smith 

Ed Fiscella 

John Talton 


Mike Thomas 


Gary Webb 





Tony Gentile 


^^ MU's 1983-84 wresT- 
^m ling season was 
m once again a mix- 
^^ ture of successes 
ana disoppointments, with 
much of the disappointment 
a result of illness and injury. 

The Dukes finished the sea- 
son with on 11-4 duo! motch 
record, and oil of their losses 
were by a combined total of 
20 points. 

JMU boasted one state 
chompion and two Eastern 
Region runners-up this sea- 
son. One of those second - 
place finishers, sophomore 
Tony Gentile, received one of 
the region's three ot-lorge 
berths to compete of the 
NCAA notional tournomenf 
at the Meodowlonds Arena 
in East Rutherford, N.J. 

At the NCAA Eastern Re- 
gional Chompionships, fresh- 
man Jeff Bowyer was o 
runner-up at the 118-pound 
weight class and Gentile 
placed second at 150 

pounds. Junior transfer Mike 
Thomas finished third of 167 
pounds and junior heavy- 
weight Dove Stonton was 
third in his weight class. 

As o team, the Dukes 
placed second of 19 teams 
of the Eastern Regional tour- 
nament Old Dominion was 
first, with JMU finishing ahead 
of Shiopensburg, West Ches- 
ter, Rutgers ond defending 
champion Slippery Rock, 

JMU placed a disappoint- 
ing fourth in the state meet 
behind Virginia, Old Domin- 
ion and VMI, but the Dukes 
were encouraged by some 
individual performances 
Freshman Tom Cummings 
won his semifinal match in 
overtime ond pinned in the 
finals to win the state cham- 
pionship at 126 pounds 
Sophomore Phil Rice and ju- 
nior Gory Webb were run- 
ners-up of the 190- and 
150-pound weight dosses re- 
spectively Bowyer ploced 

third of 118 pounds, Thomas 
wos third in the 177-pound 
weight class, and Stanton 
took third in the heovyweight 

Gentile, who would hove 
been o defending stote 
chompion, did not even 
trovel to this season's state 
meet due to the flu, an ill- 
ness that hindered his perfor- 
mance for severol weeks 

The Dukes suffered o 
heortbreoking loss of the 
state meet when junior Jock 
Fitzgerald, the number one 
seed of 167 pounds, dislocot- 
ed his shoulder m the semi- 
finols. He did not compete 
ogoin all season. 

A second setback for the 
Dukes come in the final 
motch of o dual meet of Old 
Dominion. With the Mon- 
archs leading 18-13 going 
into the finol match — o fea- 
ture match between 126- 
pounders Cummings and 


Neil Honley — the Dukes hod 
a chance to tie or win 

But, Cummings tore corti- 
loge in his right knee and was 
forced to defouit the nnatch 
Three days later his knee was 
operated on, and Cunn- 
mings finished his freshman 
season with a 20-10 record 
and a teom-leading seven 

Gentile led the Dukes with 
a 29-6 record He traveled to 
Nationals but lost his first 
round match and was forced 
to withdraw from the conso- 
lation round because of in- 

Other top JMU records 
were ottoined by Bov^/yer 23- 
13-1, Fitzgerald 21-9 and Rice 
25-11-2 EB 

— Kristin Whiteh'jrs* 

Tony Genrile (Mlzefle] 

Tom Cummings (Mizelle) 


I > -J 











Men's Cross Country 

University Champion Bell Hall 
Championship Division White Hall 

Women's Cross Country 

University Champion Delta Gamma 
Championship Division Alpha Sigma 

Men's Soccer 

University Champion Sigma Nu 
Championship Division Sigma Nu 

Women's Soccer 

University Champion Fellowship of 

Christian Athletes (FCA] 
Championship Division FCA 

Men's Bowling 

University Champion Madison Four 
Championship Division Theta Chi 
individual Champion Butch Cocl<rell 

Women's Bowling 

University Champion FCA 
Championship Division FCA 
Individual Champion Debbie Kanagy 

Co-Recreational Bowling 


Men's Skiing 

University Champion 

Championship Division Sigma Nu 
Individual Champion Andrew Bullis 

Women's Skiing 

University Champion Alpha Sigma Al- 

Championship Division Alpha Sigma 

Individual Champion Ellen Bogart 

Men's Swimming 

University Champion Pi Kappa Phi 
Championship Division Pi Kappa Phi 
Individual Champion Curtis Gauntt 

Women's Swimming 

University Champion Sigma Kappa 
Championship Division Sigma Kappa 
Individual Champion Susan Sherman 

Men's Softball 

University Champion Theta Chi 
Championship Division Theta Chi 

Women's Softball 

University Champion FCA 
Championship Division FCA 

Men's 3 on 3 Basketball 


Tau Kappa Epsi Women's 3 on 3 Basketball 


Lady Hoopsters 

Men's Wallyball 

University Champion Sigma Nu 
Championship Division Sigma Nu 

Women's Wallyball 

University Champion Old But Active 
Championship Division Zeta Beta Tau 

Men's Golf 

University Champion Theta Chi 
Championship Division Theta Chi 
Individual Champion Kevin Craig 

Women's Golf 

University Champion Sigma Kappa 
Championship Division Sigma Kappa 
Individual Champion Linda Manelski 

Men's Basketball 

University Champion The Force 
Championship Division Sigma Phi 

Women's Basketball 

University Champion Queen Bees 
Championship Division FCA 


University Champion White Hall 
Champion Division White Hall 


Men's Champion David Luther 
Women's Champion Kirsten Seyler 
Men's Doubles Doug Hadsell &. Danny 

Women's Doubles Denise Klugh & Jill 



Men's Champion Woody Dunn 
Women's Champion Janet Dowd 

Table Tennis 

Men's Champion Gerald Taylor 
Women's Champion Kathy Koch 
Men's Doubles Jerry Blaze & Bill 

Women's Doubles Colleen Cross & 

Kathryn O'Brien 
Mixed Doubles John Bov^/ser & Karen 



Men's Champion Int. Bob Torres &. 

Velma McDougal 
Mixed Doubles Bob Torres &. Velma 



Men's Champion 

Rick Slater 





Sigma Nu soccer team — IFC and Intramural champions (Page) 






Jack ArtxDgast 

M Tennis 
Charles Arnold 

M Swimming 
Brad Babcock 

Rose Ann Benson 

W Swimming 
Dick Besnier 

Jean Dalton 

Scott Gauttiier 

M Gymnastics 
Margaret Horn 

Tom Hurt 

Hayes Kruger 

W Gymnastics 
Mario Malerba 

W Tennis 
Dee McDonough 

Lacrosse and Field Hockey 

Shelia Moorman 

W Basketball 
Martha O'Donnell 

Lynn Smith 

W Track and Cross Country 
Deb Tyson 

Bob Vanderwarker 

Ed Witt 

M Track and Cross Country 




thietes, depending 
upon how they ore 
performing, alter- 
nately love them 
and hate them. Coaches run 
the gamut from perfectionists 
to bumblers, from winners to 
losers. One thing you con be 
sure of IS that they dedicate 
their coaching time and 
often their personal time to 
building winning athletes, 
teams and records. We sa- 
lute the JMU coaches, s 






Dr. Ronald E. Carrier 



James H, Taylor, Jr, — Rector 
Charles W, Wompler, Jr, — 

Vioe Rector 
Alice E, Liggett — Secreton/ 
William E. Bridgefcrth, Jr, 
Robert W, Carlson 
Pomelo K, Fay 
Calvin W, Fowler 
Ceorge W, Harris Jr, 
Ellen K, Layman 
Bonnie L, Paul 
Inez G, Roop 
Richard E, Strauss 

JIT' hen U.S. News and 
rf World Report ranked 
JMU as thie tenthi best 
undergraduate, liberal arts 
college Eost of ttie Mississippi 
early in the school year, there 
were many signs of pride 
showing from everyone at 
JMU. The group of people 
with the happiest faces 
though were the adminis- 
trators. They are the people 
who developed JMU's fine 
curriculum, mode the right 
decisions along the way, and 
oversaw the whole process 
that led to this notionol rec- 

If the administrators had 
been asl<ed in 1978 what 
gool JMU should aim for, the 
lil<ely answer would have 
been to be the best university 
in Virginia. All that has 
changed and Dr. Corner has 
the goal of making JMU the 
best under graduate univer- 
sity in the country. In order to 
meet that challenge, most of 
the administrators agree thot 
even more growth needs to 

take place. Not necessarily 
growth in size but growth in 
the quolity of the programs 
needs to be emphasized. 
Most of the administrators 
believe JMU's enrollment will 
not surposs 10,000 students, 
mainly due to the lack of 
space for extra sutdents and 
the additional money 
needed doesn't exist for such 
a chonge. So, in. order to 
grow quolify-wise, JMU will 
be concentrating on admit- 
ting a better prepared stu- 
dent OS they have been 
doing in the post and devel- 
oping each department to 
enhonce the faculty ond pro- 
grams taught. 

Since major growth 
doesn't occur instantly, it 
might take some time to no- 
tice o change, if any does 
occur One thing is assured, if 
everyone has a positive atti- 
tude and mokes on effort it 
will happen and the people 
that strive for thot goal most 
of all are JMU's administra- 
tors, s 


Linwood H. Rose 

Assistant to the President 

Dr. Harold J. McGee 

Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

William F. Merck II 

Vice President for Business Affairs 


Dr. William R. Nelson 

Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Dr. Ray V. Sonner 

Vice President for University Relations 



1 i IM i 



: 1 





Dr. Lacy S. Daniel 

Dean of Students 


Dr. Marcia A. Dake 

Dean of School of Nursing 

Dean Ehlers 

Dean-Director of Intercollegiate Athletics 


Dr. Elizabeth M. Finlayson 

Dean of Summer School, Student 
Orientation, and Academic Advising 

_ r V 

Dr. Mary F. Habar^ 

Dean of Libraries and Learning Resources 


Dr. William O.HallJr. 

Dean of Graduate Studies Sponsored 
Program and Continuing Education 

Dr. Robert E. Holmes 

Dean of School of Business 

Dr. Donald L. McConkey 

Dean of School of Fine Arts and Connmunication 


Dr. Fay J. Reubush 

Dean of Admissions and Records 




em, I^H 







Dr. Julius B. Roberson 

Dean of School of Education and Human Services 

Dr. Michael A. Wartell 

Dean of College of Letters and Sciences 


Dr. Teresa A. Gonzalez 

Director of Counseling and Student Development 






W "^' 


■* 1 

James F. Krivoski 

Director of Office of Residence Life 


Thomas Nardi 

Director of Career Planning and Placement Office 

John Sellers 

Director of Financial Aid 


Suzanne Straub 

Director of Student Activities 

Francis E. Turner 

Director of Admissions 

Tom Watkins 

Director of Alumni Programs 


Denise Arenth 
Eariy Child Educ 

Tony Amnentrout 
Computer Sci. 

Stephen Amal I 

Christa Arnold 
Comm, Arts 



Katlirvn Bernhardt 


Donna Betiy 



'-■'-/ ' 



JP • 


Helen Billhimer 
Eariv Child. Educ. 

Mary Bindo 
Comm Arts 

Veronica Bindrim 
Political Sci, 

Gregory Blanchard 
Computer Sci. 

Gregory Blanl<s 
Data Process. 



i- / 

Teresa Blizzard 
Special Educ. 

Jane Bos well 
Physical Educ 

Myrf Bowry 
Interior Design 


Betsy Blose 
Ptiysicoi Educ. 

Brenda Bolingef 
Office Admin. 

Martha Boswell 
Early Child. Educ. 

Joanne Boyd 

Victoria Brooking 

Jane Bond 
Music Mngt, 

Kirnberiey Booker 
Early Child Educ 

Therese Bofzelleca 

'c^ fo p r. 

Robert Boswell 

Tom Bowe 

Enca Bowie 
Mngt. Info. Sys. 

Susan Bo wrrran 
Computer Sci. 


Girx3 Boyle 

James Brack man 
Mr^ Info Sys 

Elizobetti Bradley 

C.:^ay Braur 
Early Child. Educ, 


Sandy Brooks 

Willie Brooks 

Lisa Brotzman 



Kenmar Campbell 
Speech Path. ' 

Soupy Compbell 

Mothlas Conellos 

Joan Cannadoy 
MIS., Economics 

IJaniel Copno, Jr. 
Political Sci. 

o you do if^ 

f A J I 've been known to. 
Chances ore that 
you do it too but just don 't ad- 
mit it in public. 

Statistics indicate that 9,3 
outof every 10 Americans will 
do it before the age of 14. 

Compulsive people will do 
it approximately 10 minutes a 
day from the time they ore 
two until the time they reach 
advanced middle-age. The- 
oretically, if a person begins 
dong It at the age of two and 
continues doing it once a 
day until the age of 75, that 
person will hove done it 
26,645 times for a total of 183 

You may think that this is a 
fairly new phenomenon ac- 
cidently discovered be some 
obscure research team that 

was looking for "Youth in 
Asia, " I hate to inform you, but 
recent evidence suggests 
that even our cove-dwelling 
predecessors did it in their 
spore time. Unlike us, how- 
ever, they weren't blinded by 
conventionality and ac- 
cepted the act for what it 
was — on indulgence in self- 

In more recent times some 
very famous people hove 
done it despite expressed 
public concern for the 
children's welfare, [That may 
be why they ore so well- 
known.] Do Vinci did it and so 
did Michoelongelo, (It is a 
well-documented fact that 
he once did it on his bock for 
three days until the Pope told 
him to stop in the name of 
decency.] John Riggins still 

does It every Sunday in the 
locker room. 

Almost everybody does it 
sometime. Even students do 
it. You probobly know some- 
one who's doing it right this 
very minute. Don't worry 
though. It's not catching. Peo- 
ple hove even been known 
to do it during classes. You 
know thot guy in the back row 
who's always smiling'?' He's 
doing It. So is the girl in the 
next row who is constantly 
writing in her notebook, I'd 
bet that your roommate is 
one who does it when your 
bock is turned. Just when you 
thought you knew everything 
you ever cared to know 
about the person shoring 
your room, this comes up. 

There are no distinguishing 
characteristics which give 

these people away who ore 
doing it, So don't climb bock 
into your closet and lock the 
door. Chances are, if you 
hoven't been caught yet, you 
are extremely lucky, or else 
you have a good place to do 

If you do do it, do it well, 
Just remember that not 
everybody con do it. Take 
comfort in the fact that you 
ore able to do it and enjoy 
doing it. Don't worry about 
what other people think and, 
no, if you do it you won't go 
blind, and, contrary to pop- 
ular opinion, you won't grow 
hair on your palms. So, if it 
feels good, go ahead and 
do It , , , doodle! H 

— John Holt 

Joyce Catroli 
Speech Poth. 

Andra Casilear 
Early Child. Educ. 

Linda Cassidy 
intemotionai Bus. 


Cheryl Cobbs 
Elementarv Educ. 

Cheryl Cobum 

Genevieve Coceano 
Eariv Child Educ 



Sharon Cox 

Political Scl. 

Constance '^raig 

Martha Craver 
Music Educ. 

Cathy Crawford 

Cathy Crowtord 
Political Sci 


Carol Cresswell 


Kelly Cross 
Mngt. Marketing 

Frank Crowley 


Kevin Crajg 
Sports Mn^, 

Timothy Craighead 

Kifby Cramer 


Christopher Cravath 

Jay Crawford 
Comm. Arts 

Barry Creasy 
Mngt. Info. Sys. 

Leslie Creech 

Political Sci. 

Stephen Creech 





Nancy Cross 
Political Sci, 

Patty Crotty 
Math, Computer Sci. 

Armelle Crouzieres 

Virginia Crowder 
Home Economics 


Jeffrey Crowley 
Business Mngt. 

Isabel Cumming 

Timothy Cummir>gs 


Nancy Currle 
Mngt. Info Sys. 

Chris Czajkowskl 

Mngt, Info. Sys. 

Ann CzopiewsJvi 
Art PhotoQ.. Design 


Hotel/Rest. Mngt. 

"~ J 

Getting Personal 


icense plotes ore no 
longer just o nneons of 
identifying our cors 
Now, they con be a nneons of 
identifying our personolities 

For tf^e post few years, Vir- 
ginia drivers hove t^od the 
opportunity to personalize 
their plates by choosing any 
SIX letters or numbers The an- 

nual cost IS ten dollars 

Since there con only be 
one of ony combination of 
letters and numbers, these 
plates ore not only persona- 
lized but also individualized 

Driving along, it's interest- 
ing to reod the license plates 
(kind of like reading bumper 
stickers or counting cows]. 

Most personalized plates 
consist of the driver's initials 
plus o number. Other people 
like to reveal o bit more 
about their personality — 
their hobbies, their occupa- 

Other plates express greet- 
ings to fellow drivers. Mes- 
sages like "HELLO" or 

"10SNE1" hove become cli- 
ches. They con get more pro- 

Still other plates reflect 
something about the cor it- 
self. These ore especially 
prevalent on sports cars like 
280-Z's whose plates read 
"ZULATR" or "ZZOOM", Old, 
beat up cars might soy 

MAR" Vii^nia •|E]I 


MINE • or "PAID 4" Then, of 
course, there is the jeep thot 
reads "EAT MUD" 

There really seems to be a 
trend for these creative 
plates In the future, regular 
DMV-issued plates may be 
the exception instead of the 
rule It certainly would moke 
driving more interesting — or 
would It just moke it more 

Laurie Deprano 
Fashion Merch. 


Christopher Devoney 
Mngt. Info. Sys. 




Dona Estes 
Social Wod< 

Sheryl Etzler 
Hotel/Rest, Mngt. 

Annette Evans 
Eariv Child Educ. 

Bartxira Evans 
Fashion Merch 

Kay Eve 
Mngt Info. Sys 



Saliv Ford 
Hotel Rest Mngt 

Karen Fowler 
Gen Social Sci 


ave you ever noticed 
just who porks in com- 
muter parking lots? 

I con tell you're on educa- 
ted person. You're right! 
Commuters pork in com- 
muter parl<ing lots but so do 
countless other various ond 
sundry personages of gues- 
tionable origin. 

Undoubtedly this is just an- 
other odministrotion-devised 
conspiracy to get even with 
the non-campus dwelling 
students who moke up a 
meoger 45% of JMU's totol 

How mony times hove you 
gotten up o day early just so 
you could find a parking 
SDOce near the JMU sub- 

urbs'^ And, when you get to 
the outer limits, how many 
commuters' cars have you 
seen with the infamous "R res- 
ident student" sticker? Ap- 
parently the higher 
authorities hove a chosen 
few who ore given this presti- 
gious identification marker 
which provides them with im- 
munity from the campus 
blood hounds in blue. 

Turnabout is not always fair 
ploy, however. Try parking in 
o resident lot and see how 
many times you get ticketed 
before you cross the street. 
Resident students don't reol- 
ize how well off they are. 

Everyday, commuters ore 
threatened with death just 

The Odds Are 
Stacked Against You 

Becky Francis 

Anne Freor 

Penny Friend 

Albert Frisino 

Cheiyl Froom 

John Fuicher 

Kothleen FuiTon 

Art Educ, 


Computer Sci. 


Elertientory Educ. 


Polificol Sci 

William Gentry, I 

Bob George 
Econ. Pub Admin 

Kathleen Gemdt 

Jennifer Giles 

Physical Educ 

More Gillions 
Music Educ 

because they want to get a 
legal parking spoce. 

You may think Im exag- 
gerating, but I'm not. 

Desperate commuters 
hove resorted to o deadly 
gome for getting a parking 

space which closely resem- 
bles vultures searching for 
bunny cadavers. 

Commuters sit waiting for 
on unsuspecting student who 
is about to leave. The vultures 
rev their engines and lower 

their goggles. The object of 

the gome is to see who will 

be the first one in the unfortu- 

note student's parking 


(Note: Sequence of ornvol at 

the scene does not matter. It's 

every communter for him- 

Are there any solutions to 
this problem'^ 

Probably , but we'll 
never know, H 

— John Holt 

eft Gonzalez 

Glen Good 

Clement Goodmon 

Thonrjs Goodsite 

Jane Goodwyn 

Janet Gorman 


Mngt, Info, Sys. 





Julie Gofmon 
Home Economics 



Kimberly Groves 

Nattran Groybeal 
Doto Process. 

Kertti Greggs 
Business Mr^. 

Tommy Hannah 

Cynthia Hardin 

Joseph Hargrove 
Political Sci 

/ ^ 

Alice Higgins John Higgins 

Early Child Educ. PsychoTogy 

Margaret Higgins 
Mngt Info Sys. 

Julia Home 
Early Child, Educ. 


iTeroTure should be 
heard. The English 
longuoge hos o 
speciol power That I believe 
is worth hearing," 

This IS The philosophy be- 
hind the Poetry Reading Se- 
ries, according to its 
organizer, Lisa Russ Spoor, 
English professor and poet 

Co-sponsored by the En- 
glish Department and Madi- 
son Memorial Library, the 
series began this year in re- 
sponse to whot Spoor 
described as a "latent inter- 
est" at JMU and in the com- 
munity for this type of ere- 

o) Helps rid! 
lungs of 





otive outlet 

Because of a low budget, 
most of the readers were 
drown from JMU faculty 
members and local friends 
of Spoor, With more money 
the program could expand 
in the future to include known 
poets and fiction writers from 
all across the region, 

"The writers ore interested, " 
said Spoor 

Along with the published 
poets, the series also gave 
students a chance to vent 

a new way to grow older gracefully— 

heir poetic tolents These 

special readings were open 
to any student who had only 
to sign-up at the door and 
limit his or her reading to five 

With 50 to 60 persons in at- 
tendance at each reading, 
the series "exceeded my ex- 
pectations," said Spoor, 

"There is o community of 
people starved for this — now 
they hove It " H 

— Ellen Hamlet 


Jeanne Ingberman 
Speech Pcjth. 

Gordon Irons 
Mngt Info Sys. 

La Scienya Jackson 
Comm Arts 



Dara Jennings 

Pam Keene 


Christine Kopanski 

Wendv Kraft 
Eoriy Child. Educ 

Linda Kreutzer 
Public Admin. 

Mana Ku 
Medical Tecti. 

Jeffrey Kwiatkowski 
Political Sci 



ake a break from stu- 
dying and step into a 
Boston bar where 
everybody knows your 
name," This experience can 
be yours when you watch 
NBC's emmy award-winning 
show "Cheers," on Thursday 

Sam, Diane, Cooch, Carlo, 
and the rest of the gang ore 
immensely popular on col- 
lege campuses In fact, ac- 
cording to Newsweek, 
"Cheers" bombed in its first 
season except on college 
campuses "where its char- 
acters and sophisticoted hu- 
mor struck a responsive 
chord " 

The quality of "Cheers" has 

been compared to such 
comedy classics as 
"M*A*S*H" and "The Mary 
Tyler Moore Show." Believ- 
able chorocters and crisp, 
literate dialogue are ottrib- 
uted to the show's success. 

The show took a turn this 
season as Sam and Diane's 
relationship bloomed. Al- 
though the implied sexual re- 
lationship is something new, 
the quick insults and argu- 
ments haven't gone. 

Most of us hove visited 
bars, but it's nice to have a 
place where we con all be. 
regulars. Si 

— Ellen Hamlet 


Jefferson Lofquist 
Comm. Arts 

Bonnie Long 

Daniel If^cU 

Todd Lynn 

Carin Mabefiy 

Bruce MacCall 

Liz MacCallum Nancy MacDonald 

Marketing Public Heattti 


1- < _/ 

Maura MacKessy 
Early Child, Educ 

Jeffrey Macns 
Mngt Info. Sys. 

eslie Madison 
Social Work 

Loune Mognusdal 


Lindo Manelski 

Diana Manifold 
Computer Sci 

Timottiy Manning 

Geofge Marcoccia 

Carol Markwardt 
Business. Mktg 

Rebecca Marr 
Data Process. 

Valerie Martel 
Physical Educ 


David Martin 

Lyle Martin 
Intemationol Bus 

Frank Marvin 

Stephanie Marx 

Anne Mason 
P E , Sports Mngt. 





^H^^Prr ^^D 





^ w 





■, H' 


:'•., \^ 

1 ^H 

Deborah Mauck 
Early Child Educ 

Mary McGann 

Angela McGonigal 

Amy McKenno 
Comm. Arts 

Debbie Meseroll 
Special Educ. 

Randall Mictxiei 
Comm. Arts 

Elizabeth Miksovic 
Music Mngt. 

Nancy Miles 
Elem. Educ. 

Anita Miller 

Deno Miller 

John Miller 

Kevin Miller 

Marilyn Miller 

Diane Milnes 

Karen Mitchell 

Elem. Educ 


Mngt Info Sys 


Mngt. Info, Sys. 

Computer Sci. 

Social Work 


All You Need Is 

Love . . . 

And a Little 


our friendship con 
help a child." 
This philosophy be- 
o^^gs "o "he Big Brothers/ Big 
Sisters of the Homsonburg- 
Rockinghonn Counly area. 

This organization was 
*omned to provide mature 
companionship for boys and 
girls who, for whatever rea- 
son, do not receive it at 
home Many of these chil- 
dren come from single- 
parent homes, and others 
have parents who feel chil- 
dren need additional guid- 
ance and companionship. 

This IS where the Big 
Brothers/Big Sisters, many of 
whom are students at JMU, 
come in. In fact, consistently 
over one-third of all Big 

Brothers and Big Sisters ore 
JMU students, according to 
Sandy Oberhn, area director. 

The JMU students who par- 
ticipate in this program, as 
with oil participants, hove un- 
dergone a screening pro- 
cess ond then o 
motching-up process. This 
procedure insures proper 

An example is Karen 
Thielhom. A senior physical 
education major, Karen 
wanted on active child with 
whom she could shore some 
of her athletic interests. She 
wos matched up with o litfle 
sister in December 1982 and 
IS still with her. 

The only requirements for 
becoming big brothers and 
Sisters IS the ability to spend 
several hours per week with a 
chi id for of least o year Some 
people are not able to meet 
The individual requirements 
ond responsibilities, so they 
porticipote through groups 
such as Campus Catholic 
Ministry, Circle K, and fraterni- 
ties and sororities These 
groups sponsor monthly ac- 
tivities such as parties and 
outings Circle K sponsors an 
annual Halloween Party, 
vvhile Hoffman Hall held a 
^opcom and Movie Party for 
•he children in the program 
tost year. 

This IS what Big Brothers/Big 
Sisters IS all about — helping 
children by providing some- 
:-e *o look up to, and JMU 
s"„oents ore on important 
oorr of this s 

— Leslie Piercy 

Missv Nelson 

NJotalie Nelson 

Computer Sci 



Deborah PaUerson 
Eoflv Child Educ 

Susan Peacock 

Nancy Peangen 

Hotel.'Rest. Mngt 

George Pi seel I a 

Wilmo Pitsenborger 
Special Educ. 

Susan Pompliano 

Glenn Pontanilla 



John Powers 

Laurie Powers 

Kenneth Pratt 

Diane Prettyman 

Neil Price 

Gail Probed 

Gregory Prokapchak 



Comm Arts 




Hotel/Rest. Mngt. 

Anne Puckett 

Sharon Puckett 

Ann Pufko 

Joseph Punturei 

Patrick Putnam 

Sharon Quaries 

Melanie Radcliff 

Political Sci 


Elem. Educ. 

Comm. Arts 



Art Educ 



ot, melted mozzerella 
topped with tangy 
green peppers, spicy 
sousoge, and delicate 
mushrooms on a thick, chewy 
crust. Sounds good, huh'^ 

Right at their fingertips JMU 
students have some of the 
best pizza in town delivered 
to their doors at almost any- 
time of day or night. 

Once upon a time Luigi's, 
known for its pizza and subs, 
was the only place that stu- 
dents could count on for mid- 
night munchies. Lost year. 

however. Four Star Pizza — 
easily recognized by its little 
red, white, and blue Escorts 
— called a halt to Luigis' 
pizza monopoly by offering 
free delivery. 

Suddenly, you couldn't 
walk across campus without 
seeing a Four Star cor. 

Since that time there has 
been o bit of a pizza war with 
all pizza places offering cou- 
pons, and Luigi's stdrting its 
own delivery service. JM's 
dnd Fog Subs hove also got- 
ten into the battle with their 

steamy subs. 

Just by looking around 
campus at all the empty Four 
Stor boxes and Four Star cars, 
it seems that Four Star is 
slightly ahead in the gome 
But you never know, tastes 
change. And tomorrow stu- 
dents might stop craving mi- 
crowoved pizza and watery 
sodas and start getting 
yearnings for grease. 

But whatever you choose. 
Its only a phone coll away,!!i 

— Leslie Piercy 

Thomas Rogowski 

Lisa Rohrer 
Hotel/Rest, Mngt. 

Dianne Rosson 


Robyn Sheets 

Susan Shelden 

Brioh Shenon 

Janie Sheiman 
Political Sci 

Lofiainna St^erman 
Comm Arts 







^^^^ '^HBh^^^W 

f^ Ik fl 




r vii 

T* *• jj^ ' 





f *^ . 



Scott Sherman 

Pdrticai Sci 

Donna Shields 
Public Admin. 

Kothv Shihda 
Computer Sci. 

Paul Shipe 
Comm. Arts 

SuSQp Shnpshire 


Killer Dynasty 

Glori Stlfler 
Comm Arts 

Laura Stokes 

Brenda Sfov 

HuorTers, dice, 99, and 
drink pong, the regular 
old drinking games, 
seenned to be losing their fizz 
one Wednesday night, so 
some imaginative (and 
thirsty) students invented 
Killer Dynasty." 

Since they were going to 
watch the show anyway, why 
not watch it and drink!'^ To 
play, names of the mom 
characters in the show are 
ploced in a hot or on the bot- 
tom of a choir The name you 
pick or the seat you choose 
determines which character 
you ore Everytime a charac- 
ter comes on the screen or his 
or her name is mentioned, 
the corresponding player 
drinks. Every drink started 
must be finished by the next 
commercial break 

There are other TV drinking 
gomes like "Hi Bob/' This 
game is played while wat- 
ching "The Bob Newhart 
Show" reruns Everytime a 
character on the show says 
"Bob", oil players take a 
drink, when someone soys 
"Hi Bob", players take two 
drinks, if someone soys "Oh 
Bob" (this IS usually Emily's fa- 
mous line) all players chug. 

Some hord-up TV fans 
even ploy "Killer Rudolph" at 
Christmas time. The more 
Rudolph's nose lights up, the 
more lit up the players be- 
come i 

Some professors may think 
that creativity is dead, but 
drinking games certainly 
prove them wrong. Or 
maybe it's just that where 
there's a will there's a way.H 

— Karia Hommel 


Lee Anne Taylor 
Physical Educ, 

Leigh Anne Taylor 
Music Educ 

Thomos Taylor 

James Tebbenhoff 

Sharon Tepper 
Comm Arts 

Sandre Terry 

Teresa Thacker 
Elem Educ 



William Thompson 

Michael Thorp Bill Threlkeld 

Music Educ. Geography 

Kerri Thornton 

Albert Tibbetts 

Thomas Trevey 

John Tfibett 




Marie Van Liere 
Chem . Comp Sci 

Thomas Vance 
Political Sci 

Stephen Vean 

Dearslev Vernon 
International Bus- 

Michael Wagoner 

Michael Wakefield 
Mngt Info Sys. 

Camnen Walker 

Judi Watterson 

MofV Wauford 
Mngt . Mktg 

Robin Weaver 
Mngt Info Sys 

The Electric Zoo '-lerds .'s way through the cow tunnel (Helms) 

Making the 
Cow Connection 


Does That sound famil- 
lor'' No, It doesn't 
come fronn any Rockingham 
County pastures or from See 
and Soy's "the cow says." It's 
*he sound that can com- 
monly be heard in the tunnel 
under 1-81 that mysteriously 
lOins the Convocation Center 
To the rest of the campus. Stu- 
dents just coll this passage 
*he cow tunnel 

There's a good reason for 
"he name. According to 
popular belief, cows used to 
be tronsported thrpugh that 
tunnel tp graze in the pas- 
tures where the Convocation 
Center now stonds 
Maybe it is d little strange 

'o walk through o dimiy-lit 
tunnel that constantly drips, 
and roars with passing tajcks 
overhead, but it does make 
us unique Besides it odds 
something to the chorocter 
of the Electric Zoo 

And when the basketball 
gome ends, o few privileged 
fans get into theircars porked 
just 50 feet away, while the 
rest of us herd our way 
through the tunnel And 
there's something about that 
tunnel that brings out the am- 
mo I in us, as everyone seems 
to instinctively "moo" No one 
ever told us to "moo", it's just 
on unspoken "rule — all 
"booohs" ore tossed out on 
their wooly little eors S 

Laura Whfflev 

Ricnard Whrtt 

James Whoftey 

Glynn Whitten 

Vincent Wilkerson 

Wendy Wllkins 

Helen , 

Business Educ, 

Public Admin, 

Politicol Sci. 


Hotel/Rest. Mngt. 

Speech Path, 

Social Wort^ 



Denise Wingfield 

Marl< Wiseman 
Computer Sci. 

Carolyn Wood 
Speech Pom 

Lisa Marie Wood 
Hofel/l?est. Mngt 


Jon Zug 

Deborah Zurschmeide 
Physical Educ. 


Karen Adams 
Margaret Adams 
Nancy Adkins 
Annette Agee 
Janie Albergotti 
Susan Albritton 
Carol Allen 
Elaine Ambrogi 

Erica Anderson 
Carolyn Andrews 
MIndy Andrews 
Dennis Argerson 

Ctieryl Assaid 
Susan Atwater 
Daniel Babiy 

Mary Bactimurski 
Tim Bailey 
Teresa Lynn Ball 
Heather Ballard 
William S. Banks 
Kimberly Barker 
Barbara J. Barna 
Melissa Bates 

William Botes 
John Bauserman 
Beth Beahm 
Melodye Beam 
Suzanne Beierle 
Angela Bennett 
Pauline Berggren 
Alice Ann Berkebile 

Pamela Bernard 
Leslie A. Berry 
Brenda Biondo 
Betty L Black 
James David Black 

Loretha M. Blank 
Barbara L^ Blum 

' '0 

Christie Boehling 
Barbara Bolenbough 
Elena M, Boras 
Cristy Bosch 
Durwood Bosher 

Karen Boussy 
Eric Bowman 
Cynthia Boyce 
Ciaran S. Boyes 
Elizabeth Bradbury 

Forrest Brann 
Debra Brotton 
Denise Briner 
Scott Brinson 
Valerie Brinson 

Marquita K. Brooks 
Laurie Brounley 
Donna Carol Brown 
Karen Brown 
Stephanie Brown 

Steve Brown 
John Browning 
Tanja Brownley 
Marshall F. Bryans 
Janet Buck 

Tim Buennemeyer 
Carolyn Buonincontri 
Cynthia S. Burch 
Daria Burger 
Jeff Bur1<e 

Pamela L, Burke 
David C. Burnett 
Sherri L. Burnett 
William Bumette 
James E. Burrous 

Teresa Burt 
Kelley Burton 
Stephen L. Byers 
AnaCainelli, Jr. 
Brooke Calhoun 

Cathy T.Callahan 
Michelle M. Callahan 
David B. Campbell 
Gregory W. Campbell 
Connie Camper 


Gina Caravana 
Gwen M. Carawan 
Valerie Camey 
Robin Carroll 
Frances Carter 
Katie Carter 
Carta Casti 
John B. Cosier 

Irish Coson 
Jamesly Chapman 
Linda Cherry 
Doug Chestnut 
Karen Clark 
Kotherine Clark 
Lisa Clarke 
Sandra Cllne 

Gail Clybum 
Dodee Coble 
Stuart Coleman 
Sean Collender 
Jeffrey Collins 
William Collls 
John C. Cook 
Lisa A. Cook 

Kristin Cooney 
Laura Cooper 
Deborah Coughlin 
David Crain 
Paul Cramer 
Brenda Crawley 
David A. Crew 
Cynthia R. Crites 

Geraldine Crockett 
Janet Croker 
Keith Cromwell 
Robbie Crowther 
John Cajz 
Scott Cullen 
Joan K, Curren 
Brian Docier 

'i^ ^^1^ 



[^|^f!ff Pf^*^ 'F1 

Streamers replace traditional white toilet paper (Emerson) 


Bruce Daeschner 
Cheryl Daneker 
Lori Daniel 
Mark Daniel 
Claudia Dorr 
Jerry Dascoli 
Jennifer David 
Alisa Davis 

Janice Davis 
Kathleen Davis 
Kenton Davi^dy 
Jonet Dowson 
Paul Decancq 
Jayne Deichert 
Theresa Depuy 
Darryl Derr 

Carl Dews 
Beth Dexter 
Cindy Dickman 
Roxanne Dietzler 
Lisa Janine Digs 
Joseph Dimiceli 
Mary Ann Dodd 
Liz Dodrill 

John M. Dodson 

Matthew Donnley 
Lori Ann Dotterer 
Janet Ann Dowd 
Dana L. Dowell 
Elizabeth Downey 
Harry N. Doyle 

Jennifer Durr 
Allison Earl 
Michael Easthom 
Jacquie Ebersole 
Steven C. Eckels 

Randy Edmondson 
Deidrea Edwards 

What! No Toilet Paper? 

Hur lives are governed 
by written and unvyrit- 
ten traditions, Mosttro- 
dlTions are popularly held 
beliefs, v\/idely accepted 
and met v\/ith little or no resis- 

This year at JMU, a student- 
originated tradition was 
challenged by the adminis- 
tration. The tradition is, of 
course, the throwing of toilet 
paper at home games otter 
the Dukes sink the first basket. 
Arguments mode by the 

odminisfrotion against this rit- 
ual included its expense, the 
danger to ployers and spec- 
tators of being struck during 
the awesome white barrage, 
ond the tarnishing of the 
university's public image. 

Students argue that this un- 
written tradition harms no 
one. They claim that society 
encourages the young to 
moke their mark on the world, 
ond, to them, this is one 
harmless way to do it. They 
wont to show people that the 

Electric Zoo is olive and well 
of JMU, If works. People rec- 
ognize and respect JMU stu- 
dents' outward enthusiasm 
Nobody is comploining, 
except the administration. 

As a remedy to this press- 
ing sifuofion, the adminisfra- 
fion has offered purple and 
gold crepe paper as a sub- 
stitute to fill the traditional role 
toilet paper has served in the 
post. Due to the limited 
choices, the decision hos 
been accepted as o plausi- 

ble solution to the problem. 

Our societ/ is based on tra- 
dition, ond, OS we hove all 
leorned, tradition changes. 
The Electric Zoo of JMU has 
leorned to adapt to this phe- 
nomenon. It's not that we are 
losing a tradition, we ore sim- 
ply beginning a new tradition 
with the odminisfrotion 's sup- 
port. . . yeah, right, H 

— John Holt 

24 h 

Sharon Eggleston 
Steve Emerson 
Amy Epiett 
Sharon Estep 
Tracey Etheridge 

Debbie Evans 
Tracey Evans 
Linda Everett 
Jon B. Everson 
Ellen Facchina 

Zina M. Facemire 
Keith Fairly 
Anthony Falcone 
Cid Fallon 
Annette Fama 

John V. Farabaugh 
Anthony J. Farrell 
Brian Farrell 
Nancy Farrell 
Jamshed Faruki 

Susan Fay 
Elizabeth M. Ferrara 
Susanne E, Ferrin 
Dawn Fiala 
Nancy Finiey 

TracI FInley 
Robin Fitzsimmons 
Debbie Fletcher 
Laura Fochtman 
Andrea Fogg 

Valerie Foley 
Beth Foran 
Suzanne Ford 
Mark Frank 
Ronald Frankhauser 

Duane Frederick 
Elizabeth Freeman 
Karen Frick 
Christie Friedel 
Lisa Friedman 

Nancy Frzler 
Karen Fugate 
Dale G. Fulk 
Robert Funke 
Ellen Funkhouser 

Lynne Funkhouser 
Lisa Gaines 
Christine Galiani 
Nancy E. Geer 
Maureen E. Gibson 

f ifl ^^P^l 



B-'- ^ m 


— sr 

Richard Givens 
Gigi Gleadall 
Laura K. Goodwin 
Carmen Gore 
Anthony Gostomski 
Terry V. Gotter 
Karen Gould 
Cynthia Gouldin 

Margaret Gramann 
Peter D. Green 
Robin Greenieof 
Denise Grey 
Mark Griffin 
Theresa Grogg 
Philip Gross 
Laura Grove 

Rebecca Grow 
Mary Guill 
John P. Haog 
Judy Haas 
Heidi Haase 
Catharine Hagan 
Peggy Halle 
Dave Hallman 

Gretchen Holly 
Ruth Hamilton 
Lisa Hamlett 
Leslie Hammer 
Mono Hansen 
Rodney Hargraves 
Karen L. Harper 
Nancy Harris 

J. Craig Harvey 
Sharon S. Hazen 
Gayle Hedquist 
Heidi Henderson 
Thomas Henderson 
Judy Herbertson 
Beth Hernandez 
Margaret Higgins 

Tod Hirsch 
Debbie Hise 
Clive Hoffman 
Stacy Hoffman 
Steve Holcomb 
Nancy Holmes 
Terri R, Holston 
Judith L. Holzer 


Brenda Hooper 
Bonnie Hoskins 
Julie Howard 
Michele Hudnall 
Donna Huffman 
Down M. Hughes 
Kendall Hughes 
Lisa Hughes 

Cathy iddings 
Linda Irwin 
Judi James 
Michele James 
Deborah Jemigan 
Frances J, Jeff 
Jill M. Johnson 
Judy Johnson 

Linda Johnson 
Marilyn Johnson 
Robin Johnson 
David A, Jones 
Kevin Jones 
Rick Jones 
David F. Kamienski 
Elizabeth Keane 

Shelly LKellam 
Kevin L, Keller 
Mary Keller 
Nelson E, Kelley 
Jed Kensinger 
Susan Kercheval 
Vickie A. Keyser 
Robert Kiefer 

Kaun King 
Steven King 
Richard Kirk 
Pauline E. KIsner 
Mary Klee 
Peggy Klein 
Nancy Klimkosky 

Fixx on Running 


^^^^Pl ^K 

nen he was beaten m 
o five-mile race by a 
"68 yeor old man 
with a hangover," Jim Fixx 
knew he had to so some- 

What Fixx did was get in 
shape and wn*e a best- 
selling book, The Complete 
Book of Running. 

In o lecture to o Grofton- 
Stovoll Theatre audience on 
April 13, 1983, Fixx spoke 
about the advantages of run- 
ning and suggested some 
tips for runners- According to 
Fixx, runners con hold off ag- 
ing and reduce the risk of 
heart attacks, three miles o 
day IS the crucial distance to 
build up to in order to de- 
creose heort ottock risk by 
64%. He also emphosized 
that running isn't necessonly 
the best sport, it is convenient 

though, because you can do 
it anywhere. 

For the novice as well as 
the veteran runner, Fixx had a 
few suggestions; First, let run- 
ning be fun. Go places you 
would like to be if you were 
walking, he avoids the mo- 
notony of tracks. Second, 
don't try to improve too fast, 
and try not to catch '-'mar- 
athon fever" Third, don't be- 
come obsessed with all the 
fads in running, there's a lot, 
too much, paraphernalia out 
there, Finolly, "run, but don't 
let running run you." 

By the way, have you ever 
wondered whose legs ore on 
the cover of his books? 
They're his, Fixx admits with 
emborrossment, someone in 
the oudience was "impolite 
enough to ask 'B 

— Ellen Hamlet 

James Kline 
Lisa Lyn Knight 
Adeen Kobayashi 
Terrence Koemer 
Patricia A. Koleszar 
Suzanne M. Kolling 

Patricio Kosciuszko 
Staci Kovac 
Lewis Kozlosky 
Kelly A. Kroven 
William Krouse 
Robin M. Laing 
Robin Ann Lamb 

Cora Lament 
Senn Lancaster 
.Amanda Latimer 
Alva Roe Lawrence 
Deborah L. Lawson 
Susan Leach 

Shelley Leadman 
Thomas E. Leap 
Jay Leftwich 
Kim Lemon 
Colleen Leonard 
Elizabeth Levi 
Cathy Levine 

Diane Lewis 
Jacqueline B. Lewis 
Stuart Lewis 
Deborah E. Liskey 
Cindy Little 
Karen Lucas 
Wayne Lucceroni 


Maria Lusick 
Rose Magbojos 
Irene Mahoney 
Sandra Maiden 
Susan Manelski 
Cynthia Manuel 
Teresa Marani 
Laura Moras 

Grace Marcy 
Carlinda Markham 
Deborah Martin 
Glenda F. Martin 
Thomas Martz 
Caroline A. May 
Melissa L, Mayers 
Ashley McCathem 

Kimberly McCray 
Richard McDonald 
Dawn McDowell 
Robyn McFarlond 
Seward McGhee 
Jean McGonigle 
John McKeever 
Kathleen McKenna 

Scott McMonigle 
Marion McQuiston 
Spencer Meador 
Leslie P. Medlock 
Kothryn Meiser 
Amy Mellender 
Bob R. Melvin, Jr, 
Marcos Mercado 

Andrew Meyers 
Sherry C, Miles 
Marie Miller 
Julie Anne Moore 
Karen Moore 
Martha Moore 
Deanno Mooris 
Andrew Morgan 


John Morris 
Sherri Morris 
Marvin W, Moser 
Don Mosman 
Kimberly Moss 
Maribeth Mullany 
Julie Mullinox 

Ricky Mundie 
Ellen Murphy 
Maggie Murphy 
Bill Myers 
Michael D. Myers 
Susan Nelson 
Paige Newcomb 

Craig Nicholls 
Brooke Nichols 
John Noftsinger 
Annette E. Norford 
Mary Ellen O'Connor 
Stephanie O'Connor 
Diane E. O'Diome 

Sharon J. O'Hagan 
Christine Ott 
Kristen Ottestad 
Timothy Palkovitz 
Jean Palmer 
Emily G. Parker 
Laura Parker 

Monica Parker 
Steven Patterson 
JenniterJ. Paul 
Stephanie Peorch 
Nicola Peoples 
Alicia Perez 
Lendy C. Perkins 

Sonia Phcres 
Katie Phillips 
Amelia Pierson 
Kim G. Pigg 
Stephen Piper 
Pot Plummer 
Jill Pohlig 


Sharon Polen 
Geoff Polglase 
Kara Pond 
Lisa D. Powers 
Chrissy Primoli 

Anne Pritchett 
Patricia Przybocki 
Dinah Puffenbarger 
Leonard T, Pulley, Jr. 
Victoria Putprush 

Christina Quails 
Megan Quinn 
Jane Rapp 
James F, Ray 
Michael C, Raybum 

Seth C. Raynor 
Bob Reby 
Lance Repido 
Rachel Reulles 
Frederick Rice 

Diane G, Richards 
Leah Rife 
George RIggs 
Andrew M, RIghter 
Dan RIordan 

JohnE. Roane, Jr. 
FItz Robers 
Leigh Roberson 
Susan Roberson 
Martha Robertson 

Rhonda Robinson 
Was Robinson 
Anthony W. Rodgers 
BariD Rogers 
Lynn M. Rogers 

Michelle Rogers 
Roderick Ronrer 
Jackie Roller 
Judy Ronan 
Debra M. Roob 

Ruth Rossmiller 
Pdtta Roth 
Klmberly H. Rusch 
Wendy Ruschmann 
Angela Russell 

Lillie Russell 
Michele Ryor 
Rebecca Sandridge 
Larry Sands 
Sara Scartxirough 


I ff^es 

sm^ r iaoison 
,,, I niversity 






ve heard iT time and 
time ogain^ Protessors 
are alwoys jokingly re- 
marking that one can always 
tell a student lot from a foc- 
ulty lot — because the stu- 
dents hove the better cars 

Well, I hove to admit that 
I ve seen my shore of students 
cruising around in shiny, new 
Mercedes But, to see if this is 
true, I decided to take a less 
than scientific survey of the 
cars in the parking lots and 
foculty lots, I surveyed 239 
faculty cars in the Godwin lot, 
B-lot, M-lot, and C-lot, and 
196 student cars in J-lot and P- 

Overall, the cars were 
pretty much the some Sure, 
there were your token Z's, RX- 
7's, ond Pugeots — but they 
were in both student and foc- 
ulty lots. Faculty cars did 
tend to be bigger (remnants 
from days when gos was 60 
cents o gallon], but students 
hod their share of tanks too 
(usually hand-me-down sta- 
tion wogons) Trucks also ap- 
peared frequently in all lots, 
probably because they're 
comparably less expensive 
thon most cors. After oil, nei- 
ther students nor teachers ore 
known for hoving large 
checking accounts. S 

Faculty Cars 

1 . trucks (of various models] 

Christine L, Schlichtmann 
Christine Schnorbus 
G R. Schrotenboer 
Cathy Schuermann 
Emily E. Schultze 
Jeff Scott 
Lisa Seeley 

Toaster Dave Seward 
V. Leigh Shanaberger 
Stacy Shank 
Roderick Shepard 
Andrea Sherfy 
Suzanne Sherrod 

Jodi Shifflett 
Willard L, Shiflett 
Suzanne Shumate 
David Simpers 
Sydney Simpkins 
Stacy L. Sirbaugh 
Anne Sloan 

2 Toyota Celica (12] 

3, vans (of various models] 

4, station wagons (of vari- 
ous models] (11] 

5, Subaru (10] 
6 VWbug(8] 

7, Ford Mustang (7] 

8. Oldsmobile Cutlass (7] 
9 Chevy Novo (7] 

10, Toyota Corolla (7] 

11, Hondo Accord (7] 

12, Hondo Civic (6] 

13, Ford Pinto (6] 

14, Buick Skylark (5) 
15 Chevy Mo 1 1 bu (5] 
16, VW Rabbit (5] 

17 Dodge Dart (5] 

18 Plymouth Volore (5] 

Student Cars 

I, Chevefte(13] 

2 station wogons (of vari- 
ous models] (12] 

3 Ford Mustang (11] 

4, VWbug(10] 

5, Honda Civic (9] 

6, trucks (of various 
models] (9) 

7, Toyota Corolla (7] 

8, DatsunB210(6] 

9 Hondo Accord (6] 
10 Ford Pinto (6] 

II, Ford Escort (5] 

12, Subaru (5] 

13, Datsun310(5] 
14 Chevy Novo (5] 

— Ellen Hamlet 


Ellyn Slyder 
Kristin Small 
Ann Smith 
Helen E. Smitti 
Michiael B. Smith 
Robin A. Smith 
Sharon Smith 
Stephen M. Smith 

Bradley Snavely 
Nancy Snead 
Brenda Snyder 
Laurie Spencer 
Liane J, Sprunk 
Cynthia Stagner 
Gabrielle Stallard 
Juliette Stansell 

Susan Stauffer 
Valerie Stevens 
Lauren Stewart 
Michael Stinnett 
Renee Stocl< 
Robert Storch 
Cynthia Strosnider 
Kathleen L. Stuck 

Guy Summers 
Kim Summers 
Deborah Supinski 
Ellen Swarts 
Erica L. Swenson 
Lori Sydlowski 
Debbie Taylor 
Keith Taylor 

Lynne K, Taylor 
Michele Taylor 
Kothy Tee! 
Nancy Templeton 
Bruce Tempion 
Robin Terry 
John Theado 
Richard Thompson 


Karin Tidquist 
Scott Tolley 
Jennifer Train 
Kerry Treubert 
Tina Tuccille 
Carol Turner 
Jeff Urban 
Mary Ann Vaden 

Steven Van 
Wanda Vanotta 
Jeffrey Vamey 
Tim Veltman 
Lynne Verity 
Robin Via 
Timothiy Via 
Renee Vidol 

Renee Viette 
Michael Viglione 
Agnes Vivaldi 
Valerie Volk 
Donna M, Vorel 
Doug Watilgren 
Brian K. Walker 
Linda Walker 

Shelley Walker 
Steven Walton 
Linda Wankov*^ 
Deborah Ward 
Stan Warden 
Amy Watt 
Cindy Waymack 

Anna Weimer 
Ann M, Weisensole 
Leslie A. Welch 
Nancy Welch 
April Wells 
Jennifer Welsh 
Sharon Wewetzer 
Darlene White 

Helen R. White 
Elizabeth Wiersema 
Lisa Wight 
Rhondo Wilcox 
Carey Wilhelm 
Karen Willcoxon 
Diane Willey 
Fay Williams 

Gregory Williams 
Lisa Williams 
Robert Wilson 
Susanna Wilson 
Tim Wilson 
Helen Wimmer 
Carolyn Windish 
Beth Wiseman 

Scott Witherington 
Wendy Wojnar 
Valerie Wolf 
Thea Wolitz 
Nancy Wood 
Terrie Wood 

Ginger Woods 

Toddy Wool 
John Wright 
Colette Yandosov 
Katy Yates 
Erich Yost 
Jessica Young 
Edwin A. Zeiek 
Lisa A. Zilch 

Susan Jennings 


Eugenia Abraham 
Karen Absher 
David Adams 
Laura Adams 
Mark Agee 
Sheila Akers 
Rick Albertson 
Lendora Alexander 

Karen Allen 
Katie Allen 
Lorez Allen 
Kate Allison 
Cindy Andes 
Mitch Andrew 
Tyna Andrews 
Kerry Armentrout 

Larry Atheam 
Amy E. Austin 
Linda Auther 
Cathy L. Bailey 
Darrell Bailey 
Leanne Baisch 
Vicky Balenger 
Vicki Balsamo 

Jon Balserak 
Rebecca C. Barber 
Vikki Barnard 
Irish Barr 
Eileen Barrett 
Stacy G. Barry 
Greg Bartlett 
Amy Beatty 

Valerie Beaudoin 
Bettina Beaumont 
Gregory Becker 
Kimberly Beckett 
Debbie Beglau 
Maria Behnke 
Dyke Belcher 
Michele Belcher 


Pauline E. Bellos 
Linda Belz 
Jean Bender 
Carol E, Bennett 
Pam Benson 

Pam Bergren 
Julie Berkowitz 
Richard W. Berry 
Kristina Bisson 
Tamara Blackstock 

Chris Blair 

Alison Lynne Blevins 
David Blount 
Lori Boecker 
Beverly Bogart 

Carol Bognar 
Mitchell Bond 
Kerri Borchardt 
Terri Lee Bottorff 
Bryan Bouchelion 

David Bowman 
Brad Vernon Brautigcm 
Susan A. Breen 
Adam Brenner 
Scott Bridgeforth 

Sandra L, Brillhart 
Annette Britt 
Marcy M, Brizzolara 
Missy Brock 
Teresa Brow 

Ann B, Brown 
Michael Brown 
Kotherine Bryant 
Douglas Buffkin 
James Bugbee 

Julie Buhite 
Lisa Bunch 
Patricia Burger 
Chris Burr 
Glenda Burroughs 

Brion Burton 
Ellen Burton 
Lynne Burton 
Tom Butterworth 
Patricia Byrnes 


Gary Cabey 
Carol Campbell 
Cindy Campbell 
Joanna Campbell 
Chris Canellas 
Robin S, Capps 
Christopher Card 
Pamela Carey 

Holly L. Camahan 
Suzan Carper 
William Carper 
Jamie Carter 
Antony J, Cascio 
Terri Caste 
Betty Chadkowski 
Brett Chaney 

John S. Cheeks 
Anne Chudoba 
Raymond Cicale 
Sherri Clements 
Sherri Cohn 
Alison Colby 
Barbara Coleman 
Mary Collins 

Dale Cone 
Kathleen Connolly 
Anne H. Conrad 
Carolyn Rae Conte 
Dana Conte 
Sharon Y, Cook 
Cathy Cope 
Sabrinna Cordell 

Richard Comicello 
Steve Com well 
Debbie Courtney 
Barry A. Cox 
Janie Craige 
Catherine Crandall 
Kothy Creedon 
Laurie Creelman 


Convo Camp-In 


ost spring room sign- 
ups were held inside 
for The first fime. In- 
stead of students camping 
outside the Warren Campus 
Center, eager students 
camped inside the Convo- 
cation Center, 

The location may have 
changed, but the atmos- 
phere didn't. It was all one 
big pojamo party with sleep- 
ing bogs and even mat- 
tresses scattered around, 
radios and TV's going, fris- 
bees flying in the arena, and 
Four Star Pizza boxes every- 

Girls started showing up as 
early as 12:30 pm Sunday to 
pick up numbers on Tuesday 
morning which they would 
then use to line up again 
Tuesday evening. As in the 
post, allit took was one per- 
son in line to create a panic 

Those first people to line up 
were Marlene Lyon, Kristi 
Davidson, and Michele Bel- 
cher, all freshmen. These stu- 
dents were residents of Eagle 
Hall who, according to them, 
lined up so early because 
they "wanted to live on cam- 
pus " They were trying to get 
into Logan or Waylond — 

they got into Presidential 

Most "campers" agreed 
that having people line up in- 
side the Convocation Center 
was o big improvement over 
the former system But de- 
spite the added comfort, 
there were still some com- 
plaints. Dawn Jorrell, a 
sophomore hoping for Logan 
Roll, thought that the Convo- 
cation Center was too far 
away and that the rules en- 
forced by attending RA's 
were too strict. 

Oh well, you can't please 
everyone. For now, this is the 
Pest system the powers that 
be have devised. But with the 
Orwell ion year in our midst, 
anything 's possible in the fu- 
ture. H 

— Ellen Hamlet 

Mary B. Creger 
Donna Crider 
Cecilia Crompton 
Will Croxton 
Charlie Cruz 
Nonnette Dalgleish 
Donna Dallas 
Gloria Dambrisi 

Lynn Dandridge 
Janenne Daniels 
Katharine Daniels 
Debbie Davenport 
Andrew S. Davis 
Marilyn Davis 
Mark Davis 
R. David Dees 

Tracy L. Demich 
Chariotte Dempsey 
Melissa C. Denis 
Jacquelin Denison 
Mary Devereux 
Tracy Dickens 
Thomas Dierauf 
Teresa Dodson 

Kristine Doerier 
Cathy Doerrer 
Betsy Dominick 
Laura Donnell 
Cheryl Douglas 
Laurel Dovey 
Mary Kelly Doyle 
John Draminski 

J. Mark Dressel 
Claire Duane 
Laura J. Duffy 
David Duncan 
Wendy Ann Dunkle 
John Durkin 
Lynn Eaton 
Ella Eovers 



Hugh Eckert 
Brett Edwards 
Jackie K. Edwards 
Laura Elsasser 
Eric Eppley 

Jane Evankow 
Anthony Evans 
Bill M. Evans 
Sharon A. Eward 
Pom Ewing 

Barbara Fague 
Gwen Fariss 
Lori Fastige 
Katherine Faulkner 
Theresa S. Ferrara 

Robert Janus Ferrer 
Lacinda Renee Field 
Marguerite G. Fields 
Debora Finley 
John Finocchiaro 

Bettina Fisher 
Margaret Fitzpotrick 
Lynn Flowers 
Rob Flowers 
David C, Forbes, Jr. 

Frances M. Fortna 
Carol Dee Foster 
Gayla Foster 
Sean Fowlds 
Stacie Fowler 

Sharon Francis 
Gregory S. Fulk 
Amy Gallimore 
Cindy Gallimore 
Mart< A. Ganley 

Chris Garber 
Sarah Garlow 
Vivian A. Gamett 
Steven George 
Jerilyn Gerblick 

Nancy J. Gibson 
Jeffrey Glllikin 
Douglas P. Gilmour 
Debra K. Glaze 
Edward Glover 

Geoff Gluckman 
Mary Goff 
Mark Alan Gogol 
John Goins 
Joyce Goldberg 

Mark Golden 
Margie Good 
John Gordon 
Frederick Gosain 
Trish Gougli 
Jessica Grace 
Ann M. Graves 
Bethanne Gray 

Mary Betii Gray 
Kathy L, Green 
Sarah Robin Green 
Coron R, Greer 
Robbin Greer 
Margaret Gregory 
Drew E. Haas 

Nancy Haas 
Teresa E. Hall 
Susan Hailigan 
Karen Hamilton 
Janet Hamric 
Roger Hanson 
Sandra K, Harmon 
Jean Ann Hamer 

Jannis A. Harper 
Kathryn S. Harris 
Robert Harris 
Danielle Hart 
Deanna Hartley 
Laura Harvell 
Tracy Hash 
Connie Hauck 

Rene E. Hawkins 
Todd Heath 
Mike Heffner 
Steven A. Helms III 
Ingrid Henderson 
Robert Henderson 
John Herbert 
Judy Herbertson 

Stephen S. Henshey 
Deirdre A. Heubel 
Christopher Hickey 
Frank M. Higgins 
Robin E. Hill 
Sharon Himelright 
Eric Hinson 
Laura H. Hobgood 


Jennifer Hoeft 
Louise Hoffman 
Michael Hoffman 
Brian B, Hogan 
Cynffiia L. Holiand 
Caroi Hoilans 
Ellen Holmes 
Elizabeth Homan 

Donna Homberg 
Allyson Houghton 
Kristy Hubbard 
David Huddle 
C. Elaine Hudson 
Lee Hyden 
Julie Hyiton 
Diane Isbell 

Gary Jenkins 
Teri Jenkins 
Peter Jensen 
Earl Jewell 
Julie Johnson 
Lydia Johnson 
Candace Jones 
Darren Jones 

Jack Jones 
Jennifer Jones 
Kimberly Jones 
Lisa E. Jones 
Richard Jones 
Robert W. Jones 
Susan Jones 
Suzanne Jones 

Rebecca A. Joms 
Richard W. Joyner 
John Kasprzyk 
James Keck 
Amy V. Keever 
Ellen Mary Kelly 
Shawn P. Kelly 
Lisa Kemp 

jMU's First Journal 

n recent years, the oc- 
coinplishments of 
vorious ocodennic de- 
portments hove given JMU 
widespreod recognition. 

The Center for Accounting 
Reseorch, locoted in the Ac- 
counting Deportnnent of the 
School of Business, has mode 
JMU a recognizable force in 
the field of accounting edu- 
cation with Its publication of 

the Journal for Accounting 

Education. The journal is the 
first of Its kind dealing with ac- 
counting education. 

According to Professor 
Ralph L, Benke, Jr, editor and 
founder of the journal, "the 
Journai for Accounting 
Education has given JMU 
notional and international 

According to its statement 

of policy, the journal is "dedi- 
cated to promoting excel- 
lence in teaching and 
stimulating research in ac- 
counting education," 

Since Its debut in March 
1983, the journal has ac- 
quired more than 1000 sub- 
scribers in more than 30 
countries, B 

— ChipEmbrey 


Rene D. Kay Kendall 
Elizabeth Kesler 
Pobert M.Kiel 
'heresa Kilcourse 
Kelly Kile 
Chris King 
Denise A. King 

Locey L. Kirstein 
Beth Ann Krebs 
Janet Kregenow 
Sheryll L. Kronk 
Elisabeth Kurth 
Gina M. Kuta 
Stevie Loel 

Patti Laird 
Jeannie Lamers 
Brenda G. Lashley 
Edwin Lautenslager 
Loma G. Lawrence 
Carol Layton 
John Lazas 

John G. Leake 

Peter Leberre 

Nancy Leeker 

Tim Leffel 

Karen Lensler 

Laurie B. Lester 

Mark Daniel Liederbach 

Lisa Life 
Lisa Lindoe 
Michael Lindsay 
Kevin M. Lipscomb 
Bnjce Livingstone 
Glenn Loan 
Denise Logue 



Karin Renee Long 
Jeffrey Lotts 
Maggie Loughran 
G. Scoft Lovejoy 
Colleen Lovelace 

Paul Luetkemeyer 
Mary Ann Lundy 

Rob Luskey 
Lisa K. Luther 
Diane M. Lynch 
Marlene E. Lyons 
Melanie MacDuff 
Isabel Mack 
James D. Mack 

Helen MacNabb 
Carole Mann 
Susan Mann 
Tammy Mannarino 
Linda Marini 
Gerard Marks 
Jill Y, Mart<s 
John Martin 

Rhonda S. Mason 
Michael Mayfield 
Valerie Maynard 
Kevin McClathy 
Elizabeth McCusker 
Karin McKie 
Cynthia McKinney 
Dennis McLaughlin 

Maurice McMahon 
Patricia Mebane 
Terry L. Menefee 
Adrienne Mentzer 
Susan Messina 
Ethel N, Meyer 
Mariene Meyer 
Brian K. Miksa 

If Air. 




^r ^'''■^*fiw 


Kelli A. Miller 
Kenneth Miller 
Mark R. Miller 
Susan Miller 
Laura Milliken 
Lubeth Minnick 
Eric R. Misenheimer 

Linda G. Mitchell 
Kara Beth Moomaw 
Linda Moomaw 
Craig Moore 
Dwayne Moore 
Robert Morley 
Beveriy Morris 

Laura Morfenson 
Kimberiy Mosiman 
Lynne Mowbray 
Kristi Muis 
Barbara Muller 
Thomas Murphy 
' Jacqueline T. Naughton 

Daria Navarre 
Suzanne Nedrow 
Mary Beth Neely 
Kelly Newlin 
Pemoerton Niels 
Laura Niswander 
Kimberiy A, Nordberg 

Bridget Norris 
Maix Norton 
Carol Novotny 
Robert H.Nutt 
Regina M, Obrien 
Lee Ocker 
Carolyn Offield 

Janet Ohnikion 
Ray L. Olinger 
Elaine O'Malley 
Christy Oskam 
Sarah Otto 
Patricia Owens 
Michael Pack 


Susan M. Page 
Anne Paparella 
Paige Parlow 
Robert R. Pan- 
Kathleen Porrotf 

Brenda G. Patterson 
Alyson Pedlow 

Beverly Pence . •> ■ 

John M. Pezzulla \V^, ~ 
Gwyn Pickett as— 

Kelly Pippin 
Brenda Pischner 
Karen Pitcher 
Suzanne Pitts 
Chip Pixley 

Athena Plummer 
Karen Polls 
Lisa Proakis 
Gina Progar 
Jeanne Proud 

Gwyn Puckett 
Tamera L. Quales 
Tammy Quarles 
Mary C. Rack 
Melanie Toni Randall 

John M. Rankin 
Timothy M. Ratliff 
Lynn Ray 
Amy Reader 
Jeff Remblsz 

Amy Rennie 
Laura Rennie 
Jeffrey D, Rhodes 
Traci L. Richards 
Julie F. Ridenour 

Tara Riley 
Kothy Robertson 
Tommy Robertson 
Stephen M. Roethe 
Pamela L. Ross 

Patricia L. Rossberg 
David Roth 
Clarissa Russell 
Lori A. Sachs 
Kevin R. Salley 

Kay Sampson 
Robin Sandy 
Johnny Sarver 
Leyuani W. Saunders 
William Scarff 

■■HBH ^K|^aB ■■■■m 


1 ^ 







ee and hear your fo- 
vorite music 24 hours a 

MTV, Music Television, of- 
fers videos of your favonfe 
groups on cable felevision all 
ocross America, Billed as fhe 
"World's Firsf Video Music 
Sfafion" — no false advertis- 
ing here — MTV specializes 
in bringing videos of well- 
known groups to TV as well as 
giving airplay to new bands 
that otherwise could not 
crack the ploy lists of radio 

There ore similar programs 
that feature music videos 
such OS Home Box Office's 
'Video Jukebox" and some 
other regional programs, but 
videos ore only a sideline for 
those stations, MTV is the only 
program devoted solely to 
continuous video music, 

MTV, like radio stations, uti- 
lizes disc jockeys known as 
video jockeys (VJ's for short] 
who speel off the latest music 
news and trends, in the words 
of the valley (And we dont 
meon the Shenandoah Vol- 


MTV has proved so suc- 
cessful that the BBC of Great 
Britain has proposed a similar 
oil-video chonnel for its mu- 
sic-conscious viewers, MTV's 
notoriety has also become 
apporent in the younger 
generation with parents pro- 
claiming the station off-limits 
to their children because of 
obscenity and possible onti- 
religious offerings. In focf, Har- 
risonburg hod MTV for less 
than one day before the sto- 
fion was token off the oir due 

Michelle Schaffer 
Daniel C. Schuman 
Johnson Scott 
Scott Seay 
David Seeike 
David Seery 
Holly Seidelmann 

Susan S. Selig 
Bradley S. Shaevel 
Stephen Shav/ 
Erin M. Shea 
Joni Shelton 
Lisa Sheridan 
Molly Shields 

Jeff W. Shiflet 
Wendy L, Shinaberry 
Donna Shockey 
Steven Shriner 
Julie M, Shuklis 
Karen E. Simmons 
Bryan Simpson 

to the massive number of ob- 

With MTV's growing popu- 
larity, we're bound to see the 
idea spread. Even now video 
cassetfes of groups con be 
bought, and Michael Jack- 
son has produced videos to 
be shown in theatres before 

The rock rolls on — but now 
with even more technology, S 

— Leslie Piercy 


Susan Sindle 
Loma Siron 
Daina A. Sisk 
Carol Skelton 
Dan Slover 
Mary Slowinski 
Duane R. Slyder 
Kristina Small 

Julia B. Smith 
Rodger E. Smith 
Sharon L. Smith 
Winnifred Smith 
Pamela Smolok 
Elaine M. Snyder 
Nora Solan 
William Solan 

Paul Soma 
D. Jarratt Speer 
Andrea Speirs 
Joel Spielberger 
Sonya Stagnoli 
Ann Stark 
Michael Stotzer 
Teresa Stenger 

Sally Stiegler 
Patricia Stinger 
Karen Strausburg 
Susan Stueber 
Diane Sullenberger 
Julie Sullivan 
Richard Swan 
David Taylor 

Beth M. Thomas 
Nicky Thompson 
Kassie Thome 
Kimberley Timpf 
Martha L. Tindal 
Carlo Tipton 



Sally R. Trabue 
Susan Trainum 
Poul A. Transue 
Gil Tuck 
Sherry Turner 
Tracy Turner 
Paul Tury 
Karen Underwood 

Sharon Upton 
John Urquhart 
Marinette Urquhart 

Megan Vanner 
Liz Vaughan 
Carta vermarelli 
BrendaA. Vilcins 

Carol Vogt 
Wanda Waggy 
Jennifer Wakefield 
Constance Walker 
Thersa Walker 
Lisa Wallace 
Regina Wallace 
Mark Z. Waller 

Tim Walsh 
Anna Walters 
Susan Wampler 
Clark Ward 
Teresa Wariner 
Druanne Waters 
Cynthia Watkins 
Melissa Weaver 

Elizabeth Weist 
Margo Wells 
Pam Westfail 
Ken White 
Melissa Whitehead 
Timothy Whitesell 
Linda Kay Michael 

Everett Wiles 
Douglas Wilfong 
Robert Williams 
Robert Williams 
Karen Williamson 
Chrissie Willimas 
Duane S.Willis 
Marguerite Willner 

Chrtstine Wilt 
Richard Wingen 
Janice Winstead 
Lynda Winstead 
Tim Withers 
Sheila Witkowski 
Christi Wolfrey 
Margarita Woods 

William Wright 
Susan Wunderly 
Juli M. Wyatt 
Jean Yarasheski 
Lynette Young 
Ruth Anne Young 
Pam ZurschmeicJe 


Beverley Abbitt 
Suzie Adam 
Mark E. Ahem 
Elizabeth Allen 
Stephanie Almquist 
Kelley Altis 
Kari Anderson 
Melissa Anderson 

Chuck A. Appel 
David F, Arnold 
G. Edward Arnold 
Kimberly Ann Arthur 
Laurie Ascenzi 
Alan Augustine 
William Babilon 
Laurie Badanes 

Mark A. Balan 
Lavi/rence Balda 
Todd Baldacci 
Angela Bamberg 
HolTy Barber 
Kirsten Barron 
Gloria Barton 
Ty T. Bateman 

Lisa Baucom 
Deanna Bauroth 
Brian Beck 
Debbie Becker 
Kimberly Bedner 
Barbara R. Bell 
Ann N. Bellaschi 
Lisa Blackbum 

Alison Blackley 
Kdthy Blair 
Debbie Borrillo 
Lucinda Bosiey 
Zita Bower 
Kathy Bowers 
Melissa Bowers 
Carlo Bragg 



Janet Renee Branch 
Kelly Branham 
Anne Broun 
Ronlque Breaux 
Elizabeth Bretschneider 

Christine M. Brick 
Allison K, Brown 
Reginald K. Brown 
Christy Bruns 
Joan Carol Bryant 

Lisa K, Bryant 
Allison Burford 
Debbie Burner 
Chris Burnett 
Amy K. Butler 

Steve Butler 
Denver Butson 
Susan Y. Byrum 
Ruth Anne Calendine 
Jane E. Campbell 

Elizabeth Cannon 
Joshua Canter 
Mary S. Carrell 
Alisa Cash 
Dan Cherkis 

Gayle E, Chimento 
Harold L. Churchill, III 
Janet Melinda Cissel 
Mary Miles Clayton 
Rhonda C, Clayton 

Susanne Clem 
Roger L. Clevinger 
Julie Cloninger 
Theresa Coffmon 

Deonn Sue Cole 
Janet M. Coleman 
Michele Collingnon 
Colleen Conroy 
Becky Cook 

Shelly M. Cook 
Denise Cooper 
Elissa Cooper 
David Coibett 
Laurie L. Cowan 


Alderboran Craig 
Sheila Craig 
Lisa M. Culp 
Carl Daniels 
Micticel Damall 
Barbara Davis 
Karen Davis 
Todd Dawkins 

Anne Dicl<enson 
Sandra Diggs 
Paul Dimarino 
Lesley Drake 
Karen Dredske 
Colette Dunne 
Mark Eanes 
Teresa Edwards 

Linda Ehnert 
Paula L. Ellison 
Colleen Enzmann 
Dawn Estes 
Tracia Everton 
Peter Fagon 
Kimberly Faick 
Allison Folk 

Mark L. Farrell 
Sarahi Fanjki 
Leigh Ann Feast 
Kathleen Fields 
Pamela Fisher 
Penny Foster 
Mark Fouike 
Brian Fox 

Joseph Franklin 
Diane Frost 
James Fugcrte 
Arthur Fullerwinder 
Deborah Fusch 
Julie Fust 
Karen Gahort 
Carolyn Gardner 






ere is The first "JMU 
Atlas and Glossory of 
Duke's Terminalogy" 
(Aftention illiterates and busi- 
ness majors; they're not in ol- 
Dhabetical order) 

Uncle Ron — A pseud- 
onym for James Modison 
University President Ronold E 
Corner Constontly denies ol- 
legotions That he is the rein- 
cornotion of Fred Flinfsfone 
Soys naming his son Dino is 
merely a coincidence Was 
recently seen oT local restou- 
ronT getting o fake-ouf order 
of ribs — which tipped his cor 

Faculty Advisers A se 
cret society Because no one 
hos octuolly seen one, fhetr 
acTivitles ore virtuolly un 

Wilson Cupola — You 
know — thoT white thing on 

top of Wilson Holl 

Campus Police — Carry 



m^ I 

Jane Gamer 
Jill S. Garvey 
Chad Gates 
Curtis R. Gauntt 
Margaret R. Geary 
Stephen Geiger 
Paula Gentry 

Susan Gervinski 
Betty Gillespie 
Jennifer Glass 
Kelly Glass 
Steven Goldstein 
Louis J. Gosain 
Susan Graham 
Lauren Grahame 

Adrienne Grant 
Mike Grappone 
Deanna Sue Green 
Adam Greer 
David Grizzard 
Jacqueline Groah 
Greg Gromade 
Mary Ann Grooms 


Andrew Gunning 
Kimberley Gwyn 
Linda Hack 
Jenny Hahn 
Brenda Hailey 
Paige Hairsbown 
Mike Halsey 

Mark C. Hamel 
Scott Hamilton 
Eric Hansen 
Linda Hansen 
Nancy Harris 
Stuart Harris 
Adrienne Harrison 
Scott Harrison 

,357 magnums in order To 
give out parking tickets. Have 
all seen the movie "Patron" 
at least a dozen times. Hill 
Street Blues they are not, 

ROTC — They're the ones 
vyeonng olive drab on Tues- 
days and Thursdays, Hove all 
seen the movie "PoTton" at 
least a dozen times. They 
think "Your mother weors 
army boots" is o compli- 

ment. Not to 
w/ith campus 

be confused 
police SWAT 

Parking — You must be kid- 
ding (See also Campus Po- 

Wine-Price Hall — A 
dorm for women Aiso known 
as "The Nunnery," or "Virgin 
Voult," Where Hamlet fold 
Ophelia to go, 

Newman Lake — An 
open sewer for Greek Row, 
Also the site of alleged 

heavy-water experiments by 
the chemistry department, [In 
other words, don't go fishing,] 
The men's basketball team's 
offense is said to be locofed 
somewhere of the bottom of 
Newman Loke 

Greeks — Remember the 
song "The Greeks Don't Wont 
No Freaks '>" Well, our Greeks 
are freaks. Just look at their 
clothes. They're the ones who 
wear sporfcoafs and ties with 
Khaki shorts to football 
gomes, (See also Young Re- 

Young Republicans — 
Also known as "Young Ameri- 
cans for Freedom " They like 
to offend Sunday night mov- 
ies in Graffon-Stovall be- 
couse they enjoy seeing 
everything in block and 
white. They think Nixon wosnT 
such o bod guy. Hove oil 
seen the movie "Patron" of 
least a dozen times 

Young Democrats — A 

campus organizofion which 
leads in the effort to hove the 
Convocation Center named 
offer Chuck Robb, They think 
that Fritz Mondole is fh<;; Sec- 
ond Coming. 

SGA — Students Groping 
Against Apathy — Also 
known as the Student Gov- 
ernment Association 

Humorist Manifesto — 
Lost year's Campus Lam- 
poon that mode Hustler 
magazine look like The Na- 
tional Review. 

The Breeze — The stu- 
dent-run campus newspo- 
per, A great place to find out 
who was arrested after lost 
week's keg party, s 

— Tim Arnold 

reprinted from 

The Breeze 


Terrie Hart 
Daniel Harvey 
Sarah Hastings 
Lisa Hawekotte 
Betsy Hayes 

Susan Haynes 
Alice Heard 
David A. Heim 
Leslie Henson 
Jane! Herman 

Mary Herrity 
Joie Hersey 
Amanda Hetzei 
Kathleen Higgins 
Craig Highlander 

Drew Hill 
Paul D.Hill 
Beth Hilsman 
Robin Hilton 
Karen Hinckley 

Suzanne Hines 
Eric Hinkle 
Shari L. Hinkle 
Lynn M. Hobson 
Ann M. Hodgkins 

Diane Hofstetter 
Jack H, Holmstrom 
Randall L. Holter 
Christobher Hooper 
Julie Hopkins 

Bob Houston 
Amy Howe 
Joy Elise Humphries 
Scott Hundley 
Kellie A. Hunt 

Margaret Hunt 
Laddie Hunter 
Beveriy Hutcherson 
Gregory S. Hutton 
Esther Hyatt 

Laura Ir^vin 
Wendy Jessee 
Rebecca Jilcott 
Lisa Jinks 
Anthony R. Johnson 

Becky Johnson 

Joni Johnson 
Pamela Johnson 
Scott Johnson 
Susan D. Johnson 






Caryn L Jones 
Karen Jones 
Lisa S. Jones 
Joanne Jordano 
Jenny Komienski 
Alice Kane 
Kristine Kaplan 
Michele Karrcsch 

Cathy Keffer 
Karen Kelly 
Kelly Kem 
Laura Kettlestrings 
Michelle Keyser 
Julian N. King, III 
Kelly Krivsky 
James Kuhn 

Richard Lachine 
Ann M. Lafuze 
Andrea Lannont 
Valerie A, Londis 
Renae Lawhome 
Sharon Lehman 
Dean A, Leipsner 
Deedie T. Leppink 

James Payne Lewis 
Carey Lindquist 
Suzanne Linsley 
Dawn Lotts 
Charles Loucks 
Kate Love 
Candace Lowe 
Ann E. Lowry 

James N. Lucado 
Ed Maass 
Robin R, Major 
Mary Malo 
Betsy Malone 
Julia R. Moloney 
Tammy Mann 
Joseph Morkhom 

Margaret Marshall 
Doriann Martin 
Jeannine Martin 
Jennifer Martin 
Nancy Martino 
Booker Massey 
Kim Maxwell 
Amanda Mays 


Daniel T. McBryde 
Jennifer McCaskill 




Eric McDonald 
Patrick McFeeley 

Jeffrey Mclntyre 
Dwayne McKnight 
Cathy McLaughlin 
Scott McLucas 

James R. Melton 
Deborah Merritf 
Bill Michie, III 

John Mark Millen 
Deborah Miller 
Susan Miller 
Barbara Miner 
Susan Mitchell 
Pamela Montesanti 
Tammy Moore 
Edward Morris 

Sherri Morris 
Mary Mosbrook 
Angela Moss 
Laura F. Moy 
Ruth Mull 
William Mulvihill 
Teresa Muncy 
Kathleen Murphy 

Susan Murray 
Giselle M, Myer 
John Myers 
Deborah Myhers 
Jennifer Nagele 
Kristina Nagumy 
Wendy Naumann 
Amy Nay 

Bell's Neighbor 

Eunng the past year, 
JMU sow Its newest 
addition, McGrow- 
Long Hall, emerge from the 
ground next to Bell Hall. For 
the exchange of o mere two 
million dollars, the Nielson 
Construction Co, started 
building the new dorm in Au- 
gust 1983- The dorm is sched- 
uled to begin housing 
students for the 1983-84 
school yeor 
Since the late 1970's, there 

has been a housing shortage 
due to o high demand by 
students to live on campus. 
The new dorm was builf fo 
help alleviate this situation. 
McGrow-Long Hall will allow 
210 more students to live on 
campus as opposed to Ho- 
word Johnson's. 

McGraw-Long Hall is just 
another sign of a growing, 
thriving institution H 

— Roger Hanson 

Chuck Needham 
Kraig Negaard 
Alura Marie Nelson 
Connie Newiin 
James Newport 
Leigh Nordman 
Lis A. Nygaard 

Kevin O'Brien 
David Odonn 
David O'Donnell 
Kellie O'Hara 
David E. Olds 
Lisa Ondrejcek 
Leonard Orange 

Maria Osbom 
Jeff Paige 
Joseph K. Painter 
Angela Parham 
Terri Parsons 
Ernie Paskey 
Donold Peacock 

Julie M. Perez 
Lisa Persson 
Claudia B. Peters 
Chrys Peterson 
Laura Peterson 
Christian Pettyjohn 
Daniel Phillips 

David Pickering 
Claude V. Piercy 
Dawn Pitsenberger 
Lance Pless 
Gail Pond 
Paula Ponti 
Stephen Porter 


Therese Porter 
Ann Powell 
Mory Powell 
Kotherine Prassas 
Elizabeth Pringle 
Mary Pritchett 
Leslie Proud 
Carmen Pulley 

Wendy Roger 
Wendell Ransom 
Vicki C. Ray 
Margaret Raynal 
Joyce E, Rebar 
Carolyn Reese 
Karen S. Reynolds 
Hubert Rider 

Marc A. Rinaldi 
Adele Ritctiie 
Chamell Roberts 
Laurie Robinson 
Genevieve Robliss 
Lisa Shawn Rollins 
Donna Rosen 
Darryl Ross 

Lori Rothengass 
Shamet Rowlan 
Allison Ruddock 
Cathy Rumsey 
Mia M. Russell 
Shari Rutledge 
Julie Ryder 
Martin D. Sachs 

Scott Sanger 
Jacalyn E. Sapio 
Stepheny Saunders 
Dee Scarlett 
Kyra Scarton 
Debra M. Schmitz 
Amy B, Schuette 
Douglas Searponi 





i_ r^ 

Carol A, Shall 
Debbie Shomo 
Michael J. Siege! 
Lisa A. Simmers 
Lisa Simmons 
Timothy M, Small 
Elizabeth A, Smith 

Erick Smitherman 
Amy Sommer 
Tracy Stallone 
Shawn R. Stonciu 
Kimberly Steele 
Michael Stennick 
Elaine Stephanos 


Wendy E. Stevens 
Daniel Stewart 
Ralph A, Stickman 
Christine M. Stiefel 
Amy Stinnett 

Kristina Stoffel 
John E. Stonko 
Stacey D, Strawn 
Laura Lynn Stroud 
Christine Sullivan 
Dawn Sundberg 
Joseph Tagliareni 

Joni E, Takone 
Robert Taplin 
Potti Taylor 
Arthur Thomas 

Charles T. Torrens 
Laura Toso 

Glenn K, Travis 
Chris B. Trent 
Katharine Troub 
John M. Trumbo 
Terri L, Tucker 
Suzanne Turk 
Cynthia L. Twining 


Kate Tyler 
Kenny Updike 
Kara M. Van HcxDser 
John R. Vangrinsven 
David Vann 

Jacl< Vulcano 
Pamela Wagner 
Angela Walker 
Anna Lea Walker 
Bette Jo Walker 

Theresa L. Walker 
Patty Walsh 
Barbara Waters 
Pemell Watson, Jr. 
Robert Watson 

Geneva C. Webb 
R. Allen Webb 
Maryann West 
Donna L. Wetmore 
Craig White 

Kevin White 
Sarah White 
John Wight 
Michelle Wilder 
Debra L. Wilkins 

Cynthia Williams 
Ruth E. Wilsey 
Dianne B, Wilson 
Kelly Joan Wilson 
Scott Wilson 

Suzanne A. Wilson 
Bruce P. Windesheim 
Deborah A, Winn 
Amy Wishart 
Robert Woche 

Joy Wood 
Darrin Woody 
Allison Wright 
Daniel J. Wright 
Jenny Wright 

Kotherine Wunderlich 
Sonya Yates 
Cathy Young 
Missy Young 
Sharon Zwart 


The First Step 


y now freshmen are 
seasoned veterans of 
JMU, They have mas- 
tered the art of standing in 
line, they've adjusted their 
diets to chicl<en pormesan 
every other night in D-Hall, 
and the soreness in their legs 
from climbing hills hos 
passed. They haven't mas- 
tered registration yet — but 
even the people who run reg- 
istration haven't mastered it 
yet. Anyway, with two semes- 
ters under their belts fresh- 
man can now look bock 
fondly to that first week of 
their college careers when 
there were plenty of "misery 
loves company" activities. 

Remember when you first 
got here? You and your fam- 
ily tried to forget that you 
weren't going back with 

them in the ol' station wagon. 
The station wagon, by the 
way, IS jam-packed with all 
your worldly possessions, so 
you start unpacking and 
hauling it oil up the stairs to 
your bare room. When the 
car was finally empty, Mom 
and Dad went back home 
You promised to write. 

Then the fun began. The 
campus was empty be- 
cause all freshmen had to ar- 
rive a few days early to 
orientate themselves. Dry 
parties were offered as a 
way for freshmen to meet 
each other. One of the larger 
gatherings was the water- 
melon feast held on the 
practice field next to 
Godwin, Friendly smiles and 
sticky, wet faces hid any anx- 
iety over the next few days. 

and the next four years. 

Before classes started 
there were fees to be paid 
and books to be bought 
Many freshmen hod their 
books pre-packaged to 
avoid confusion Later they 
learned that books could be 
acquired much more 
cheaply elsewhere — if you 
were willing to stand in line. 

Those innocent days ore 
over now. The traditionally 
derogatory term "freshmen" 
doesn't really apply any- 
more. We're all just JMU stu- 
dents. But looking bock is still 
fun — like looking back at our 
baby pictures, B 

— Ellen Hamlet 

Lisa Schetd and Tina Nagumy at Worermelon Feast IHelms] 



^ f o 



Alpha Epsilon Rho is a na- 
tional honor broadcast- 
ing society for students and 
professionals dedicated to 
excellence in radio and tele- 
vision. H 

Epsilon Rho 

Front Row: Trixie Rasey, Danielle 
Hart, Denise Shields, Barbara 
Baldwin, Lorrainna Sherman, Kim 
Keil; Second Row: David R. 
Holdridge (Advisor], Annette Gra- 
ham f Alumni-Professional Coordina- 
tor), Karen Acker (Vice President — 
Fund Raising), Jennifer Giles (Vice 
President — Public Information) , Ken- 
neth Pratt (President), Diane Smith 
(Secretary), Christine Lubiak (Trea- 
surer), Jim Miskimen (Advisor); Third 
Row: Beth Rauch, Sharon Tapper, 
Carol Wright, John Williams, Sandi 
Sharp, Doug Miller, Karen Simmons, 
Ronald Burke, Beth Burton, Carl Rog- 
ers, Sam Smith, Skip Gaines, Back 
Row: Sandy Bartman, Mark Barker, 
Mike Murphy, John Crawford, David 
Moskowitz, Larry Sands, Hank Ebert, 
Jimmy Locke, James Snitzer, Jim 
Kline, Phil Weez, John Sebastian 


The Lambda Chi Chapter 
of the Alpha Kappa Al- 
pha sorority was chartered 
here six years ago. Alpha 
Kappa Alpha encourages 
high moral and ethical char- 

acter, academic excel- 
lence, and service to 
humanity. B 

The Black Student Alliance 
works to serve and support 
the interests of Black students 
at JMU. Projects include 
donations to the needy, so- 
cial fundraisers, cultural dis- 

plays, and other services. 
Admission is open +o anyone 
interested in the goals of the 


Front Row: LaScienya Jackson, 
Anita Pippin; Back Row: Diane 
Smith, Willett Carter, Not Pictured: 

Deidre Edwards, Angela Johnson 


Front Row: Esther Hyatt, Kimberly 
Dean, Russell Poindexter (Vice Presi- 
dent), Margo Wells (Parliamentar- 
ian), Ronald Bur1<e (President), Junius 
Randolph, Kevin R. Salley, Marshall 
Poindexter, Second Row: Michelle 
Wilder, Angle Parham, Brenda Car- 
rington, Rita Francis, Lisa Tabb, 
Geraldine Crockett, Pemell Watson, 
Jr., John Roane, Jr., Back Row: Leon 
Hamlin, Mary Ann Murphy, Vicky 
Walker, Pamela Martin, Sherry Miles, 
Denise Jones, Cynthia Williams 


Beta Beta 

Beta Beta Beta is a na- 
tional Biological Honor 
Society for Biology majors 
and minors who have at- 
tained a level of superior 
scholastic achievement, The 
organization is open to both 
students and faculty. The 
organization's purpose is to 
promote high scholarship in 
the field of Biology. The Psi 
Beta Chapter at JMU was 
chartered on April 5, 1979.H 


The JMU Chemical Society 
is a student organization 
designed to bring together 
those with an interest in 
chemistry for academic, so- 
cial, and service activities. H 

Front Row: Debra Tilley, Nick Mas- 
trota, Kelly Ramsey, Sharon Quarles, 
Shelley Smith (President). Tommy 
Quarles; Second Row: Mary Breed- 
ing, Erica Anderson, Chris Allshouse. 
Julie Poudrier (Secretary), Janice 
Scott, Andrea Reiser (Publicity Chair- 
man), Liz Gaskill; Back Row: Denise 

Wingfield, Derek Chapman, Daniel 
Campbell, David Orvos, John 
Stanovick (Treasurer), Stephen Do- 
bratz. Dr. Elwood Fisher (Advisor), 
James Hevi/itt, Timothy Manning 
(Vice President), Not Pictured: Dr. 
Janet Winstead (Advisor) 

Front Row: Tammy Page, Cathy 
Crawford, Chris Kinter, Adam Mann, 
Second Row: Barbara Muller, Bill 
Ensor, Michael Davoli, Nancy Stub- 
bins, John Povi/ers, Beth Anne Neff, 
Julie Pudner, Susan Yeager, Angle 
Whitt, Third Row: Mehrdad Ebadi 
Tehran!, Cheryl Assaid, Cid Fallon, El- 

len Messick, Tom Devoe (Advisor), 
Back Row: John Phillips (Advisor), 
John Bollinger, Jose Madalengoitia, 
Wes Strong. David Whipple, Fred 
Kinder, Tom Burkholder, Scott Hamil- 
ton. G.R. Schotenboer. Dominick 
Pastore, Timothy Hatt, Karsten Tucker 



Front Row: Mary Bachmurski, Mary 
Ann Lundy (Membership Chairper- 
son), Julie Home (President), Gina 
Soenksen (Honorary Member), Mar- 
tha Boswell (Vice President), Sec- 
ond Row: Sandra Senft (First Vice 
President), Caroline Benson (Histo- 
rian), Lorrie Hamilton (Recording 
Secretary), Pom White (Treasurer), 
Beth Levi (Corresponding Secretary); 
Third Row: Dr. Martha Ross (Advi- 
sor), Carolyn Windish, Susan Nelson, 
Lisa Counts, Libba Jewett, Patty 
Reams, Robin Laing, Janet King, 
Cynthia Holland; Back Row: Denise 
Briner, Sally Jackson, Kim Lemon, 
Gina Smith, Sandy Unger, Lynn Hov- 
otter, Debbie Patterson 


for the 


of Young 


The Association for the Edu- 
cation of Young Children 
is a professional organization 
concerned v^ith promoting 
an awareness of young 
children and their needs. This 
goal is accomplished 
through workshops, speak- 
ers, and community projects. 
We believe that today's 
youth is tomorrow's future. H 


pretty frantic periods of 
time. Everything that has 
been developed over weeks 
of worl< begins to come to- 
gether and the editors begin 
to meld it all into a cohesive 
unit that is the yearbook. This 
melding process usually in- 
volves several all-nighters. It 
involves a mountain of copy 
to be edited and another 
mountain of layouts to be 
drawn. It involves Section Edi- 
tors screaming at Photogra- 

phers, Photographers scream- 
ing at Section Editors, and ev- 
eryone screaming at the 
Staff. But in the end, all the 
work pulls together to form a 
cohesive, quality product — 
we hope. 

This, then, is what goes into 
publishing the BLUESTONE. 
The 1983-1984 edition is an in- 
novative volume, We have 
tried some things that have 
never been done to a JMU 
yearbook. We hope you are 
pleased by the result. Si 







THE BREEZE is the campus 
newspaper for James 
Madison University. It pub- 
lishies twice a week during 
thie summer. Some 60 stu- 
dents contribute to THE 
BREEZE'S editorial, produc- 
tions, and business staffs. 

THE BREEZE hias consistently 
been recognized as one of 
the nation's best collegiate 
newspapers. In the past year, 
THE BREEZE staff has won 
awards in everything ranging 
from newswriting to photog- 

While in the past, THE 
BREEZE was delivered only to 
the Warren Campus Center, 
this year THE BREEZE went 
campus-wide. It is now deliv- 
ered to boxes in the WCC, D- 
Hall, The Library, and several 
academic buildings all over 
campus, H 



Council for 



and the 


Front Row: Susan Purple, Deanne 
Smoot, Lynne Witt; Second Row: 
Linda Stiaw (Secretary YARC), Mau- 
reen Raffertv (Vice-President YA[?C), 
Cathy Schiell (President YARC), Ali- 
son Terzion (President CEC), Debbie 
Overacre (Treasurer CEC), Cary 
Hobgood (Secretary CEC), Robin 
Walker (Vice-President CEC); Back 
Row: Jeanine Bengemnino, Niki 
Thiompson, Robin Siegal. Karen 
Leonard, Irene Duerson, Karen Smith, 
Mary Linn, Susan Davis, Susan Stauf- 
fer, Jennifer Train, DeDe Heubel 



Front Row: Eric Chufar, Michele Pu- 
ietz, Michael Condyles, Judi Watter- 
son, Brian Sisk; Second Row: Bill 
Younger, Veronica Bindrim, Mike 
Ells, Mark Barbee, Jay Nogle; Back 
Row: Deborah Ball. Gail Probert, 
David Rodgers, Sandra Adams, Joni 
Shelton, Suzanne Veiel, Mary Beth 
Neely, Margoret Fitzpatrick 

The Council for Exceptionol 
Children and the Youth 
Association for Retarded Citi- 
zens are both service organi- 
zations whose primary 
purpose is the advancement 
of exceptional children, in- 
cluding the gifted handi- 

capped, the emotionally 
disturbed, the hearing im- 
paired, and the physically 
handicapped. Both organi- 
zations provide manpower 
for the Special Olympics as 
well as sponsor activities for 
exceptional citizens, s 

The Commuter Student 
Committee is an active 
service organization which 
seeks to solve problems relat- 
ing to commuters. Governed 
by an executive board con- 
sisting of S,G,A, commuter 
senators and work group co- 

ordinators, the CSC sponsor 
activities designed to in- 
volve commuters in campus 
events. The CSC maintains an 
office and a student lounge 
in the Warren Campus Cen- 
ter, fy 



.' ' , . , . - 

>.i ^ , . .. - - / .' . 

.»t . - •< - • • ■ 




Front Row: Deborah Ball (Secre- 
tary), Judi Watterson (Co- 
Chairman), Mile Ells (Chairman), 
Sandra Adams (Treasurer), Back 
Row: Joy Nogle (Social Coordina- 
tor], Micheie Puletz (Task/Manpower 
Coordinator], Bill Younger (Publicity 



Front Row: Jeff Reihl, Denna Hylton, 
Elinor Lee, Wendy Smith, Margo 
Wells, Francie Bombardiere, Cindy 
Marshall, Lisa Leftwich, Jennifer Mc- 
Caskill, Tyna Andrews, Second 
Row: Cyndie Whitt, Gloria D'Ambrisi, 
Laura Barber, Lisa Counts, Amy 
Thomas, Lisa Baucom, Elaine Butler, 
Lauro Morgan, Sandra Martin; Third 
Row: Clint Butler, Ann Pflugshaupt, 
Sendee Natoli, Michelle Gaston, Liz 
Mautner, Leslie Lovett, Brad Snave- 
ley, Kristina Small, Katie Carter, Laura 
Rennie, Betsy Lee-Bassett, Laurie 
Walsh, Laura Adams, Dr, Earlynn J. 
Miller, Allison Brown; Back Row: 
David A. Hott, Laurie Ferrara, Rebe- 
cca Weaver, Chen/I Gaskill, Mathew 
Hardy, Jeffrey scales, Nancy 
G'Flahertv, Michael Spinar, Beverly 
Keller, Edgardo Aragu, Amy Wil- 
liams, Jeannine Bengermine, Jenni- 
fer Jones, Edwin Howard 

Front Row: Annette Grondy (Secre- 
tary), Nancy Smith (Chapter Effi- 
ciency Index Chairman), David E, 
Brawley (Vice President — Profes- 
sional Activities), Matthew Kerekes 
(Senior Vice President), Jacob G. 
Ford (President), Paul Gibbons 
(Chancellor), Kevin B. Atkinson (Trea- 
surer), Veronica Thackston (Vice 
President — Pledge Education), Da- 
niel G'Neil (Historian); Second Row: 
Debbie Cea, Ricky Morris, Adelle 
Kint, Gretchen Holly, Nancy Wood, 
Elizabeth Hyatt, Linda Bakley, Lynda 
Lipke, Lisa Wauford, Susan Stevens, 
Carol Barnes, Susanne Wilson, 
Sharon DeLongis, Kelly Kendall, 
Marilyn Miller; Back Row: Mark Chit- 
tum, Tim Veltman, Anthony Wim- 
bush, Valerie Baker, Susan Leach, 
Linda Leary, Lisa Morris, Kimberly 
Reese, Kirk Billinsley, Mary Ann 
Dodd, Jennifer Jones, Carl LaBoube, 
Robert Stovch, Debra Robb 

Dance Theatre is a per- 
forming company com- 
posed of the Folk and 
Contemporary Ensembles 
end their respective associ- 
ate and repertory touring 
groups. Combined and sep- 
arately they perform modern, 
ballet, jazz, American and 
International Folk, ballroom. 

and tap dance both on 
campus and throughout the 
region. The Dance Theatre 
was nationally recognized as 
one of nine schools chosen 
through regional adjudica- 
tion to perform in the 1983 
American College Dance 
Festival Gala Concert held at 
the Kennedy Centers 

Delta Sigma Pi is a profes- 
sional business fraternity 
that successfully blends the 
social aspects of college life 
with the professionalism of 
the Business world, s 

Sigma Pi 



Kappa Psi 

Kappa Kappa Psi is a na- 
tional lionorarv band fra- 
ternity, wliose purpose is to 
aid and support thie coilegi- 
ate band whiich sponsors tine 
group. The Eta Omicron 
Ctiapter was founded at JMU 
in November, 1980 and 
serves one of the nation's top 
bands. The Marching Royal 
Dukes. 5J 


Front Row: Laurie Powers, Lynda 
Lipke, Jan Keegan, Susan Michael. 
Denise Baugher (Advisor), Sid Vi- 
cious, Glenn Smith (Advisor), Dan 
Musselman (Advisor); Second Row: 
Rick Kirk, Sean Collender, Gregg 
Downer, Susan Powell, Kay Eye, 
Susan Lambert, Jacquie Ebersole, 
Keren Beane, Erica Bowie, Rhonda 
Barden; Third Row: Dick Baish, Chris 
Devaney, Greg Jungles, Laura Dol- 
phin, Kothy McQuillin, Debro Ro- 
berts, Robin Thompson, Nancy 
Currie, Bonnie Bumham, Chris Fac- 
cina, Mike Chapman; Fourth Row: 
Karen Schoumacher, John Weiss, 
Sam Hickey, Helen Wimmer, Andrew 
Righter, Michael Perriccio, Gordon 
Irons, Joe Williams, Mickey James; 
Back Row: Tony Adams, Dave 
Wheeler, Kelly Kendall, Paul Al- 
bright, Jim Brackman, Jeff Brown 





The Data Processing Man- 
agement Association is a 
professional organization in- 
volved in the fields of data 
processing, computer sci- 
ence, and information sys- 
tems. The Chapter en- 
courages both educational 
and professional growth in 

these areas and strives for a 
close relationship with the 
business community. These 
goals are accomplished 
through field trips to local 
companies, speakers from 
within the Data Processing In- 
dustry and regular 'business 
meetings. H 

Sigma Phi Lambda is a 
campus-wide honor so- 
ciety established at James 
Madison University in 1939. It is 
open to all majors who main- 
tain a cumulative GPA of 
3.25 and above. The society's 
motto is "Scholarship, Lead- 

ership and Fellowship"; end 
major activities include a tu- 
torial program, an annual re- 
ception for new faculty 
members, a variety of social 
functions, and monthly meet- 
ings featuring a broad range 
of speakers, m 

Front Row: Greg Steagall, Susan 
Roberson, Beth Anderson (Secre- 
tary), Judy Meadows (Vice Presi- 
dent), Sandy Meadows (President), 
Dan Reese (Treasurer), Anne Gur- 
ney; Second Row: Sandra Rock, 
Cindy Rinker, Merry Semerling, 
Vernon Funkhouser, Stiaron Sipe, 
Teresa Henderson, Tina Simmons, 
Ken Rynett, Rhonda Wilcox, Colleen 
Lovelace, Third Row: Amy Os- 
borne, Craig Harvey, Mary Kay Pe- 
ters, Jeft Rodgers, Mike Wakefield, 
Paul Crosen, Glenn Taylor, Alex Ber- 
nardo. Jersey Eng, Wanda Furrow, 
Ann Smith, Fourth Row: Susan Haf- 
tield, Dana Weaver, Robert Wilson, 
Susan Huntley, Jackie Hewitt, Joan 
Kirchner, Leigh Ann Home. Nick Pot- 
takos, Greg Austin, Fifth Row: Kevin 
Marshall, Teresa Hackett, Kelly Ram- 
sey, Terri Graniewski, Linda Sheets. 
Margaret Higgins, Rebecca Marr, 
Michelle Callahan, Lisa Noble; 
Back Row: Steve Wicks, Joan Can- 
naday, George Herick 

Sigma Phi 

Front Row: Paula Lipxcomb (Re- 
porter), Becky Queen (Secretary), 
Ken Biggs (President), Lisa Lanthier 
(Vice President), Debbie Lawson 
(Reporter); Second Row: Dawn Jar- 
rell. Nancy Wood, Linda Irwin, Deb- 
bie Gavin, Lynnlee Dulau, Patricia 
Koxciuszko, Diana Manifold, Julie 
Slott. Donna Berry; Third Row: Erica 
Swenson, Annette Norford, Warren 
Picciolo, Laura Stokes, Lynne Pucket, 
Kay Eye, Sandra Rock, Ann Graves, 
Cele Serwitz, Ray Mulligan; Back 
Row: Beth Anne Neff, Betsy Camp- 
bell, Trish Cason, David Puckett, 
Scott Lyon, Amy Osborne, Mary Bess 
Obenshain, Ann Sixeas, Judy Sixeas, 
Seward McGhee; Not Pictured: 
Judi Waterson (Treasurer), Juli Pitt 


'•^^ i 


Front Row: Lisa Zilch, Leslie Armis- 
tead. Jane Staley, Ann PerVins, 
Dionna Drumheller; Back Row: San- 
dra Martin, Cindy Harris, Tammy 
Aleshire, Douglas Creamer 


Psi Chi is a cinapter of tine 
Nationai Honor Society for 
Psyclnology majors and 
minors. Its goal is to furthier stu- 
dent l<nowledge of and inter- 
est in thie fields of psychology, s 

Psi Chi 


The Frances Sale Home Ec- 
onomics Club is a profes- 
sional organization for 
undergraduate students with 
a major or minor in Home Ec- 
onomics. Its purpose is to pro- 
vide for the growth and 
development of a "well- 
rounded" home economist. 

Club activities range from 
professional emphasis to 
fund raising activities and 
service projects. The 80 
member club is also the par- 
ent organization of The Fash- 
ion Merchandising, Interior 
Design, Dietetics and Educa- 
tion interest groups. S 

Front Row: Catherine Howard, 
Cyndi Mclntyre, Sharon Eggleston, 
Lisa Resnick, Janie Draper, Marie 
Miller, Kathleen McGrath, Second 
Row: Sherri Burnett, Anne Frear (Sec- 
retary), Missy Franco (Treasurer), 
Patti Watson (President), Michele 
Tayior(Vice President), Kcrthy Perkins 
(Historian), Matthew Redmond; 
Back Row: Tim Whetzel, Judy 
Ronan, Joyce McVey, Julie Slott, 
Lynnlee Dulan, Betsy Campbell, Beth 
Gordon, Kevin Clements 


Sale Home 



Front Row: Cynthia Whited, Beth 
Holsman, Deborah Sipler, Nancy 
Wright, Jill Forbes, Sandy Shoot, 
Lourie Glodsone, Leigh Ann Feost; 
Second Row: Coren Codro, LeAnn 
Drumheller, Susan Ozoki, Kim 
Knopp, Cathy Horgett, Aliceonne 
Mogloros, Kimberly Borker, Dr. Mor- 
ion Emerson (Advisor); Third Row: 
Elizobeth Tessondpri, Lynn Kehoe, 
Potty Covey, Mary Sheo, Brendo 
Weeks, Roxonne Johns, Beth Wise- 
man, Debro Dellinger, Kathy Harris, 
Ann Wilson, Betsy Kurth; Back Row: 
Alison Blevins, Karen Fugote, Spen- 
cer Meodor, Mary Ann Vaden, Bar- 
bora Evans, Beth Weotherly, Virginia 
Crowder, Tommi Lewis, Ann Weisen- 
sole, Anne PapareUo 



Front Row: Raymond Dingledine 
[Chairman, Honorary Advisory 
Board), John Hamlett, Dan Lynch, 
Brett Edwards, Kymbra Layne (Presi- 
dent), Vicki Scheer (Vice President], 
Sue Bailer; Back Row: Becky 
Queen, Maggie Loughran, Mary 
Shea, Vicky Dale, Scott Turner, 
Robert Horn, Claudia Dorr, Greg 
Versen, Sandy Sneen 

B'nai B'rith 

Leslie Rogers (Secretar/), Doreen 
Dick, Jennifer David, Jeanne Ingber- 
man (President), Alan Field, Leslie D. 
Liss; Not Pictured: Margery Bugen 
fVice President), David Gottfried 

The Honor Council is re- 
sponsible for directing 
and administering the 
University's Honor Systenn. The 
Honor Council consists of a 
president and a vice- 
president, each elected by 

the student body, It also in- 
cludes eighteen students 
nominated by the deans of 
their respective schools and 
eighteen faculty members 
selected by the President of 
the university. H 

B'nai B'rith Hillel is the Jew- 
ish organization at JMU. 
Jewish students of various 
backgrounds can find friend- 
ship and opportunities to be- 

come involved in religious 
and social activities through 
Hillel. Awareness and identity 
of Judaism are our goals. S 


Front Row: Constance Walker, 
Gwen Farris, Sandy Stone; Second 
Row: Ctiarles Taylor, Lin Manelski, 
Hank Ebert, Steve Lockord, Tammy 
Scarton; Back Row: Ian Katz, Alan 
Neckowitz, Tara Riley, David Wen- 
decken, Steve Emerson, Flip De 
Luca, Brenda Biondo 

Society for 

The Society for Collegiate 
Journalists is a national or- 
ganization dedicated to the 
betterment of journalism. The 
JMU chapter has members 
that work for "The Breeze," 
"Bluestone," "Curio," and 


Front Row: Brett Chaney (Historian), 
Cynttiia Wfiited (Vice President), Mi- 
chele Taylor (President), LeAnn 
Dnimheller (Treasurer), Lisa Giamba- 
luo, Debra Bratton (Secretary); Sec- 
ond Row: Pamela Hiiton, Dwayne 
Moore, Charles Lundy, Bridget Norris, 
Alyson Pedlow, Giselle Myer, Teri 
Jenkins, Judy Holzer; Third Row: Mi- 
chael Valente, Beth Formes, Dean 
McClain, Richard Meadors, Becky 
Zdancewicz, Marrissa Johnson, 
Sean Collender, Lynne Mowbray, 
Sarah Bryant, Brian Burton, Mark 
Warner (Advisor), Back Row: Marc 
Rinoldi, Ion Helbing, Martha Seals, 
Darrin Woody, Claire Hastings, Mary 
Carol Donald, Elizabeth Miksovic, 
Keith Robertson, John Trumbo 



of Business 


Front Row: Elaine Toth (Secretary), 
Glori Stifler (Chairman — Public Re- 
lations), Dr. Mae Frontz (Advisor), 
Gina Frantz (Vice President), Ann Ri- 
chardson (f^resident), Lin Maneiski 
(Treasurer), Second Row: Andrea 
Cope, Gretchen Holly, Nancy 
O'Donneil, Beth Cocke, Mindy Whit- 
seal, John Thune, Ttiird Row: Dee 
Dee Moriarty, Denise Sgueglia, Val- 
erie Camm, Sharon Tepper, Dawn 
McDowell, Kerri Leetun, Amy Mc- 
Kenna, Tara Riley, Andy Johnson, Jo- 
iaine Phelps, Elizabeth Street, Back 
Row: Jasmine Valasco, Mria C. 
Forry, Amy Thomas, Lexie Jepson, 
Melissa Mayers, Marinette Urguhart, 
Lisa Clarke, Kelie Straw, Suzanne 
Goessman, Sean McBride 


The Interhall Council Is a 
student service organiza- 
tion that serves as a liaison 
between JMU's 30 residence 
halls and the University. Fund- 
ing worthwhile programs and 
providing campus wide ac- 
tivities and services is the 

main concern of IHC. This in- 
cludes such things as refriger- 
ator rentals, Valley Mall 
shuttle bus, Roth Theater tick- 
ets, College Bowl competi- 
tion. Hall painting contest 
and Almost Anything Goes, s 

The International Associa- 
tion of Business Communi- 
cators (lABC] is a world-wide 
professional organization 
committed to excellence in 
public relations and its many 
other facets involving em- 
ployee communications, is- 
sues management, and 
communication consulting. 
lABC-JMU was chartered 

in April, 1982 under the spon- 
sorship of the professional 
charter in Lynchburg. JMU's 
chapter received interna- 
tional recognition in May, 
1983 for outstanding student 
chapter management in 
providing services and pro- 
grams to the Department of 
Communication Arts and the 
JMU community, s 

The Hotel and Restaurant 
Club at JMU is open to all 
HRM majors. As a group, thie 
club participates in many 

activities including road 
trips, annual Farm Party, JM's 
nights, seminars and fund 
raisers for charity, s 

Front Row: Susan Rogers, Regina 
Czekaj, Lisa Rohrer, Second Row: 
Bill Shaw, Laura Cummins, Chucl< 
Pierce, Jennifer David, Suzanne 
Veiel; Back Row: Susan Meyer, 
Brooke Nichols, Heidi Susherebo, 
Karen McCoy, Jeanie Tassinari, 
David Ley (Advisor), Patty Scanlon, 
Karen Willcoxon 



E «k 


Front Row: Karen Gould, Kelley Altis, 
Kirsten Olson, Kate Russell, Sandy Lin- 
ger; Second Row: Donna Atwell, 
Christine Barnes, Susan Graham, Do- 
reen Dick, Back Row: BarlDara 
Dohman, Genevieve Robless, An- 
drea Sherfy, Gaily Williams, Laura 
Grove, Beth Whelpley; Not Pic- 
tured: Lee Ann Covington, Missy 
Bowers, Margie Lane 

1MU Jaycee Women's Or- 
ganization is a commun- 
' service organization. 
Through outreach activities 
and internal programs, the 

club maintains the excite- 
ment of helping others and 
promotes pride and self- 
confidence within each of its 
members. 5J 

The JMU Men's Rugby 
team competes witti both 
intercollegiate and non- 
intercollegiate clubs. The 
team has 55 members. Dur- 

ing the 1982-83 season, the 
team won the state cham- 
pionship and went on to 
place sixth in the nation. The 
club was founded in 1976.S! 

Kappa Delta Pi is an in- 
ternational Honor Society 
in Education. The Alpha Chi 
Chapter was founded at 
Madison College in 1928 and 
is active in both campus and 

community activities. It pro- 
motes a high degree of pro- 
fessional fellowship and 
achievement among stu- 
dents in all areas of educa- 
tion. S 

JMU Men's 

Front Row: Victor Tieman, Jim 
Adams, Mike Stoci<hausen, Tim 
Holmes, Pete Camerson, Russell Har- 
per, Joe Deck, Brian Raher, Lyndon 
Tyler, Darryl Hogge; Second Row: 
Mark Schwette, Jeff Pope, John Rior- 
don, Steve Stewart, Scott Stephens, 
Bob Bass, Sam Gilson, OJ. Malone, 
Chuck LeSauvage, Richard Adams; 
Third How: Duffy Finnerty, Jack 
Pobley, Jon Fleming, John Larson, 
Troy Phillips, Biff Albrittain, Skip Bullis, 
Shawn Kelly, Chris Phillips, Dean 
Leonard, Neal Broffman; Back Row: 
Jeff Murphy, Mike Koontz, Challen 
Bonar, Tim Batchelor, John Weiss, 
Jim Mountain, Chris Ahlberg, Hector 
Coleman, Chris Myer 

Delta Pi 

Front Row: Sandy Unger, Dianna 
Drumheller, Rachel Reveles, Debbie 
Patterson; Second Row: Annette 
Agee (Treasurer); Pamela Hoffler 
[Publicity Chairman), Susan Beasley 
(President). Pam White (Historian), 
Rachel Allyn (Secretary); Ttiird Row: 
Kdthy Whitenack, Dr. Elizabeth Ihle, 
Jane Staley, Kerri Tinsley, Lisa New- 
some, Carolyn Windish, Potti Riviere, 
Debbie Liskey; Back Row: Linda 
Shaw, Debbie Overacre, Patty 
Reams, Heidi Henderson, Martha 
Boswell, Harnett Gutelius, Julie 
Fitzgerald, Kim Lemon 

Medical and 




Front Row: Katie Phillips (Treasurer), 
Sharon Queries (President), Tammy 
Queries (Secretary); Second Row: 
James Hewitt, Fred Willison, Peggy 
O'Hara, Candace Jones, Marie 
Miller, Carey Wilhelm, Teresa 
Marani; Back Row: Mary Malo, Gi- 
selle Myer, MaryAnn West, Maura 
Walsh, Frederick Rice, Roland Berg, 
Martha Kiker, Stephen Dobratz, 
Laura Duffy; Not Pictured: Linda 
Irwin (Publicity Chairman), Laurie 
Dietz (Vice President) 


Front Row: Frank Higgins, Cindy 
Leach, Barbara Baldwin, Wendy 
McNeny (President), Polly Ekardt, 
Cindy Campbell (Historian); Sec- 
ond Row: Reggie Brown, Stacey 
Strawn, Michael Sullivan, Karin 
McKie, Scooter Mannorino (Secre- 
tary), Theresa Martin; Back Row: 
Linda Auther, Marinette Urzuhort, An- 
nette Fama, Katy Yates, Ginger 
Haydon, D.V, Harrison 

The Medical and Allied 
Health Society is a society 
that exposes students in- 
terested in medical and 
health fields to the career op- 
portunities in these areas. 
Special speakers and or- 
ganized field trips to nnedical 

facilities are a few of the op- 
portunities offered to the 
members. Special service 
projects include providing a 
Health Center Booklet to in- 
terested freshmen, support- 
ing the local hospital, and 
offering CPR classes. !« 



^ /.^^^^^<^iiiW 



The Stratford Players is 
the student organization 
which finances the dramatic 
productions on campus. It is 
open to anyone interested in 

theater. The organization 
works for the enrichment of 
theater arts and to offer en- 
tertainment for the students 
and community. Hi 


The Madison Marketing As- 
sociation is a student 
chapter of the American 
Marketing Association form- 
ed here in 1981. The chapter 
strives to expose members to 
real business situations 
through engaging in a num- 
ber of projects and sponsor- 
ing speakers throughout the 

Major events include an 
annual Faculty Feast, which 
promotes student-faculty re- 
lations; and the Career Sym- 
posium sponsored each 
spring, which provides stu- 
dents with valuable insights 
into job opportunities, s 








The Men's Volleyball Club 
was formed nine years 
ago to allow the finest male 
volleyball players at JMU to 
compete in East Coast vol- 
leyball competition. The Vol- 
leyball Club is sponsored by 
Mrs. Margaret Horn.H 

Front Row: Nelson Kelley, Bruce Dris- 
coll, Liz Leggett (Coach), Michael 
Smith, Bill Varon; Back Row: David 
Archibald, Bill Bumette, Richard 
Swan, Gary Browning 


Front Row: Karen Irby (Vice Presi- 
dent), Sam Smith (President), Sally 
Saunders (Secretary); Second Row: 
Jill Forbes, Debbie Overacre, Susan 
Beasley, Laura Simmons, Lisa Lon- 
ttiier, Cottiy Crawford, Amy Shafer; 

Back Row: Lynn Kehoe, Jane 
Boswell, Richiard Horan, Ross Ri- 
chiardson, Karen Thieltiom, Lynne 
Packett, Isabelle Gumming, Doug 

Isabel Gumming, Sam Smitti, Laura 
Simmons (President), Richard Haram 
(Vice President). Amy Shafer (Secre- 

Delta Kappa 

The Honor Council is re- 
sponsible for directing 
and administering the Univer- 
sity Honor System. The Honor 
Council consists of a presi- 
dent and vice-president, se- 
lected by the student body, 
eighteen students, selected 
by the deans of their respec- 
tive schools, and eighteen 
faculty members, selected 
by the university president. H 


Omicron Delta Kappa 
promotes excellence in 
collegiate activities. It strives 
to promote understanding 
betv»/een the faculty and stu- 
dent body, on a basis of mu- 
tual interest. S 


Delta Sigma 

The Iota Alpha Chapter of 
Delta Sigma Theta was 
chartered here in 1971 ar^d 
has beer^ dedicated to the 
implementation of numerous 
service projects of commu- 
nity, campus, and area 
groups. The principles of the 
Sorority are scholarship, 
character and service, s 

Donna Brown (Vice President), Patri- 
cia Giaze (Advisor), Kimberley 
Booker (President), Carolyn Ray 
(Treasurer); Not Pictured: Debbie 
Tucl<er (Secretary), Ina Spelis (Sec- 
ond Advisor) 

•Iif!!fffnii TJiii'ilMP'Ifli 


Front Row: Lisa Gnjbbs, Robin 
Smith, Beth Prillman, Karen Harper, 
Sandy Carter, Tammy Aleshire, Lisa 
Zilch; Second Row: Tony Agnelli, 
Glenn Pontanilla, Gary Jenkins, Mark 
Fenyk, John Harvey, Steve Haines, 
Rich Larson, Dr. Ben Bauman; Third 
Row: Patty Kosciuszko, Anne Dun- 

can, Carol Cole, Carta Cosh, Ann 
Graves, Steve Eckstein, Woody 
Dunn, Jr., Susan Michael, Susan 
Doughty, Donna Gerry; Back Row: 
Lesa Diggs, Angela Johnson, Dana 
Schultz, Lyle Martin, Patty Scanlon, 
Amy Stallings, Nancy Snead, Carol 
Markwardt, Alexis Fuller 

Phi Beta 


Front Row: Darlene Robinson, Kofi 
Allison, Darlette Robinson, Leslie 
Karnitschnig, Mary Manzione, Amy 
Jennings (Vice President]; Second 
Row: Mundy Andrews, Karen Plath, 
Kerri Tinsley (Corresponding Secre- 
tary), Jill Grant (President), Christine 
Barnes, Emily Johnson, Wendy 
Daniels; Back Row: Christie Friedel, 
Jeneen Graves, Suzanne Boyle, Bri- 
gitte Tuck, Pat Heckner, Carde 
Cope, Elena Munero, Carolyn 
Wood, Robin Terry, Nancy Harris; Not 
Pictured: Tracey Morrison, Jeanne 

Phi Beta Lambda is a na- 
tional business society 
committed to developing 
Professional Business Lead- 
ers. James Madison 
University's ctiapter has been 
upholding these goals here 
for 35 years. H 


Pi Sigma Alpha, a national 
political honor society 
was founded to provide rec- 
ognition for outstanding 
achievement in the study of 
political science. Activities of 
the organization include 
guest speakers, symposiums, 
and service activities, s 

Front Row: Terry Nestor, Paul Par- 
mele. Donna Shields, Richard Horan; 
Second Row: Rebecca Huffman, 
Jeffrey Kwiatkowski (President), Bob 
George (Vice President), Samuel 
Smith (Secretary), Tom Stnjnck (Trea- 
surer), Back Row: Cheryl Outten, 
Sue Buckley, Kay Nichols, Laura Sim- 
mons, Scott Lyon, Mary Bess Oban- 
shain, Dan Caprio, Terry Brvjmback 

Pi Sigma 

Phi Omicron Tau is the 
Home Economics Honor 
Society open to juniors and 
seniors. Programs at monthly 
meetings are centered 
around the theme "Expand- 
ing the Scope of Home Eco- 
nomics." Phi Omicron Tau 
strives to study, understand, 
and teach the ideals of 
Home Economics. S 


Phi Epsilon Kappa is an |-)on- 
orary Physical Education 
fraternity which endeavors to 
promote a professional atti- 
tude and an understanding 
of all phases of the allied pro- 
fessions. The group promotes 

study and discussion of cur- 
rent issues and trends and 
sponsors social activities. PEK 
was chartered in November, 
1983 and replaces the Mer- 
cury Club. H 

Front Row: Missy Botes, Virginia 
Crowder, Ann Weisendale; Second 
Row: Caren Cadra, Susan Ozaki, 
Laura Goodwin, Laura Giorgi, Jill 
Forbes, Nancy Wright, Laurie Glad- 
stone; Back Row: Mary Shea, Holly 
Jones, Debora Marray, Sheri Loxter- 
camp, Debbie Sipler, Beth 
Weatherly, Barbara Evans, Ann 
Wilson, Lynn Kehoe 

Phi Omicron 

Phi Epsilon 

Front Row: Jeff Urban, David Ellena, 
Karen Adams, Dr. John Haynes, Jus- 
tin Gannon; Second Row: Sharon 
Dombrovi/skas, Jennifer Koiner, 
Jackie Roller, Tom Butterworth, Jane 
Bosv^ell, Seth Raynor; Third Row: 
James Ponton, Elizabeth Blose, Julie 
Biller, Mary Schell, Patricia Bruce, 
Cindy Gilbert, Cheryl Clary, Gina 
Frantz, Margaret Williams, Calvin 
Good; Fourth Row: Richard Dicker- 
son, Rebecca Garber, Lee Anne 
Toylor, Sue Manelski, Jean Dalton, 
Tami Thompson, Leslie Ann La Fon, 
Dana Marbain, Alice Baker, Mary 
Smith, Wayne Lawrence; Back 
Row: Robert Marx, Charles Bono, 
Rose Mary Rummel, Ron Bell, Rich- 
ard Swan, Sheila McArtor, Marilyn 
Crawford, Joanne Alston, Deborah 



Front Row: Kay Nichols, Isabella 
Cumming, Back Row: Bob George, 
Dave Harvey, Dan Riordan 


Front Row: Mary Ann Dodd, Philip 
Holland, Catharine Hagan, Gregory 
Perry, Lisa Simmons, Eric Chufar; 
Second Row: Margaret Fitzpatrick, 
Mary Beth Neely, Michael Condyles, 
Elizabeth Kesler, David Forbes Jr., 
Sandy Sneen, Sue Dawson, Cynthia 
Twining, Claudia Peters, Joni 
Shelton, Laura Niswander; Ttilrd 
Row: Jay Nogle, Mark Barbee, John 
Newcomb, Daniel Caprio Jr., Mark 
Douglas, Bobby Houston, Daniel 
Harvey, Lacy Daniel (Advisor); 
Fourtti Row: Lisa Seeley, Janie Sher- 
man, Veronica Bindrim, Judi Watter- 
son, Karen Moore, Michael Zigarelli, 
Rick Gerety, Bryan Little, Denise 
Mumley, Helene McClure, Tina Ca- 
son; Back Row: Ken Harrell, Rick 
Kirk, Tim Craighead, Ken Bealey, 
Sandra Adams, David Seeike, Su- 
zanne Veiel, Brian Sisk, Lynne Atkin- 



The Student Government 
Association acts as the 
voice of the student body 
and as a liaison between the 
University and the Student 
body. The SGA is comprised 
of three branches; the execu- 
tive, the legislative, and 
the judicial. The executive 
branch consists of five execu- 
tive council officers who are 
elected every April and serve 
for one year. The legislative 
branch is the Student Senate, 
mode up of senators from the 
residence halls and from the 
commuter students. The judi- 
cial branch is composed of 

the student judicial coordi- 
nator and the Student Advo- 
cate Corp. A few of the 
groups who are part of the 
SGA include the CSC, the IHC 
and the Ring Committee. 
Within the Senate, there are 
various committees that in- 
vestigate student activities. 
Proposals from these com- 
mittees are forwarded to the 
Administration. The SGA pro- 
vides all students with an ex- 
cellent opportunity to 
become involved in the pol- 
icy making process for the 
University. B 




Front Row: Jeffrey Kwiatkowski, 
Scott Lyon. David Jones, Back Row: 
Cheryl Outten, Mary Bess Oben- 
stiain, Kimberly Scott, Steven 




Mictiael Edvi/ards (Student Judicial 
Coordinator), Janie Sherman [Secre- 


Froirt Row: Sarah Howarth, Martha 
Meredith, Cindy Spina, Wendy Rose, 
Denise Elfes, Bev Moore; Second 
Row: Margarita Woods, Vanessa 
Brown, Tammy Furbush, Lynn Somers, 
Francis Carter, Jill Kreider, Back 
Row: Leslie Kaplan, Elizabeth Mc- 
Connell, Valerie Lamar, Lynn 
Murphy, Terri Serating, Andy Maurer 


Phi Chi Theta is a business 
fraternity with the goal of 
introducing its members to 
various aspects of the busi- 
ness world through the 
appearances of guest 
speakers, tours, and other 
events, b 

Phi Chi 

Front Row: Cindy Spina (Recording 
Secretary), Laura Dolphin (Corre- 
sponding Secretary), Kathy McQuil- 
lin (President), Thomas Brondolo 
fVice President), Michael Eastham 
(Treasurer); Second Row: Cathy Id- 
dings, Karen Ruoft, Micki Vickrey, 
Sue Bova, Kay Eye, Lisa Stuchlak, 
Steve Eckstein; Back Row: Vikki 
Walters, Joan Tyler, Scotf Hemming, 
Katie Downs, Richard Tabor, Sheryll 
Sepcic, Elaine O'Malley 

The Panhellenic Council is. 
the governing body for the 
eight social sororities on 
campus, A representative 
from each sorority is elected 

to the council, whose pur- 
pose is to promote spirit and 
unity among Greeks and to 
serve the campus and local 

i r r iK I iis -i r trrrr-T tt" nrr—rar n -rr rr' 


The Prelegal Society aids 
students wt^o are in- 
terested in law-related fields, 
The purpose of the Society is 
to unite students with an inter- 
est in undergraduate and 
graduate legal studies. The 
Society endeavors to 

broaden its members' per- 
spectives by having guest 
speakers and holding forums 
as well as other functions, 
which will aid and increase 
its members awareness of 
law related fields. H 

Front Row: John Browning, Bob 
George; Second Row: Richard 
Horan, Cheryl Outten (Secretary/ 
Treasurer], Paul Pamnele (President), 
Scott Lyon, Jeffrey Kwiatkowski; 
Back Row: Jeff Gonzalez, Terry Nes- 
tor, Sally Saunders, Ross Richardson, 
Tom Strunck, Rebecca Huffman; Not 
Pictured: Jay Leftwich 



JMU Sports 



Front Row: Kelli Salmon, Abby 
Powell, Sandy Unger, Lisa Rogers, 
Tami Thompson; Back Row: Rob 

Bell, Dan Quigley, Bill Dyer, Darryl 
Derr, Larry Thompson 




The JMU Sports Medicine 
Club provides o forum for 
students interested in otlnletic 
medicine. Members gain ex- 
perience by participoting in 
a number of activities, rang- 
ing from attnletic training to 
worl<ing wittn Orttnopedic 
Doctors at tine University 
Health Center. fB 

Front Row: Cheryl Outten [Trea- 
surer), Anne Chomeau (President), 
Amy Watt (Vice President), Leslie 
Medlock (Secretary}; Second Row: 
Shannon lynch, Lisa Jones. Ginger 
Schnabel, Judith Apostolico, Cathy 

Kushner, Kathy Short, Debbie Elgin, 
Vicky Kimm; Back Row: Jerrianne 
O'Day, Nancy Martino, Lyn Rawdon, 
Nina Stoffel, Sue Haynes, Merita Feg- 
ley. Keen McKeon, Ron Bell (Coach) 


The Women's Soccer Club, 
founded in 1979, holds as 
its goal to become an official 
varsity sport sometime in the 
near future. The club gives 
v\/omen a chance to gain ex- 
perience through competi- 
tion with in-state schools, like 
ODU, U.Va., Virginia Tech, 
and William and Mary, and 
out of state schools, such as 
Penn. State and U.N.C.B 

Polo Club 

The Water Polo Club was 
founded in 1977. The club 
is designed to promote 
sportsmanship and team 
unity. It also provides mem- 
bers a chance to compete 
and develop a winning atti- 
tude. H 

Front Row: Robert Boswell, Barry 
Strohl; Back Row: T.J. O'Donnell, 
Doug Moran, Chris James (Presi- 
dent), Shawn O'Quinn, Andy Szakal, 
Craig Smith 





The University Program 
Board arranges a variety 
of entertainment and cultural 
events for JMU. The U.P.B. Ex- 
ecutive Council and the per- 
sons who comprise the 
individual committees are 
dedicated to meeting the 
entertainment needs of the 
students, faculty, and staff at 


The U.P.B. provides enter- 
tainment for the student body 
ranging from coffee houses 
to movies to concerts, featur- 
ing big name entertainment, 
like Tom Petty and The 
Heartbreakers, Chicago, 
and Neil Young, a 


The U.P.B. Executive Coun- 
cil is comprised of eleven stu- 
dents and tv^o odministrotors. 
The U.P.B. itself is composed 
of nine committees, These 
committees ore staffed by 
student volunteers, ig 


The ROTC program at JMU 
was established in August 
of 1979, the program offers a 
wide variety of opportunities 
for the ambitious student, 
ROTC provides one, two, 
three and four-year scholar- 
ships for deserving students, 
Students can participate in 
several camps which in- 
clude: Northern Warfare, Air- 
borne, Air Assault, and Basic 

Training Camp for Freshmen 
and Sophomores. Juniors 
wishing to obtain a commis- 
sion attended Advanced 
Camp in the Summer before 
their Senior year. Once a stu- 
dent completes Advanced 
Camp and graduates from 
The University, he or she will 
be awarded a commission 
as a Second Lieutenant in the 
United States Army,s 



Captain Robert Torres instructs Brian Levitt in rappeling (Moe) 



Three religious organiza- 
tions are centered in their 
own houses off-campus. The 
Campus Catholic Ministry, 
The Baptist Student Union, 
and The Wesley Foundation 
provide students with many 
opportunities to enrich their 
spiritual lives. The three 
groups sponsor social activi- 
ties designed to help a stu- 
dent grow spiritually and also 
to spread the Gospel of Je- 

sus. To others on campus and 
in the community, CCM offers 
Ecumenical Masses on cam- 
pus. It also sponsors intra- 
mural programs, weekly 
scripture sharing, and several 
retreats a year. 

The Wesley Foundation 
reaches out to the commu- 
nity in several ways. One of 
these is The New Life Singers, 
who perform at various local 
churches and during occa- 

sional weekend tours. The 
United Methodist Student 
Center offers a chapel, 
game room, library, and 
study lounge to all students. 

These three groups are just 
a few of the many on cam- 
pus who provide students 
with a chance to better un- 
derstand the Gospel of Christ 
and also to better under- 
stand themselves and those 
around them. H 


Jill Wilheim Rebecco Sullivan Donna Shields Dianne Rossen 

Registrar Sf. Panhellenic Recording Secretary President 

Lynn Murphy Elena Munero Nancy Cross Jane Goodwin 

President V P of Membership V P of Pledge Ed Treasurer 

Pamela Lcryne Chen Sanborr. Shelley Carpenter 

CofT Secretary House Manager 

Sigma Kappa 

Deanne Smoot Elizabeth Tompkins 

Ann Ernst Karen Leonard Cathy Schell Terry Trader Patncio Bledsoe Elizabeth Cochran Beth Cocke Betsy Dominick Kathleen Doperock 

Ar>geta Fenimore Kimberly Fnschkom Celeste Guertin Margaret Hamson Kimberly Kallet Mary Kobetsky Alva Lowrence Joelle iidji 

Cheryl Lubbs Eileen Lyncy Diane Milnes Knstine OXrepky Suson Richeson Jodi Shitflett Angela Smith Jennifer Trehy 


KoltMyn Winnenben Tammy Balenger Anno Cowpoithwaite K(m Gconds'atf NancvHailei Mouteen Huntef LeeOcker Angela Ruggiero 

Donna Huffman 

Deborah Sipler Mary Beth Hamson Tammy Hannah 

Recorder Rush Chairman Vice President 

Terri Lamar Beckham Carver 

President Pledge Educator 

Karen Brown 8eth Martin Chris Schlichimann 

Panhellenic Correspondence House Manager 

Delta Gamma 

Kathy Chestnut Maureen Collier Suzanne Goessman Karen Goller Marge Kelly Loma McGilvray Chnssy Primoli Kristin Ringstrom Sheila Ryan 

Carol Albritton BrerdoBohnger Jackie Cox ^^nr-i fni'-^rr Darcy Fleckenstein Diana Manifold Carol Markwardt SueOzokl Janet Rowson 

Karen Moore NoncySneod AmyBeatty Leslie Deck Margie Fields JillKreider LizUnderhill LizBorksdale Kattiy Edmondson 

Sherry Gunnelson Kirsten Olson Tracie Bartholomew Sue Dawson Emily Grun Kelly Martin Emily Port<er Amy Austin PamLogeman 



Martha Meredith Cindy Harris Kelly Fitzpofrick Lisa Berg Lisa Corsi Sharon Tepper Mary Shiltinger Monica Ritchie Teresa Hackett 

Senior Panhellenic Chaplain House Manager Vice President President Rush Chairrrxan Starxfcirds Chrmn Vice President Treosurer 

Betty Snapp Natalie Cascio Lisa Nelson 
Mem. Director Secretary Social Chairman 

Vol Huice Pamela Reynolds Sally Aiello 

Natalie Glotfelter Eileen Zotor 


Linda Hefteran Peggy Murray 

Alpha Sigma Alpha 


Denise Donahue Liz Felt 

Tern Graniewski Lmda Kreutzer 


Elizabeth C"e ,esl:e Sullivon Frankie Turner Cheryl White Kim Scott Susan Beasley Kns Ennght Maureen Fogorty Kerri ^ee^^^'' Cathy Molnar 

Susan Pomphano KoraSowc Maura Steele Jennifer Stump Kem Tmsley Selma Turkekul Karen RuthBurch Becky Francis Cathi Smith 


Chris Dolron LynneOxley Vanessa Brown Joanne Bea Cueto Gretel Godwin Jodi Long Kay Nichols AJicia ^erez C.n-r^io L.ase 



Christie Gutierrez Terri Pufko Susan Wheotley Natalie Gameo Susan Manos Sheila Noone Diane Sheehon Sondra Wiles Tina Behnke Koren Dunmgan 


•ft f. p 

Michael Page GofcJon Woody Kelly Cross Mathew Totford ChipEmbfey Thomas Vance William Gay Brian Doye 

Michael Hoss David Cook MonTgomery 



Jart Bliss Brian Gilley 

Treosuret Recofder 

Sigma Nu 


Seon Hickey Gregory Jurvgies 

I b^ii 


Lee Cress Kevin Craig Eric Schnurr WiHiam Ensor Susan Guattien Kemp Barksdaie David Caldwell Chip Funk Jerome Moreau 


Wilbur Buck Todd York Eric Thomas David Walien Scott Myer Gregory Blonks LoddWagrer John Russell 

Michael Kelly DanPamell Kenneth Loskamp John Williams David Ot^awav Robert Page EricChufar Larry Wetnstein 


Kenneth Rogers JoyNogle Gregg Newman John Danielson Peter Vaeth PamckWnght CoriTebell Steve Gardner 


Sandra Joyner Laura Cooper Carole Stacy MargoDuarte Elizabeth Darkis Brenda Lostiley 



Paul Rose Bob Cenninara Sam Bready Edwan i , i ■ i 

Pledge Master Social Chairman Vice President President 

m ./ 

Jerry Cuningham 
House Manoger 

Richard Book Claire Hosinqs 

Treasurer Sweathort" 

Carl Albero Randy Barrett Edward Byng 

A. , 

Ken Miller John Hunt Steve Saunders 

Stuart Coleman Dove Garlow Willy Hamilton 

Ron Ziolkowski Ken Giordano George Bromon 

Alpha Chi Rho 

Aqulles Amparan Christopher Bendit 


Curtis Mullins Richord Dov*/ns 


John stokes Billy Bendit Craig Stellman RobHolcomb Michael Gorvey Steve Brock Darin Short Brian Bencic LeeSattler 

I ^iiilikk 

Allen Messerly Jeff Williams Scott Straus JoeSpiro BobWillioms Todd Lineberger MoryMcGann Terry Lorson Janet Jones 

Ann Willis Jennifer Norvell Marcella VanPepper Phyllis Byrnes Pomelo Stevens Diane Staron MoryRovis Helen Wilkinson Kathleen Giesenhous 


Janet Campbell Alyson Taylor Kathleen Fulton Danna Urboitis Lisa Noble Kay Via Ellen Grube Diane Tnano Darlene Didrickson, 

Mary Diesel 

Missy Nelson 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 
j^ Little Sisters ^ 

Janie Draper 

Susan Hicks 

^ ^ i^HSil 



Donna Shields Pam Morris 

Anna Bolt Celes'e Guemp Kothy Gcney Kim Grandstaff 


Rutti Hamilton Karen Lucas Deborah Wallof Anne Poge Mary Bickmever 

Carolyn Moms Lee Anne Wilkins VouMee Chung Kelley Golbreoth Kaiyn Halligan 


Clement Sydnor John Robertson Scon Horton Cofl Rogers Frank Marvjn Michael Loweiy Paul Parmele Bev Winchester Gil Salver 
Chaplain House Manager Corr Secretary Vice President President Controller Recording Sec Sweetheart 

Zone Neff Michael Clarl< William Handlan 

^ JE"- 'fl^ff^> 

Thomas Byrne Monuel Tom Corr 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Matt Canellas James Grow 

Tip Fjshburn Mark Walz 

Mark Riley Roger Davidson Lee Carter Walter McGraw Mike Waggoner Randy Rauhut JonWatada Keith Robertson James Leftwich Bruce Livingstone DovidJares 

Steve McMahon John Myers David Dees Kyle Mills Steve Loose Devin Rick Wingen Alan Doran John Ragone Rod Compton 


Craig Tidey Phil Prosser Todd Baldacci Steve Adams Glenn Lancaster Kent Boemer Robert Woche Dave BoHow William Eubank 


^ f^ ^i ^ 

Raymond Straus John Sanfarpia Jeffrey Mocris Stephen Dean Rex Hayes Scot McRoberts Kenneth Woodbum 

High Delta HighTau HighBeto High Alpha High Gamma High Kappa High Phi 

James Westphal Bruce Boslough Robert Dinsmore 

Intramural Chairman High Sigma High Pi 

S ^**^J 


♦ -(^ 

James Mosely Eric Dow Joseph Tarembes 

Advisor High Epsilon Chaplain 


Michael Condyles Kirby Cramer. Jr. 

Chi Alpha 

Tirrrothy Doherty Larry Dovel 

Timothy Lynch Bruce MocCall 


Dove Martin Jeffrey Martin Daniel Doherty John Hamlett Terry Barrett Steve Gaffney Leonard Pulley Matthew Richmond 

Thomas Rogowski William Bates Mil(e Bionics Chris Coates Frederick Gosain Haywood Hand David Hayes Bradley Hoopes 


Chris Rose Charles Bono Charles Boy I es Adam Brenner Thomas Brouillette Chris Colandene Michael Covert 


Robert Ficalora Thomas King Randolph Menefee David Schiefer Ronald Sorrell Hugh Wade 


Christophef P Paul W Cantin Todd A Cherty Roderick L Rohet Anthony R Devol Thomas F Casey Al W Chipman Patricia Bledsoe Rick Aleonordl Clive R Hollman 
Owens Pledge Marshal House Manager Rush Chairman Vice President President Treasurer Sweetheort' Secre'arv Advisor 


George A Ralph W Brian J Gemty 

Donnelly Ruggero 

itiiii iiM 

John J Bavislll Daniel G. Nolls Michael J 

JeffP Robert A, Emiq Leigh k Reichel 






Daniel Peter G. Embury Paul F Kane 


A. Mark Walter N. Lutz Michael S 

Gollegher Whiicomb 

Rondy W Bolleitt Lawrence H. Joseph I. Dorsey P. Steven Craig David S, Oliver W Clowe Michael G. John L. Herbert James R Bums Michoel Al Carlquist 

Stockton ^^^ Trommell _^____^^^ Nuckols Hogan Jr 

Raymond DonCerasoli David Nocar Michael Porlter Michael T. Jeffrey Sonbom Andrew Charles Billups Bill C Henry TonyForrel JohnMorrisey 

Cilimberg Koepenick Kotterrrxan 




ChipShuman John Payne David Caldwell RichComicello Janet Luther Elena Munero Debra Roberts Jeanne Cothy Scheii Lynr Murrhv "racv >A(hite 


LisaBrotzman Ann Ernst Sandy Stone Susan Peacock Cheryl Emig Chen Sonbom Nancy Holler Vlorho'irdal Francine Betsy Kurth Karen Simpson 


Shiola Witkowski Karen Polls Jeanne Strotton Betsy Lee-Bossett Gino Caravano Beth Wiseman Mem Lofi Holtzmon Tracy Epps 



Susan Wheatlev 


Ann Irby 

Edfth McGrom 

Margo Wheotley 
Vice President 


Leslie Kaplan 

Cele Serwitz 


Natalie Woxham 

Julie Renick 

Christie Renick Natalie Gaines Deano Hartley 



Kay Nichols 

LltxJoRyon Sissy Stephenson 


Bryan Bostic Steven Miller Kenneth Biggs Jeff Ge-tiart Anttiony Poole JofinCoor Gregory Steve Millet Randy Bossham 

Guard Grand Treasurer Grand Procurator Grand Master Grand MC Prokopchak Guard 

Mark Todd Lynn Gene Hickman 



Douglas Huston Don Parr Steptien 



Jeffry Mollis Edward Famen 


Don Brown Bradley Peterson 
Mark Douglas Jonathan Perry 



Douglas Miller Kenneth Pratt 


John Ryan R. Scott Smith 

Kappa Sigma 

Ricky Adams Steven Ayres 

Justin Connor Jeff Dickerson Barry Dodson Carl Snurr William Sheehan Steven Scott Brandon Younger Daniel Babiy Shown Donovan 

VanDeventer Witherington 

Robert Stershic Clement Mitchell Nuckles Rot>ert Gusella William Redmon Lee Wray Shawn Isaac Bnon Kelly Robert Lohr John Noftsinger 


David Douglas Elliot Wilkins Nancy McNulty G Fred Midude Jeff Kane JohnMcCullen John Catafalmo David Crew DougHuber Thomas Bilello 

Alumnus Advisor Sweetheart Mascot 

Steven Vaughn Major Dunn Chris Calhoun OIlie Reese III Robert Fleischer John Leake Douglas Binder Austin Nammack Tom Gibson 



Jack North Keirv Moore Kent Hyatt Thomas Wilson Chris Devanev Sean Alger Richard Gardner JackKarosiriski.Jr 

Chapter Director Rush Chaimnon Herald Fourth Counselor Second Counselor Soge Third Counselor First Counselor 

<5i '^ 

Steven Anderson Brian Blankenship Peter Uhl 

House Manager 

Jeffrey Di Benedetto Kurt Ettieridge 

Larry Michie Richard Baisti Bruce Blankinstilp 

Pledge Master 

Sigma Pi 

Marvin Mosher John McVeigh 

Ben Pittarelli Dolan Sullivon 

Mike Via Richard Barney Adrian Drew William Fannon, III Brian Paul Hugh Sherrod Mark Waller Keith Winchester Doug Chestnut 

'Mtik iL a/k. l^th^v 

Russei Harris Richard Lewis Scott Noe George Riggs III Steven Smith Kenneth Taylor Cynthia Case Joy Dunlon 

Mary Eltzel Tammy FuriDush Kattierirte Gardner Jessica Grace Teresa Henderson Cindy Maurer Bonnie Mayer Susan Mayer 


Ashley McCarthem Deboro Murray Monico Opp Melody Ridgeway Helen White Julie WillKord Donna Wilson Jeon Witek 

Rebecca Dargo Rosemary Boyd Susan Mayer Cindy Maurer 

Treosuref Treasurer VP-Scholarship President 

Cheryl Clory 
VP-Frotemitv Ed 

Sue Mikula Deidre Monarty RhofxJa Overstreet 

Mortha Homson Karen Anderson Denise Elfes 

CoTT Secretary Rush Chairman Ponhellenic Rep 

Margaret Donaldson Rochelle Braxton Charlotte Hamilton 

Alpha Gamma 

WerKJy Rose Irish Reardon Sara Fawley Frorx^es Carter Leslie Cammack Jean Palmer Diarra Swartwood Deanna Morns 

Dawn Smith Gina Smith Carlo Christiano Chnstine Leslie DeLaVergne Kathleen Cozad Jessica Grace Karen Rolfes 



Wendy Kraft Cheryl Weisheier Melissa Denis Anne Conrad Deborah Lawson Cynthia Strand Denise Grey Abby Powell 


Andrea Tate Patncia Runyon Michelle Rogers Knstlna Bisson Bonnie Mayer Lori McCracken Suzanne Bellion 


Dan Reese PatCooke Sho.'-r Ca::at"!an GregAustin JohnNolen Ed Randolph Denms Farrell MitchWade DougDixon 


I^kI /^ 

Pot Sullivan Todd Wilkins Dan Slovef 

Dave Pleasants Jon Fleming Marty Mitchell 

John Meginley Chris Reilly Kurt Hohl 




Craig Shepherd Paul Hynes Mike Stockhousen 

Vicky Baienger Erika Low Lisa Fiskus Elaine Butler Leonne Serine Glona D Ambnsi Susie Cottle Anne Moce Sue HaYi"<es 

^^^^H ^^^^r** " H^^H ^^^B ** ^^^^^ ^^^II ** ** ^^^1 ^^^^H. ^^^1 ^^^^^^ ^^^^^H ^^^li ** ** ^^^^ ^^^H^ il^B ^^^IT^ 


Jeanne Wilson MegonVanner Stacie Wendell CloireDuane LisaSeely Kimberly KopI Cindy Dorgetoh Nofa Solon DanoWatodo 



KoroHannon Komieen Ferry Lisa Reynolds Paula Lipscomb Leslie Kaplan JanKeegan Sarah Howarth Deanno White 

Choplain Pledge Chairman House Manager Vice President President Treasuref Sr, Panhellenic Rush Chairtnon 


Bridget Duggan Jill Costic Kim Koenig 

Fundraising Oxair Corresponding Sec 

Jamie Jorrett CirKJy Morris 

Kathleen Stewart Margoret Dagrt Jennifer Cantrell 

Recording Sec Social Chairman 

Alpha Signna Tau 

Nancy Beoct' Cothlin Bowman 

Lisa Bryant Lisa Counts 

^^PJ ^^PUM 

Karen DeGarmo Denise DiNardo LexieJepson Amanda Latimer Shen Loxtercamp Gmny Martin KimFnday Tracy Ward Susan Arthurs 

Shelly Beck Lynr^ Bertinsky Patricio Cason Andrea Cope Claire Decou Alison Flanary Tammy Furtxjsh Nancy Hastings Kellie Kenney 

Susan Lambert Kimberly Monk Debbie Murray Liso Pittcrelli 

Lisa Wallace Susan Brooks Robin Cook Robm Greenieat Anr^ie Lynch Lisa Morar Sondy Sneen Deborah Swingle Rachel Tabor 


Patrice Coyo Judy Sixeas 

Vice President Secretarv 

Joy Mailonee Chris Schnortxjs Diane Slaron Loune Moe Susan Sturgeon Vicki Sctieer 

Treasurer Mem Rusti Director Education Director 

Sally Saunders Cele Sen^/itz Sl^errie Jones 

Elizabetti Bradbury Tamara Williams Suzanne Boyle Stacy Williams Joanne Tenhoeve Bridget Edwards Wanda Furrow Kimberly Baughman Sarah StienA^ood 

Jennifer Smith Annett Hunsicker Marilyn Johr^son Elizabeth Seely Karen Blakely Holly Kirby Kathleen Ganey Susan Craig LeanneBoisch 


Mary-Ellen Cross Ann Stxeas Carolyn Buonincontn Elizobefh Keone Joyce Metcalf Cathy Cundiff Lisa Foss Mary Creger Elizabeth Homon 


Gillian Btyce Danelle Duval JoanTylef Theresa Sandeil Elizabeth Micki Vickrey KothrynHuft Jeanne Hillen 

Historian Recording Sec Treasurer Vice President McConnell Dir Pledge Prg, Membership Sr. Panheilenic 

^^ ^K^i^ President 

Lisa fylarcantonlo 
House Manager 

Kathleen Gemdt Kathleen Healy 

Laura Dolphin Kim Eschbocher 

Kay Eye Patti Falon Lori Gllson 

Penni Pfost Page Richardson Leslie Smith 

Linda Utz Connie Walker 

Zeta Tau Alpha 


Noel Wharton Tracy White 

Cindy Braun Shari Brown Kottierine Downs Paige Hunter Cathryn Mohan Kothy McQuillin Diane Myers Eileen Snyder Diane Triono Kern Borchordt 

Martha Boswell Laurie Brouniey Teresa Burt Sue Cox Nino DeVito Cheryl Emig Becky Foster LisoGirod Colleen Gomlok BethanneGray 

LisaPercival KarinPolo Elizabeth Ripley Leslie Schneider Kerry Schwartz Jackre Sincere Maura Walsh DanaV^eaver Jennifer Wtckes Margarda Woods 


Noel Wharton Carol Campbell 

Pres Lrttle Sistere VP Little Sisters 

Lisa Berg 
Sec Little Sisters 

Loune Moe Sharon Tepper 

Carol Albritton 

Carolyn Conte 

Pi Kappa Phi 
Little Sisters 

Denise Donahue 

Jill Dozier 

Kelly Gloss Kendall Hughes Maureen McDonnell ChnsPendrell 


^l^^^t^' "'^•Si'^S?'"" David Moretti Jim Apistolas Dovid Cheatham David Ottenstein JohnHoword Sharon Cox DonPenzler JetfWillioms Jerrv Williams 

Histortcn ViceA/chon Secretary Archon Treasurer Warden Chaplain Rose Queen jom vvnnums jerry wiiiiams 

s. ^ '^ ^ ^ ^ *^ '^ ^^ rj ^ 

IMimlA _„ 

Jerry Foirman Bill Kirkconnell DonBeeby David Han/ey JoeMorrogh SedBoxley Chris Dunn Scott Hemming David Larson KurtNegoard Brian Roberts 


John Walker Nick Kokulis Jack Pooley 


i i 

Michael Buitdtt David Bruner Mike Cassells 

David Albright Al Bunnell 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Gory Green Bntt Thomas Bo Wilson 

^^ ^ 


Erik Butler Neol Decker 



in Johnson Rav Oison Eric White Dave Adams Rich Baker Scott Bartley Chns Belcher JimrnvBowe 

^^^'11!1 ~^^^BB9^^ ^^^ ^^^ " ^^BB^B '*^' ^ZS^M ^'^"^^g^B MMBPIIW W^^^P^ .^^l. 

Brad Brautigam JockCoffev Brett Edwards Philip Holland Jim Jackson PaulMarhan Jim Swain Mike Wilding SamGilson Chris Gruneburg Rob Henderson 

Shown Kelly Rob Baxter Josh Canter David Corbett EncDiri<s Chns Felix MikeGrappone Jim Hall Ere Hansen GregHor "om,,'dor 

PotMcFeelev JeffMclntyre Wayne Moms Joe Moss Kroig IMegoard Mike Nickelsen Shane Poland Merit Mickey Stinnett Joe Taglioreni JackVulcano 




_^ * i^ 



of a Tradition... 

HOW did we pu 

11 it 

off. VJhaddaya i 

mean these light bulbs aren 

't bright 



get sorae from TV Prod. Damn they're HOT. 

Please Lord 

don't let 


klutz put a hoi 

e through my beautiful white backdrop. 


? I do 

n't even know where we can 

fit these 


in the book . 

Oh yeah 

, we need photographers. Em, wanna 

have some 


Gary — want to 

blow off all your classes and take 

pictures of 50 



in one afternoon? Great! 

... I knew 

we ' d 

be disorganized 

VJe need some people, GET 



Anybody that looks FUN 

— And 

on we went with the first 

annual Shoot- 

■Off. . . 


the lighting 

may not 

be perfect. 


we WERE totally disorganized and got started an 

hour late. 



if some 

Klutz d 

id put a hole through my prized white backdrop. 



able to 


JMU ' s most unique quality- 

- the PEOPLE. 

Thanks fo. 

r the 

help everybody- 

Paul, Kim, Liz ,Tracey, Leslie 

, Karen etc. 

Good idea 



for the 

pics Gary, I know your kne 

2S will 

never be 

the same. . . 












- c- - 



s ■ 














Connie Pennington and Tont Dull 












The year saw con- 
tinuing change for 
James Madison Uni- 
versity. The change 
was marked with events that 
left a permanent mark on 

The construction contin- 
ued. With construction of the 
new Hillside dorm McGrow- 
Long, Howard Johnsons will 
cease functioning as a dor- 
mitory. Also under construc- 
tion was the new student 
meeting and conference 
building, the Adolf H. Phillips' 
Center Expansion of Greek 
Housing was a controversial 
issue throughout the yeor. The 
administration dropped its 
original proposal of relocat- 
ing the Greeks across Inter- 
state 81 in fovor of adding 
to existing housing. Also in 
the plonning stages was a 
new Fine Arts Building for 
which JMU received 7.6 mil- 

Traditions came and went. 
The most controversial was 
the change in the graduation 
format. In January, the Fac- 
ulty Senate voted to elimi- 
nate the traditional hand- 
shake and awarding of indi- 


viduol diplomos in an effort 
to shorten the groduotion ex- 
ercises. A relatively new tra- 
dition abolished was the 
toilet paper throwing at bas- 
ketball gomes offer the first 
JMU basket. The administra- 
tion deemed the practice 
unsafe and issued streamer 
rolls to replace the toilet pa- 
per "missiles". 

As a result of SGA action, 
another Christmas tree was 
ploced on the Quod In front 
of Wilson Hall, signifying the 
start of a new tradition. 

The beginning of the year 
was a heodoche for most 
Greeks when Virginia's mini- 

^;^^A^W^ft rt E 


IV'JV'i^^^^^^^ ^ ^^^if^ini 




mum drinking oge was 
raised to 19, The ABC olso 
abolished open ticket par- 
ties, and Greeks were forced 
to fund porties internally. 

In addition to being re- 
membered for the expon- 
sion, tradition changes and 
Greek issues, the year would 
be remembered as the year 
thot JMU almost beot the Uni- 
versity of Virginia in football, 
losing 21-14, It was the year 
Harrisonburg Police arrested 
44 people for swimming in 
Bett's Quarry on the outskirts 
of the city, and arresting 16 
people for using the path be- 
tween Howard Johnson's 
and Squire Hill, It would also 
be remembered as the year 
of "The Day After," the shock- 
ing portrayal of a nuclear 

Faculty achieved recogni- 
tion in various ways At 
Founder's Day ceremonies, 
various faculty members 
were honored for their out- 
stonding service and 
achievement, Kevin Miller of 
the Accounting and Finonce 
Department wos elected 
to the State Senate Fed- 
eral Judge Ted Dolton 
received JMU's Common- 
wealth Award for outstand- 
ing public service through 
government work. 

With the new yeor came 
the prospect of JMU losing its 
beloved President Corner to 
the University of Arkansas in 
Foyetteville, But to the relief of 
many, "Uncle Ron" declined 
the position to remain as 
president of JMU 

Sue Monelski, a member 
of the Women's Basketball 
Team, was the third JMU 
player ever to score 1000 ca- 
reer points. 

A new school record set 
when 6 JMU archers mode 
the 1983 National Archery As- 
sociotion All-America Team, 

1984 is also the sixth con- 
secutive year that a JMU de- 
bate team has qualified to 
compete in the National De- 
bate Tournament, 

In Moroh, the push for the 
strengthening of the Honor 
Code was highly publicized 
and with it came policies for 
stricter Honor Violation Penal- 

Looking Bock, the 1983-84 
school year wos a time of 
change, development, and 
growth for JMU, h 

Dr Comer toasts 75 years of JMU (Emerson] 






V 1 


BeW: A shiite fighter of the Amal (hope) militta 
wears a Santo Clause mask over his face and pic- 
tures of Ayatollah Khomeini and the Imam Mousse 
Sodr on his sleeve. The fighter is holding a Soviet 

nese Amy December 26 in me souSem sulDotos of 
Beiiut, (UPI) 


Tokyo: Prinie Minister Yasuhlro Nokasone bows as 
he is applauded by other leaders of his ruling Liberal 
Democratic Party December 26 after being re- 
elected OS prime minister at the Diet (Parlioment). His 
leadership declined in the wake of on election set- 
back. Nokasone was re-eiected to a (our-yeor teim 
a$ Japan's chief executive. (UPI{ 


A.: Lorl SI 

wait to buy their "Ca _ 
t Circus World, a toy store in tne 
.itry Mall near Potstown, PA No- 
vember 30. Triey were two of 23 people wtio 
brought the store's supply of the dolls. (UPI) 

vvosnir^gion: ine la year o 

walks over to her Indoor encli 

Notional Zoo December 8. The i . . 

ferfng from a Iddney problem which coulu 
kill her. The darts behind her ears are medi- 
cine injecting projectiles used to administer 
antibiotics and steroids which usually fall out 
within o few minutes after being Inserted with 
a 3-foot blow tube, (UPI) 

Vaficon City: Like an cxchestro conductof. Pope 
John Paul il Qostures wttti his both hands as he ad- 
dresses vtsltois durtng his weekly general audience 
jntiff, in his 

fourth appeal for wottd peace since the start of the 
Chiistinos seoson. asked pfoyeis for vicfims of the 
"sod chain" of conflicts in Lebanon, Iroq and Iran, 
Afghanistan and El Solvodor. (UPI) 

Mr. and Mrs. James J. Adams 

Xavier M. Anzemann, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs. Max L. Armentrout 


Mrs. Nancy Baish 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Bassett 

Mr. and Mrs. Francisco V. Bernardo 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Blakely 

Edwin C. Bland, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. James Block 

Charles R. Borchardt 

Mr. and Mrs. William Borum 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Braithwaite 

Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Branham 

Dr. Herbert Bricken 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Brewer 

Capt. and Mrs. David E. Buck 

Dennis H. Bunnell 

Mr. and Mrs, Thomas F. Butler 

Joseph L. Butson 

Howard M. Callis 

Barbara and William Cabey 

Pat Cardillo 

Dorothy C. Carter 

Mr. and Mrs. W,R, Carter 

Domenic and Helen Codella 

Julia B, Crenshaw 

H, Thomas Curran 


Henson R, DeBruler 

H, Geo, Decancq, Jr, MD. 

Mr, and Mrs, R, Delligatti 

Mr, and Mrs, Dennis V, DeLonqis 

N, McK. Downs 

Myma and Frankie Dressier 

Dr, and Mrs, John L, Duffy 

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Dzoba 

Austin W. Farley 

Dr. and Mrs. George Fleury 

Cleve Fredricksen 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles V. Funk 

Mrs. Elaine W. Lucian 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Lynch 


FrankJ.Gavlas, M.D. 

Ray and Susan George 

Mr. and Mrs. William Hill Goodman 

Mr. and Mrs. William John Gorman 


Mr. and Mrs. Ceroid Haase 

Mr. and Mrs. Leonard W. Hailey 

E.H. Haines 

Norman C. Hardee 

Col. and Mrs. Henry L. Harrison 

Robert D. Harrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Dorman L. Hartley 

Clous Helbing 

Steven A. Helms 

Watts and Shirley A. Hill 

Justin Hinders 

Claude L.Hinkle 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Hirsch 

CharlesJ. Hoffman, M.D. 

Mr. and Mrs. Warren J. Hoffman 

Dr. Clarence A. Holland 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Home 

Patricia Hundley 

Nancy and Donny Johnson 


Dr. and Mrs. Paul Kaufman 
Thomas E. and Joan C. Kenney 
Mr. and Mrs. Sidney F. Keoughan 
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen G. Kerekes 
LTC and Mrs. Robert J. Kerrigan 
Roger S. Kort 
J. A. Kozlosky 
Phyllis and Burt Krauss 


John J. and Maureen T. Mackessy 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mann 

Charles E. Martin 

Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Martinelli 

Col. and Mrs. Clinton B. McGeachy 

Ronald F, McRoberts 

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Midgett 

Mr. and Mrs. Samson Mikitarian 

Anthony J. and Lois M. Mileo 

Michael and Maria Miles 

Catherine K. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Moller 

Warner H. Moore 

J.W. Morris, III 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert R. Munse 


Dorreil and Ann Nygaard 


Dr. and Mrs. Ray C. Otte 

Leon and Helen Parker 

Robert A. Pastor 

C.J. Perini, M.D. 

Ronald J. and Patricia B. Phillips 

David H. and Carol A. Pickering 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben Pittarelli 

Mr. and Mrs. W. Reginald Powell 

Robert and Diane Procaccini 


Mr. and Mrs. Reginald E. Rice 
Dr. and Mrs. Henry E. Richter 
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel B. Ridgeway 
Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Ritchie, Jr, 
Mr, and Mrs, Carl W, Rogers 


Mr. and Mrs. Jerome M. Kwiatkowski 

Mr. and Mrs. W 
Mr. and Mrs. He 

Ann and Nelson Eads 


Thomas R, Ewing, Sr, 


Jackie Sachlis 
Jack R. Sadler 
Lee J. Salfe 


Mr, and Mrs. Fankhauser 

Dominic and Sylvia Laiti 
Langley P. Land 
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Lawson 
Dr. and Mrs. S.H. Leong 


Col. and Mrs. Raphael J. Schach 

Pauline and Al Schllm 

Mr, and Mrs. Gerald Schneider 

Betsey and Julian Selig 

llene R. Sherwood 

Mr. and Mrs. Bradley G. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Gamett E. Smith 

Gerard C. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. John Staurulakis 

George A, Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. O. Howard Stockton 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Strauss 

James A. Swanick 

Robert L. Tate 

LTC and Mrs. Elliott i. Tepper 
Glenn and Barbara Trezona 
Anthony R. Tringale 


Lawrence G. Usiskin 


Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Walker 

Reta K. Waller 

Ben F. Weaver 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Weber, Sr. 

Jean B. Wenigmann 

Edgar D.Williams III 

Mr. and Mrs. Keith B, Wiills 

Ray S. Wilson 

Bert and Rita Wolff 

Eleanor and Roy Woods 

Harrison Young II 

Larry R. and Barbara B. Young 

Bob and Jan Zapotocky 
Woody N. Zember 


For Donations in Excess of $25 


Harold and Madeline Alexander 

William A. Allen 

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence R. Ambrogi 

Marya Andreen 

Mr. and Mrs. Wesley G. Andrews, Jr. 

Julie C.Andrien 

Charlotte Arnold 


Mr. and Mrs. J. Bachmurski 

Mr. and Mrs. George Bacso 

Paul C. Bailey 

Dr. and Mrs. Charles L. Baird, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Orivel W. Baker 

Reynaldo C. Balatbat 

John Ballowe 

Dr. and Mrs. W.S. Bamberg 

Mr. and Mrs, John G. Barber 

Emma Marie Barlow 

Ed and Jean Barnard 

Helen D. Barsalou 

Mr. and Mrs. E. Bartolotta 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley L. Bauserman 

D. Harold Beane 

Thomas B. and Phyllis A. Beasley 

Les and Jean Benson 

Rev. and Mrs. LeRoy Beutel 

Mr. and Mrs, Ralph W, Biddlecomb 

T,E, Billingsley, M,D. 

Mrs. Linda Biscardo 

Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Blackley 

Captain and Mrs. J.W. Blanchard, Jr. 

C.E. Blankenship, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Elliott E. Blankenship 

Al and Lee Boecker 

Bo and Kitty Bolinger 

Eleanor Boussy 

Mr. and Mrs. Melvin W. Bowling 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Bowry, Jr. 

Phyllis H. Boyle 

Mr. and Mrs. C.C. Braun 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Brick 

Rev. and Mrs. James W. Bright 

William and Ceal Bristowe 

Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Brown 

Mr, and Mrs, Russell C, Brungard 

Joyce Bruns 

Mr, and Mrs, John Bryans 

Arthur and Norine Buffkin 

Ann C, Burdette 

Mr, and Mrs, Wm, A, Burke 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas I. Burrows 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert L, Burton 

Mr, and Mrs. Graham Byrnes 

Mr. and Mrs. L.W. Calbeck 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent F, Callahan 

Mr. and Mrs. Chester M. Campbel 

Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Campbell 

Mr, and Mrs. David Canavan 

Andrew A. Canellas 

Mr, and Mrs, Russell A. Capps, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Skoglund 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Cash 

Mr. and Mrs. John B Cosier 

Mr. and Mrs. Norris Chamberlain 

Wallace L. Chandler 

Lorry and Leien Cherry 

Maria Chomeau 

Frank P, Ciocco 

Mr, David P, Clarke 

Mr. and Mrs. Dudley Clayton 

George E. Coats 

Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Cobum 

Aletta Thackston Cockrell 

Richard A. Cocozza 

Mr. and Mrs, Philip A, Coffey 

Mr, and Mrs, Harry C, Coffman 

Mr. and Mrs. T. Blanton Coghill 

William H. Golden 

Mrs. Jessie W. Coles 

Gerald D. Conley 

Edward F, Conway, Jr. 

Wendell A. Cook 

Ken and Libby Cooper 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Cozzi 

Rev. and Mrs. Harry W. Crandall 

Dr. and Mrs. John J. Crowley 

Mr. and Mrs. Carville J. Cross 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Cruise 

Mr. and Mrs. John J. Durant 
Stephen F. Durbin 
AlvinT. Durham, Sr. 


Mr, and Mrs, Daniel C, Dagit 

Mr, and Mrs, David N, David 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davis 

Merlin and Dixie Dowdy 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Decker 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Dehazo 

Mr. and Mrs. John Deichert 

Anita Dellal 

Hall and Margaret Delph 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard DeLuca, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Edmund T. Derringe, Sr. 

Henry F. Dial, Jr. 

Mary C. DiNardo 

Dorothy S. Dishman 

Martin A. and Janet M. Ditmore 

Harold J. Dodd 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Dodson 

Jean and David Donnell 

John P. Donnelly 

Edwin and Marilou Donovan 

John W, Dorsey 

Dr, and Mrs, Otis W, Doss, Jr, 

Tom R, Downs 

Curtis L, Dozier 


Mr, and Mrs, Harry Ebert, Jr, 

John and Alyce Eberth 

Mary Jane Edwards 

Mrs, William J, Ellena 

Paul E, Ellison 

Mr, and Mrs, William W, Ensor 

Dr, and Mrs, Richard J, Ernst 

Mr, and Mrs, Thomas Ernst 

Mr, and Mrs, Charles R, Esherick 

Mr, and Mrs, Gerald T. Everton 


Gene and Ramona Font 

Mr, and Mrs, James J, Farrell 

Thomas P, Farrelly 

Patricia Fatzinger 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Fehlauer 

Mr, and Mrs, Robert F, Ferguson 

Mr, and Mrs, McEldon L, Fleming 

Julia Flynn 

Gerald P, Foss 

Mr, and Mrs, Garrett Fox 

Mr, and Mrs, James C, Fralin 

Mr, and Mrs, Walter Fredericks 

Dr, and Mrs, R,0, Friedel 

Clarence W, Fulcher 

Doris S, Fultz 


Aland Sally Galiani 

Mr, and Mrs, B,S, Galbraith 

Mr, and Mrs, Wm, Galik 

Mr, and Mrs, John J, Gallagher 

Dr, and Mrs, W,J, Gallogher 

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. J. Garber 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Garmichael 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert W. Gaskill, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Irving E. Gaskill 

Frank T. Gasper 

Janet and Paul Gensler 

Donald S. Gerhart 

Mary Louise Gibbs 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gibson 

Lawrence and Gwen Gillespie 


Mr. and Mrs. Gordon K. Gilson 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Guiseppe 

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Givens, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs, John C, Glass 

Mr, and Mrs, Joseph Goldenberg 

Carroll and Joyce Good 


Joyce W. Goode 

Mr. and Mrs. P.P. Goodwyr^ 

Dr. and Mrs. T.W. Gouldin 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Graby 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grandel 

Mr. and Mrs. William E.B. Graves 

John J. Gravinslll 

Mr. and Mrs. Dock Green 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Norman Greene 

Charles C. Gruneberg 

Donald S. Guill 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne O. Gunnelson 

Mr. and Mrs. G. Paul Gunning 

Vivian B. Jackson 

Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey O. James, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. J.O. Jennings 

Wm. B. and C.A. Jepson 

John and Barbara Johns 

Mr. and Mrs. Eriing G. Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Walter W, Johnson 

Wanda Johnson 

Mr. and Mrs. Eldon L. Joiner 

Jack and Carol Ann Jones 

R.L, Joms 



Mr. and Mrs. John Haag, Sr. 

J.M. Hagood 

Robert E. Hallman 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Hamel 

Charles H. and Barbara U. Hammer 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Hannan 

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Hannon 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Hanrahan 

Mr. and Mrs. William Hansen 

Roger and Peggy Hanson 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Hardage 

Bernard F. Harmon 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Harney 

Col, and Mrs. Jerry C. Harrison 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Harrison 

Walter and John Hartwig 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Harvey 

Mr. and Mrs. Jock J. Hatfield 

Dorothy L. Hawthorne 

Mr. and Mrs, Robert M. Hayes 

T.P. Hayes 

Mr. and Mrs. Chartes A. Hazen, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hefferan 

Stanley and Irene Heffner 

Adrian C. Hendricks 

Elbert A. Henry 

Kev and Judy Hersey 

Mr. and Mrs. Merlin F. Hertzog 

Marianne and Jack Higgins 

Mr. and Mrs. Cory E. Highlander 

Jim and Linda Hines 

Mr. and Mrs. George Hofstetter 

L.D. Hogge 

Robert Homer 

Nancy and Clint Hopkins 

Judge and Mrs. Frank A. Hoss, Jr. 

Robert J. Howard 

Col. and Mrs. Dale E. Hruby 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Hunter 

Betsy and Gene Irwin 
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Isaac 
Mr. and Mrs. Henry luliano 

Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Kamienski 

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Kane, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Kaplan 

Ron and Wilma Kaplan 

John Kosarad 

Mr. and Mrs. W. John Keane, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Keegan 

Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Kelliher 

Mary A. Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. Kelly 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kent 

George Kendall 

Mr. and Mrs. James T. Kildeo 

Carol Kirk 

George J. Kirstein 

Edward Kiser 

John and Sylvia Kitchen 

Victor Koleszor 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Kokulis 

Col. and Mrs. A.E. Kosciuszko 

Mr, and Mrs. Marcus H. Knupp 

Mr. and Mrs. Allen D. Kremer 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kuhn 

D.L. Lafuze 

Michael F. and Carolyn S. Laing 

M.J. Langhozz 

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin P. Latimer 

Mr. and Mrs. Tommy R. Law 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Layton Laws, Jr. 

Mr, and Mrs. Donald J. Lazas 

John G. Leake, Sr. 

Jack W. Leddon 

Marilyn and Frederick W. Leuppert 

James and Eleaner Leftwich, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. John F. Lemon 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Lingafelt 

Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Liskey 

W.M. Wayne Liskey 

Mr. and Mrs. E.J. Lopynski 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles Loucks 

John and Linda Lupis 




Mr, and Mrs. Robert M. MacCallum 

James L. Maclndoe 

William T. Mahoney 

Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Malczak 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mallon 

Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Manifold 

Joseph A. Manzione 

Col. and Mrs. William J. Marr 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Marshall 

Mr. and Mrs. Stuart D. Martin 

Frank R. Marvin 

Mrs. Blair B.May 

Mrs. Janet E. Mayer 

Judge Lindley McClelland 

Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. McCleskey 

Mr. and Mrs. James M. McDermott 

Loriez and Tom McGrann 

Mr. and Mrs. Bennett V. McLaughlin 

JoeA. Mellender 

Dr. and Mrs. Jerry F. Meyer 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Miller 

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lee Miller, Jr. 

William H. Miracle 

Dr. and Mrs. R.K. Modlin 

Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo Moody 

Mrs. Albert L. Mooney 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Moore 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Moron 

Ron and Joann Moretti 

George and Bett/ Morgan 

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C. Morrell 

Rev. and Mrs. Robert L. Morris, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore R. Morris 

Donald E. Mosman 

Terris J. Mountain 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Murphy 

Mr. and Mrs. James D. Murphy 

Fletcher Myers, Jr. 


Nancy M. Nagler 
Mr, and Mrs. David L. Nalker 
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Nails, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. A.M. Natelli 
Senator and Mrs. Frank W. Nolen 


John J. O'Day 
Roy and Barbara Oamsen 
Mr. and Mrs. Walter H. Oleary 
Florence and John Ondrejcek 
Albert G. Opp 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry J. Orange 
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Oscar 
Marcia Ottenstein 
Mr. and Mrs. Hubert C. Overacre 

Mr. and Mrs. R.F. Pangle, Jr. 

Capt. and Mrs. P.W, Parcells 

Mr. and Mrs. James V. Parker 

Mr. and Mrs. William F. Peterson 

Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Patterson 

Mr. and Mrs. James Peeling, Jr. 

Jane and Bill Pfost 

Dr. and Mrs. Dan B. Peleo 

Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Pence 

Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Pennacchio 

Mr. and Mrs. George Petrutsas 

Vivian P. Peyton 

John and Marian Phillips 

JuneF. Phillips 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Piercey 

Mr. and Mrs. Ray L. Piercy 

Mr. and Mrs. Phillip A. Ponton, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C.W. Powell 

William L. Powell 

Bruce F. and Phyllis M. Powers 

James and Joan Marie Powers 

Harold and Patricia Preston 

John and Dolores Prokopchak 

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Prouly 

Leonard and Sarah Pulley 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Putprush 


Jack Quinn 

John C. Quinn, Sr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Quittmeyer 


Dr. and Mrs. R.V. Rack 

Mr. and Mrs. David Raher 

Ella O Ramirez 

Robert E. Randolph 

Dr. and Mrs. Michael M. Rauhut 

LTC and Mrs. Leonard C. Ray 

Dr. and Mrs. Alfredo Recio 

Charles P. Reilly 

M.M. Reiman 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Reynolds 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Reynolds 

Raymond L. Richardson 

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Rinaldi 

Mr. and Mrs. Lee W. Ritzinger 

Mr. Richard C. Roberts 

Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Rogers 

John J. Ronan 

James Patrick Rooney 

Mr. and Mrs. Russell A. Rourke 

Vincent J. and Mary C. Ruffalo 

Mr. and Mrs. Peter W. Runkle 

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Ryan 

Warren A. Rybak 

Dr. and Mrs. Craig A. Ryder 


Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Sadler, Jr. 

Jack H. Salmon 

Walter C. and Patricia G. Sampsell 

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sanchez 

Frank F. Sapio 

Mr. and Mrs. M. Savacool 

C.P. Scheid 

Ed and Lynn Schell 

Fred L. Schlichtmann 

W.R. Schuh 

Mr. and Mrs. A. Vincent Scoffone 

Charles E. Scranage 

John P. Seaborn 

Mr. and Mrs. James Serroko 

Ann K. Serwitz 

Mr. and Mrs. David S. Shaw 


John J. Shea 

Mr. and Mrs. Joel E. Shelton 

Harry A. Sheppard 

Mr. and Mrs. Harvey R. Sherman 

Jean Shiflet 

R.B. Shillinger 

Martin Shorter 

Zenon J. Siekirski 

Mr. and Mrs. B.J. Simmons, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Sinnott 

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Sipler 

Mr. and Mrs. Carl B. Sisk 

Mr. and Mrs. Larry F. Small 

Allen and Elaine Smith 

Carol L. Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas E. Smith 

Frank O Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. Jack G. Smith 

Twila T.Smith 

Mr. and Mrs. D. Joseph Snyder 

Mr. and Mrs. John W. Solan 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Solberg 

Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Soop 

Charles W. Spongier 

J.R. Spina 

Bumette and John Stacey 

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Staiman 

Paul and Glenna Steagall 


Mr. and Mrs. Jospeh G. Stenger 


Mr. and Mrs. Howard Steinwandel 

William F. Stephenitch 

Thomas D. Wagner 

Carl and Violet Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wahlgren 

William L. Stewart 

Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Stickman 

Edward B. Walker, Jr. 

Ralph L. Stimmel 

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene R. Walker 

William T. Stockhausen 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Walker 

Mr. and Mrs. Dutton G. Stoy 

George and Doris Wall 

Mr. and Mrs. Wayne T. Strand 

Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert G. Walton 

Sharon L. Streat 

Carlena and Bill Ward 

Robert K. Stuart 

Mr. and Mrs. R.V. Warrick 

Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Sullenberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Ben G. Watada 

Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan 

Nancy and Robert E. Watson 

Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Suter 

George S. Webb, Jr. 

Fred Swartz 

Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Webster 

Elizabeth H. Swecker 

Helen and Fred Weisensale 

Richard and Janice Sweeten 

Mr.andMrs.E. Brent Wells 

John G. Werz 

Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Westphal 


Howard and Jane Wharton 

Marlene K. Wheeler 

Dr. and Mrs. Felix S. Tantoco 

Mr. and Mrs. George E. Whitley 

Mr. and Mrs. Dan L. Taylor 

George W. White 

James L. Thomas 

Detlef F. Whitlow 

Robert B. Thompson 

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon A. Whitt 

George and Joyce Tidey 

Mr. and Mrs. Irving L. Wicks 

Harvie S. Tinsley, Jr. 

Bruce N. Wildenberger 

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson G. Todd, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs, Karl J. Willett 

Paul and Catherine Tolusso 

Harry B. Williams 

Jack and Pearl Torbush 

Mr, and Mrs. Stephen C. Wilson 

Dr. and Mrs. James L. Towe 

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Witkowski 

Mr. and Mrs. Girard N. Trahan 

Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Whitman 

Ruth Trescott 

Mr. and Mrs. H.C. Whitthaus 

Jack E.Tribett 

Mr. and Mrs. George A, Wojnar 

Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Trownsell 

Mr, and Mrs. Michael Wood 

Mr. and Mrs. Olliver O. Tnjmbo 

Jerry M, Wright 

Charles J. Tucker, Jr. 

Beatrice and John Wright 

Cecil and Hattie Tyler 

Mr, and Mrs. WM. L. Wunderly, Jr. 

Mr. and Mrs. C. Mac Tyler 



John A. Yanosov 

Mr. and Mrs. Chartes Unger 

Frances and Murry Unruh 

Barbara Urbaitis 

Mr. and Mrs. John Urban 

Mr. and Mrs. John H. Urquhart, Jr. 


Juanita Vanderpool 

Fred A. Vann 

Sydnae R. Vanner 

Charles Van Slyke 

Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Vemarelli 

Mr. and Mrs. John Vlasis 




Ayte$. Steven 


AtJbitt. Beveily 266 

Abod. Kcatherine 198 

Atxahom, Eugenio 252 

Absher. Karen 252 

Acker, Karen 2S0 

Acors, Ttna 198 

Adam. Suzie 266 

Adams. David 252, 345 

Adams. Jim 303 

Adams, Karen 238.311 

Adams, Loura 252.292 

Adams. Margaret 238 

Adams. Ricky 337, 303 

Adams. Sandra ,290, 291. 312 

Adams, Steve 333 

Adams, Tony 198,294 

Addison, Jeon . 327 

Adkir\s. Nancy 238 

Agee, Anr>ette 238, 303 

Agee.Mark 132,134.252 

Afneili,Tony 309 

Ahem, Mark 266 

Atilt>erg, Ctiiro 303 

Albfigtit. David 345 

Allen, Elizabetti 266 

Aiello. Sally . 198, 328 

Aker, Sfieila . , ,252 

Albergotti, Janie 238 

Albero, Cart , 331 

Albertson, Rick 252 

Albright, Poul 198, 294 

Albftttoin, Biff 303 

Albrrtton, Susan Coiol 238. 326, 244 

Aleshire, Tammy ,198. 296, 309 

Alexander. LendOfO 252 

Algen, Sean 338 

Allen. Carol 238 

Allen, Karen 252 

Allen, Katie ,252 

Allen, Lorez 252 

Allen, Stephanie 144 

Allison, Kate 252, 309 

Allshouse, Chns 282 

Allyn, Rachoel , ,198, 303 

Almquist, Stephanie 266 

Alston, Joanne 311 

Ams,Keiley 266.302 

Amari, Marcetio 50 

Ambrogi, Elaine 238 

Amparan, Aouiles 331 

Anderson, Beth . 198, 298 

Anderson, Eleanor 109 

Anderson, Erica 238, 282 

Anderson, Jeff 198 

Anderson, Kari 266 

Arxlersoo, Karen 339 

Anderson, fvlelissa , 266 

Anderson. Nori 196 

Anderson. Pamela 198 

Anderson. Paul 198 

Anderson, Steven 338 

Andes, Cindy 252 

Andrew, fvlltch , . 252 

Arydrews, Carolyn 238 

Andrews, Mindy 238, 309 

Andrews, Mitchell 330 

Andrew, Sherri 198, 326, 336 

Andrews, Tyna 252, 292 

Andfxjs, Amanda 198 

Angell, Beth 198 

Anzmann, Mark .198, 333 

Apistolas, Jim 345 

Appel, Chuck 266 

Apostdico, Judy 116, 319 

Aragi. Edgordo 292 

Arceri.John 170 

Archibald. DavkJ 306 

Arenth, Denise 198 

Argerson, Dennis 238 

ArmerxJaris, Stepfianle 238 

Armentrout, Kerry 2-52 

Armer^trout, Tony 198 

Armisteod. Leste 296 

Amall, Stephen 196 

Arnold, DovkJ 2bb 

Amokj, Edward. 266 

Arrington, Mike 140 

Arnold, Christa 198 

Arnold, Coach Charles 154 

Arttxjr, Kimberly Ann 266 

Arthurs. Susan 341, 344 

Ascenzi. Lourie 266 

Ashooh. Verontca 330 

Assoid, Cfieryt 238, 282 

Attieam, Lorry 252 

Atkinson, Kevin 292 

Atklr^son, Lynne . 312 

Atwater, Susoi 238 

Atwell, Donna 302 

Atwood, Hony 140 

Atwood. Loi 199 

Augustine, Alan 266 

Austin, Amy 252,327 

Austin, Greg 340, 298 

Auttier, Linda 252, 304 


Bobb, Charles 199 

Sober, Jocquelyn 199 

Babllon, William 266 

Babinsky, Linda 199 

Babily, Daniel 238, 337 

Bachmurski, Mory 238, 283 

fiasco, Nancy 199 

Badaues, tourie 166 

Baich, Dick -294 

Bailer, Sue , 298 

Bailey, Cathy 252 

Bailey, Darrell 252 

Bailey, Tim 238 

Bain, Holly 199 

Boisch, Leanne 252. 342 

Baish, Richard 199,338 

Boir, Art 170 

Baker, Alice 311 

Baker, Art 114, 115 

Baker, Kenneth 199 

Baker, Rick 345 

Baker, Voleris 122, 199, 292 

Bakley, Undo 292 

Bolon, Mark 266 

Bolorzs, Selina 199 

Bolda, Lawrence 266 

Baldacci, Todd 266. 333 

Baldwin, Barbara 199. 280, 304 

Balenger, Tammy 326 

Baierger, Vicky 252. 340 

Ball, Deborah 199. 299. 290 

Ball. Kci*hrvn 199 

Ball. Steoher .199, 333 

Boll, Teresa 238 

Bollontine. Kellie 124 

Ballard, Heather 238 

Bolleitt, Randy 335 

Bollow. Dove 333 

Bolsomo. Vicki 252 

Balserok.Jon ..,,252 

Bamberg. Angela 266 

Bantolzer. Karyn 199 

Bonks, Jeff 178 

Banks, Todd 158 

Bonks, William 238 

Boibee. Mark 290. 312 

Barber, Holly 266 

Bortier, Laura 292 

Barber, Rebecca 252 

Barden, Rhonda 294 

Barker, Ginger 199 

Borker, Kimberly .238. 297 

Bart<er, Mark 280 

Bart<sdale, Elizobefh .199. 327 

Borksdole, Kemp 329 

Bamo, Barbara 238 

Barnard, Vikki 252 

Bamord, Dave 331 

Barney, Rictxard 338 

Barnes. Carol 199 

Barnes. Christine 199. 302. 309 

Barnes. Karen 292 

Bcjmes. Marshall 140 

Barnes. Patricia 199 

Bomett, Jeffrey 199 

Bomett, Percy 114, 140, 199 

Boroodv, Srigid 144 

Barr, Trish 252 

Borrock, Betty 199 

Borrazotfo, Matthew 200, 329 

Barrett, Anthony 200 

Barrett, Eileen 252 

Barrett, Randy 331 

Barrett, Tony 334 

Barron, Kirsten 266 

Bony, Stacy 252 

Barth, Louro 200 

Barttidomeu, Trocie 327 

Bartlett, Greg 252 

Bartlett, Suzanne 200 

Bortley, Scott 345 

Bartmon, Sandra 200, 327, 280 

Barton. Glorio 266 

Bass, Bob 303 

Bosseti, Betsy 292 

Bussham, Roridy . 337 

Batchelor, Tim 303 

Boteman, Ty ,266 

Botes, Daniel 200 

Botes, Melissa 238, 311 

Botes, William 238, 334 

Baucom, Lisa 266, 292 

Boughman, Kimbedy 342 

Bauer. Chris 144 

Bauer, Vincent XD. 155 

Baugtier , Donise 294 

Bauman, Dr. Ben 309 

Bauroth, Deanrxa 266 

Bousenrxan. John 238 

Bavis. John III 335 

Baxter, Roto 345 

Baxter, Scott 140 

Boxel, Tom 340 

Beach, Nancy 200. 341 

Beocham. Mlctxael 120 

Beahm, Beth 238 

Beam, Melodye 238 

Bealey, Ken 312 

Beane. Karen 200. 294 

Beosley. Susan 200. 328. 303. 307 

Beotty. Amy Kotherine 252. 327 

Beaudoin, Valerie 252 

Beaumont, Bettina 252 

Beck, Brian 266 

Beck, Shelly 341 

Becker, Debbie , 266 

Becker, Gregory 252 

Beckett, Kimberly ,252 

Bedford, Jere .200 

Bedner, Kimtserty ,266 

Beeby, Don 345 

Beglou, Debbie 252 

Behnke, Maria 252 

Behnke, Tina 328 

Beierle. Suzanne 238 

Beinhardt, Jocquelyn 200 

Belctier, Chiris 345 

Belcher, Dyke 252 

Belchen, Michele 252 

Bell, Baitxjra 266 

Bell, David 120 

Bell. Robert 129, 128. 318 

Bell. Ron 311. 318 

Belloschi, Ann 2ii6 

Bellioni, Suzanne 339 

Belles, Pauline 253 

Beltz, Linda 253 

Beltz, Linda 253 

Beltz, Linda 253 

Bencic, Brian 331 

Bender, Jean 252 

Berx:lit, Christopher 331 

Bengermino, Jeonine 290. 292 

Benke. Dr Ralph L 259 

Bennett, Angela 238 

Bennett, Carol 253 

Benson, Caroline 200,263 

Benson, Coach Rose Ann 156 

Bensoni, Pom 253 

Benvenulo, Paul 340 

Berg, Liso 326,344 

Berg, Roland ,304 

Bergeron, Paul 340 

Berggren, Pauline, 238 

Bergren, Pamela 253 

Berkebile, Alice Ann 236 

Beri<owi1z. Julie 253 

Berttr^sky. Lynne 341 

Bernard, Pomelo 238 

BemordcAlex 298 

Bemero, John 200 

Bernhardt, Kathryn 200 

Berry, Donna 200, 295 

Berry, Kevin 200 

Berry. Larry 345 

Berry, Leslie 238 

Berry, Richard 253 

Bess. Mary 315 

Bettis, James 200 

Beutel, Kellie 200 

Beshier, Coach Ricahrd 170 

Bickmeyer, Mary 332 

Biddlecomb. Allan 200 

Biggs. Kenneth 200, 295, 337 

Bilello. Thorrras 337 

Biller, Julie 311 

Billhimer, Helen 200 

Billingsley. Kirk 292 

Billups. Chortes 335 

Bindo.Mory 200 

Binder, Douglas 337 

Bindrlm, Veronica ,200. 290, 312 

Biondo, Brenda 238, 299 

Biikhold, Susan 200 

Bisson. Kristlna 253, 339 

Block, Betty 238 

Block, James 238 

Blackburn, Lisa . , 266 

Blockledge, Stephonie 238 

Blockley, Alison 266 

Blockstock, Tomara 253 

Blockwell, John 140 

Blockwell, Michele 199 

Blokely, Tricio 342 

Blair, Chris 253 

Blair, Kathy 266 

Blokely, Karen 342 

Blanctxjrd, David 200 

Blanchord, Gregory 200 

Bland, Lorry 140 

Blank, LorettX) 238 

Blonkeriship, Brian 338 

Blankenship, Bruce. 338 

Blank, Gregory ,200, 329 

Blaze,Jerrv 178 

Bledsoe, Patricia J26, 335 

Blevins, Alison Lynno 253, 297 

Bliss, Jorl 201 

Block, Teren \S2 

Blose, Betsy 162.201,311,165 

Blount. David 253 

Blum, Barbara 238 

Book, Richard 

Boecker, Lori , , ,253 

Boehuing, Christie ,239 

Boemer. Kent 128, 333 

Bogart, Beverly 253 

Bogort. Ellen 178 

Bognor, Carol 253 

Bolenbaugh, Barbara 239 

Bolinger, Brenda 201, 327 

Bolt, Anno 332 

Bollinger, John 282 

Bombordiorl, Froncie 292 

Bonor, Chollen , 303 

Bond. Jane , ,201 

Bond, Mitchell 253 

Bono, Charles ,334, 311 

Booker, Kimberly 201 , 308 

Boras, Eleno .239 

Borchardt. Kerri .253 

Borne. Linda 2 

Borillo, Debbie 266 

Borzelleca, Therese 201 

Bosch, Cristy 239 

Bosher, Durwood 239 

Boslaugh, Bruc» 201. 334 

Bosley. Lucinda 266 

Bostic. Bryan 337 

Bowse. MorttTo 283 

Boswell, Jane 118. 201. 307, 311 

Boswell. Mortha 201, 303 

Boswell, Robert .201.343.319 

Bottorff. Terri Lee 253 

Bouchelion. Bryan .140. 253. 356 

Boussy, Karen 239 

Bova. Sue 316 

Bowe. Tom 201 

Bower. Jimmy 345 

Bower. Zito, , - . ,266 

Bowers, Kothy 266 

Bowers. Melissa 266. 302 

Bowie. Erica 201. 294 

Bowles. Tom 140 

Bowman. Colhlin 341 

Bowman. David 253 

Bowman. Eric 239 

Bov\rman. Susan 201 

Bowry, Myrf 201. 342. 364 

Bowser, John 114,115,201.178 

Bowyer.Jeff 170 

Boxley. Sed , , ,345 

Boyce, Cynthia 239 

Boyd, Joanne 201 

Boyd. Rosemary 339 

Boyes. Cioron 239 

Boyle. Gina 201 

Boyle, Suzanne 309. 342 

Brockmon. Jonnes 201, 294 

Brockmon, Jan 156 

Brodbury, Elizabeth 239, 342 

Bradley. Elizabeth 201 

Bradley. Keith 158 

Bradshow. Andrew 140 

Bragg, Carta. 266 

Brolley, Rich . , , 136 

Branch, Janet 267 

Bronham, Kelly 267 

Bronn, Forrest 239 

Bratton, Debro 239, 300 

Broun, Anne 267 

Braun, Cindy 201, 343 

Broutigam, Brad 253. 345 

Brawley, David 292 

Braxton, Rachelle 339 

Breaux, Ronique 267 

Breeding, Liz 123 

Breeding, Ivkiry 282 

Breedlove, Ann 122 

Breody, Sam 331 

Breen. Susan 253 

Brenner, Adam 253, 334 

Brent. Eric 158 

Bretschneider, Elizabeth 267 

Brick. Christine 267 

Bricken. Glenn 201 

Bridgeforth. Scott 253 

Bright, Coulter 358 

Brightwell. Bill 140 

Brillhort, Sandra 253 

Briner, Denise 283 

Britt, Annette 

Brioaolaro, Morcy 253 

Broffmon, Neal 303 

Brcxsking, Victoria 201 

Brooks, Alenio 144 

Brooks, Marquita 239 

Brock, Missy 253 

Brock, Steve 331 

Browmon, George 331 

Bronddo, Thomas 316 

Brooks, Janis 123 

Brooks, Susan 341 

Brooks, Willie 201 

Brotznfion, Lisa 201. 335 

Brouillette, Ttximas 334 

Brounley, Laurie 239 

Brown, Teresa 253 

Brown. Allison 267.292 

Brown. Ann 201. 253 

Brown. Don 337 

Brown. Donna 239. 308 

Brown, Jeff 132.294 

Browm. Karen 327 

Brown, Kenneth 202. 154 

Brown, Melinda 202 

Brown. Michael 253 

Brov/n. Reginald 267. 304 

Brown. Shan 343 

Brown. Stephanie 239 

Brown. Steve 239 

Brown. Timothy 140 

Brown, Vanessa 328. 316 

Browne, Ken 155 

Browning, Gory 306 

Browning, John 239. 317 

Brownley.Tonjo 239 

Bruce, Patricia 311 

Brumbock, Terry 310 

Bajner. Denise 

Bruner. David 345 

Brunson, Valerie 239 

Brunson, Scott 239 

Bruns. Chnsty 267 

Bryons, Marshall 239 

Bryont, Joan 267 

Bryant, Koryn 342 

Bryant. Kattierine 253 

Bryant. Lisa 267. 341 

Bryant. Sarah 300 

Bryce, Gillian 343 

Bubeck, Cheryl 202. 124 

Buchanan. Allison 202,327 

Buchonon, Cindy 328 

Buck. David 202 

Buck. Janet 239 

Buck, Wilbur 329 

Buckley, Sue Ann 202,327,310 

Buddo, Chns 202 

Buennemeyer, Tim 239 

Buffkir, Douglas 253 

Bugbee, James 253 

Bugen, Margery 298 

Buhite, Julie 253 

Bullis.Skip 178 

Bunch. Lisa 253 

Buonincontri. Craolyn 239. 342 

Bunch, Ruth 202.328 

Burch. Cynthia 239 

Burdette. Sluott .154 

Burford. Allison 267 

Burger. Darta 239 

Burger, Patricia 253 

Buri!e,Jeff, 239 

Burke, Pomelo 239 

Burtre, Ronold 280, 281 

Buri<et, Adorn 140 

Burtrholder, Tom 282 

Burt(itt, Michael 345 

Burner. Debbie 267 

Burnett. Chris 267 

Burnett, David 239 

Bunietl, Sherri 239. 297 

Burnett, William 202, 239. 306 

Bumham, Bonnie 202. 330. 294 

Bums, James 335 

Buri. Chns 253 

Bunixighis, Glenda 253 

Burt, Mictxjel 154 

Burt, Teresa 239 

Burton. Beth 280 

Burton. Brian 253, 300 

Burton. Ellen , 253 

Burton, Lynne 253 

Bush, Penny 340 

Bush, Suzanne 202 

Butler, Amy 267 

Butter, Clint 292 

Butter, Elaine 340 

Butler.Erik 345 

Butter, Rhett 202 

Butter. Steven 202.267 

Butier. William 202 

Butson, Denver 267 

Buttenworth, Tom 253. 311 

Byng. Edward 331 

Byrd. Tmya 202 

Byers, Stephen 239 

Byme, Thomas 333 

Byrnes, Patricia 253 

Byrnes. Phyllis 331 

Bytum. Susan 267 


Coboniss, Kona 202 

Cabey, Gar/ 254 

Cadra, Caren 202. 297. 311 

Cahill, Lynne 339 

Cahoon, Daniel 202 

Coin, Chartes 202 

Cain. Mary Belti 202 

Cainelli. Ana 239 


CoWwell. David .... .202. 329. 335. 360 

Calefxlipe. I?alti 267 

Colleo. David 140 

Calhoun, Brooka .239 

Calhoun. Chris 337 

Callahan. Cathy. .239 

Callahan. Michelle 239. 298 

Collohon, Shawn 340 

Cameron. Malcolm 202 

Camefon. Pete 303 

Comm.Volerie 202 

Cammock, Leslie 339 

Campbell. Betsy 202. 295, 297 

Campbell. Carol 1166. 254. 344 

Campbell, Cindy. 254, 304 

Compbell. Daniel 282 

Compbell, David 239 

Compbell, Gregoiy 239 

Compbell, Jane 267 

Campbell, Joanna .254 

Corr^jbell. Kenmor . 202 

Corr^sbell. Soupy 202 

Compenellt, Coach Lou 158 

Compef. Connie 239 

Canellas.Chns 254 

Connelos. Mothios 202, 333 

Connodoy. Joan ,202, 298 

Cannon, Elizabeth 267 

Contef . Joshua 267. 345 

Cantin, Paul 335 

Copno. Daniel Jr .202. 310, 312 

Copps, Rob 254 

Corovona, Gina 240, 335 

Corowan, Gwen 240 

Carctiedi, Donno 203 

Caid, Christopher .254 

Coriin. Judith 203 

Cortton, Roland .203 

Cartquist, Al 335 

Comohan, Holly .254 

Comey, Valerie .240 

Coipentef, Shelley 326 

Corielli, Moiy .267 

CoTDll. Robin .240 

Coipentef, Dawn Kay 203 

Coipenter, Scott 182 

Coipentef, Shelley 203 

Caipef, Sinan 254 

Corpef. William 254 

Corr, Karin 203 

Cart, Thomas 203. 333 

Comef, Dr Ronald 29, 188. 289 

Corrington, Brendo 281 

CoiTOll. Joyce 203 

Cotson, Leit 154 

Cotter. Frances 2X>. 339. 316 

Carter, Jomie 254 

Carter, Katie 240, 292 

Carter, Lee 333 

Corter, Mary 203 

Carter. Nino 116. 152 

Cotter, Robert 203 

Carter. Sandy 309 

Cotter. Wlllett 281 

Carver. Beckham 327 

Cosozzo, William 154 

Coscio, Anthony, 254 

Coscio, Natalie 203, 328 

Cose, Cynthio 328. 336 

Casey, Thomos 335 

Cosh, Alisa 267 

Cosh. Cailo .240. 309 

Cosh, Cindy 203 

Cosileor, Andra 203 

Cosier, John .240 

Coson.Tino 312 

Coson.Trish 240.295, 341 

Cossells. Mike 345 

Cossidy. Linda 203 

Coste. Teiri .254 

Cotolfomo, John 337 

Cotino, Mike 140 

Countt, Curtis 178 

Causey, Scott 24 

Covey, Patricia 204. 297 

Coyo, Patricio 342 

Ceo, Debbie .204. 292 

Cecil. Karen Lee .204 

Cevosoli. Don 335 

Cerminaro. Bob 331 

Chodkowski, Betty Ann 254 

Cholon, Botoaro 342 

Choney, Brett 254, 300 

Chapman, Derek . . ,282 

Ctx3prTKin, Jon^esly 240 

Chapman, Mike 294 

Cheatham. David 345 

Ctieeks, Joon 254 

Cheeks, John 170 

Cheerleaders 46. 49. 172 

Cherkis. Don 267 

Cheryy, Jill 204. 339 

Cheny, Kevin 204 

Ctiefiy. Linda 240 

Cherry.Todd 335 

Ctiestnut. Dout 240. 338 

Chestnut, Kottiy 327 

Chioromonte, Michoel 204 

Chimento, Goyle 267 

Chipmon. Al 204, 335 

Chittoms, Sheila 124 

Chittum. Merit 204, 292 

Chomeou. Anne 204, 319 

Chirstiono. Coria ,204 

Christlono, Coria 339 

Chudoba, Anne 254 

Chufor, Eric 329, 290, 312 

Chung. Voo Mee 342, 332 

Churchill. Horold 50,267 

Cicole. Lisa .204 

Cicole. RoynxxxJ .254 

Cilimberg, Raymond 335 

Ciooco, Keith 128 

Cissel, Janet 267 

Clari<, Anne 342 

Clori<, Christine 204 

Clart<, Deboroh 326 

CloritGor/ 140 

Clort<, Korer .240 

Clorit. Kottierine 240 

Clort!, Uso 300 

Clortc, Mike 155. 333 

Clortc, Patricio 204 

Clari<. Sandra . .204 

Cloriie, Liso 240 

Cloiy, Cheryl 204.339.311 

Cloyton, Doyid 170 

Clayton, Mory ,267 

Clayton, Rhorx*3 267 

Clem, Susonne 267 

Clements, Kevin 204, 297 

Clenoents. Shem Gray 254 

Cievelond, Thereso 204 

Clevinger. Roger ,267 

Cline, Sandra 240 

Cloninger, Julie 267 

Cloud, Tish .204 

Oowe. Oliver 335 

Cluff. Mike 267 

Clybum.Goil 240 

Cootney, Bob 166 

Cootes, Chris 334 

Cobbs, Cheryl 204 

Coble, Dodie ,240 

Cobum, Cheryl 204,326 

Coceono, Genevieve 204 

Cochran, Elizobeth 326 

Cochran, Morcy 156 

Cochrane. Bobbie 205 

Cocke. Beth 204. 326 

Cockrell, Butch 178 

Cockrell, Glenn 205 

Cockrell, Teny .205 

Cocozzo. Thomas 205 

Codello, Marianne 205 

Coder, Leslie Ann 205 

CoeBnon 114,140,141 

Coftey, Jock .345 

Coftey, Joon .205 

Coftman, Theresa 267 

Cohen. Julie .205 

Cohen. Lisa 342 

Cohen, Mike 361 

Cohen, Wendy 330 

Cohn, Sheni 254 

Colondene, Chris 334 

Colby, Alison 254 

Cole, Coiol 309 

Cde, Rob 340 

Coleman, Bottxjta 254 

Cdennan, Hector 303 

Cdefnan, Janet 567 

Colennon, Stuoft 240, 331 

Collender, Sean 240. 294. 300 

Collier, Maureen 327 

Cdlington. Michele 267 

Collins, George 140 

Collins, Jeffrey 240 

Collilns, Mary Kotherine. 254 

Collins, William 114, 150 

Cdlis, Willlom 240 

Comes, Steve 205 

Compton, Rod 333 

Condyles, Michael . , , 335,334.290,312 

Cone. Dole 254 

Conley, Colleen ,205 

Conlon, Debro 205 

Connolly, Kathleen 254 

Connor, Justin 337 

Conns. Ronald 205 

Conrad. Anne 254. 337 

Conroy. Colleen .267 

Conroy, Kelly 168 

Constontinos, Tony 205 

Conte, Carolyn .254. 344 

Conte. Dono 254 

Cook. Becky 267 

Cook, David 329 

Cook, John 240 

Cook, Kelly 205 

Cook, Lisa 240 

Cook, Pom 330 

Cook, Pat 340 

Cook. Robin 341 

Cook. Sharon .254 

Cook. Shelly .267 

Cooke. Pot 340 

Cooney, Elizabeth .205 

Cooney. Kristin 240 

Cooper, Danise ,267 

Cooper, Elisso 267 

Cooper, Laura 3XS. 330 

Cooper. Rhonda 162 

Coon, John 337 

Cope. Andrea 341 

Cope. Corde 309 

Cope, Cathy ,254 

Cope, Carole 505 

Copelond, Gteg 170 

Cabett, David 267, 345 

Cofdell, Sobrinno 355, 254 

Corelli, Kathleen 330 

Comicello, Richord 254, 335 

Comwell, Steve 254 

Corsentino, Peggy 205 

Corsi, Uso 326 

Costelkj, Jennifer 205 

Coster, Kathy 205 

Costic, Jill 341 

Cottle. Susie 340 

Coughlin. Deborah 240 

Counts, Uso 341, 283, 292 

Couper, Kathy 205 

Courtney, Debbie 254 

Covert, Michael 334 

Covington. Lee Ann 302 

Cowan, Lourte 267 

Cowperthwoite, Tom 340 

Cowperwoiltie, Anne 205, 316 

Cox, Bony 254 

Cox, Jacqueline 205, 327 

Cox, Kimberiy 205 

Cox , Sharon 506,344,345 

Cox, Sue 144 

Cozod, David 506 

Cozod, Kathleen 339 

Croig, Aldebovon 268 

Croig. Constance 206. 327 

Croig. Kevin 506. 329, 178 

Croig. Sheila 268 

Craig. Steven 335 

Ciaig.Suson 342 

Ooige. Jonie 254 

Croigheod, Timothy 206, 312 

Croin, Dovid 240 

Cramer, Kliby 206, 334 

Cromer, Paul 240 

Crondoll, Cotfierine 254 

Crovith, Christopher 206 

Craver, Martha 206 

Cfowford, Cathy 206. 282. 307 

Crawford, Jay 206 

Crawford. Moilyn 311 

Crawford, John 280 

Cn3wley, Brendo 240 

Creamer. Douglos 296 

Creasy. Bony 506 

Oeech, Leslie 206 

Creech, Stephen 206 

Creech, Stephen 206 

Creedon, Kathy 254 

Creelman, Laurie 254 

Cregef, Mary 255,342 

Creps, Jennifer .122, 123 

Cress, Lee 329 

Cresswell, Carol 206 

Crew, David 240. 331 

Crew, Michael 335 

Crider, Donrxi 255 

Crim, Lisa 364 

Crites, Cynthki 240 

Crocker, Rob 129. 128 

Crockett, Geroldlne 240, 281 

Croker, Janet 540 

Cnompton, Cedliu 255 

Cromwell. Keith 240 

Crowen. Poul 298 

Cross, Colleen 178 

Cross, Kelly 206, 329 

Cross, Mary-Ellen 342 

Cross, Nancy 206,326 

Crosen, Poul 206 

Crotty, Potty 206 

Crouzieres, Armelle 206 

CiDwder , Virginia 506. 297, 311 

Crowley. Fronk 206 

Crowley, Jeffrey 506 

Crowther. Robbie 240 

Croxton, Will 555 

Croyder, Amy 116. 152 

Ciuey, Sondro 342 

Ciuz. Choriie 255 

Ouz, John 240 

Cueto, Beo 328 

Cullen, Scott , .240,287 

Cullers, Steve 136, 206 

Culp.Liso 268 

ammlng, Isabel . .206, 352. 307, 312, 313 

Cumming, Mario 352 

Cummings, Timothy, 506 

Cummings, Tom 170 

Cummins, Louro 301 

Cundiff, Cathy 342 

Cunninghom, Jerry 331 

CunninglKim, Doniel 335 

Cunningham, Jeff 335 

Cunningham, Men . , ,327, 335 

Curren, Joon 240 

Currie, Noncy 206, 330, 294 

Cuirte, Wendy 122 

Custer, Lee 131 

Czojkowski. Chris 506,339 

Czopiewski, Ann 9, 206 

Czekoi, Regina 206, 301 


Doeschnef , Bruce 
Doglt, Margaret , . . 

Dale, Vicky 

Dalgleish, Nonnett 
Dallas, Donno . . 
Dolton, Chris , 
Dolton, Jean 



Dolton. Kenny 140 

Dombrisi. Gkjria 555. 340. 292 

Dancy. John 166 

Dondridge, Lynn 255 

Doneker, Charyl 541 

Doney. Timothy 207 

Daniel, E, Anne 207 

Doniel, Dr Locy .189. 312 

Doniel. Lori 241 

Daniel, Mofk 241 

Daniels, Cart 268 

Coniels, Jonenne 255 

Daniels, Kottierine 255 

Daniels, Wendy 207, 309 

Damelson, John 329 

Danson.Ted 219 

Dargo. Rebecco 339 

Dorkis, Elizabeth, .330 

Damoll. Dove . .118 

Domall. Michael 568 

Dorr, Cloudio 541. 298 

Coscoli, Jerry 241 

Davenport, Debbie 255 

David, Jennifer 541.298,301 

Davidson, Glenn 207 

DoMdson, Roger. 333 

Dovis, Aliso 241 

Doyis. Andrew 255 

Dovis, Boiboro 268 

Davis, Karen 268 

Davis, David 170 

Dovis. Jonice .116. 241 

Dovis. Kottileen 241 

Dovis. Marilyn 555 

Dovis, Marie 255 

Davis, Susan 507. 290 

Dovoli, Mike .118. 282 

Dowdy. Kenton 241 

Dowklns. Todd 568 

Dovrton. Janet. 241 

Dawson, Jon 207 

Dawson, Sue 327, 312 

Dean, Joy 507, 329 

Deonj, Kimberty 281 

Deon, Raymond 207 

Dean, Tim 340 

Deon, Stephen 334 

Deover, Eric 335 

Deoveis, Anita 207 

Deconcg, Paul 241 

Decondido, Bill 361 

DeConno, Karen 341 

Deictiert, Joyne 241 

Deck, Joe 303 

Deck, Leslie 327 

Deck, Susoa 507 

Decker, Neol 345 

Decou, Clolre 341 

Dees, R David 255. 333 

DeJomette, Rick , 361 

DeKlelne, Kelly , , 207 

DeLovargne, Leslie 339 

Delllnger, Debro 207. 297. 342 

Delongis, Shorron 292 

Deluco, Flip 299 

Demich, Trocy L 255 

Dempsey, Choriotte .168. 255 

Derts. Melissa 555. 337 

Denison. Jocquelin 255 

Depiano, Laurie 207 

Depuy, Thereso 241 

Deren, Georgia 162 

Deir, Darryl 241. 318 

Den-, Kevin 335 

Deskins, Noel 116 

Devoney, Christopher 507 338,294 
Devereux. Mary Ryor 255 

OeVoLAnttiony , 335 

Dews, Cori 241 

Dexter, Beth 241 

Diol, Moiy Kay. 508 

DlBenedetto, Jeffrey 338 

Dick, Doreen 598,302 

Dick, J. Michael 335 

Dickens. Trocy Lynn 255 

Dickenson, Arme . 268 

Dickerson, Jeff. . 337 

Dickerson. Ricfxjrd 311 

Dickman, Cindy 241 

Di<*son, Tony 132 

Okjrtckson, Doriene 508, 331 

Dierouf , Thomas A, Jr. 555 

Diesel.litory 208.332 

Dietz, Laurie 304 

Distzlef , Roxonne .241 

Digs, Usa .241 

Diggs.Leso 116,309 

Diggs. Sondro 268 

Dijkxxxno, John 208 

Dill.Noomi .208 

Diltow. A Sumer 208 

Dillow. Todd 208 

DImorino, Paul 268 

Dimiceli, Jospeh 541 

Dinardo, Denise 508,341 

Dingledine, Rayrr>oexJ 298 

Dinsrrore, Robert 334 

Dixon. Doug 340 

Dobfotz, Stephen 582, 304 

Dodd,MafyAnn 241,292,312 

Dodrill, Uz 541 

Dodson, Bony 337 

Dodson , John .132. 241 

D(3dson, Teresa 555 

Doerter, Kristine 255 

Doeiier, Cothy 555 

Dohefty, Daniel 334 

Dohety, Timothy 334 

Dohmon. Bcnbora 302 

Dohrety. Mike 359 

Dollard, Holly 208 

Dolphin, L(3uro 343, 294, 316 

Dombrowskos. Shoron 241, 311 

Dominick, Betsy 555, 316 

Donohue, Christopher 508 

Donahue, Denise 328.344 

Donald. Mary Carol 300 

Donaldson. Margaret 508. 339 

Donelian, Pouiine 344 

Donneli, Louro 255 

Donnelly, George 335 

Donnley, Matthew 241 

Donovan. Shown 337 

Doron, Alan 333 

Doigeloh, Oniiy 340 

Doisey, Joseph 335 

Dofton, Karen 508 

Doss, Mory Ann 208 

Dotterer. Lori Ann 241 

Dougtierty, Kevin 170 

Doughty, Susan 508, 309 

Douglas, Cheryl 255 

Douglas, David 140, 337 

Douglas, Janet 208 

Douglos, Mori< 337. 312 

Dove. Debfo Ann 508 

Dovel, Lony 334 

Dovey. Laurel .131.255 

Dowd. Janet 541 

Dowe. Timothy 140 

Dowell. Dono 541 

Dowd. Jonet 178 

Downer, Croig 294 

Downey, Elizabeth 241 

Downhom, hAori 208 

Downs, Kristine 208 

Downs, Moiy-Kotherine 208. 343. 316 

Downs. Richard 331 

Dowrey. Pom 508 

Doyle. Brian 508, 329 

Doyle, Horiy 241 

Doyle, Jane 508 

Doyle, Mory Kelly 555 

Dozier, Jill .3444 

Drake, Lesley 568 

Dromiriski, John 255 

Droper, Noncy Jane 208. 297. 332 

Dredske, Karen 569 

Dreisch, Mictioel 154 

Dressel, Mari< 255 

Drew, Adrion , 


Driscdl, Bfuce , 


Dnskill, Scott 


Driskiill, Vivian 


Diumhellef. Dionno 


Dnjmheller, Leonn, , 


Dmry, Brian 


Duone, Claire . 


Duarte, fvlorgo 


Dueison, Irene 208,290 

Duffy, John 509 

Duffy, Louro 255, 304 

Duggon. Bridgett .341 

Dugglns. Terry. 208 

Duke. Dog 9.173 

Dukettes 174 

Dulou, Lynnlee 295. 297 

Duncon, Anne 309 

Duncan, David 255 

Dunkle. Wendy Ann 255 

Dunn. Chris. 345 

Dunn. Mpjof 337 

Durm. Robyn 144 

Dunn, Tim 208 

Dunn, Woody, Jr 208. 309. 178 

Dunne, Collelte 268 

Dunnigon, Koren . .328 

Dunton, Joy . . 338 


Dupuis.Moik 208 

Duvall.Kimberlv. .. 209 

Durbin. Kathleen. . . 208 

Durtiam, Sondfo, . 205 

DuiVin.John,. 255 

Durr, Jennifer 241 

Durett. Dovtd .209 

Dural. Danelle 343 

Dwyer, Eugene Jr 209 

Over. Greg 114, 140 

Dyer, William 209,318 

Dzlewlsz, Sus 327 

Dzoba.Jeff 209 


Eones, Maik 268 

Earl. Allison 241 

Eartes.Suson 116,152,209 

Easttiam. Michael 241. 316 

Eaton, Lyn 255 

Eaton, Mark 209 

Eavers, Ello 255 

Ebodi, Mehrded 262 

Ebertxirt. Cheryl 209 

Ebersole. Jacquie 241, 294 

Ebert, Hank 209, 280, 299 

Eckels, Steven 241 

Eckert. Hugh 256 

Eckstein, Steve 309, 316 

Edmondson, Deborah 241 

Edmondson, Kathy 209, 327 

Edmondson, Rondy 118 

Edward. Sharon A 256 

Edwards, Ben 140 

Edwards, Brett 256, 298, 345 

Edwards, Bridget 342 

Edwards, Deidrea 241, 281 

Edwards. Jackie 256 

Edwards, tvtlchaei 209, 315 

Edwards, Teresa 268 

Eggleston, Sharon 242, 297 

Ehat, Grant 209 

Ehlers, 191 

Ehnert, Linda 268 

Eilds, Margie 327 

Einseien, Chris 132 

Eitter, Thomas 209 

Eltzel, Mory 338 

Ekardt. Polly 209, 304 

Elfes, Denlse 209, 345, 316 

Elgin, Debbie 318 

Elleno, David 329, 311 

Ellison, Carl 340 

Ellison, Paula 268 

Ells, Mike 290, 291 

Elsosser, Laura 256 

Emerson, Steve 287 

Embrey, Chip . . . .209, 50, 329, 284, 364 

Embrey, Joyce 209 

Embury, Peter 335 

Emerson, Dr. Marian 

Emerson, Steven 242, 299 

Emig, Cherytl 335. 343 

Emig, Robert 335 

Eng, Jersey 298 

Enright,Kris 328 

Ensor, William 209,329,282 

Enznrwnn, Colleen 269 

Epiett, Amy 242 

Eppley, Eric 256 

Epps, Trocy 335 

Erdman, Eric 132, 133 

Err\st, Ann 326, 335 

Eschbacher, Kim 343 

Estep, Sharon 242 

Estepp, Tom 136 

Estes, Dowm 268 

Estes, Debbie 209 

Estes. Donna 209 

Ettieridge, Kurt 338 

Etheridge, Tracey 242 

Etzler, Sheryl 209 

Eubank, William 333 

Evans. Annette 209 

Evans, Barbara 311 

Evankow. Jane 256 

Evans, Anttiony 140, 256 

Evans, Borbora 209, 297 

Evans, Bill M 256 

Evons, Debbie 242 

Evans, Tracey 242 

Everett, Undo 242 

Everson, Jon 242 

Everton, Troclo 266 

Ewing, Pam 256 

Eye, Kay .209, 294. 295, 343. 316 


Focchina. Christine 210, 294 

Focchlna, Ellen 242 

Faoemire, Zlna 242 

Fagon, Peter 268 

Fague, Barbara 256 

Fogue, Doug 118 

Fairly, Keith 242 

Fairmon, Jerry 345 

Faick, KImberly 268 

Falcone, Anttiony 242 

Folk, Allison 268 

Foilert, Carol 210. 327 

Fallon, Cid 242. 282 

Falon.PoW 343 

Fame, Annette 242, 304 

Fannon, William III 338 

Font. Gene 210 

Farabaugh. John 242 

Farkas, Danny 178 

Famen, Edward 337 

Darren, Anthony 242, 335 

Forreli, Brian 242 

Farrell. Dennis 340 

Forreli, Mark 268 

Forreli, Nancy 242 

Farriss, Gwen 256, 299 

Faajki, Jamshed Stephen 242 

Faruki, Sarah 268 

Fastlge, Lorl 256 

Faulkner, Kotherine 256 

Fausey, Deborah 210 

Fwley, Ellen 210 

Fawley, Sara 339 

Fay, Susan 242,342 

Feast, Leigh Ann 268, 297 

Fegley, Marlta 318 

Felix, Chris 345 

Felt. Liz 328 

Fenimore, Angela 326 

Fenley, Robert 210 

Fenyk. Maik 210, 309 

Ferroro, Elizabeth 242 

Ferora, Frances 210 

Ferrara, Laurie 292 

Ferrara, Theresa S 256 

Ferrer. Robert Janus 256 

Ferrin, Suzanne 242 

Ferte, Shirley 210 

Ferry, Kathleen 341 

Fiala, Dawn 242 

Field, Alan 298 

Field Hockey 146 

Fiels. Lacinda Renee 256 

Fields, Kathleen 268 

Fielder, Raymond 154 

Fields, Marguerite G 256 

Fink, Brian 140 

Finkblner, Tim 132 

Finks, Lisa 210 

Finlayson, Dr Elizobeth 192 

Finley, Deborah 256 

Finley, Nancy 242 

Finley, Troci 242 

Finnerty. Duffy 303 

Finocchlaro, John Angelo 256 

Fiscella.Ed 170 

Fiscella. George 170 

FishtDum, Tip. 333 

Fisher. Bettina 

Fisher, Charles 34 

Fisher, Dr Elwood 282 

FistTer. Jon 340 

Fisher, Linda 210 

Fisher, Pamela 268 

Fiske, Sara 210 

Fiskus, Lisa 340 

Fitch, George 150 

Fitzgerold, Jock 170 

Fitzgerald, Julie 210, 303 

Fitzpatrick, Kelly 210, 328 

Fitzpatrick, Morgaret 256, 290, 312 

Fitzsimmons, Robin 242 

Fixx, Jim 244 

Fianary, Alison 341 

Flexkenstein, Dorcy 210, 327 

Fleischer, Robert 337 

Fleming, Jon 303, 351 

Fletcher, Debbie 242 

Fletcher, Greg 288 

Flowers, Lynn 256 

Flowers, Rob 256 

Flynn, Pat 124 

Flynn. Susan 162, 164 

Fochtman. Laura 242 

Foecking. Mictioel 210 

Fogarty, Jim 166 

Fogarty, Marueen 210, 328 

Fogg, Andrea 242 

Foley. Valerie 242 


Foran, Beth 242 

Forbes, DavldC. Jf 256, 312 

Forbes, Jill 210. 297, 307, 311 

Force, Donna 210 

Ford, Jacob 210, 292 

Ford, Solly 210 

Ford. Suzanne 242 

Formos, Beth 300 

Forry,MarioC 300 

Fumadel, Mike 114. 140 

Fortna. Frances M 256 

Foss, Lisa 342 

Foster, Becky 343 

Foster, Carol Dee 256 

Foster. Gayla 256 

Foster. Penny 268 

Foster. Randy 136 

Fowlds, Sean 256 

Fowler. Karen 210 

Fowler. Stacle 256 

Foulke. Mari< 268 

Fox. Brian 268 

Fox. Cathy 210 

Fox. Cheryl 210 

Fox, Joe 348 

Fox,Mari< 333 

Fralln, Bobby 140 

Francis, Becky 211, 328 

Francis, Rita 281 

Francis, Sharon 256 

Franco, Missy 297, 342 

Frank, Mark 242 

Fronken, Julie 162 

Frankhouser. Ronald 242 

Franklin, Joseph 268 

Frantz, Glna 311, 300 

Frantz, Dr. Mae 300 

Frazler, Nancy 242 

Frear, Anne 211, 297 

Frederick. Duane 242 

Fredericks. Robert 154 

Freeman. Elizabeth 242 

Fredericks. Robert 154 

Freeman, Elizabeth 242 

Freeman, Nell 114 

Frick, Karen 242 

Friday, Kim 341 

Friedel, Christie 242, 332, 309 

Friedel, Scott 333 

Friedman, Lisa 242 

Friend. Penny 211 

Frischkom. Kimberly 326 

Frisclna. Albert 211 

Fritz. Phil 136, 138 

Fromm. Cheryl 211 

Frost. Diane 268 

Fudall.Jill 178 

Fugate. James 268 

Fugate. Karen 242. 297 

Fulcher. John 211 

Fuik. Dale 242 

Fulk. Gregory S 256 

Fuller, Alexis 309 

Fulleiwlnder, Arthur 268 

Fulton, Kathleen 211 

Funk, Chip 211,355,329 

Funke, Robert 242 

Funkhouser, Ellen 242 

Funktiouser, Lynn 242 

Funkhouser, Verrxxi 298 

Furtxjsh, Tammy 341. 338. 316 

Furrow, Wanda 342, 298 

Fusch, Deborah 268 

Fussell, Barry 211,333 

Fust. Julie 268 


Gehart. Karen 268 

Gaines. Natalie 328.336 

Gaines. Lisa 242 

Gaines. Skip 280 

Golbreath. Kelley 211. 332 

Galeone, Joe 340 

Gallarri. Christine 242 

Gollk. Jeffrey 211 

Gallegher, Mart< 335 

Gollimore, Amy 256 

Gallimore, Cindy 256 

Gallitelli. Edward Jr 331 

Ganey, Kathleen 332, 342 

Ganley, Mart< A 256 

Gonnon, Justin 136. 311 

Garber, Chris 136, 256 

Gort>er. Rebecca 211. 311 

Gardner. Carolyn 268 

Gardner. Kaye 211 

Gardner. Kotherine 338 

Gardner, Pamela 211 

Gardner, Richard 338 

Gardner, Steve 329 

Gartow, David 150, 331 

Garlow, Sarah 256 

Gamer, Jane 269 

Gamett, Vivian A 256 

Gan/ey,Jill 269 

Garvey, MIchoel 331 

Gosklll, Cheryl 211. 292 

Gosklll, Ll2 211, 282 

Gasklll, Tent 131 

Gaston, Michelle 168, 292 

Gates, Chad 269 

Gauntt, Curtis 269 

Gauthler, Coach Scott 166 

Gavin. Debbie 211, 295 

Govios, John 211 

Gay, William Jr 211, 329 

Geary, Margaret 269 

Geer, Noncy 242 

Geiger, Gary 211 

Geiger, Stephen 269 

Gemma, Thoma 211 

Gentry, Paula 269 

Gentry, Willoim III 211 

Geoghegon, Commie 269 

George, Bob 211, 310, 312. 317 

George. Julie 116. 152 

Georges. Billy 128. 178 

Gentile, Tony 170 

George, Steven 256 

Gerbllck, Jerilyn 256 

Gerety, Rick 312 

Gerhort, Jeff 337 

Gerry, Donna 309 

G6mdt,Kathy 131,211,343 

Gerrlty, Brian 335 

Gervinskl, Sue 156, 269 

Giombaluo, Lisa 300 

Gibbons, Paul 292 

Gibson. Maureen 242 

Gibson, Nancy J 256.123 

Gibson. Tom 337 

Giesenhaus, Kathleen 331 

GIrod. Lisa 144 

Gilbert, Cindy 118, 211, 311 

Giles, Jennifer 211, 280 

Gillespie, Betty 269 

Gllley, Brian 329 

Gilligon, Mary 211, 162, 165 

Gillikin, Jeffrey 256 

Gillions, Karen 340 

Glliions, Marc 211 

Gllmour, Doug 256 

Gilpin, Howard 211 

Gllson, Loretto 211, 343 

Glison, Sam 303. 345 

Glorgl. Laura 211. 311 

Giordano. Ken 331 

GIrod. Lisa 343 

GIttings, Thomas 154, 211 

Giuseppe, Anthony 211 

GIvens. Rictrard 243 

Gladstone, Laurie 297, 311 

Glass, Jennifer 269 

Glass, Kelly 269 

Glass, Kelly 344 

Glatfelter, Natalie 328, 344 

Glaze. Debro 256 

Glaze. Patricio .308 

Gleadall. Gigi 243 

Glover, Edward 256 

Gluckman. Geoff 256 

Glymph, Steve 140 

Goctienour. Montgomery 329 

Godfrey. David 211 

Godwin. Gretel 328.336 

Goessman. Suzanne 327. 300 

Goff, Mary 256 

Gogol. Mart< Alan 256 

Goggins. Alison 211 

Goins. John 256 

Goldberg. Joyce 256 

Golden. Mortr 257 

Goldstein, Steven 269 

Goller, Karen 327 

Golsen,Neil 345 

Gomlak, Colleen 343 

Gonzalez, Jeff 211, 317 

Gonzalez, Dr. Theresa A 195 

Good.Calbin 311 

Good, Glen 211 

Good, Margie 257 

Goodman, Clement 211. 337 

Goodman. Elo 148 

Goodsite. Thomas 211 

Goodwin. Jane 326 

Goodwin. Laura 243. 311 

Goodwin, Jane 211 

Gordon, Beth 297 

Gordon, John 257 

Gore, Carmen 116, 153. 152. 243 

Gore. Sally 330 

Goreman, Janet 211 

Gosain. Frederick 334 

Gosain, Louis 269 

Gosain. Frederick Jr 257 

Gostomski. Anthony 243 

Gotler.Tenv 243 

Gottfried, David 298 

Gough, Trish 257 

Gould. Karen 243. 302 

Gouldln. Cynthia 243 

Gouldlng. Beth 212 

Graby. Scott 170 

Grace. Jessico 257. 338. 339 

Grace. John 118 

Graf. Christine 212 

Graham, Annette 212. 280 

Graham. Edie 212 

Graham, Laurie 326 

Graham. Suson 269,302 

Graham, Lauren 269 

Gromann. Margaret 243 

Grande. Donno. 212 

Grandstaff. Kim 326. 332 

Grandy. Annette 292 

Graniewski. Terri 212. 328, 298 

Grant. Adrienne 269 

Grant. Jill Marie 212. 309 

Groppone, Mike 269, 345 

Groves, Ann 257, 295, 309 

Graves, Jeneen 309 

Graves. Krmberiy 212 

Graviano, Frank 340 

Gray. Bethonne . . 257, 343 

Gray, Mary Beth 257 

Graybeal, Nathan 212 

Graye, Chris 354 

Green, Cory 345 

Greggs, Keith 212 

Green. Deanno 269 

Green. Kottiy 257 

Green. Peter 243 

Green. Robert 140 

Green. Sarah Robin 257 

Greene. Carol 330 

Greenleaf, Robin 243, 341 

Greer Adam 269 

Greer, Coron 257 

Greer, Robbin 257 

Gregory, Margaret 257 

Grey. Denise 243. 339 

Gribben, Tom 140 

Griffin. Mari< 243 

Griggs, Nathan 364 

Griffith, Phil 137 

Griggs, Susan 212 

Grizzordl, David 269 

Grooh. Jocauellne 269 

Groot. Allison 122. 123 

Grogg, Theresa 243 

Gromade, Greg 269 

Grooms, Mary Ann 269 

Groshaus, Barbara 212 

Groshans, Jeanne 212 

Gross, Phil 243 

Grove. Laura 243, 302 

Grow, James 333 

Grow, Rebecca 243 

Grubbs, Lisa 212, 309 

Grube, Ellen 331 

Grun, Emily 327 

Gruneburg, Chris 345 

Grunwald, Scott 257 

Gualtierl, Susan 212, 328, 329 

Guertln, Celeste 31, 212, 326, 332 

Guiil, Mary 243 

Guinn, Mary 330 

Gulbrondsen, Teresa 269 

Gunnelson, Sherry 212, 327 

Gunning, Andy 170. 269 

Gunte. Cattierine 212 

Gunter. Lori 212 

Gumey. Anne 212. 343. 344. 298 

Gusello. Robert 337 

Gutelius. Honiet 212. 303 

Gutlenez. Christine 328 

Gutzmer, Tom 333 

Gwyn, Kimberty 269 


Hoog. John 243 

Haas, Drew .257 

Haas. Judy 243 

Hoose, Heidi 243 

Haas, Nancy 257 

Hoban, Dr. MaryF 192 

Hack, Linda 269 

Hockett, Teresa 328, 298 

Hadsell, Doug 178 

Hogan, Catherine 243, 312 

Hoggeriy. Kemy 122 

Hohn, Jenny 269 

Hoiie, Peggy 243 

Holley, Brenda 269 

Haines, Steven J12. 309 

Hairsbown, Paige 269 

Hoirston. James 

Hariston, Paige .357 

Haley, Chories 140 

Hall, Doriene 212 

Hall, Jim .345 

Hall. Phil .140 

Hall. Teresa 257 

Hall, Dr. Willilam H. Jr. 193 

Holler, Nancy 326, 335 

Halligon, Kory 332 

Holligon. Susan 257 

Hailamn. Clive 333 

Hollmon, Dave 243 

Holly. Gretchen 243. 292. 300 

Holsey, Mike 269 

Holsteod, Carol 212 

Homel, Mart< 269 

Hamilton, Chartotte 212, 339 

Hamilton, Jeff 140 

Hamilton, Karen 257 

Homltton. Lorrie 283 


Homilton, Ruth 243. 332 

Hamilton, Scott 269. 282 

Hamilton. Willy 331 

Hamlet, Ellen 212. 285 

Homlett, John 212. 334. 298 

Homlett. Lisa 243 

Homlln. Leon 281 

Hommel. Korla 212. 230 

Hammer, Leslie 243 

Hancock, Teny 343 

Hand, Haywood 334 

Handlan, Willlom 333 

Hanflino, Claude 340 

Hannah, Tommy 327 

Hannon, Kara 332 

Hansen, Eric 269 

Honsen, Linda 269 

Hoajpe, Scott 212 

Homric, Janet 257 

Homrick. Karen 212 

Honrilng. Claude 129, 128 

Honrxjh, Tammy 11C, 212 

Hannon, Kora 341 

Hansen, Eric 346 

Hansen, Mono. , 243 

Hanson, l?ogef 257. 287 

Hor. Greg 345 

Horom, Ricfiard . . 307 

Hardin, Cynthia 212 

Harding, Lucy 212 

Hardy, Mathew 292 

Hargett, Cathy 212. 297 

Hotgroves, Rodney 243 

Hargrove, Joseph 212 

Harmon, Cheryl 342 

Harmon, Sandra 257 

Homer, Jean Ann 257 

Harper. Jannis 257 

Korper, Karen 156. 243. 309 

Harper, Russell 303 

Hanell. Ken 312 

Harris, Cindy 296. 328 

Harris. Kathryn 213. 257. 297 

Harrison, Martha 339 

Harris. Nancy 243. 269. 309 

Harris. Robert 257 

Harris. Russel 338 

Harris, Susan 213 

Harris. Stuart 269 

Harrison. Adrienne 269 

Harrison, D.V 304 

Harrison, Margaret , 326 

Harrison, Martha Lee 213 

Harrison, Mory Beth 213, 327 

Harrison. Scott 17. 269 

Han, Danielle 257, 280 

Hort, Terrie 270 

Hartley. Deonna 257. 330, 336 

Hortmon, Linda 213 

Hartwig. Chris Ann 156 

Hon/ell. Laura 122.257 

Hoivey. Croig 298 

Harvey. Ooniel 270. 312 

Han/ey. David 345. 312 

Harvey. Debbi 152 

Harvey. J Craig 243 

Harvey, John 213. 309 

Hosh, Tracy 168. 257 

Hastings, Nancy 341 

Hostings, Claire 331, 300 

Hastings, Sarah 270 

Hatcher. Goyle 213 

Hatfieid, Robev 213 

Hatfiied, Susan , .213, 298 

Hatt, Timothy 282 

Houck, Connie 257 

Hawekotte, Lisa . . 270 

Hawkins. Rene 257 

Hoy, Rebecca Jane 213 

Hoydon, Gunger , 304 

Hayes, Betsy. 270 

Hayes. Chris 213 

Hayes. David 334 

Hayes. Reggie . .114. 355 

Hayes. Rex 334 

Hoynes.Dr. John 311 

Hoyens.Sue, .340,318 

Hayes, Theresa 116 

Hayes, Tracy 152 

Hoynes, Susan 270 

Ha2en, Sharon 243 

Heoly, Kathleen . 343 

Heard. Alice 269 

Heath, Todd 257 

Heatwoie, Fred 136 

Heckner, Patricia 213. 309 

Hedquist. Gayie 243 

Hefferan, Linda 328 

Heffner. Mike 257 

Heilmon, Sarah 144 

Heim, David ,270 

HeinlDach, Sandy . 124 

Heintzlemon. Andy 136 

Helbing, Ina 300 

Helms. Steve 257 

Hemming. Scott 345. 316 

Henderson. Heidi 243. 303 

Henderson, Ingrid 257 

Henderson, Judy 243 

Henderson, Robert 257. 345 

Henderson, Teresa 312. 338. 298 

Henderson, Thomas 243 

Henry, Billy 213. 335 

Heniy, Joe 140 

Her^ey. Angela 116 

Henson. Leslie 270 

Hepp, Deborah 213 

Heit)ert, John 257. 335 

HertDertson, Judy 257 

Herick, George 298 

Herman. Janet 270 

Hernandez, Beth 243 

Hemdoh, Tracy 116. 144. 124 

Herrity, Mary 270 

Heisey, Joie 270 

Hershey, Greg 114. 150 

Hershey, Steve 257 

Hershey, Steve 140 

Het2, Ingrid 130, 131 

Hetzei, Amando 270 

Heubel, Deirdre 257, 290 

Hewitt, .tackle 213. 298 

Hewitt, Jomes 213, 282, 304 

Hickey. Chris 257 

Hickey, Sam 294 

Hickey, Sean 213. 329 

Hickman. Gene 213, 337 

Hicks, Susan 213.332 

Higgens. Doug 213 

Higgins. Alice 213 

HIggins, Frank 257. 304 

Higgins, John 213 

HIggins. Kathleen 270 

Higgins, Margaret 213. 243, 298 

H<^gs, Lesa 212 

Highlander, Craig 270 

Hill. Drew 270 

Hlli,Joclyn. . , ,123 

Hill, Poul . . 270 

Hili. Robin 257 

Hllien.Jean 214 

Hllsmon, Beth 270 

Hilton, Robin 270 

Hilton, Robin 300 

HImelright. Sharon 

Hinckley. Karen 270 

Hinders. Vincent 114 

Hines, Suzanne 270 

Hinkle, Eric 270 

Hinson, T. Scott 214 

Hippeard. Short 122 

HIrsch. Tod 243 

Hise. Debbie 243 

Hiskey, Peter 120, 214 

Hobgood, Can/ 214. 290 

Hobgood, Laura 257 

Hobson. Lynn 156. 270 

Hodges, Carolyn 214 

Hodgkins.Ann 270 

Hoett. Jennifer 258 

Hoffler,Pam 214.303 

Hoffman, Ciive 243 

Hoffman. Louise 258 

Hofman. Michael 258 

Hoffman, Stacy 243 

Hafstetter, Daine, 260 

Hogon, Bnon 258 

Hogon. Michael 335 

Hogen. Mike 30 

Hogge. Craig 340 

Hogge, Danyl 303, 345 

Hohl, Kurt 340 

Holcomb, Steve 243 

Holcomb. Rob 331 

Holland, Cindy 258,283 

Holland, Phil 345, 212 

Holions, Carol 258 

Holieran, Kothy 131 

Holiingsworth, Mark 214. 337 

Hoilis, Jeff 214. 337 

Hilios. Paula 214 

Hoilowoy. Cindy 214 

Holmes, Ellen .116. 258 

Holmes, Nancy 243 

Holmes, Dr. Robert E 193 

Holmes. Tim 303 

Holsman. Beth 156, 297 

Hoimsman, Jack. .. . 270 

Hoiston, Tetri ,243 

Holt, David .280 

Holt, John 214 

Holier, Randy , ,359. 270 

Holtzmon, Lori , 214. 335 

Holzer, Judy 243. 300 

Homon, Elizabeth 258, 342 

Homberg, Donna 258 

Home Ecorxxnlcs Club 102 

Hong, Jean 214 

Hood, Jeannle 214 

Hooper, Brenda ... 244 

Hooper, Chris 270 

Hoopes, Brod 334 

Hoover, Dixie , , 214 

Hoover, Laura 122 

Hoover, Linda 214 

Hopkins. Joseph 214 

HoiDkins. Julie 162, 270 

Horan, Rk*atd , , . .214. 333. 307. 310. 317 

Horn. Coach Margaret 118.119 

Horn, Robert 298 

Home, Julio 214. 330. 283 

Home, Leigh Ann 214, 298 

Hortin, Tracy . . 330 

Horton, Amy 214 

Horton. Scott 214, 333 

Hoskins, Bonnie 244 

Hoss, Michael 215. 329 

Hostutler, Ttxxnas 215 

Holt, David . .292 

Houff. Robin , .215 

Hough, Chns 215 

Houghton, Allyson .258 

Houset>older. Devon .333 

Houston, Bob . . . 270. 312 

Houtary. Paulo . .215 

Hovafter, Lyn , 215 

Howard. Cathy 215, 297 

Howard, Edwin 292 

Howard. John 345 

Howard. Julie 244 

Howard, Kim 215 

Howarth. Sarah 352,341.316 

Howe. Amy .270 

Howell, Lori 215 

Hubbard, Kristy , . .258 

HutDer, Doug .337 

Hubert.John .... , 170 

Huddle. Dove ,, .258 

Hudnall. Michele .244 

Hudson. Elaine . .258 

Huff, Kdthy 343 

Huffman. Donna 327 

Huffman. Rebecca .215. 310. 317 

Huffman, Steve 114, 150 

Hughes, Bill 158 

Hughes, Dawn 244 

Hughes, Kendall 244. 344 

Hughes, Lisa 244 

Hulce, Vol 328 

Humphries, Joy 270 

Hundley. Scott 270 

Hunsicker, Annett 342 

Hunt. John 215, 331 

Hunt.Kellle 270 

Hunt, Margaret 270 

Hunter, Christie 215 

Hunter, Laddie 270 

Hunter, Maureen 326 

Hunter. Mike 345 

Hunter, Paige 215. 343 

Huntley, Susan 215, 298 

Hurt. Coach Tim 120 

Huston, Doug, ... 215. 337 

Hutcherson, Bev . .270 

Hutchings, Lori . , , , .215 

Hutchlns. Leslie 215 

Hutton. Dove 215 

Hutton, Greg 270 

Hyatt. EllzatDeth 292 

Hyatt. Esther .270. 281 

Hyatt. Kent 215. 338 

Hyden, Lee 258. 344 

Hyland, Denna 292 

Hyland, Steve 114 

Hylton, Angela , - .215 

Hylton, Julie . -258 

Hynes. Paul 340 


Iddings. Cattiy 244, 343. 317 

thle, Dr, Elizobem 303 

ing^Derman, Jeanne 215, 298, 309 

Inge. Anttxxiy 158 

Irtoy, Ann 336 

Irby, Karen 215. 307 

Irons. Gordon 215, 294. 178 

Isooc, Shown 337 

Irwin, Laura 270 

Irwin. Undo 144, 244 295. 304 

isabell. Diane 258 

Jackson. Oorrel!. , . 158 

Jackson. Flo 162 

Jackson, Jim 345 

Jackson, La Scienya 215. 281 

Jockson. Leslie 215 

Jackson. Mary 216 

Jackson. Sally 283 

Jacobson. Mory Anne 216 

Jannes, Chris 319 

James, Judi 244 

James. Michele 162. 244. 164 

James. Mickey 216. 294 

James, Richard 114 

James. Steve 345 

Jonek, Kothy . 216 

Jorrell. Dawn 


Jores. David . . . 


Jorrett. Jamie . . 


Jenkins. Gory .... 


Jenkins. Teri . . 


. . , ,216. 309 

Jennings. Brewster 


Jennings. Daro . . 


Jennings, Suson 


Jensen. Peter 


Jepson, Lexie . 


Jemigan, Debbie - 


Jessee, Wendy . 

, . ,270 

Jett. Francis 


Jewell. Eari 


Jewett. Ubbo . . 


Jilcott. Becky. 

. .270 

Jinks. Lisa 

. 270 

Job. Victor 


Johns. Roxonne 


Johnson. Angela 

216, 281. 309 

Johnson, Andy 


Johnson, Anthony 


Johnson, Becky 

. .270 

Johnson, Brenda 


Johnson, Emily. . 


Johnson, Jill 


Johnson, John 345 

Johnson, Jonl. ,, 270 

Johnson. Judy .244 

Johnson. Julie . . .258 

Johnson. Kevin. . .216 

Johnson. Laurie 216. 343 

Johnson, Linda 244, 330 

Johnson, Lydia 258 

Johnson, Mortlyn 244, 342 

Johnson, Marissa 300 

Johnson, Pam 270 

Johnson, Robin . . . .244 

Johnson, Scott . .270 

Johnson, Susan 270 

Joiner, Cindy 216 

Jones, Candace 258, 304 

Jones, Caryn 271 

Jones, Danren 258 

Jones. David 216, 315 

Jones, David 244 

Jones. Debbie 216 

Jones, Denise 281 

Jones, Holly 311 

Jones, Jock 258 

Jones, Janet 331 

Jones. Jennifer 216, 292 

Jones, Karen 271 

Jones, Kevin 244 

Jones, Kim .258 

Jones, Laura 144 

Jones, Lisa 256. 319 

Jones, Lisa 271 

Jones, Matk 216 

Jones, Mary 216 

Jones. Mike 140 

Jones. Richard 258 

Jones, Rick 244 

Jones, Robert 258 

Jones, Rusty 216 

Jones, Sharon , . 216 

Jones, Sharon , 216 

Jones, StTerrie , , . .342 

Jones. Susan 258 

Jones. Suzanne. . 258 

Jordono. Joanne 271 

Jems. Rebecca 259 

Jourdan, Terrv 330 

Joyce. Megan ,144 

Joyner. Randal . . 216 

Joyner, Richard, . 258 

Joyner. Sandra 330 

Jungles. Greg 216. 329. 294 


Kallet. Kim . .316 

Kamienski. Dove .244 

Kamienski, Jenny. . 271 

Konogy. Debbie . . .178 

Kone. Alice . .271 

Kane. Jeff 337 

Kone. Paul 216. 353. 335 

Kaplan. Kristir^ 271 

Kaplan, Leslie 50. 336. 341. 316 

Koppo Kappa Psi 103 

Kappa SIgmo 31 

Karosinskl, Jack 338 

Komitschnig, Leslie 168. 309 

Kanasch, Michele 271 

Kasprzyk,John 258 

Koiz.lon 289.299 

Kotlerihon, Andrew 335 

Kaufhold, Rob . . ... .118 

Kaufman. Bruce . . . .335 

Kous. Suson ... .216 

Koy, Kim 216 

Keone. Liz 544. 342. 352. 286. 364 

Keck, James ,258 

Keegon, Janice 216, 341. 294 

Keene. Pom , . , , ,216 

Kenney, Kellie ,341 

Keever, Amy . . . .258 

Keffer, Cathy 271 

Kehoe,Lvnn 217.297,307,311 

Keil.Kim ,,,280 

Kelkjm, Shelly . . .244 

Keller. Bev.. 217.292 

Keller. Ellen . . ,217 

Keller. Kevin, , .244 

Keller. Mary . . .244 

Kelley. Nelson 244.333.306 

Kelly. Aubrey 140 

Kelly. Brian 337 

Kelly. Collen , .256 

Kelly. Elizabeth , . ,217 

Kelly, Ellen Mory , ,258 

Kelly, Karen ,,,271 

Kelly, Marge . , ,327 

Kelly, Mart< 217 

Kelly, Michael 217, 329 

Kelly,Shown 258,345,303 

Kelly. Steve 217 

Kemp.Usa 259 

Kendoll. Kelly .92. 93. 217, 292, 294 

Kendall, Rene,. . 259 

Kensinger. Jed . .244 

Keoughon. Ctvis 154 

Kercheval, Susan 116,152,244 

Kerekes, Matthew 217, 292 

Keri, Monty 118,217 

Kern, Kelly ,271 

Kesier, Elizabeth .259. 343. 312 

Kett1estrir>gs, Laura 271 

Keys, Troy 217,357 

Keyset, Michelle . .271 

Keyset. Vickie 244 

Kidd.Jeff 136 

Kiefer, Robert 244 

Kidd, Jeff 136 

Kiefer. Robert 244 

Kiel, Robert 259 

Kiker, Martha 304 

Kilcourse, Tt^resa 259 

Kile. Kelly 259 

King. Jim 338 

King.Ttxamos 334 

Kimball. Lynne 343 

Kimberi, Kothy , ,217 

Kimm, Vicky, , 318 

Kinder. Fred . .282 

King. Chris ... .259 

King. Denise A, .259 

King. Janet ...283 

King.JImmy ... 120 

King. Julian N. Ill, , 271 

King. Karen 244 

King.Motk .217 

King, Sue 118 

King, Steven 244 

King, Tom 128 

Kingland. George 158 

Kinnick, Dave 166 

Kint, Adelle .244, 330, 292 

Kintel, Chris 282 

Kipp,Jon .217 

Klrby. Holly . . .342 

Kirby. Joseph 217 

Kirchner. Joan 298 

Kirchoff. Diane 116 

Kirt(. Richard 244.312 

Kirkconnell. Bill 345 

Kirks. Eric 345. 294 

Kirsch. Daniel . 217 

Kirstetn, Looey L . ,259 

Kisner, Pauline, 244 

Kitchln,8eth 152 

Klee, Mory 244 

Klein, Peggy 244 

Klimkosky, Nancy 245 

Kline, James 245, 280 

Klugh. Denise 116,178,364 

Klugh. William . . .217 

Klumpp, Joseph 217 

Knopp. Kim . . 245. 297 

Knicely. Jim , , , . 136m 139 

Knight, Dennis 136, 137 

Knight, Lisa 245 

Knop. Steptien 217 

Knowlan, Kathy 339 

Knox, Kathleen 217 

Kobayoshi, Arieen 245 

Kobetsky, Mar/ 326 

Koch, Kathy . -178 

Koenig. Kimberiy 336, 341 

Koepnick, Mike 30, 335 

Koemer. Tenrence 245 

Kdeszar, Patricia 245 

Koiner, Jennlffer 116,311 

Kokulis, Nick . . .345 

Kolling. Suzanne .245 

Konopko. Kothy .217 

Koontz. Mike 303 

Koponski. Christine 217 

Kopecky, Dave 340 

Kopp, Kimberty . . .340 
Koitionen. Kirsten 399 



Koscluszko, Patricio 245. 295. 309 

Kovoc, Staci 245 

Kozlosky, Lewis 245 

Kraft. Wendy 217.339 

Kroven. Kelly 245 

Krebs, Bern Ann 259 

Kregenow, Janet 259 

Kreider. Jill 327.344. 316 

Krer,. KotMeen 217 

Kreutzer. Undo .217,328 

Krtvoski. James F 195 

Krivsky. Kelly 271 

Kron, Kevin 217,333 

Krong, Sheryll L 259 

Krouse, William 245 

Kiuger, Cooch Hayes 168 

Ku. Maria 217 

Kuechenberg, Laura 343 

Kuhn, James 271 

Ku*. Elizobeth 259. 297. 335 

Kuschner. Ca*y 318 

Kuta. GIna M 144, 259 

Kwiolkowski, Jeffrey 217, 310, 315, 317 

LoDoube, Cart 114. 218. 292 

Laschieman, Susan 218 

Lachine, Richard 271 

Lael.Stevie 259 

Lafon, Leslie Ann 218. 311 

Lofuze, Ann 271 

Laing. Robin 245. 283 

Lolrd, PattI 259 

Laiti. Chrtstophef 218 

Lalti. Lisa 156 

Lalos. Diana 330 

Lamar, Valerie 316 

LarTKX. Tern 327 

Lamb. Laura 218 

Lamb, Robin 245 

Lamoerl, Susan 218, 341, 294 

Lomers, Jeannie 259 

Lamon. Bob 136 

Lamont. Andrea 271 

Lament. Cora 245 

Lancoster, Glenn 245,333 

Lance, Sarah 218 

Landis. Valerie 271 

Lane, Maijorie 245, 230, 302 

Lankhorst, Jeffrey 218 

Lanthier, Lisa 218, 295, 307 

Larson, David 345 

Larcon, John 303 

Larson, Richard 218. 309 

Larson, Terry 218. 331 

Lashley, Brenda G 259.330 

Latham. Linda 218 

Latimer. Amanda 245, 341, 344 

Lautenslager, Edwin 259 

Lawhome, Renae 271 

Lawrence. Alva Rae 246, 326 

Lawrence, Loma 269 

Lawrence. Terri 330 

Lawrence, Wayr^e 311 

Lawson, Deborah 245, 295, 339 

Layne, Kymbra 38, 218, 298, 342 

Layne, Pamela Anne 218, 326 

Layton, Carol 259 

Lazos, John 259 

Leach, Cynthia 218, 304 

Leach. Susan 246, 292 

Leadman. Shelley 245 

Leahy, John 218 

Leoke, John G 259, 337 

Leap, ThomK35 245 

Leary, Linda 218, 292 

Leberre, Peter 259 

Lee. Elinor 292 

Leeker, Nancy 259 

Leetch, Amy 218 

Leefun, KerrI , . ,300, 328 

Leffel,Tim 259 

Leftwlch, James 333 

Leftwich.Jay 245,317 

Lettwhich, Lisa 292 

Legg6tl,Liz 306 

Lehman, Sharon Julie 271 

Leipsnef, Dean 271 

LerT\on, Kim 245, 283, 303 

Lensler, Karen 259 

Leorxjrd, Cdlen 245 

Leonord, Deon 303 

Leonard, Karen 218, 326, 290 

Leonard, Lesa 218 

Leonordi. Rick 335 

Leonardo. Kathleen 218 

Leppink, Deedie 271 

Lesauvage. Charles 218. 303 

Lester, Laurie B 259 

Leutkenr>eyer, Poul 140 

Levi, Elizabeth 245, 283 

Levin«, Cathy 245 

Levine, Debra 216 

Lewis, Tammy 218, 297 

Lew. Jacqueline.. 259 

Lewis, Delta 218 

Lewis, Diane 245 

Lewis, Donlad 218 

Lewis, Jacqueline .156. 245 

Lewis, Jame Payne 172 

Lewis, Jeffrey 218.333 

Lewis, Richard 338 

Lewis, Stuart ,245 

Ley, David 301 

Lidku, Joelle 326 

LledeitxKh, Ivlark Daniel 259 

Life, Lisa 259 

Ligon, Karen 218 

Lindhoe, Lisa 144 

Lindhoe, Lisa 144, 259 

Lindner, Bill .140. 218 

Lindquist. Carey 271 

Lineberger. Todd 331 

LindsOY. Michael 259 

Lingafelt, Philip 218 

Link, Elizabeth 330 

Linn. Mary 290 

Linsley, Suzanne 271 

Linton. Ron 218 

Lipke, Lynda 292,294 

Lippord. Beth 116 

Lipscomb, Christi 218 

Lipscomb. Kevin M 259 

Lipscomb, Paulo 218. 341 

Liskey. Carol 218 

Liskey, Deborah 245, 303 

Liss. Leslie 298 

Little, Bryan 312 

Little, Cindy 118,245 

Little, Danny 114 

Litz, Maty Anne 219 

Livingstone, Bruce 259, 333 

Loon, Glenn 260 

Lockard, Casey 154 

Lockard, Steven 219, 289, 299 

Locke, James 219, 280 

Lockhart, Leslie 219 

Lofquist, Jefferson 219 

Logeman, Pam 327 

Logue, Denise 260 

Lohr, Robert 337 

Long. Bonnie .219 

Long. Jodi 328 

Long. Kartn Renee , 260 

Long, Mike 2355 

Long, M. Scott 219 

Long, Shelley 219 

Longley, Maria 144. 145 

Looney, Mary Beth 219 

Loose, Steve 333 

LopynskI, Jerry 359 

Loskamp, Kenneth 329 

Letts, Dawn 271 

Lotts, Jeffrey 260 

Koucks. Charies 271 

Loughlin, Colleen 156 

Loughran, Maggie L 260, 298 

Love, Chris 340 

Love, Kate 271 

Lovejoy, G. Scott 260 

Lovelace. Colleen Anne 260. 298 

Lovett, Leslie Anne 219 

Lowe, Candace 271 

Lowry, Ann E , .271 

Low, Erika 340 

Lowry. Michael 219. 333 

Loxtercamp. Sheri 219, 341. 311 

Lubbs, Cheryl 326 

Lubiak, Christine 219, 280 

Lucado, James N. Jr. 271 

Lucas, Karen 245. 332 

Lucemont. Wayne 246 

Luetkemeyer, Danise 260 

Luetkemeyer. Paul 260 

Lundr/. Mary Ann 260,283 

Lundy, Charies 300 

Lung, Deborah 219, 123 

Lusick, Mario 246 

Luskey, Rob 260 

Luther, Bryn 219 

Luther, David 329, 335, 178 

Luther, Lisa K 260 

Lutz, Wolter 335 

Lydon, Tom 345 

Lyon, Scott 316 

Lynch, Annie 341 

Lynch, Arthur 114 

Lynch, Daniel 219, 298, 333 

Lynch, Diane 260 

Lynch, Eileen 326 

Lynch, Michael 260 

Lynch, Shannon 318 

Lynch, Timottiy 334 

Lynn, Todd 219. 337 

Lyon.Scott 219,295,310,315 

Lyor«, Moriene 260 

Lyons, Mary Kate 144 

Lyons, Tim. 120 


Maass, Ed 


Maberry, Conn 219 

MacColl, Bruce 219, 334 

MocCollum, Liz 219, 343 

MocDonald, Nancy 219, 327 

Macduff, Melanle 260 

McGann. Mary ... 331 

Mock, Isabel 260 

Mock, Jomes 260 

Mackessy, Maura 220 

Mocnabb, Helen 260 

Mace, Anne 340 

Mocri. Jeffrey 220, 334 

Mocuk, Teresa 220 

Modison. Leslie 220 

Mogbojos, Rose 246 

Moglaros. Aliceanne 

Magnusdal, Laurie 220, 230 

Mohan. Cothryn 343 

Maher, David 220 

Maftoney. Erin 162 

Mohoney. Irene 246 

Maiden. Sondra 246 

Major, Robin 271 

Maiof,Scott 220 

Malerra, Maria 

Moll, Sylvia 116 

Mollonee. Joy 342 

Malo, Mary 271, 304 

Molone, Betsy 271 

Malone, 0,J 303 

Moloney. Julia 271 

Manelski. Linda 220.299,300 

Monelski, Sue 162. 246, 311 

Manifold, Diana 220, 295, 327 

Mann, Adam 282 

Mann, Carole 260 

Mann, John 220 

Mann, Stephanie 168 

Mann, Susan 260 

Mann, Tammy 271 

ManrKirino, Scooter, 304 

Mannarino, Tammy 260 

Manning. Timothy 220. 282 

Monos, Susan 328 

Manuel, Cynthia 246 

Manzione. Mary 220, 343, 309 

Marani, Teresa 246. 304 

Maraut.Tony 136.139,220 

Maros. Laura 246 

Moibain, Dana 116. 117. 220. 311 

Marcontonio. Lisa 343 

Marching Royal Dukes 48 

Marcocia. George 220 

Morcy, Grace 246 

Marhan, Paul 345 

Marini. Danise 116. 152. 220 

Marini. Linda 260 

Mari<t>am, Cortinda 246 

Maikham. Joseph 271 

Mart<s, Gerard 260 

Marks, Jill 260 

Mart<ava, Craig 220 

Markwordt, Carol 220. 327, 307 

Marr, Rebecca 220, 298 

Marshall, Cindy 292 

Marshall, Kevin 298 

Marshjoll, Margaret 271 

Marshall, Woiren 140 

Marston, Amy 220- 

Mortel, Valerie 220,124 

Martin, Bath 327 

Motrin. David 221. 334 

Martin. Deborah 246 

Martin, Doriann 271 

Martin, Ginny 341 

Martin, Glendo 246 

Martin, Jeannine 172 

Martin, Jeffrey 334 

Martin, Jennifer 271 

Martin, John 260 

Mortin, Kelly 327 

Martin, Lyie 221, 309 

Martin, Pamela 281 

Martin, Sandra 292. 296 

Martin, Theresa 304 

Martino. Nancy 318. 271 

Martinson. Scott 154, 155 

Martz, Thomas 246 

Marvin. Frank .221, 333 

Marx, Robert 311 

Marx, Stephanie 221 

Mosloff. Jimmy 158 

Mason, Anne 221 

Mason. Rhonda 116. 260 

Mossey. Booker Jr 217 

Mossey. Rene 221 

Mostrion, Janice 221 

Mastrota. Nick .221. 282 

Mothias. Craig 333 

Mathlas. Morcy 221 

Mouck, Deborah 221 

Mouldln, Lori Ann 343 

Mourer, Andy 316 

Mourer, Cindy .221. 338, 339 

Mouther, Liz 292 

Maxwell, Kim 271 

May, Caroline 246 

Mayer, Bonnie 338. 339 

Mayer. Susan 221. 339 

Mayers. Melissa 246. 300 

Mayfield. Michael 260 

Maynard. Valerie .260 

Mays. Amanda 271 

MocArtor. Sheila 311 

McBride. Sear 300 

McBn^de. Daniel 272 

McCaskill, Jennifer 272. 292 

McCathem. Ashley 246. 338 

McCafhy. Morisa 221 

McClaln. Dean 221. 300 

McClothy, Kevin 260 

McClonohon, Valerie 272 

McClure, Helene 312 

McConkey, Dr. Donald L 193 

McConnell, Elizabeth 221, 343, 316 

McConnell, Libby 118 

McCormock, Yvonne 272 

McComick, Cathy 122. 272 

McCowan. Lisa 221 

McCoy. Karen 301 

McCoy, Lisa 328 

McCrocken, Lori 339 

McCrocken, Sondra 272 

McCroy, Kimberty 247 

ryfcCullen, John 118. 337 

McCusker, Elizabeth 260 

McDermott, Catherine 221 

McDonald, Eric 272 

McDonald, Froncine 335 

McDonald. Kimt>erly 221 

McDonald. Richard 246 

McDonald. Valerie 221 

McDonough, Coach Dee 144 

McDougol, Velma 178 

McDowell, Down 246. 300 

McForlond, Robyn 246 

McFoul, Elaine 221 

McFeeley, Patrick 272. 345 

McGann. Mary 221 

McGorvey. Jeanne 335 

McGee. Dr Harold 189 

McGhee, Seward 246. 295 

McGilvroy. Lomo 327 

McGloughlin, Christine 339 

McGonigal, Angela 221 

McGonigie, Jean 246 

McGrain. Matt 132 

McGrann, Michael 221 

McGroth, Edith 336 

McGroth, Kathleen 297 

McGrow, Walter 333 

McHugh,Jim 140 

Mclntyre, Cyndl 221. 297 

Mclntyre. Jeffrey 272. 345 

McKeever. John 246 

McKenno, Amy 221. 300 

McKenno. Dove 140 

McKenno. Kathleen 246 

McKenney. David 132 

McKeon. Keen 318 

McKle, Korin 260. 304 

McKiemon. Bob 166 

McKlnney. Cynthia 260 

IvIcLaughlln, Cathy .272 

McLaughlin. Dennis 260 

McLucos, Scott 272 

McMahon. Kathy 222 

McMotxjn, Maurice 260 

McMahon, Steve 333 

McMonigle, Scott .246 

McNeese. Catherine 272 

McNeny, Wendy 304 

McNul^, Nancy 330. 337 

McPhoeroson. Victor 140 

McQuillin. Kathy 343. 294, 316 

McQuiston, Marion 246 

McRoberts, Michael 222 

McShone, Matthew 154 

McVeigh, Hugh 338 

McVeigh. John 338 

McVey. Joyce .' . . .222, 297 

McWright, Mike 136 

Meodor, Spencer 246, 297. 330 

Meodors. Jo Richard 222. 300 

Meadows. Deana 162 

Meadows. Judy 298 

Meadows. Sandy 298 

Mebanee. Patricia 260 

Medlock, Leslie 246. 318 

Meginley. John 340 

Melser. Kothryn 246 

Melchlorl. Rodger 345 

Mellerxler. Amy 246 

Melton, James R. Jr 112 

Melvin, Bob 246 

Memegen, Zone 166 

Merietee, Randolph 334 

Mens Basketball 160 

Men's Gymnostics 166 

Men's Swimming 

Mendel. Kathy. , 124 

Menefee. Terry 260 

Mentzer. Adnenne 260 

Mercado, Morcos 246 

Merchant, Mark 222 

Merck, Williom F, II 189 

Meredith, Martha 22, 328, 316 

Menttt, Debofah 272 

Mervine. Stephen ,222 

Meserdl, Debbie .222 

Messenoll. Jeff 170 

Messeriy. Allen 331 

Messick. Ellen 282 

Metcalf. Joyce 144, 342 

Meyer, Ethel N 260 

Meyer, Martene 156, 261 

Meyer, Susan 301 

Meyers, Andrew 246 

Michael. Randall 222 

Michael. Susan 222,292,309 

Michel, Mark 128 

Michle, Bill 111 272 

Michie, Lany 338 

Midgett, Eliza 222 

Midude, G, Fred 337 

Mikitorion, Samson 222 

Mikso, Brion 261 

Miksovic, Elizabeth 222. 300 

Mikula. Sue 345 

Miles. Nancy 222 

Miles. Sheny 246, 281 

Millen, John Mart< 272 

Miller. Anita 222 

Miller. Deborah Suzanne 272 

Miller, Deno 222 

Miller, Douglas 337. 280. 307 

Miller, Dr Eoriyn 292 

Miller, Frank 32 

Miller, John 132. 222 

Miller, Kelli 261 

Miller. Kenneth 261, 331 

Miller, Kevin 222 

Miller. Mortr 261 

Miller, Marie 246. 297, 304 

Miller, Marilyn 222. 292 

Miller. Pamela 342 

Miller. Steven 337 

Miller. Susan 261 

Miller. Susan 272 

Milliken. Laura 261 

Mills. Kyle 333 

Milnes. Diane 222. 326, 123 

Miner. Bortxtra 272 

Misentieimer. Eric ,261 

Miskimon, Jim 280 

Mitchell, Karen 222 

Mitchell, Linda 261 

Mitchell, Marty 340 

Mitchell, Susan 272. 344 

Moe, Laurie 342. 344 

Mohler, Neoi 140 

Mohler. Sondy 123 

Molnor. Cathy 328 

Moncuire. Kim 222 

Mondlle. Steve 140 

Monize, Dove 170 

Monk, Kimberty 341 

Montesonti, Pomelo 271 

Moody. Walter 222 

Moomaw, Kara 261 

Moomaw. Linda 261 

Moore. Beverty 222. 343. 316 

tvtoore, Craig 261 

Moore, Dwoyne 261, 300 

f\^oore. Julie 246 

Moore. Karen .246. 327, 312 

Moore, Keny 338 

Moore, Marttxa ,246 

Moore, Tammy 372 

fvtoriis, Deanrxj ,246 

Moron, Goud 319 

Moron, Kim 144 

Moron, Lisa 341 

Moreou, Jerome 329 

Morgan. Arxdrew 247 

Morgan. Laura 292 

r^rgons. John 170 

Moriorty. Deirdre 22. 345, 300 

Moriey. Robert 261 

Mormon. Coach Sheila 162 

IVIorrell, Susan 222 

Moretti , David 345 

Ivtoms, Carolyn 332 

Moms, Beverty 261 

Morris, Cynthia 522. 341 

Mortis, Deanno 339 

Morris, Denise 222 

IVIorris, Dennis 222 

Morris, Donna 222 

Mortis, Edward Wayne Jr, 272 

Mortis, Lisa 222, 292 

Morris, John 247 

Morris, Pom 332 

Mortis, Ricky 222, 292 

Morris, Sherri 272 

Morris, Wayne 345 

Ivlonisey, John 132 

Morrison, Karen 342 

Monison, Randolph 140 

IVIOrtison, Traoey .222. 309 

Morrogh, Joe 345 

Monow, Brett 170 

Mort,Jeff 150 

tviort, Steve 150 

Mortenson, Laura 261 

tvlosbrook. Maty 156, 272 

Mosely, James 334 


Mosec. Marvin 247.338 

^^osheim. Robert 222 

Mosinxjn. Kimberty 261 

Mostcwift. Dove 280 

Mosley, Susan 222 

Mosmon, Don 247 

Moss. Angela 272 

Moss. Chortes .223. 28S 

Moss. Joe 345 

Moss, Kimberty 247 

Moster. Greg 158 

Mouimrop. Elier . . 223 

Mountoin. Jim 303 

Mowbray, Lynne ,261. 300 

Moy, Laura 272 

Movers, Matt 120 

Mufford, Morcio 223 

Muis,KrisH J30.261 

Mulheam, Allison ,223 

Mull. Rum .272 

Mullony, Maribeth ,247 

Muller. Barbara 261. 282 

Mulley. Jock 136 

Mulligon. Ray 295 

Mullinox. Julie 247 

Mullins, Blly 140 

Mullins, Curtis 331 

Mullins, Paul 223 

MuMhlll, Williom 272 

Mumley, Denise, 312 

Muncy, Carol 230 

Muncy, Teresa 272 

Mundle, Ricky 247 

Munefo, Elena 223. 326, 335, 309 

Murphey, Lynn 223 

Murphy, Barbara 223, 123 

Murphy, Ellen 124, 247 

Murphy. Jeff 303 

Murphy. Kathleen 272 

Murphy. Lynn 335. 316 

Murphy, Maggie 247 

Murphy. Mark 280 

Murphy, Woryanne 281 

Murphy. Michoet 335 

Murphy, Morris 223 

Murphy, Thomas 261 

Murray, Debora 523. 338 

Murray, Peggy 328 

Murray, Roymord 223 

Murray, Susan 272 

Murray, Debbie 341, 311 

MusselrTKin, Dari 294 

Myer. Chris 303 

Myer, Giselle 272, 304, 300 

Myer, Giselle 272, 304, 300 

Myer, Scott 329 

Myers, Bill 247 

Myers, Diane 223, 343 

Myers, John Justice 272,33 

Myers, Michael 247 

Myhers, Deborah 272 


Noclerio, Fronk 223 

Nogumy, Tina 152. 272, 277 

Nails, Daniel 335 

Nammack, Austin 337 

IMardi, Dr. Thomas 196 

Nash, Bill 223 

Natdi. Sandy 292 

Naughton. Jackie 261 

Itoimonn. Wendy 272 

Navarre. Darlo 261 

Nay. Amy 272 

Neal. Cindy 223 

Neckowit2. Alan 299 

Nedrow. Suzanne 261 

tteedhom. Chuck 273 

freely. Mary 261. 290. 312 

Neff. Beth Anne 223. 282. 295 

ttoff. Zone . , 333 

t>tegaard.Kraif, 273.345 

Negaard. Kurt 345 

Neidiik.John 154 

Nelligon. Theresa 343 

Nelson. Aluro 273 

Nelson. Byron 223 

Nelson. Dave 335 

Nelson. Liso 328 

Nelson. Missy ,223. 332 

Nelson. Natalie 223 

Nelson. Susan 247. 283 

Nelson, Dr. William 190 

Nemetti. Curry 136 

t^lemzek. Rob 132. 223 

Nessetrodt, Robyn 93 

Nestor. Therese 224.310.317 

l^wcomb, John 312 

Newoomb, Paige 247 

Newtin, Connie 273 

Newlin, Kelly 261 

Newmon, Gregg 329 

Newman, John 158 

NewTTxan. Tracy 120 

Nevrtome, Lisa 224, 303 

Newton, Vin(»nt 224 

Nguyen, Jackie 224 

Nichoils, Craig 247 

Nichols, Brooke 247, 301 

Nichols, Kay 328.336, 310, 312 

Nichols, Mark 114, 150 

Nickelsen, Mike 345 

Niday, Lisa 224 

Niels. Pemoerlon 261 

Niswonder. Laura 261, 312 

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 

Niven,Todd 92,93 

Nobles. Shelley 224 

Noble. Lisa 331. 298 

Nocar. Dove 120. 335 

Noe. Scott 338 

Nolan. John 340 

Nottsinger. John 247. 337 

f*jgle. Jay 329.201.290,312 

Nohstadt, Thomas 335 

Nolan, John 340 

Nolon, Emmanual 340 

Noone, Sheila .328 

Nordberg, Kim 168, 261 

Nordman, Leigh 273 

Norford, Annette 247, 295 

Norman, Don 224 

Norris, Bridget 300 

North, Jock 338 

Norvell, Jennifer 331 

Norton. Mark 

Novotny. Carol 261 

Noyes. Teresa 224 

Nuckles. Mitchell 224, 337 

Nuckols. Mike 335 

Nunnally. Lee 224 

Nutt. Rob 261 

Nygoard. Lisa 273 

Obenshoin. Mary 224. 295. 310. 315 

OBrien. Kathryn 178 

O'Brien. Kevin 273 

OBrien. Regino 261 

Ocker. Lee ,261. 326 

O'Connor. Loreno, 344 

O'Connor, Mary 247 

O'Connor, Mike 224 

O'Connor, Stephanie 156, 247 

O'Doy, Jerrionne 224, 318 

Odiome, Doine 247 

Odom, David 273 

O'Donnell, Coach Martha 122 

O'Donnell, Dave 273 

O'Donnell, Nancy 300 

O'Donnel, Sheila 224 

O'Donnell, T.J 319 

Offteld. Carolyn 261 

O'Floherty. Noncy 292 

Ogiesby. Boyce 224 

O'Hogon. Sharon 247 

CHollohan. Janet 330 

CHara. Kellie 273 

O'Hara. Peggy 304 

Ohnlkian. Janet 261 

OXrepky. Kristine 326 

Ohnmacht. Kurt 140 

Olds. Dave 273 

Olinger. Ray 261 

Oliver. Lynn 343 

ason 327 

Olson. Ray 345 

Olson. Kursten 302 

O'Malley. Elaine 261. 316 

Ondrejcek. Lisa 273 

Ondrlck. Chris 156 

O'Neil. Don 292 

OTMelll. Theresa 224 

Opp, Monica ... 336 

O'Qulnn, Shawn . . 319 

Orange. Leonard 273 

Orlando. Therese 122 

Orvos. Jomes 282 

Osbom. Maria 273 

OsbOriTie. Amy ,224. 295, 298 

Oskam, Christy 261 

Oh. Christine 247 

cm. Regino 131 

Ottoway. Kelly 329 

Otte. Bethica 328 

Ottenstein. Dave 345 

Ottestod. Kristen 247 

Otto. Sarah 261 

Outten.Cheiyl 224.310.315.317.318 

Ovefdcre. Debbie . , .224. 290. 303. 307 

Overboe. Julie 224 

Overstreet, Rtxjnda 

Owens, Chris 335 

Owens, Patricia 262 

Oxiey, Lynne 328 

Ozaki, Susan 224,297,327,311 

Pack, Mike 262 

Paddock, Lisa 224 

Padrutt. Doug 224 

Page. Anne 332 

Poge.Bob 10.356.329 

Page. Michael 329 

Poge. Susan 262 

Page. Tammy 224, 282 

Paige, Benjie .140 

Paige, Jeff .273 

Painter, Joe ... . .273 

Painter, Joe 273 

Polkovitz.Tim 247 

Pallotto. Peggy 224 

Palmer. Jean 247. 338 

Palmer. Scott 170 

Palmore. Janice 224 

Pongle. Mork 224 

Poparella. Anne 262. 297 

Paguefte. Patricia 224 

Parham. Angle 273. 281 

Partcer. Andre 149 

Partter. Emily 247, 327, 344 

Parker. Forrest 357 

Parker. Laura 247 

Parker. Mike 335 

Pariter. lutonioa 247 

Pari(er. Thorrxjs 224 

Parlow. Paige 262 

Porinele. Paul 224, 333. 310. 317 

PoriTell. Dan 329 

Parr. Bob . , . .262. 333 

Parr. Don 337 

Parrish. John 224 

Porrott. Kothy 262 

Parsons. Amy 330 

Parsons. Teni 273 

Poskey. Ernie 273 

Pastore. Dominick 166. 282 

Parrakos. Nick 298 

Patterson. Brendo 262 

Patterson. Debbie 224. 283. 303 

Patterson. Steve 247 

Poul.Crian 338 

Paul. Jenneifer 247 

Payne. John 335 

Peocock. Don 273 

Peocock. Sue 144. 224 

Peak. Dartene 343 

Pearch. Stephanie 247 

Peartgen. Nancy 224 

Poerman. McLouren 225 

Pearson. James 225 

Pearson. Pom 225 

Pedlow. Alyson 262. 300 

Peeling. Susie 131 

Pence. Bev 262 

Pendrell. Chns 344 

Penn. Bob 120 

Pennacchto. Jo . . 168 

Penzler. Don ,345 

Peoples. Nkx>la 247 

Pepin. Dave 118 

Peguingnot. Sandy 225 

Percival. Lisa .334. 336 

Perez. Alicia 247 

Perez. Julie 273 

Perire. Leonne 340 

Perkins. Ann 296 

Pericins. Kathryn 225.297 

Perkins. Lendy 247 

Peikinson. Chris 225 

Perriccio. Mike 225. 294. 178 

Perry. Greg .225.312 

Perry. Jon, 225 

Persson, Lisa 273 

Perwich, Olga 225 

Peters, Claudlo 273, 312 

Peters, Lisa 118 

Peters, Mary 225, 298 

Peterson, Chrys 273 

Peterson, Laura 168 

Potrovich, Neol 225 

Petty. Melvin 225 

Pettyjohn. Chris 273 

Peterson. Brad 337 

Peyton. Lisa 225 

Pezzulla. John , .262 

Pflugshaupt. Ann 292 

Pfost. Penni 225 

Phores. Sonla 247 

Phelps. Jolaine 300 

Phillips. Chris 303 

Phillips. Daniel 273 

Phillips. John 282 

Phillips. Katie . . .247. 304 

Phillips, Troy 3ai 

Phipps, Tern 

Picciolo, Wan^en 295 

Pickering, Dove 273 

Pickett, Gwynn 262 

Pierce, Alan 329 

Pierce, Chuck 225, 301 

Piercy, Cloude . , 273 

Plercy, Leslie 
Pierson, Ametai 
Pifer, Adrio. . . 
Pike, Leslie 
Piper, Steve 
Pippin, Anra 
Pippin, Kelly 
Piscelia. George 
Pischner. Brendo 
Pistner. William 
Pitcher. Karen 
Pitsenbarger. Wilmc 
Pitserberger. Dawn 
Prttorelli. Ben 
Pittarelli. Liso. , 
Pitts. Suzanne 
Pixley.Ctiip . 
Plath. Koven . . 
Pleasonts. Dave 
Pless. Lance . . , 
Plummer. Att>ena 
Plummer. Pot 
Plympton. Wayne 
Pohlig. Jill . , , 
Poin^xter. fytarcic 



. .114 



. .262 


. .273 

. .262 





Quigley, Do- 
Suinn. Chad , 
SWnn. fvlegan. 


Poindexter. Russell 281 

Poland. Shane 345 

Polen. Sharon 248 

Polglose. Geoff . .248 

Polls. Karen ,168 

Polo.Koren ,,, , .343 

Pdozzolo. Chris 225 

Pompliano. Susan 225 

Pond. Gail 273 

Pond. Kara 248. 342 

Pontanilla. Glenn 225. 309 

Ponti. Paulo 273 

Ponton. James 311 

Poole, Anttiony 337 

Pooley, Jock 303, 345 

Pope,Jeff 303 

Porter, Steve, 273 

Porter, Theresa 274 

Postel, Alice 226 

Potash, Rob 340 

Potts, Bruce 226 

Pourdrier, Julie 2126,292 

Poulete, Bobbi 330 

PoweLAbby 226,318 

Powell, Ann 274 

Powell, Laura 226 

Powell, Mary 274 

Powell, Stephanie 116 

Powell. Teresa 226 

Powell, Wiltam 226 

Powers, James 154 

Powers, John 226, 282 

Powers, Laurie 226, 294, 295 

Powers, Lisa 248 

Prossos, Kottiy 274 

Pratt. Ken 337, 280 

Prettyman, Diane 226 

Price, Neil , ,226 

Priescom. Jeff, , .120 

Prillmon. Beth. 309 

Prirrrali. Chris 248 

Pringle.Beth 152 

Pritchett. Anne 248 

Pritchett. Mory 274 

Prookis. Lisa 262 

Probert. Gail 226. 190 

Proctor. Judy 341 

Progar. Gion 116 

Prokapchak. Greg 226. 337 

Prosser. Phil 333 

Proud. Jeanne 262 

Proud. Leslie , .274 

Puckett.Gwyn, , .262 

Pulley. Comien 274 

Przybocki. Pot 248 

Puckett. David 295 

Puckett. Lynne 226. 296. 343, 307 

Puckett, Sharon 226 

Pudnel, Julie 282 

Puffeoborger. Dinah 248 

Pufko, Ann 226 

Pufko, Terri 328 

Pugh. Doug 140 

Puletz. Michelle 292. 290 

Pulley. Leo 248.334 

Puntureri. Joe 226. 354 

Purple. Susan , ,290 

Puryear. DwaYT>e ,136 

Putpnjsh. Victofio .248 

Putnam. Patrick, , , ,226 


Quotes. Tommy 
Quails. Cistine, 
Queries. Sharon 
Queries. Tommy 
Queen. Becky . . 


. 248.282 

,, 226.304 

,262. 282. 304 


Rock. Mary - , 
Raddiff. IVtelonie 
Rofferty. Moureer 
Ragor. Wendy 
Roger. Sfioron, 
Rogone, John , , 
Rogot. Marianne 
Raher, Brion 
Rotiey. Mark 
Roiney, Eileen , 
Rarney, Daneii . , 

Ramsey. Kelly 

Ramsey. Vivlon 
Rondoll, Melanie 
Randolph, Ed , . 
Randolph. Junius 
Randin. John 
Ransom. Wendel 
Ropp. Jane - . 
Rasey Tnxie . , 

Rotliff. Tim 

Rauch. Beth 

Rauhut. Rorxfolph . , 
Rowdon. Lyn , , , 
Roy. Carolyn , , 

Roy. Jomes 

Ray. Lynn ... 


Royburi^, Mlctioei 
Raynol. f^orgore^ 
Raynor. Seth, , 
Read. Mary , , 
Reader. Amy. , 
Reams. Patricia, , , , 

Reardon Trish 

Rebor. Joyce, , , 

Reby. Rob 

Redmon. William 
Redmond. Matttie.', 

Reed. Teriy 

Reese, Carolyn 

Reese, Dan 

Reese, Kim 

Reese. Mike 

Reese. OIlie III. 

Reeves. Mike 

Regan, Charies. , 
Relchel, Leigh . 
Reicks, Steve . 


Rek), Thomas 


Reilly, Chris , , , 
Reiser, Andrea 
Rembisz,Jeff - 
Remington. Laufc 
Renick. Christie 
Renlck. Julie . . . 
Renner. David , , 
Rennie. Amy . , 
Rennie. Laura , , 
Repidd. Lance 
Resnick. Lisa 
Reubush. Dr. Fay — 
Reuggiero. Angeki . 

Reulles. Rachel 

Reveles. RacTiel 
Reynolds. Audrey 
Reynolds. Karen 
Reynolds, Liso , 
Reynolds. Pamela 
Reynolds. Sally 
Rhodes, Jeff , 
Rice. Frederick 

Rice. Kim 

Rice. Phil 

Rice. Rick . , , , 
Richards. Diane 

Richards. Kym 

Richards. Traci , . 
Richardson. Ann . , , 
Richardson. Pagi , . . 
Richardson. Ross , , 
Rlcheson. Suson 
Richie. Sara , , 
Richmond. Motthe.-. 
Richter. Jonotftan 
Ricketts. Mark 
Ridenour. Julie , 
Rider. Hubert 
Rider. Paul 
Ridgway. Ed , 
Rldgeway. Meloc. 

Rife. Leon 

Riggs. George 
Righter. Andrew — 

Riley. Marie 

Riley. Torn 






- . ,333 


226. 303 




,227. 282. 298 




, ,281 



248, 341 


166. 262 


227. 333 


- 308 






248. 311 



, ,227. 283. 303 


. 274 

128. 248 

, 337 

227. 297 

. . ,227 








, -335 





227. 282 
















, , , ,341 

, . .328 


140. 262 



, . ,170 



















248. 338 

, . 248.294 




Rinaidi. Mark 166. 274. 300 

RIng.Chattes 227 

RirflSlTom. Kristin 327 

RInker. Cindy . .227. 298 

Riordan. Dan . , ,248, 312 

RIordan. John , 303 

RIopel.Amv. . ,.,116,117 

Ripley. Eli2abem 343 

Ritchie. Adele 274 

Ritchie. Monica ,227,328 

Rttchie, Pcptroia 227 

Ritchie. Suson , 227 

Rttchie. Tino ,, 227 

Riviefe. Patricia 227, 303 

Roodcop, Jerry 190 

Roane. John 248. 281 

Robb. Gou, Charles 29 

Robb. Debbi 292 

Robers. Fit7 248 

Roberson. Dr Julius 194 

Roberson. Leigh Ann 248 

Roberson. Susan 248. 298 

Roberts. Brian 345 

Roberts. Chamell 274 

Roberts. Debra 227. 335. 294 

Roberts, Tracey 227, 360, 287 

Robertson. Danny 190 

Robertson, Jane 227 

Robertson. John 333 

Robertson, Kathy 262 

Robertson. Keith 333. 300 

Robertson, Martha 248 

Robertson. Tommy 140. 262 

Robinson, Chris 140 

Robinson, Darlene 309 

Robinson, Darlette 309 

Robinson, Laurie 274 

Robinson. Rhonda 248 

Robinson. Wes 248 

Robliss. Genevieve 274. 302 

Roctie. Christopher 9 

Roche. Dawn 330 

Rock. Sandra 227. 295. 298 

Roddy. Jon 140 

Rogers. Anthony 248 

Rodgets, David 227 

Rodgers. Jeff 227. 298 

Roethe. Stephen 262 

Rogers. Barb 248 

Rogers. Cari 227, 333, 280 

Rogers, Kenneth 329 

Rogers, Leslie 298 

Rogers, Lisa 318 

Rogers. Lynn 248 

Rogers. Michelle 248, 339 

Rogers, Sean 140 

Rogers, Susan 227, 301 

Rogers, Steve 120 

Rogowski. Thomas 227, 334 

Rohm, Scott 46 

Rohrer, Lisa 227. 301 

Rohrer. Mary 33 

Rohrer. Roderick 248. 335 

Rolfes. Karen 339. 344 

Roller. Jackie 248, 311 , 123 

Rollins, Lisa 274 

Rono.Judy 248.297 

Roob. Debra 248 

Rooney. Tracy 227 

Rose, Chris 334 

Rose, John 227 

Rose, Linwood 189 

Rowe, Paul 331 

Rose, Wendy 339, 316 

Rosen, Donna 274 

Rosenthol, Stephen 337 

Ross, Bobby 114, 227 

Rosee, KImberly 341 

Ross. Dr, Mortha 283 

Ross, Pamela 262 

Rossberg. Patricio 262 

Rosseu. Dianne 326 

Rossen. Rebecca 228 

Rossie. Stephen 227 

Rossmilier. Ruth 248 

Rosson. Dianne 227 

Rotash. Rob 170 

ROTC 38 

Roth. David 262 

Roth. Potta 248 

Rothengass. Lorl 274 

Roudabush, Donna 228 

Rovls. Mary 228, 331 

Rowlan. Shamet 274 

Rowland. Harold 228 

Rowson. Janet , 327 

Ruddock, Allison 274 

Ruggero, Ralph 335 

Ruggiero, Angela 326 

Ruggles, Grant ., , 170 

Rummel, Rose Mary , 311 

Rumsey, Cathy 274 

Runyon. Patricia 337 

Ruoff, Karen 228, 327, 316 

Rusch. Kimbertv , , 248 

Ruschmann. Wendy 248 

Russell, Angela 116, 248 

Russell, Clarissa 262 

Russell, John M 228 

Russell, Kate 302 

Russell, Lenny 114 

Russell, Lillie 248 

Russell, Mia 274 

Rutiedge, Shan 274 

Ryan, Joan 228 

Ryan, John 337 

Ryan, Linda 336 

Ryan, Lynn 228 

Ryan, Sheila 327 

Rybak, Susan 339 

Ryder, Julie 274 

Ryder, Linda 228 

Rynett. Ken 296 

Rya. Michelle 248 


Sachs, Lori 262 

Sachs. Martin 150. 274 

Sadler. John 154 

Sadler. Preston 228 

Salley. Kevin 262, 281 

Salmon. Kelll 318 

Salmon. Virginia 228 

Sampson. Kay 262 

Sanborn. Chris 326 

Sanborn, Jeff 120, 335 

Sanborn, Cherl 335 

Sandy, Michail 28 

Solas, Jorge 128 

Sandell, Theresa 343 

Sandridge, Rebecca 248 

Sands, Lony 248, 280 

Sandy, Robin 262 

Sanger, Amy 228 

Sanger, Scott 274 

Sontotpia, John 334 

Sapio, Jacalyn 274 

Sorson, Joseph 228 

Satterfleld, Debbie 152 

Safflet, Lee 331 

Saunders, LeyuanI 262 

Saunders, Solly 228, 342, 307, 317 

Saunders, Stephany 274 

Saunders, Steven 331 

Saunders, Timothy 228 

Saunders, Wani 116 

Savarese. Dano 140 

Sawyer. Gil 333 

Sawyer. Sandy 168 

Sawyer. Sherr/ 228 

Scoggs. Doug 228 

Scalls, Jeffrey 228. 292 

Scales. Leonder 228 

Scanlon. Potty 228. 309. 301 

Scarborough. Solly 144. 249 

Scorff. William 263 

Scortett. Dee 274 

Scarton. Kyra 274 

Scarton. Tamara 228. 299 

Schoeffer. tvtellisso 228 

Schaffer, Michelle 263 

Scheer, Vickl 298, 342 

Scheld. Lisa 227 

Schell. Cathy 228, 326, 335, 290 

Schell. Mary 311 

Schiefer. Ann Marie 339 

Schiefer. David 334 

Schiller. Kothy 228 

Schiichtmann, Christine. 249 

Schmidt. Ooreen 228 

Schmltz. Debra 274 

Schnobel. Virginia 228. 318 

Schneider. Leslie 228. 343 

Schnorbus. Christine 249. 342 

Schnurr. Eric 9. 228, 329 

Schnurr, Kori 9 

Schoumacher, Karen 228, 294 

Schrotenboer, G,R 249, 282 

Schuennann, Cathy 249 

Schuette, Amy 274 

Schuette, Mark 303 

Schulte, Catherine 228, 344 

Schutti.Dana 228.309 

Schuitze. Emily E 249 

Schuman. Daniel 263 

Schuette. Mari< 345 

Schwartz. Kerry 343 

Scott. Janice 228, 282 

Scott, Jeff 249 

Scott, Johnson 263 

Scott, Kimberiy 229, 328, 315 

Scott, Dr Robert 190 

Seoberg, Lisa 229 

Seobrook. Michael 229 

Seals. Martha 300 

Seoiponi. Douglas 274 

Sears. Steve 118 

Seoy. Scott 263 

Sebastian. John 280 

Seeley, Lisa 249. 312 

Seelke. David 262. 312 

Seely. Elizabeth 342 

Seely. Lisa 340 

Seer/. David 263 

Seidelmon. Holly 263 

Selig. Susan 263 

Seller. Kirsten 178 

Sellers. John 196 

Semerllng. Merry 229,330, 298 

Senft, Sandra 229, 283 

Senft, Pat 132 

Sepcic, Sheryll 316 

Serating, Tert 342, 316 

Serroka, Dole 229 

Serwitz, Cele 229, 295, 342, 336 

Setser, Mike 140 

Seward, Toaster Dave 249 

Sgueglia, Denise 249, 300 

Shackley, Ann 229 

Shaevel, Bradley ,263 

Shdfer, Amy 38, 229, 328, 307 

Shall, Carol 275 

Shanoberger, V, Leigh 249 

Shonholtz, Elizabeth 229 

Shank, Stacy 249,344 

Shoriand. David 

Sharp. Sandra 229, 280 

Shaw, em 301 

Show, Linda 290, 303 

Show, Steve 132, 133, 112, 263 

Shea, Erin 263 

Shea, Mary 229, 297, 298, 311 

Shea, Michelle 229 

Sheoly. Mike 136 

Sheally. John 154 

Sheehan. Billy 140, 337 

Sheehon, Diane 328 

Sheets, Linda 229,298 

Sheets, Robyn 229, 327, 344 

Sheldon. Susan 229 

Shellon. Brian 229 

Shelton. Deborah 290 

Shelton. Joni 263, 312 

Shendell, Gory 128 

Shepord, Craig 340 

Shepard, Roderick 249 

Shepard. Rusty 340 

Sherfy. Andrea 249, 302 

Sheridan. Lisa 263 

Sherman. Jonie 229, 312, 315 

Sherman, Lorralnna 229, 280 

Shennan, Scott 229 

Sherman, Susan 178 

Shetrod, Hugh 338 

Sherrod, Suzanne 249 

Sherwood, Sarah 342 

Shidha, Kathy 229 

Shields, Donna 229 

Shields, Denise 280 

Shields, Donna 326, 332, 310 

Shields, Molly 263 

Shiftier, Lawana 123 

Shifflett, JodI 249, 316 

Shiflet, Jeff 17, 263 

Shiflet, Willord L 249 

Shillinger, Mar/ 328 

Shinoberry. Wendy 263 

Shipe, Paul 229 

Shoot, Sandy 297 

Shockey, Donna 263 

Shomo, Debbie 274 

Short, Darin 331 

Short, Kathy 318 

Shreckhise, Suzl 116 

Shriner, Steven 263 

Shrtpshire, Susan 229 

Shuklis, Julie 263 

Shuamn, Daniel 335 

Shumate, Andy 230 

Shumate, Suzanne 249 

Siciloino, Merit 230 

Siegol, Robin 290 

Siegel. Michael 275 

Sienkowski. Krtss 230 

Sigma Nu 31,178 

Simmons, Karen 230, 362, 280 

Simmons, Laura 307. 310 

Simmons, Lisa 275. 312 

Simmons. Tlno 230. 298 

Simpers. David 249 

Simpkln. Sydney 249 

Simpson. Bryan 264 

Simpson. Cynthia 230 

Simpson. Karen 335 

Simpson. Mari< 22 

Sincere. Jackie , , , .343 

Sindle. Susan 264 

Singleton. Paulo 230 

Sinnott. Lisa 230, 339 

Sipe, Sharon 230, 298 

Sipier. Deborah 327, 311 

Slibaugh, Stacy L 249, 297 

Siron, Lomo 264 

Sisk, Brian 290,312 

$isk,Dalna 264 

Sixeas, Ann 295, 342 

Sixeas, Judy 230, 2096, 342 

Sketton, Carol 264 

Slogle, Cindy 116, 152, 163, 230 

Slater, Rick 178 

Slaydon, Ketth 340 

Sloan, Ann 250 

SlonakerJohn 230 

Slott,Juli6 295,297 

Sloop, Teresa 230 

Slover, Dan 264, 340 

Slowlnski, Maty 264 

Slydre, Duane 264 

Slyder, Ellyn 250 

Small, Kristin 250, 264, 292 

Small, Timothy 275 

Smith, Angela 326 

Smith, Ann 250, 342, 298 

Smith, Brad 240 

Smith, Cottil 328 

Smith, Christy 230 

Smith, Craig 319 

Smith, Dawn 339 

Smith, Diane 230 

Smith, Elizabeth 275 

Smith, Coach Lynn 152 

Smith, Diane 280, 281 

Smith, Donna 2156 

Smith, Gilbert 230 

Smith, Glna 230. 339. 283 

Smith, Glenn 294 

Smith, Greg 240 

Smith, Helen E 250 

Smith, Jennifer 342 

Smith, Julie 264 

Smith, Kathleen 230 

Smith, Karen 290 

Smith, Kelly 230 

Smith, KristI 230 

Smith, Leslie 343 

Smith, Mark 166 

Smith, Maty 311 

Smith, Michael V 250, 306 

Smith. Nancy 230. 292 

Smith, Pat 170 

Smith, Pete 140 

Smith, Rob 128 

Smilh, Robin A 250, 309 

Smith, Rodger 254 

Smith, Samuel 230, 280, 307, 310 

Smith, Scott 230, 337 

Smith. Shannon 230 

Smith, Sharon 250, 263 

Smith, Shelly 230, 282 

Smith, Stephanie 156 

Smith, Stephen M 250 

Smith, Steven 338 

Smith, Susie 342 

Smith, Tom 140 

Smith, Wendy 230, 292 

Smith, Winnifred 264 

Smithennan, Erik 154, 275 

Smolok. Pamela 264 

Smoot. Deonne 230. 326. 290 

Snopp. Betty 231. 328 

Snovely. Bradley V 250. 292 

Sneod. Nancy 250. 317. 309 

Sneen. Sandy 298. 341, 312 

Snitzer, James 280 

Snurr, Cori 337 

Snyder, Brenda 250 

Snyder, Eileen 231, 343 

Snyder, Elaine 264 

Snyder, Joann 122 

Snyder, Jeff 120 

Snyder, Todd 329 

Soenksen, Glna 283 

Solon, Nora 264, 340 

Solon, William 264 

Soma, Paul 264 

Somers, Lisa 231 

Somers, Lynn 330, 316 

Sommer, Amy 275 

Sonafelt, Janet 231 

Sonnet, Dr, Roy 190 

Sorenson, Martha 118 

Soireli, Ronald 334 

Sowa, Kara Anne 231, 328 

Sowders, Nancy 231 

Speer, Jarratt 264 

Speirs, Andrea 264 

Spells, Ina 308 

SJDence, Bonnie 231 

Spencer, Laurie 250 

Spielberg. Katya 231 

Splelberger. Joel 264 

Spllle, Chris 340 

Spina, Cindy 330, 316 

Splnar, Michael 292 

Sisiro, Joe 331 

Sprunk, Liane 250 

Stacy. Carole 330 

Stock. Ted 132 

Stafford. Virginia 231. 327 

Stogner. Cynthia 250 

Stagnoll. Sonyo 264 

Staib. Jon Dr 331 

Stoley. Jane 231. 296, 303 

Stoliord, Gobrtelle 250 

Stollings, Amy 231, 309 

Stallone, Tracy 275 

Stamclu, Shown 275 

Stanovick, Con-le 231 

Stonovick, John 231. 282 

Stari<, Ann 264 

Storon, Diane 331 

Stdtzer, Michael 264 

Stouffer. Susan 290 

Stounjlokis. Joanne 328 

Stousell. Juliette L 250 

Start<. Douglas 231 

Staton. Diane 342 

Stouffer, Susan 250 

Steogall, Greg 298 

Steele, Derek 158, 357 

Steele, Kimberiy 275 

Steele, Maura 231, 328 

Stelnwandel. Marts 345 

Stellman. Craig 331 

Stenger, Teresa 264 

Stennick. Michael 276 

Stephanos. Elaine 275 

Stephenitch. Michele 131, 275 

Stephens. Scott 303 

Stephenson. Helen 341 

Stephenson. Sissy 336 

Stershic. Rotaert 337 

Stevens. Connie 231 

Stevens. Ellen 231 

Stevens. Pamela 331 

Stevens. Susan 231.292 

Stevens. Valerie 250 

Stevens. Wendy 275 

Stewart. Dan 132. 133, 274 

Stewart, Kathleen 231, 352, 341 

Stewart, Kim 231 

Stewart, Lauren Elmo 250, 342 

Stewart, Steve 303 

Stickmon. Ralph 275 

Stiefei. Christine 275 

Stiegler. Solly 264 

Stlegler. Scott 231 

Stifler.Glori 231,300 

Stillwell. Kotherine 275 

Stinger. Patricio 264 

Stinnett. Amy 275 

Stinnett. Mickey 140, 260, 345 

Stoch, Robert 292 

Stock, Renee 250, 286 

Stockhausen, Mike 340. 303 

Stockton. Lawrence 335 

Stoddard. Stephen 114. 150 

Stoffel. Kristino 275.318 

Stokes. Laura 231,295 

Stokes, John 331 

Stone, Sandy 299, 326, 335 

Stonko, John 275 

Storch. Robert 250 

Stoy. Brenda 231 

Stratton. Jeanne 144. 336 

Strand, Cynthia 337 

Stroub, Suzanne 197 

Straus, Scott 331 

Strousburg, Karen 264 

Straw, Kelly 301,300 

Strawn, Stocey 275. 304 

Street, Elizabeth 300 

Strohl, Barry 232,319 

Stfong, John 140 

Strong, Troy 140 

Strong, Wes 282 

SIrosnider. Cynthia 250 

Stroud. Laura 275 

Stiunck. Thomas 232. 310, 317 

Stubbins, Nancy 232, 282 

Stuchlak, Lisa 232,316 

Stuck, Kathleen 250 

Stueber, Susan 264 

Stump, Jennifer 232, 328 

Sturgeon, Susan 342 

Sullenberger, Diane 264 

Sullenberger. Mike 140, 142 

Sullivan, Christine 275 

Sullivan. Dolon. 338 

Sullivan. Julie 264 

Sullivan. Leslie 328 

Sullivan. Michael 304 

Sullivan. Pat 340 

Sullivan. Rebecca 232. 326 

Sulomon. Pete 150 

Summers. Guy 250 

Sunwmrs. Kim 250 

Sundberg. Dawn 275. 123 



Supinski. Deborah 250 

Suso, Tony 340 

Sushereba. Heidi 232, 301 

Sutton. Comllle 232 

Sutton, Kevin 158 

Swain, Jim 345 

Swon, Richard 264, 306, 311 

Swanson. Deirdre 232 

Swarfley, Scroder 356 

Swarts, Ellen 250 

Swottwood, Diana 339 

Swector, Jesse ■ -232 

Sweet, Cynthia 232 

Swenson. Erico 250. 295 

Swlcl<er, Lisa 327 

Swingle. Deborah 341 

Swisher. Terry 232 

SvdIowskI, Lori 250 

Sydnor. Clement 232, 333 

Sylvia. Sharon 131 

Synder, Eileen 336 

Szal(0l. Andras 232. 319 


Tabb.Llso 281 

Tobler. Joyce 232 

Tobor. Rachel 341 

Tabor. Richard. 136 

Togilareui. Joseph 275, 345 

Tai<ane, Joni 275 

Tolton.John 170 

Tames. Julie 232 

Toplin. Robert 275 

Tapper, Art 232 

Tassinart, Jeanie 301 

Tata, Kendall 148 

Tate. Andrea 339 

Tate. Jason 232 

Toylor, Alyson. 331 

Taylor. Chartes .40, 140, 232, 299 

Taylor. David 264 

Taylor. Debbie 250 

Taylor. Gerald 118, 178 

Toylor. Glenn 298 

Taylor. Kathryn 232 

Taylor. Kathy 232 

Toylor. Keith 250 

Taylor. Kenneth 338 

Taylor. Lee Anne 232, 311 

Taylor. Lynne 260 

Taylor. MIchele 250. 297, 300 

Taylor. PattI 275 

Taylor. Thomas 232 

Tebbenhoff. James 232, 329 

Tebeli. Carl 329 

Teel, Kathy 250 

Templeton. Nancy 250 

Templon, Bruce 250 

Tanhoeve. Joanne 342 

Tepper. Sharon. .232. 280, 300, 328. 344 

Terry. Robin 250.309 

Terry, Sandre 232 

Teriian, Alison 290 

Tessondprt, Elizabeth 297 

Ttiacker, Tereso 232 

Thackston, Veronica 292 

Ttiaipe, Kim 233 

Thayer, Bruce 233 

Theado.John 250 

Themides. Michelle 233 

ThetaChi 30.178 

Thielhom. Karen 233, 307, 178 

Tieman. Victor 303 

Thierry, Marie 233 

Thies, Mary Carolyn 233 

Thorrras. Amy 292. 300 

Thomas. Arttiur 275 

Thomas. Betti 264. 344 

Thomas. Brltt 345 

Thomas, Eric 329 

Thomas. Mark 233 

Thomas. Mary 233 

Thomos. Mike 170 

Thomas. Tony 140 

Thompson, Brenda 233 

Thompson. Brona 233 

Thompson. Catherine 275 

Thompson. Lorry 318 

Thompson. Nicky 144, 264, 290 

Thompson, Paul 233 

Thompson. Richard 251 

Thompson. Robin 2233. 294 

Thompson. Tamberia 233. 311. 318 

Thompson, William 233 

Thome, Kossle 264 

Thomhill, Dartene 264 

Thomhill. Doreen 264 

Ttiomton. Kerri 233 

Thorp. Michael 233 

Thout. Christine 341 

ihrelkeld.BIII 3,233 

Thune. John 300 

Thurmon. Mike 114 

Tibbetts. Albert 233 

Tidey. Craig 333 

Tldquist. Karin 251 

TIemey. Terry 140 

Tlliey. Deborah 282 

TImpf. Kimberly 264 

Tlndol. Martha 264, 335 

TInsley. Kerri 233, 328. 303, 309 

Tipton, Carlo 264 

Tolford, Matthew 233, 329 

Tolley. Scott 251 

Tompkins. Elizabeth 326 

Tomlin. Gory 140 

Torres. Bob 178 

Torreus. Chartes 275 

Toso, Laura 275 

Tot. Barbara 233 

Toth. Elaine 300 

Trobue. Solly 265 

Trader. Terry 233, 326 

Train. Jennifer 251. 290 

Troinum. Susan 265 

Trommell. Oovld 335 

Tronsue. Paul 265 

Travis. Glenn 275 

Trehy. Jennifer 326 

Trent. Chris 275 

Trescott.Tom 233 

Treubert. Kerry 251 

Trevillian. Kevin 140 

Trevey. Thomas 233 

Triarto. Diane 343 

Tribostone. Dan 132 

Tribett. John 233 

Trinka. Mart< 128. 129 

Triplett. Trocy 233 

Troccia. Susan 233 

Troub. Kotherine 275 

Tojmbo. John 275, 300 

Trumbo. Robert 136 

Tucllle. Tina 251 

Tuck. Brigitte 309 

Tuck. Gil 265 

Tucker. Debbie 308 

Tucker. Karsten 282 

Tucker. Terrie 233 

Tucker. Terri 275 

Turi<. Suzanne 275 

Turt<ekul. Selnea Ann 234, 328 

Turner. Carol 251 

Turner. Francis E 197 

Turner. Fronkie 234, 328 

Turner. Pamela 234 

Turner. Robert 140. 234 

Turner. Sherry 265 

Turner. Scott 298 

Turner. Tracy 265 

Tury. Paul 265 

Twining. Cynthia 275. 312 

Tyler, Joan 343, 316 

Tyler. Kate 276 

Tyler. Lyndon 234, 303 

Tyson. Coach Deb 124 


Uhl. Peter 338 

Underhlll. Liz 327 

Underwood. Karen 265 

Urban. Jeff 136. 251, 311 

Utbaitis, Danna 331 

Unger, Sandre Lee.234. 283, 302. 303. 318 

Uni\jh. Kothrya 234 

Unteizuber. Keiro 234 

Updike. Kenny 276 

Upton. Sharon 144. 265 

Urauhart. John 265 

Urquhart. Marinette 265. 300 

Urzuhort. Marinette 304 

Utz, Undo 343 

Utz. Thomas 234 


Vaden. Mary Ann 251. 297. 330 

Vaeth. Peter 329 

Voiasco. Jasmine 300 

Voiente. Micttael 300 

Vance. Thomas 329 

Vondenburger. Susan 265 

Van Deventer. Steven 251. 337 

Vonatto. Wondo 251 

Vondlver. Ed 132 

Van Hooser. Kara 276 

VanHom. Patricio 234 

Vahgrinsven. John 276 

Von Liere. Marie 234 

Venn. David -276 

Vanner. Meghan 340 

Von Order. James 358 

Van Peppen. Marcella 168. 169. 331 

Vance. Thomas 234 

Vomey. Jeffrey .251 

Voron. Bill 306 

Vaughon. Dorothy 144 

Voughan. Liz 265 

Vaughn. Steven 337 

Veon. Stephen 234 

Veiel. Suzanne 290 

Veltman.Tim 251.292 

Verity. Lynne 144. 251 

Vermorelil, Carta 265 

Vernon, Dearsley 234 

Versen. Greg 298 

Via.Kay 331 

Via. Robin 251 

Via. Timottiy 251 

Vickrey. Micki 343. 316 

Vidoi. Renee 251 

Veiel, Suzanne 312 

Vierte, Renee 251 

Vigllone, MIchoel 251 

Vllcins, Brenda 265 

Vivaldi, Agnes 251 

VIosis, Michael 234 

Vogf, Carol 116, 265 

Volk, Valerie 152 

Volleyboll 124 

Vorel, Donno 251 

Vtlpll, Donald 234 

Vuicono, Jack 276, 345 


Wade. Mitch 340 

Wade. Hugh 334 

Waggoner. Mike 333 

Waggy. Wondo 265 

Wagner. Heidi 234 

Wagner. Lodd 329 

Wagner. Pomelo 276 

Wagoner. Michael 234 

Wohlgren. Doug 251 

Wakefield. Michael 234. 298 

Walker. Anno Leo 276 

Walker. Bette Jo 276 

Wolker. Brian 251 

Walker. Carmen 234 

Walker. Constance 265, 299. 343 

Wolker. John 345 

Walker. Undo 251 

Walker. Robert 234 

Walker, Robin 290 

Walker. Robin Ann 234 

Walker. Shelley 251 

Walker. Tfiereso 265 

Walker. Theresa 276 

Walker. Vicky 281 

Wail. Boibara 234 

Wallace. Arthur 234 

Wallace. Lisa 265. 341 

Woliace. Reglna 265 

Woilen. David 234, 329 

Waller. Mark 265. 338 

Woilin. Jeff. 114 

Wolloff, Deborah 332 

Walsh. Maura 343. 303 

Walsh. Kevin 234 

Walsh. L 292 

Walsh. Patty 276 

Walsh. Tim 265 

Walters. Anno 265 

Walters. Holly 234 

Walters. Karen 131 

Walters. Vikkl 316 

Walton. Steven 251 

Woiz. Mari< 234. 333 

Wompler. Susan 265 

Wamsley. Wondo 234 

Wankow. Linda 251 

Ward. Clart< 265 

Ward. Deborah 251 

Word. Tracy 341 

Warden. Stan 251 

Warner. Mortr 300 

Wart<ell. Dr. Michael A 194 

Watado. Dona 340 

Wotada. Jon 234. 333 

Waters. Bortxiro . .276 

Waters. Dajonne . -265 

Wotkins. Cynttiio 265 

Wotkins.Tom 197 

Watson. Paige 326 

Watson. Patti 297 

Watson. Pemell,. ,276.281 

Watson. Robert , .276 

Wott. Amy . ,251 

Watt. Amy 318 

Watterson. Judi 234, 291, 290. 312 

WoufOTd, Mort< 234 

Waxhom. Natalie 336 

Waymock. Cindy 251 

Weclherty.Beth 41.297.330,336,311 

Weotherv/CK. Manuel 333 

Weaver. Dona 234. 343. 398 

Weaver. Marc 132 

Weaver, tvtelisso 265 

Weaver. Rebecca 234. 292 

Weaver. Robin 234. 330 

Webb. Allen 276 

Webb. Gary, . . 170 

Webb. Geneva . .276 

Webb. Morjie, . . , .156 

Weeks. Brenda , . . .297 

Wees. Phil 280 

Weidenmuller. Steven 

Weimer. Anna 251 

Weinstein. Larry 329 

Weisensale. Ann 251. 297. 311 

Weisheiert. Cheryl 339 

Weiss. John 303 

Weist. Elizabeth 265 

Welch. Leslie 251 

Welch. Nancy 251 

Weller. Kethy 265 

Wells. April 7. 251 

Wells. Morgo 265.281.292 

Welsh. Jennifer 251 

Wendall. Stacie 340 

Wendecken. David 299 

Weger. Tommy 33 

Wenigmann. Sarah 131 

Wer7. Phillip 335 

West. James 235 

West. Moryonn 276. 304 

Westtoil. Paige 235 

Westtall. Pam 265 

Westhoff. Wayne 340 

Westphol. James 235. 334 

Wetmore. DonrKi 276 

Wewetzer. Sharon 251 

Wharton. Noel 343. 344 

Wheotley. Morgo 336 

Wheottey. Suson 328,336 

Wheeler. David 294 

Whepiey. Elizabeth 235. 302 

Whetzei. Debbie 235 

Whetzel. Tim 297 

Whipple. David 235. 282 

Whitcomb. Michael 335 

White. Cheryl 235, 328 

White, Craig 276 

White, Dortene 251 

White, Deanno , 341 

White, Eric 345 

White, Helen 251, 338 

White, Ken 265 

White, Kevin 276 

White, Pom 235, 283, 303 

White, Sarah 276 

White, Suzanne 235 

White, Tracy 335, 343 

Whited, Cynthia 235, 297, 300 

Whitehead, John 235 

Whiteheod, Melissa 265 

Whiteman, Lauren 235 

Whltenock, Kattiy 235, 303 

Whitt, Angle 282 

Whitt, Coach Ed 150 

Whitt, Lynne 290 

Whitley, Laura 235 

Whitesel, Mindy 300 

Whitesel, Timothy 265 

Whitt, Richard 235 

Wtrartey, James 235 

Whitten, Glynn 235 

Wichoel, Linda 265 

Wicks, Steve 298 

WIckes. Jennifer 343 

Wlndlsh, Carolyn 283 

Wielk6,Jcie 140 

Wiersema, Elizabeth 251 

Wless, John . . . ,294 

Wight, John . , 276 

Wight, Usa 251 

Wilcox, Rhonda 251, 298 

Wilder, Michelle 276, 281 

Wilding, Mike 345 

Wlleki.Joe 140 

Wiles. Everett 265 

Wiles. Sandy 131.326 

Wilfong. Douglos . . ,265 

Wilhelm. Corey. 251.304 

Wilhelm. Jill 326 

Wllkerson. Vincent 235 

Wilkins. Debra 276 

Wilkins. Elliot . ,337 

Wilkins, Lee Anne 326.332 
Wilkins, Todd 340 

Wilkins, Wendy 


Wilkinson, Helen 


Willcoxon, Kwen 


Wlllett. Julie 

. 327. 332 

Wllley. Dione 251. 330 

Willloms. Amelio 236. 292 

Williams. Brad. . ,.114 

WllllarrB. Colly >.02,327 

Williams. Cynthio . 281 

WillkDms.Jeff 345,331 

WilliorrK, Jerry 345 

Willk3ms,Jce 294 

Williams. John. 329. 280 

Williams. Margore' ,311 

Williams, Stacy .342 

Willkams. Tomora 342 

Willlfofd. Julie . . 336 

Willis. Ann 343.33; 

Willis. Sarah 330 

Wilson. Ann 130,297,345,311 

Wilson. Bruce, . , 333 

Wilson. Donno. . , ,338 

Wilson. Jeanne . . . ,340 

Wilson, Susonne 292 

Wilson, Thomas 338 

Wimbush, Anthony 292 

Wlmmer. Helen , 294 

Winchester, Bev 333, 332 

Winchester, Keith ,338 

Windish, Carolyn 303 

Wlnebrenner. Karen 328 

Wingen.Rlck 333 

Wingfleid. Denlse 282 

Wlnsfead. Dr. Janet 282 

Wiseman. Bern 335. 297 

Wltek. Jean 358 

Wltherington. Scott 337 

Witkowski. Sheila , , ...335 

Woche. Robert , ,333 

Wolf, Church 345 

Wood, Carolyn 309 

Wood, Nancy 292. 295 

Woodbum. Kenneth 334 

Woods. Morgoreta 343. 316 

Woody. Damn 300 

Woody. Gordon 329 

Wray. Lee 337 

Wright, Bill 333 

Wnghf. Carol 280 

Wright. Nancy 297. 311 

Wright. Patrick 329 

Wyon. Cindy 292 

Wymer. Pomelo 342 

Yancev KId 


Yonnotell. Nicole 


Yanosov. Colette 




Yates. Katy 

251. 304 

Yates. Sonya . 

. .276 

Yeotmon. Steve 


Yoder. Robert . . 

, .237 

York, Todd 

. ,329 





Young. Cathy 


Young. Jessica 





Younger. Brandon 


Zator, Eileen 

Zdoncewicz. Becky. , . . 

Zelmon. Eric 

Zlgorelli. Micfioel 

Zilch. Lisa 

ZIolowski. Ron 

Zuischmeide. Oeboroh 
Zuischmeide. Pom 
Zwort. Sharon . 





,296, 309 





V) t 'IL'^ 




The 19&4 Bluestone volume waa published by Hunter Pub- 
itHhtn g Company of Winston- Salem, NC- Sixty-two hundred 
copies were printed, nine \ss twelve inches. Matte paper and 
black Ink were used throughout the book. The cover Is a four- 
color htho process on a Utho white material. Process color is 
used on all spot color and four color pages. 

All headlines were set by Hunter Publlahing Co. using vari- 
ous typestyles. AH body copy was set in ten point Avant Extra 
Light. CapUonawere set In six point Avant book. 

All art work was done by Bluestone staff. All photography 
waa done by the Bluestone photography staff and contribut- 
ing photographers except claas pictures taken by Yearbook 
Associates of Millers Falls. Mass and Greek pictures taken by 
Vantine and PratemaJ Studios. 

Questions should be addressed to Editor, Box U-27, JUU, 
Harrisonburg, VA 22807 


'^lanaging Editoi 
Business Manage 

'liotograpliy Editc 

eatures Editor/ 
Special Features Editor 

lasses Editc 

ubs Editor 


.eve Emersc 

ary Geig^/ 

■len Micelle' 

Siielley Duguil 

n Czaplewski 
ihuck Moss 

Paul Kan€ 
Liz Keane" 
Steve Emersc 
pTacey Roberts,^ 
Ellen Hamlet^ 
Leslie Piercy ; 
Roger Hanso^ 
Scott Cullen 

Kim Moran 
Amy Stock 

^ Steven Helmi 
Dee Davis> 
Ronnie SHiith 

Holly DoUard 

Lisa Peters 
John Trumbo 

Contributing Photographers: 

Brenda Biondo 
Ann Czapiewski 
Chip Embrey 
Ellen Hamlet 
Yo Nagaya 
Tracey Roberts 

Sports Information: 
Tommy Thomipson 

Thanks to: 
Gary Michaels 

Kristin Whitehurst 

Scott Cullen 
Hank Ebert 
Karen GlLLibus 
Laurie Moe 
Leslie Piercy 

Ken Ries 
Tommy Thomp- 

Milla Sue Wise- 

Yearbook Associates 

Jim Ellis — Hunter Publishing Rep. 

Connie Pennington — Student Activities 

Betsy Perdue and UPl 

Public and Sports Information 

Suzanne Straub — Bluestone Advisor